15 Reasons Why Tom Holland Is Going To Become The New Face Of The MCU

Ever since Tom Holland appeared as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, the whole world wanted to know who he was. Holland is only 21--he was 19 when Civil War wrapped--and his youthful appearance is what makes him the perfect Spider-Man. (In the comics, Spider-Man is 15). That he is at that awkward age makes this version of Spider-Man authentic. He's in high school, remember, and his use of superpowers in the right way mimics his confusion on how to become mature, and how to transform himself from teen to adult. On top of that, he has to deal with everyday problems that a teen has to do.

The reason why Holland is going to blow up is because he's extremely talented, someone who can follow the choreography in a fight scene, for example. He's a dancer, gymnast, singer and actor, and these qualities make for a perfect Spider-Man.

Marvel Comics Universe hired him in part for his athleticism. With the release of Super-Man: Homecoming, MCU knows that Holland can carry a movie. Proof that he's going to be the new face of the Marvel Comics Universe is that Spider-Man will be a trilogy, with Holland again playing Spidey. The movie will be released on July 5, 2019. We're huge fans of Holland--he's charismatic and funny and likes to crack jokes--but waiting another year is going to be torture. But we'll still see him in Infinity War, and after the release, he's going to be everywhere.

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15 From sony to MCU


When Sony wanted to have a fresh take at recreating their hero, Spider-Man, they joined up with Marvel Cinematic Universe so that Spider-Man could appear in Marvel's movies. There was a lot of risk of putting Tom Holland in the lead as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, as he was relatively unknown. In fact, Captain America was his debut role, a fresh face with good looks and a lean muscled body, perfect for portraying Spider-Man. But this was going to be a different Spider-Man.

Sony's previous Spider-Man movies had to reestablish the hero's world with each revival. All Marvel had to do for background and context was to introduce Spider-Man simply by making him part of a separate superhero blockbuster that already had its origins in place with their film Captain America: Civil War. The goal was for Tom to make a guest appearance in Civil War so as to get comic book fans worked up about MCU's new interpretation of the beloved character. It worked, and Holland was praised for his appearance and was called the break-out star who held his own against a cast list that seems very intimidating, from Robert Downey Jr. to Chris Evans.

14 The Mythology Gets Cast Aside

Tulsa World

What hurt all the previous Spider-Man iterations was that each movie had to stand alone. The backstory and exposition were rehashed again and again. In the new Spider-Man, that's only alluded to but not repeated. Captain America: Civil War purposely cuts out the passing of Uncle Ben as well, and also made Peter Parker's aunt younger (played by Marisa Tomei) because each iteration of Spider-Man hired an aunt who looked more like Parker's grandmother.

Now this is definitely a new MCU Spider-Man. Holland's mood and his reaction to Ben's passing need only for him to emote using solely his own body movements, which, while being difficult, is a refreshing take on the moral part myth of Spider-Man. His physical presence, the way he carries himself, makes it clear what he’s trying to say when he tells Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) that he is both needed and burdened with the responsibility to help others.

13 Because He Stole The Lead In His First Break

Broadway World

Holland's big break was in the theater on the West End in London. First, he played the role of "Michael" in Billy Elliot the Musical. But as the play continued, the directors realized how charismatic and talented Holland was, so much so they dropped the lead so Holland could play the title character.

Holland was Billy Elliot for two years, from 2008-2010, and that's where he learned how to act and, above all, how to emote using just your body, the latter of which was why he made the perfect Spider-Man. Before this big break, Holland attended the BRIT School to study acting, and he had been taking dance classes since he was a boy. Being in a play is great training for actors. They can learn how to act in front of a live audience, which may help them from getting jitters on set in a movie. Plays also provide wide exposure for talent scouts to see.

12 Because Holland Shot It Out Of The Park In His Debut Role

Tom Holland had the debut that any actor would crave. His very first movie, The Impossible, launched him into worldwide stardom. The film is about a family on vacation who get trapped by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Before The Impossible, Holland worked in the theater and was the star of Billy Elliot. Nothing could prepare him for his role in The Impossible, as he and the cast members were put inside a studio water tank where they had to act during these physically-challenging sequences.

Tom Holland's pedigree, a versatile actor both on stage and on screen who makes nearly dying in the tsunami look easy, was just one reason why he's definitely going to become a force to reckon with in the MCU. And by the way, for the Impossible, Holland even won some awards, including The National Board of Review for Breakthrough Performance and the London Film Critics' Circle Award for Young British Performer of the Year.

11 Because He's A Gymnast


Tom is going to be the biggest face of MCU because he's a gymnast. What? Yep, it's true. Every MCU fan knows that its actors have to undergo an extreme physical transformation to play their roles, such as lifting and eating right. Holland was physically fit before playing Spider-Man. That's because he trained as a gymnast when he was a child. And he knew about and was active in parkour while growing up.

Gymnastics and parkour are valuable skills for any superhero actor to know, as it lets them text their body's capability, what it can do, and what it can't do. Even Chris Evans, who's not a gymnast, learned parkour because he knew it would allow his body to perform balletic moves and be flexible and able to withstand his intensely choreographed fight scenes. This is what Holland does perfectly. That such a young man like him makes him a force to be reckoned with.

10 Tom Still Had To Train


While his gymnastic abilities actually helped Tom land the role of a lifetime, he still had to undergo intensive training like all the other actors. But he didn't like workouts that much. So, to get in shape in a way that was fun, not grueling, he played a lot of basketball, went surfing and boxed with his friends.

But while he's not huge, he is toned, with lean body mass. He has a good set of pecs and his arms look good for his size. But the best part of Holland's body is his six-pack abs, which anyone would kill for. Many fans noticed the same and have gushed over his hot bod the moment Holland took off his Spider-Man suit that revealed his shirtless bod in the first teaser trailer for Homecoming.

9 Dancing With A Star


Holland’s smooth, graceful movements made his character Spider-Man stand out among the testosterone-filled all-star cast like Chris Hemsworth with his gigantic biceps and Evans with his chiseled chest. And that's because none of the MCU actors have this asset and which is rarely a requirement in a MCU film: Holland's classical dance training.

He had two years of dance training during Billy Elliot, which greatly helped him doing fight sequences, as he could contort his body and be light on his feet without having to go undergo extreme training.  Add in the fact that he's also a gymnast, and you have the making of a hero who will definitely end up the face of MCU. While he didn't do all of his stunts in Spider-Man, we did see how dexterous he was, able to go from intensive flips to impossible cartwheels.

8 Tom Was Peter Parker Before Playing Peter Parker

Holland is going to blow up in Avengers: Infinity War precisely because he's a dancer. The acrobatic moves of Spider-Man most closely resemble choreography. His superpowers include being dexterous and nimble, as well as having a lot of strength and agility, all traits Holland had before nabbing the role of Spider-Man. In the film, Holland's character has the ability to adhere to just about any surface, granting him the power to tackle the bad guys on different planes and in precarious situations in ways other superheroes can't. He's versatile, in short. And he breathes new life into Peter Parker/Spider-Man for the first time in a long while. His physical presence on screen--you can't take your eyes off him--and his perfectly balanced body movements makes this version of Spider-Man the most successful.

But it was intimidating, working on Infinity War. Holland had to hold his own in an ensemble cast of A-list actors who are all bigger than him, and larger than life. He had to work with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johansson, to name a few.

7 The Age of Innocence


Holland was 19 when Civil War wrapped. Now he's 21, and still looks young. His age is an asset to his role, as other actors who portrayed Spider-Man didn't look youthful. We have to remember that Holland is supposed to be a 15-year-old high school student in Spider-Man. He looks it.

In comparison, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who both portrayed Spider-Man, didn't really fit the age that Peter Park was supposed to be. Both stars were in their late 20s when they played Spider-Man, and didn't have that wide-eyed innocence that suggested they were both excited and scared about suddenly having super powers. They could not really pass as teenagers in the way Holland does. He was literally someone in high school who was still battling puberty, not a man but still a kid. Garfield and Maguire already passed that awkward age, which required a suspension of disbelief to think of them as teens. Holland, on the other hand, looks like someone who’s still growing, both physically and mentally. That's why he's perfect for the part.

6 That Awkward Age

Whatever A Spider Can

To breathe new life into the Spider-Man saga, the union between Sony and Marvel Comic Universe had to find an actor who was a teen on the cusp of adulthood and who was just getting to know his powers while not only battling others but also battling his own maturity and puberty on screen.

Holland was chosen because he looks and acts like a teenage boy, which is exactly who he is in real life. He has a lot to juggle. He has to deal with high school,  homework and responsibilities at home and, at the same time, he has to figure out how to use his superpowers to do good. This makes him baffled and confused about his new identity. So Tom Holland plays it right. Like any teen, he's still developing. So he plays stiff and awkward because he hasn't yet figured out how to be a man.

5 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


As we pointed out, Peter Parker is overwhelmed by his new identity and his body reacts accordingly, giving off a sense of confusion and apprehension. He's constantly second-guessing the decisions he makes. But as soon as he dons his uniform and mask, this is the point where Peter Parker starts to change, where he finds his sure footing while seeking out ways in which he can surpass that awkward age and become a man of great maturity.  So once the action scenes start, Parker becomes more assured--he's nimble, astute, and confident all at once.

These are important moments, as this is also the part where Parker learns how to carry himself rather than staying tightly wound. Holland's movements alone capture all these mixed feelings. Holland can play to these emotions, sometimes all at once, and this is why MCU picked him after he underwent their hiring process that took place over five months and which included screen tests with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

4 Because He Had Spider-Man Sheets When He Was Young

Comic book nerds go to Comic-Con and collect all superhero paraphernalia. They know the mythology, the actors who play in the MCU movies and all the fandom sites out there. Sure they're nerds and may not leave the house to watch Avengers or Captain America for like the thirty-fourth time. Those who don't get the obsession are likely to dismiss those who do. But others don't care.

One such person is Tom Holland, who was a superhero fan long before he got cast as Spider Man/Peter Parker. While on set of Billy Elliot the Musical, it was said that Holland used to carry a Spider-Man toy around with him.  And when he was growing up, he had Spider-Man bed sheets. He was a fanboy the moment he was cast. And he shared his enthusiasm on Instagram and Twitter while on the set of Infinity War. Because Holland "gets it" means he'll probably have longevity in the MCU, as he's such a fan.

3 He's Humble And Will Help You


When Tom Holland was first cast as Marvel's Spider-Man, Chris Hemsworth told him about the importance of "staying grounded and keeping his loved ones close." Holland did just that. Tom hired his best friend, Harrison Osterfield, as his assistant, which would allow the two to be together while filming. The two have been best friends for several years and Tom was overjoyed when Harrison could take care of him and be his number one in command so that Tom could focus on acting.

They remained inseparable between takes, and they were always playing sports, taking funny selfies of each other, and visiting cities around the world when there was down time in their schedules. This kindness, this devotion to those close to him, are what will make Holland the new and best face of MCU, as his qualities are the makings of a portrait of an artist as a young man.

2 He's A Real Life Superhero


When Tom traveled around the world to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming, he did good. According to Facebook Live, he related that, in each city he visited, he always went to a children's hospital to brighten their moods. In this way, during his press tour, the children who weren't able to go to the movies to watch Homecoming at least had a chance to see Spider-Man in person.

He never repeats a hospital and tries to visit a different one at least once a month. And he always takes to Instagram and Twitter to show the world all these children who are struggling to survive. Holland gets so much happiness from seeing those smiles on the children's faces. And while he knows his visits can't cure these kids, he at least understands that his appearance means that they can take their minds off their pain for a moment. In the process, Holland became a real-life superhero.

1 He's Not Vein On Social Media

Tom Holland is not Kim Kardashian. Now that's the understatement of the year! Stars like Kim are constantly posting pics of themselves showing off their best angle or highlighting their best features. They tweet like crazy about such earth-shattering things like their new highlights, or what they craved before going to sleep last night.

When Holland takes to Instagram, he doesn't do do-overs to get the perfect shot, or to show his best side. Holland is still a rising star, so instead of filtering all of his Instagram pictures and making sure he looks flawless, he remains himself, a charming man just out of puberty who loves to crack jokes. He makes funny faces that aren't flattering just to make his fans laugh. He's silly and acts like it all in the name of fun. We suppose he'll soon get more serious as he ages, but it's nice to see an actor who's a complete goofball.

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