15 Reasons Why Tom Hardy Is Set To Take Over Hollywood

Edward Thomas Hardy or Tom Hardy is a famous actor and producer of Hollywood. After going through a roller coaster of events in life, he was successfully nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Revenant in 2015. Tom Hardy is a consistent performer both on the British and American stage. He is the only son of an artist and painter Anne, and novelist Edward ‘'Chips ‘' Hardy. Tom is known to be part of famous movies like Black Hawk Down, Bronson, Inception, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Dark Knight Rises, Lawless, Venom, Band of Brothers, Taboo, and many more.

Starting his early life as an aspiring model, Tom won The Big Breakfast's Find Me a Supermodel at the age of 21. He joined the Drama Centre London in 1998 where he enjoyed learning from his talented mates and dignified actors. He was married to Sarah Ward in 1999. But this marriage was a short-lived one and got dissolved in 2004. Tom married the English actress Charlotte Riley in 2014, and the couple had a child in 2015.Presently he is a father of two. Super talented and hardworking Tom climbed the stairs of success, and today his net worth stands at USD30million.

Tom Hardy became ambassador to the Prince's Trust in 2011 which is a leading Youth charity in the United Kingdom. He got mentioned in 2015 GQ magazine as one of the best dressed British men. Tom has set the trend in the industry that has earned appreciation from the media and also his fans. He is a dynamic actor and proved his versatility in the roles he played. His experimentation with characters successfully brings out the best. He is often being compared to the ‘frontliners’ of the industry and as the most promising star. There are various angles why Tom Hardy is considered as one of the best in the industry, and also debates on why he is still lagging from being the front liner.

Let's find out 15 reasons why Tom Hardy can take over Hollywood.

15 AWESOME in battle scenes

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Tom Hardy is the person who successfully makes battle scenes a fun thing to watch. The roles he plays become so real that people tend to go with him in every scene including the vicious scenes like in Mad Max.

This makes the audience accept the dark truth of the world he is in, and still speak about his performance. While a person plays the hero or the decisive role, it's easy to root for him; but if a person roots for a negative character that means something is enchanting in him. Sure, some of the scenes might be too much to handle, but sometimes it is just the dirty reality that movies are choosing to portray. Of course, Tom has that charismatic personality that can keep the audience glued to the seats.


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According to mentalfloss.com, Actor Tom Hardy once told the media that he had to dig up and go through his own past, in order to get the feel of a character he was playing. Drawing on personal experiences helped him. In fact, he also told the press while describing his character in 2011's Warrior, that in harder scenes, he drew from those personal experiences to get deeper into the role.

Tom Hardy was playing the role of a son to a former boxer, which was performed by Nick Nolte. He mentioned that the child artists who work from 10 to 21 years, learn a lot and then ultimately disappear. But once they come back to life they give the best of performance. In fact, to act from within is the most significant feat an actor can bring on-screen.

13 HE'S BEST IN the roles of mad men

Tom Hardy is best known for his villainous roles. He played his lifetime roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Bronson, The Revenant, Legend, and Taboo. Tom works on his physicality and tries to go in-depth to the character.

Though he does not often go for the roles of a hero, he still delivers beautifully to whatever role that is given to him. He does intensive research in the characters and then performs them flawlessly. Tom has made his name as the best villainous role player and earned Olympic accreditation. Each character has a different story to tell, and separate skills to feature, and he has done nothing but excel at all of them.


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Tom Hardy is a real character actor. He might not be a household name like the way Brad Pitt has become, but Tom enjoys every role he plays. Tom also admits that he doesn't have the popularity meter like Leonardo Di Caprio or Christain Bale.

While asked some questions on his popularity meter, Tom Hardy said that he wants to deliver his best in whatever role he is playing. He's an actor who loves his work and will love it until the end of his life. He considers himself more as an artist than a hero. Tom boldly says that he never cared about the media and their rating in case of his work. It's true, as he has always given a stellar performance. (Source: Esquire)


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Tom Hardy is a coveted actor of Hollywood. His work has been appreciated by many and he has a great fan following. He can mold himself into the characters he is expected to play. He tried to make up his physique, according to the requirement of the film, Bronson, and worked a six-pack abdomen. He consulted the physical trainer and maintained a diet to reach the desired weight and physical look. All these were an attempt to look ' perfect' for whatever he expected to be. He digs into the history and lives of the characters he plays for months before he delivers the perfect final shot.

Tom Hardy is a heavyweight actor and has all the potential to be the frontline in the industry. As the competition goes, there are many leading in the front as well as chasing from behind, but Tom successfully has made his mark in the industry; a score which is never to be forgotten or erased. (Source: AskMen)


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Tom Hardy is known for experimenting with roles. You have seen him in bold parts as a wiry thin soldier in Band of Brothers and also as a dreadful six-pack criminal in Bronson. His fans have appreciated him for his role in Legend. He has adjusted himself according to his characters and the demand of his work.

Tom has all the qualities of an Oscar deserving actor and has created a trend in the movies he appeared. He plays his ball carefully and never allows any spill. In fact, you can see how his dedication and affinity towards work has taken him to a different level already. He has the character of a real actor who knows how to mold himself according to roles. With that said, yes, he has the characteristics of a true chameleon.

9 HE'S 5'9" BUT HE PERFORMS 6'3"

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Tom is 5 feet 9 inches in reality but, apparently, he pretends to be more than his height. Tom is almost on toes to actors who are above 6ft. While we don't know how he manages to look so tall, we have the theory that he wears lifts.

Of course, there are some useful tricks of the camera that makes him look taller, which directors have been using long before Hardy came into the spotlight. Beyond that however, Tom Hardy manages to look taller than he is just because of the way he chooses to carry himself. His grace and demanding presence makes him look taller than he is.


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Tom Hardy has proved many a time that he is a magnificent actor. His role in the film, Band of Brothers was genuinely indomitable. Perhaps, if somebody has dug into the war movies, it's something that they can watch out for. His role as Private John Janovec was genuinely electrifying. There are many reasons to be a diehard fan of Tom, but once you see his acting skills, there will arouse no doubts in your mind that yes, he can take over anybody in Hollywood.

He looked cute in the uniform; undoubtedly he suited the character. Whatever be the character, Tom has been successfully delivering his hundred percent to make the characters come alive and makes all of his movies worth seeing.


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Tom has an affinity to working for British television which is a lesser known fact. He has taken an interest towards making the British TV much more acceptable and exciting towards its audience. He and his dad Edward Chips Hardy are both working together for this.

Tom is the executive producer and collaborates with his dad Edward for the show Taboo. The father-son duos share great chemistry and undoubtedly love each other's company on the sets. His dad has done a lot of historical research and functions as the story writer and consultant. Tom has given his ‘crème de la crème’ effort and dedication for this project, which is an extensive soft corner. In fact, Tom is enjoying every moment of it. (Source: Telegraph)


Tom Hardy has his unique style of handling the press. He is straightforward and has a bold personality. He doesn't bother trying to hide who he is. Many times, Tom shut up journalists and bloggers whose question were a bit too personal. This incident is not the first time he was successful in handling a dicey situation.

In fact, any question when asked by journalists which Tom is not well informed, he refuses to answer or might show less patience. When he was asked a question on his preferences for people that he chose to love, while he was off from the Toronto Film Festival, he managed it with great wit. He's also known for slamming a journalist/blogger who asked him awkward questions thereby making him embarrassed. In fact, other celebs should take some lesson from him in this regard. (Source: InStyle)


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Let's take another example of his magnificent acting skills. He played the rough and tough guy, the hardcore criminal in the film Bronson. He managed to adjust his physique so he could be closer to the criminal. He manages to steer a sense of hatred towards the character he is playing, while also loving him completely because of the amount of magic Tom Hardy has been able to give to the role.

The actor knows how to create sympathy in the minds of the audience while playing a particular character. As a real craftsman, the actor knows how to live in the character, not once do you watch him act and think for a moment that he is losing his edge. He becomes the person that he is playing, and no one else can do it quite like him.


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Tom Hardy has become an icon for his fans, for more than one reason. A starting one has been the fact that he seems like a total tough guy, but in reality he is a huge softie. He is often pictured with dogs, loving them and kissing them, and adopting them. Every fan loves a good looking guy with a dog.

More than that, is how he chooses to conduct himself. When he was doing press for Mad Max, an interviewer asked him how it felt to be around all those women, and if he, as a man, wondered what he was doing around all those women, because Mad Max was supposed to be a "man's movie". Tom Hardy's response was "Not for one minute." We love our king. (Source: Instyle)


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Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman were introduced to each other while they began working in Tinker Soldier Spy and then Lawless. Finally, they worked together in The Dark Knight Rises. Tom admitted that he respected and appreciated Gary a lot. He even mentioned that Gary Oldman was one of his heroes in the industry, and that he learned a lot from the older actor.

Tom mentioned an instance where he chose to listen to just Oldman's voice, and even learned a lot just from listening to him speak. Both actors share a tremendous amount of chemistry when they are on screen together, and considering Oldman's Oscar, maybe that is a foreshadow of what to come for Hardy, if he keeps learning from him. (Sources: TheShortList)


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Actor Tom Hardy went to drama school with some stars, who are now some of the biggest names in the industry. He recollects memories of Michael Fassbender while they were students at the drama school of London.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, he admitted that Fassbender was the most talented pupil of the drama school and never used to come out of the character he was asked to play. Tom had a great fascination and respect for Fassbender, and he quoted that Fassbender was like a hero and a first bencher whose skills were always appreciated in the drama school. Fassbender had a unique position in the industry as well as Tom’s heart. (Source: Buzz.ie)


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Tom Hardy continues to give his best for every film. It is more likely that he can be nominated for Oscar Award for his scintillating performance in the movie "Legend." He played Reggie and Ron Kray, and Tom also has bright chances of being chosen in multiple categories for the awards. But, winning over two Oscars could be a bit surprising. In fact, the release of Legend has taken everyone to their knees for his acting skills. Of course, Tom deserves the best. There is no need to be surprised if he gets acknowledged for his stupendous performance. Besides, there is the stellar performance of all other characters he played till date.

Tom Hardy is a versatile actor and possesses a ‘Macho Man’ image. He has all the qualities of being number one in Hollywood. The actor works hard to maintain his Greek God-like image and be the constant hunk fans know and love. Tom is highly dedicated to his work and makes every character come alive.

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