15 Red Flags That Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Were Headed For Splitsville

Unless you are living under a rock or you could give a rat’s behind about celebrity culture or gossip, then you have probably heard the sad news that actress Jennifer Aniston is splitting from her actor/producer/director husband, Justin Theroux.

The two tied the knot in 2015, but after three years of marriage, the good-looking celeb couple announced that they have chosen to end their relationship and remain “friends.” Well, at least that is a better ending than the one Jen had with her first husband, Brad Pitt.

Jen is 49 years old, so in the coming year, she will be nifty at 50, but with two divorces under her designer belt, she may want to think about sparking up another serious relationship right away. Maybe in a while, but now is the time for the California beauty to embrace life as a single gal. And Justin, 46, may be sad about the split, but some say their relationship didn’t seem like it would last forever.

Since Jen and Justin were such a high-profile couple, it is only natural for folks to speculate as to whether there were some telltale signs that they were headed for splitsville. Of course, none of us knows what went on behind closed doors, but a tidbit of theorizing is tempting.

We’d love it if the couple’s marriage stayed intact, but like a huge number of celeb marriages, this one ran its course. And some would argue that three years is long for a “Hollywood” marriage. Here are 15 red flags that Jen and Justin’s relationship was doomed.

15 She Celebrated Her 49th B-Day Without Him

Jen recently celebrated her 49th birthday, but instead of ringing in her last year in her 40s with her man, Jen spent the day with her girlfriends in Malibu instead. Sure, spending your big day with friends is not out of the norm, but most hubbies would do something with their wives, even if it is separate from the celebration she has with her besties.

But there were no indications that Jen and Justin spent any time together on her 49th birthday. He may not have even been in town. At least Jen got to hang out with her longtime pal Courteney Cox.

And the day before, she celebrated TV host Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday, but also without Justin in sight. Perhaps Jen saved Justin a slice of birthday cake, but he never got to see her blow out the candles.

14 They Barely Walked The Red Carpet Together

Over the course of their short-lived relationship, there have been plenty of awards shows, screenings, openings, and other red carpet events to attend. But most of the time, Jen walked these star-studded carpets solo. On the rare occasion, we would see her husband Justin by her side, but for the most part, these red carpet photo ops were Jen-only affairs. Perhaps Justin doesn’t like all the fuss of red carpet glitz and glam, but some support now and then would have been nice. Or maybe Jen preferred to be on her own when it came time for doing her thing for the paparazzi. We all know the answer to, “Who are you wearing?” didn’t involve Justin as an accessory. Well, from this point on, we are sure to see more of the same, a lone Jen making her way down the carpet Justin-free.

13 They Spent Valentine’s Day On Separate Coasts

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about romance and togetherness, but this past Valentine’s Day, Jen and Justin were not even in the same state. Jen was home in Bel Air and Justin was in New York City. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but apparently this theory did not work for Jen and Justin. A telephone call can’t take place of face-to-face togetherness, and on this special day of love, being thousands of miles apart had to be a sign of things to come for these two former lovebirds. Eating a big box of chocolates all alone has got to be depressing (and fattening), and when everyone else is out with their lovers, the loneliness is even more upsetting. Cupid must have been on a cigarette break.

12 The Tabloids Added Too Much Pressure

It is hard enough to make a marriage work, but when you are a major celeb like Jen or Justin, all the tabloid gossip has got to weigh heavily on a relationship. Even if half (or more) of the salacious stuff splashed across the glossy pages is utter nonsense, it is still unnerving to know such info is out there for the public to consume, even if it is untrue. Always having to defend yourself has got to be straining on a marriage, and this had to take a toll on the couple’s relationship.

All the pressure from paparazzi pics and ridiculous stories must have been upsetting and draining, adding issues to what may have already been a rocky romance already.

But when sales of these mags is a major money maker, don’t expect such stories to cease any time soon.

11 She’s A California Girl And He’s A Big Apple Guy

While both California and New York have their perks, not everyone is cut out to live in either city. The lifestyles are much different, as is the weather, living arrangements, etc.

Justin loves life in NYC, from the anonymity to the grittiness to the artsy-vibe. Jen is your typical California girl who loves to have fun in the sun, living a laid-back life.

Sure, both places are fun and fabulous, but when it comes down to preference, Jen is a Cali girl through and through, and Justin is a Big Apple enthusiast. Neither wants to move, so they spend lots of time on separate coasts. Long-distance romances may work for some, but in the case of Jen and Justin, the space between them was too much to bear.

10 Brad Pitt’s Divorce Struck A Chord

When Brad Pitt split from Jen and eventually married actress Angelina Jolie, the world was in a tizzy. Surely Jen got over the break up, but when she learned that her ex was now getting divorced from Ange, perhaps it had her rethinking her choice to be with Justin “till death.” Was her second marriage as great as she had hoped it would be? Maybe by seeing Brad break up, she got that needed nudge to pull the plug on her second marriage too. Perhaps Jen is thinking that the third time’s a charm, and she is hoping for one final Prince Charming to come to sweep her off her feet. Or maybe it was Justin who took a cue from Brad and it was his choice to call it quits.

9 She’s Always With Her Friends

It is super cool that Jen has a tight-knit group of friends, but could all that time spent with them be the reason that Justin got fed up with the state of the relationship? Maybe he was seeking more time with his honey, while she was too busy grabbing drinks with her numerous gal pals? While he was left at home all alone, Jen and her crew would kick it at the beach or go for mani-pedis at the spa.

Maybe the couple spent so much time apart, that they fell out of love.

Perhaps if Jen had better managed her time, she and Justin would still be happily married. Not that she ought to ditch her friends, but maybe she could have spent some of that time with Justin instead.

8 He Cancelled A Late Night Talk Show Appearance Last Minute

Justin was booked to be a guest on the popular The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on February 20 but cancelled his appearance at the very last minute.

Perhaps the announcement of the divorce from Jen caused him to reconsider being in the hot seat, so dropping out seemed like the best idea at the time.

Surely fans were pissed that they did not get to see Justin and Stephen chit chat late at night, but Justin would not want to have to talk about the divorce if he did not have to. Then again, perhaps he was just feeling a bit under the weather, flu season and all. Whatever the case may be, the red flags were flying for those invested in Jen and Justin’s relationship — or lack thereof.

7 Work Was Keeping Them Apart For Long Stretches

When you are a top-notch celeb in this day and age, work is plentiful. And that is the case for both Jen and Justin, two A-listers who are sought after for work all the time. They have super-busy careers in the entertainment biz that take them all over the world. And most of the time, scheduling is not on their side.

Projects are long and tedious and time away from one another is simply inevitable. While both are probably thankful for their good fortune in their respective careers, so much time far apart from each other has got to take a toll on a marriage, no matter how happy they may be.

So, while their careers were in full bloom, their romance was withering away. Money and fame are nothing to sneeze at, but when they rip a romance apart, it may be time to reconsider priorities.

6 Their Last Effort To Vacation On New Year’s Failed

Jen and Justin took a trip to the warm and sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with some celeb friends just a couple of months ago during the holidays. What could have been a romantic trip must not have been as fun as intended, because it would be the last the couple would take together.

Perhaps this trip was one final effort to rekindle the romance, but if sparks did fly, they fizzled out fast.

While they may have had a nice time in Mexico, it just was not enough to convince the couple to stick it out. Maybe they had already planned to get a divorce before going on this trip together but decided to go anyway so they could have fun with their friends for New Year’s. What happened in Mexico stayed in Mexico, but we all know they didn’t go down there to renew their wedding vows!

5 He’s Too Edgy For Her

Jen may like the idea of being with a “bad boy” but perhaps she is better off with a fella who is the “boy next door” type instead. Justin is not your average California surfer dude kind of guy. He is an edgy and artsy guy who loves to walk around Manhattan in his cool leather jacket. Sunning and splashing around poolside in Cali is not this man’s cup of tea.

While opposites do attract, it does not mean that they can last.

Jen is a fun-loving gal with a sunny demeanor. The type you would love to bring home to mom and dad. Justin, on the other hand, is more of a loner and rebel. His edginess may be hot and steamy, but Jen needs a guy who is more like she is.

4 Is She Still In Love With Brad?

Lots of people would love to see Jen get back together with Brad. Have they forgotten that he basically ditched her for Angelina? Even so, a reconciliation would be tabloid fodder for the ages.

But would Jen really be ready to play stepmom to his kids?

Probably not, but there is a chance that Jen still has feelings for her ex. They were planning to spend the rest of their lives together, after all, so all the love just doesn’t vanish into thin air. While the two getting back together is not likely in the cards, it could be that she never really got over Brad, making her relationship with Justin rocky from the get-go. But wouldn’t you just love to see Ange’s reaction if Jen and Brad rekindled the flame?

3 Does She Want A Baby?

If you believe everything you read, then you must think that Jen has been in “mommy mode” for years. Rumors that she has baby fever have been on the radar for as long as we can remember, and many people believe that she does, in fact, want to have a baby one day. It never happened when she was with Brad, then he went off with Angelina to have a huge family. Maybe she was ready to have babies with Justin, but he didn’t want to have kids. Or maybe he did and she still wasn't into the idea. This could be a reason to split, but will she go ahead and step into the motherhood role on her own? She could adopt or consider a sperm donor if she is finally ready to fulfill this dream. If Justin wasn’t up for fatherhood, why should Jen give up on her desire to become a mom?

2 The Three-Year Itch

We have all heard of the “seven-year itch” but perhaps Jen and Justin felt the discomfort a bit earlier than most do. Three years into their marriage was all they could take, so a divorce was the only relief to this itchy situation.

By Hollywood standards, three years is not anything to sneeze at, but for the rest of the world, a three-year marriage is not anything to call home about.

Maybe things were headed South before they finally decided to call it quits, but it must have been a bumpy ride to choose to divorce just three years after walking down the aisle. While nobody should remain in a marriage that is unhappy, maybe if these two made it over the itchy three-year hump, they would still be together today.

1 He’s Not Into The Paparazzi Hoopla

Sure, Justin is a famous guy, but he doesn’t like all the fuss that is made over celebs. Paparazzi can be annoying, and he wants nothing to do with all the endless attention. He would like to be able to walk out of his home without being hounded, something that is hard to do when you are married to someone as famous as Jennifer Aniston.

While she is used to all the attention, Justin would rather go under the radar and do his thing without being photographed all the time.

Unless he sneaks around, there is no way around these issues, making going out with Jen a hassle. This could be one reason why they broke it off. If he couldn’t stand all the craziness, breaking up may have been the only way out.

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