15 Secrets Only Arie Can Reveal About Becca From The Bachelor

Are you a fan of television's The Bachelor? Part of "Bachelor Nation" as they call it? If so, you surely watched the most recent season of the popular reality show. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. was the object of affection of the many women in the house, but as we know, he had to eliminate them over the weeks and determine which lucky lady would be the recipient of “the final rose.” The tension was thick, while the storylines were thin.

As devoted viewers tuned in week after week, more and more ladies were sent home in tears. They were falling in love with the race car driver-turned-real estate salesman, but his heart was set on finding his future wife. Too bad the wishy-washy stud fell in love with two women, but he had to choose, so he proposed to the confident and cool Becca Kufrin. Little did we know that very soon after, Arie would regret his decision and call off the engagement, only to reach out to the runner up, the timid and closed-off Lauren Burnham.

Becca was understandably pissed, but that feeling was short-lived, she is now going to be next season’s bachelorette. Dozens of horny men will be vying for her attention and affection. And for the lovelorn Lauren? Things ended up working in her favor. She is now blissfully engaged to Arie, and everyone will live happily ever after.

But Arie did grow close to Becca while they were filming. So, he must know some secrets about his almost-wife. If he’s smart, he will never utter a peep to the press, but here are 15 of them only he could reveal about the brunette babe.

15 She’s A Secret Nerd

While some may think beauty and brains don’t mix, Arie knows better. Becca maintained close to a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) while in college at Minnesota State University, where she graduated magna cum laude. She was a hardworking student of public relations and mass communications, eventually landing a cushy career in PR. Perhaps she used all her media knowledge to make it to the end of the show.

She was also able to distract Arie with her good looks while using her smarts to get him to fall for her. Nerdy or not, Arie fell for her scheme and she had him down on one knee by the finale.

But this nerd didn’t think far ahead enough, because she didn’t anticipate that the engagement could be called off. She’ll be even smarter next time!

14 She’s Into Acapella

Arie knows that Becca does not like to watch the usual rom-coms or dramas. She is all about the music and loves Pitch Perfect. She would come off as a lot cooler if she loved to listen to R&B or rock, but this Minnesota mama is into the fine art of vocal stylings coming together in perfect harmony. Sure, the Pitch Perfect movies are definitely entertaining, and the actors are talented, but Pitch Perfect is not exactly Fifty Shades of Grey when it comes to turning guys on.

Too bad Arie isn’t a fan too because that could have been the one thing that made him suddenly swap out Becca for Lauren after the final rose.

Becca’s going to be singing sappy love songs from this point forward. Pitch not-so-perfect.

13 She Was Busted 

We saw all the contestants drink like fish while on the show, but Becca started her imbibing before she was supposed to. It has been reported that Becca was busted for drinking as a minor in 2009. She is certainly not the only teen to chug a beer or do a shot, but most of us don’t get caught in the act. She was even fined! Let’s hope she learned her lesson and didn’t take another swig until her 21st birthday. Or at least she was smart enough to go to a friend’s basement and stay out of places where she’d be seen with a half-empty six-pack. Maybe things in Minnesota were kinda dull for teens, so drinking was all there was to do. Hopefully this was Becca’s only issue with the law!

12 She’s Political

We don’t hear much talk of politics on The Bachelor; mostly run-of-the-mill relationship-related stuff is discussed. But Arie knows that Becca is big into politics and was a major supporter of Hillary Clinton when she ran against Donald Trump. She wants Joe Biden to run in 2020, but perhaps Arie has opposing political views.

Maybe this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, and had him reconsidering his choice to wed Becca. It’s a good thing the show does not delve into politics anyway.

There is by far enough drama going on without adding any more fuel to the fire. Plus, the tweets from the White House would be out of control. Is the president a fan of The Bachelor? He’d love to weigh in on the contestants, especially if talk came to politics.

11 She’s Super Flexible

Okay, get your dirty mind out of the gutter. Nobody but Arie and Becca knows what went down in the “fantasy suite!” We are talking innocent yoga, and Arie knows that Becca is devoted and committed to her stretching and posing. She can even do yoga acrobatics, which takes lots of coordination and strength. Arie may be a stud on the racetrack, but how good is his downward dog? Becca does not care now, because she sent him to the doghouse after he dumped her for Lauren. But luckily for the handsome batch of gents on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, they will get to see the lovely results of all that yoga when they see the beautiful Becca in her form-fitting dresses at the rose ceremonies. Meditate on that!

10 She’s A Little Too Obsessed With Her Dog

It is one thing to love your pooch, but quite another to get him his own Instagram account. Social media is all the rage these days, but it is meant for humans, not pups. Arie knows that Becca is completely dog-obsessed, and he may think it is a little odd. He may love dogs too, but going for walks and playing fetch is as far as he’ll take it. By the way things look, Becca must let her dog sleep in the bed and she probably feeds him from her plate.

Maybe Arie was jealous of all the attention Becca’s dog was getting, so he tucked his tail between his legs and moved on to Lauren.

Let’s hope her pet isn’t on Facebook. Someone’s got to throw this guy a bone!

9 She’s Tatted Up... There's More Than Just This Little One

Surely Arie and Becca hooked up while they were on their dates during The Bachelor, particularly during their one-on-one romantic ones, especially the big night in the “fantasy suite.” That said, he definitely caught a glimpse of her tattoos — all three of them. She apparently has one on her hand, one on her wrist, and one on her foot.

Tattoos are not such a big deal nowadays, but it wasn’t like she was showing them off on the show for all the world to see.

Perhaps she does not want her family to know about them or they are her personal little secret. But Arie has seen them up close and personal. We wonder what she has inked on her skin. Maybe she will get into the meaning behind her three tats on her season of The Bachelorette.

8 She Wants To Soar High

Becca would love to go hot-air ballooning, sailing into the sky, and looking down on the world below. She must have told Arie all about her desire to float through the sky. It is too bad The Bachelor crew did not arrange for such a date for Becca and Arie. She would have had a blast and a memorable date with her now-ex. That show sets up some remarkable dates for their contestants, and hot-air ballooning would have been a hit.

Arie seems to be up for anything, so this would be right up his alley. Even so, the date may have been a winner, but Becca turned out to be the loser.

Would Lauren love to try hot-air ballooning? For Arie, she’d do anything, as we can tell by her taking him back after being dumped on national television.

7 She Has Dry Lips

Arie and Becca sure did lots of smooching on the show, but let’s hope her lips were moist and soft when Arie went in for the kiss. She apparently can’t go without her lip balm, making us wonder if she is constantly chapped. Arie would surely know, as they were in a lip lock for most of the time they were together.

Crusty lips are anything but a turn on, but Arie was willing to look past flaky lips for true love.

Let’s hope Arie is not the type to kiss and tell, or else we may find out if Becca’s lips are cracked and caky. She seems to be someone who takes good care of her appearance, but sometimes chapped lips are hard to cure. Bring on the lip balm Becca!

6 She’s Lazy

Allegedly, Becca loves to take loads of naps. Is dating on television so gruelling? Apparently so. Becca loves to hit the sheets and catch some zzzs midday.

While she has a demanding career in PR, a 20-something should be full of energy and pep. Maybe she's not getting her full eight hours at night. Becca even took naps while filming The Bachelor.

But with all the wine and champagne the ladies drank, “passing out” may be a better term than napping. Either way, Becca is certainly getting her beauty sleep because she looks amazing. Arie must have known about Becca’s love for catnaps, and he was hoping she was dreaming of a life with him. But the outcome was more like a nightmare after he dumped her and moved into another woman’s bed.

5 She Still Has Feelings For Her Ex-Boyfriend Ross

If you watched the show, you saw when Becca’s ex Ross came to try to win her back and propose marriage, or at least another shot at the failed relationship. They had been broken up for a while, but when Ross realized that he may never have another chance with Becca, he traveled out of the country to tell her how he felt about her.

She told him she did not feel the same way, but deep down inside, she was not being 100% true to herself. She may have even shared these feelings with Arie off-camera.

He’d have to be understanding since he was dating and falling in love with multiple women on the show. Now that Becca and Arie are no longer a pair, there is one last hope for Ross before Becca heads off to film The Bachelorette.

4 She’s Super Religious

Of course, being religious is a good thing, but not something that Bachelor fans want to hear about, especially when the show is basically all about hooking up, catfighting, and drinking. But Arie knew that Becca is very religious and faith is a driving force in her life. Even her uncle is a pastor, and she sees him as a father figure since her dad is no longer alive.

Arie did not discuss religion much, if at all on the show, so maybe he is not as religious as Becca is. Something as important as religion can be a deal breaker in a relationship if both parties don’t see eye-to-eye.

Becca may have decided that Arie’s faith didn’t matter and she loved him no matter what, but maybe Uncle Gary convinced her otherwise. Let’s hope the guys on The Bachelorette are ready to go to church with Becca every Sunday!

3 She’s One Of The Guys

Most of the other contestants on The Bachelor thought Becca was the best, and she has also said that she made some close friendships with the other women on the show. But Arie knows that Becca is really a “guys’ girl” and loves to hang out with her male friends all the time.

Being just “one of the boys” is Becca’s thing, and she feels confident and cool when surrounded by the guys.

Perhaps these fellas are more laid back than her female friends, or maybe she just loves all the attention she gets from the men. And we can safely guess that they all find her to be super attractive and fun to be around. Perhaps this is even something that made Arie change his mind about marrying Becca. Jealous much?

2 She Likes Her Liquid Elixir

Becca loves her pinot and merlot. This chick can drink, and wine is her adult beverage of choice. Arie knows all about Becca’s fondness for fine (or not-so-fine) wine, and she is not ashamed to have a glass or two whenever she gets the urge for a white, red, or rose. She is old enough to drink, of course, but too much wine can cause her to lose her inhibitions and focus. A glass or two with dinner is acceptable, but maybe Arie felt that Becca was going overboard with the Bordeaux. They may have raised a glass to toast their engagement, but when they broke up, Becca probably downed an entire bottle. When your man drops you for the runner-up, wine is always there to lift your spirits. That’s one way to see the glass half-full.

1 Forget The Shorties

Becca may say she is open to meeting all sorts of new guys when she is the leading lady on The Bachelorette, but Arie knows better. Becca is 5’7” and likes to wear high heels when dressing up, so she wants a man to be taller than she is. She can get close to 6’ in super high stilettos, so she will be leaving out many men who are of average height.

Will she get over her attraction for the tall, dark, and handsome types for someone who comes in a smaller package?

Are looks more important than what is on the inside? Arie knows the truth, and at least he met her qualifications in the height department. But Arie has no preference when it comes to a woman’s physique, height-wise anyway. That’s why he left Becca, looked down and saw the much-shorter Lauren staring lovingly back up at him.

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