15He Wanted His Fame to Disappear

Granted, there are things about being a celebrity that sort of suck, like having your kid’s pictures splashed all over magazines, or not being able to go to Starbucks without the paparazzi camping outside the building.

It’s always interesting to us when we hear that a famous actor doesn’t, well, want to be famous. Isn’t that why people become actors in the first place? They want to walk the red carpet, they want the money to buy a beach house and the love being on to

of the world.

But it’s what you sign up for when you become a Hollywood actor. For Paul Walker, the zen surfer, he wasn’t digging all the fame. During his last year alive he had an interview with Indiewire that was very revealing and not to mention, eerie. He stated how he felt life was just too short and how he wished his celebrity status would “all go away.”

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