15 Unusual Rules Kanye Makes Kim Follow

Musician and designer Kanye West claims he is a “genius,” so the notion that he has rules for his wife Kim must make perfect sense to him, even if everyone else thinks he’s completely nuts. But perhaps Kim is cool with Kanye laying down the law. She may appreciate his directness and sense of control over the family. Who knows?

But some of these rules seem fairly unusual, even for a guy like Kanye. And why Kim puts up with them is questionable, to say the least. She is a savvy business woman who is fully capable of making her own choices about things, but she lets her man do all the decision-making. It is his way or the highway in the West household. And that is the only way Kanye likes it.

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Did he always have rules for Kim, or are they developing over time? Maybe when they first started hooking up, he was far less rigid and was a go-with-the-flow kinda guy. But as time passed, Kanye’s true colors began to show, and Kim was subjected to his many random rules. Do Kim’s mom and sisters think these rules are OK? Surely Khloe wouldn’t stand for them for a second.

Here are 15 shady rules Kanye makes Kim follow that prove he's lost his mind. And the fact that Kim is okay with following them makes us think she may be a tad off the rocker too. Would you follow such rules if Kanye was your main man?

15 She Can’t Take Her Eyes Off The Stage

When Kanye West is on stage performing his music, he has a strict rule for his wife Kim. She must never, ever let her eyes wander from the stage. All eyes must be on him for every song, every set, until the final curtain call. Why?

Apparently, there was that regrettable time she was caught texting during one of his performances and he blew a Kanye-style gasket.

So, she took his groans and gripes to heart and promised she would never get distracted at one of his concerts ever again. She may look like a zombie as she stares without even considering one blink, but as long as her man Kanye is happy, then so is she. Perhaps she ought to invest in a pair of dark sunglasses so Kanye is none the wiser if she dares to throw him an eye roll.

14 No Phones At Dinner

When Kanye and Kim are out to eat, she is not allowed to have her cell phone at the table. He wants her to be in the moment, not immersed in emails and Twitter posts. Makes sense, but Kim’s a busy woman.

What if she needs to take an important business call or quickly text back her “momager” Kris?

Does Kanye have to abide by the same no-phone rule at restaurants? Probably not, since he seems to have his own set of priorities. Of course, it is kinda rude to text over appetizers, but Kanye must have known what he was getting into when he got together with Kim. She is all about selfies and social media. Dinner for her must be agonizing when she has to keep her iPhone tucked away in the coat check.

13 The House Must Be Kept “Hoodie” Cool

Kanye loves his comfy cozy hoodies, so the temp in the house must be kept super cool so he can wear one all the time, no matter the season. While the rest of Americans are in tees and tanks during the spring and summer, Kanye keeps his hoodie style going strong all year round. Perhaps he thinks he looks his best in a sweatshirt, but he probably is just trying to be different just for the sake of it.

When they started dating, Kim said she knew Kanye was the one because he put the heat on when she would go over. 

Hopefully every now and then, he'll turn up the heat for her now too.

12 His Clothing Must Be Washed Alone

Kanye does not want his precious clothing mixing and mingling with anyone else’s when it is time to empty the hamper. While it's hard to imagine Kim doing the wash, she must do a load from time to time when the housekeeper is busy with something else. But Kim better be sure she doesn’t toss in any of her panties or bras into the washing machine if she is doing Kanye’s load. His clothing must not be very sociable, because they must be cleaned on their own. No cross-contamination whatsoever.

This must be a huge waste of water and electricity, but when Kanye has a rule set in place, Kim must abide.

Does the same rule apply to the dryer? As long as everything comes out smelling fresh, Kanye will be clean and happy.

11 He Isn't A Fan Of All Her Friends

Aside from her large family, anyone Kim wants to hang out with must get Kanye’s stamp of approval. According to a source, Kanye didn't seem happy to be at Kim's shower with all of her friends:

“He probably wasn’t in the mood to be around all Kim’s friends, all the ‘quote on quote’ celebrities, and all those women."

It's a good thing that Kim has all her sisters or else she’d feel rather isolated most of the time due to Kanye’s preferences. Does she get the opportunity to select who Kanye hangs out with? That would be hard to believe, since Kanye thinks he knows what’s best not only for Kim, but for himself as well.

10 He Prevented Her From Finding Out The Gender Of Baby #2

After their first child, North was born and baby number two was on the way, Kanye prohibited Kim from learning the s*x of the baby and announcing it to the world before the baby was born. Now, we know that they had a baby boy, but before the big reveal, Kanye was strict about Kim not finding out the s*x, and if she did, keeping the news to herself.

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But a gal like Kim has a hard time not sharing every detail of her life with her many fans.

Holding in the news that a boy was on the way must have been hard, and eventually, we all learned about the adorable Saint. When it came time for baby number three, Kanye must have changed his tune about Kim sharing her baby joy.

9 He Chose Her Maternity Style

After Kim got blasted on social media about many of her choices in baby-bump fashion the first time she was preggers, Kanye decided that he would have to be in charge of what she wore while pregnant with baby number two, Saint.

Kanye is all about appearances, and he did not want his baby mama being mocked by the trolls.

Kanye thinks he's a genius when it comes to style and fashion, so he ruled the closet when it came to what Kim was allowed to wear over her ever-growing belly. Was her comfort taken into account? Probably not, but then again, when do the Kardashians ever look like they are comfy when their feet are stuffed in sky-high heels and their clothing is skin-tight?

8 Kanye Prefers Kim Without Makeup 

When Kim is out and about, she always has a face full of makeup. What would a red carpet event or a photo shoot be without Kim’s face fully contoured? False lashes, lush lips, shimmery bronzer, highlighter, and the whole bit make Kim look like the diva we expect to see. But when she is home with her hubby, he wants her face to be makeup-free. Not even a swipe of eyeliner or a kiss of lip gloss.

We can say that it is nice that Kanye appreciates Kim’s natural beauty, but shouldn’t she be the one to decide when she wants to go bare and when she wants to get her makeup done?

She loves the glitz and glam, so why not keep up appearances while vegging on the couch too?

7 No Communication With Exes

Kim is strictly banned from reaching out to any of her exes, no matter the reason. Most hubbies would not love the idea of their women chit chatting with a former flame, but depending on the situation, contact may be necessary and totally innocent.

Is Kanye totally insecure or is there another reason that he does not want his wife communicating with Kris Humphries or Ray J?

Well, we can understand the Ray J thing with the video and all. In any event, does the rule-maker Kanye abide by the same rules, never calling or texting any of his exes? Would Kim even care if Kanye tweeted something to Amber Rose? She probably wouldn’t even notice. But Kanye is always up in Kim’s business, so he’d be the first to know if she reached out to Reggie Bush for a walk down memory lane.

6 No More Keeping Up With The Kardashians Spinoffs

If Kanye had his way, Kim would be off reality TV altogether, but the money is so good that she just won’t call it quits yet. At least her mom won’t let her. But Kanye made a rule that she is not allowed to appear in any of Keeping Up with the Kardashian spinoffs. No more “…Take Miami” or anything of the like. Kanye probably thinks that reality television is beneath him, but we’ve seen him on the show from time to time and his kids are on the show at times as well.

Didn’t he know that Kim and her famous family were reality TV royalty before he popped the question?

They love airing all their dirty laundry on TV. Maybe Kanye thinks something fishy about himself will be revealed while cameras are rolling.

5 She Had To Make Sure Their Surrogate Followed His Rules, Too

Kim and Kanye’s third child was carried by a surrogate since it was too risky for Kim to carry another child. And just like Kanye has rules for Kim, he had a bunch for the surrogate too. He would pay her surprise visits just to be sure she was following orders.

She had to use a particular soap while showering, her home had to meet all of his safety requirements, and he even wanted the surrogate to live with them for the final months of the pregnancy.

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Sure, he wanted to be sure his unborn child was taken care of as well as possible, but some of his demands must have been an invasion of privacy. While the surrogate must have been paid a pretty penny and wanted to provide the West’s with the ultimate gift, Kanye’s rules must have had her feeling ill, and not from morning sickness.

4 He’s In Charge Of Keeping Her Look “Cheese Free”

Along with maternity wear, Kanye has a lot to say about Kim’s usual style too. He rules her entire wardrobe and has even tossed some of the pieces of clothing he deemed “cheesy.” She claims to be okay with his fashion picks, saying that she looks back at old pics of herself and cringes at the cheesiness of some of her ensembles.

But maybe she is just scared that Kanye will enforce even more rules if she does not listen to and follow his fashion-forward style suggestions.

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Ever since they have been together, Kim’s style has certainly evolved, and surely, Kanye is patting himself on the back for the great improvements. She certainly has an expensive wardrobe, but Kanye would never go for anything cheap or low quality. He would be embarrassed to be seen with a woman who looked anything less than perfect.

3 Her Security Guards Must Wear All Black

Kanye makes his security team wear only black, so the same must go for Kim’s team. He claims that patterns are too distracting, so the solid and dark color is the only way to go.

Something tells us that Kanye wants to be the center of attention, so having the team look all the same allows him to shine.

Same for Kim — he wants her to be a standout, so the security must fade into the backdrop so she can be the queen of the universe. Most security people aren’t particularly flashy anyway while on the job, but in true Kanye form, he must enforce a rule just for the sake of having one. The staff probably would want to wear black anyhow, but they let Kanye think he’s in charge and pretend his all-black idea is the best thing they’ve ever heard.

2 She Cannot Speak To His Security Team

Kanye made a rule that his security team mustn’t talk to Kim. So, this must mean she can’t chit chat with them either.

This rule is so strict, Kanye allegedly fired a security person after learning that he was talking with his wife.

Who knows why this is such a big ordeal, but if Kanye made the rule, he must have had an important reason for doing so. Did Kim get in trouble as well? Well, she didn’t get the boot, so Kanye must have decided that it was the security person’s fault. Are they allowed to talk to anyone at all? It seems odd that Kim is off-limits, unless the chatting was interfering with the work. But a friendly “hello” or “how are you” seems normal. But what really is “normal” in Kanye’s world?

1 She Couldn’t Tell A Soul Where They Were Getting Married

Kim and Kanye’s wedding invitations said they were getting married in Paris, but they really tied the knot in beautiful Florence, Italy.

Kim was forbidden to share the actual wedding location with anyone, leaving their attendees in shock when they were whisked to Italy at the last minute.

Perhaps Kanye was trying to fool the intrusive paparazzi, so they would not mess up their special day. Or more likely, Kanye had to do yet another thing that was over-the-top and “extra” to prove he is the best at everything to impress his then wife-to-be Kim or just to give himself another reason to gloat. Either way, their elaborate and expensive wedding was surely spectacular, and they were happy to finally get hitched. Let’ hope Kim’s third time around is the charm.

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