15 Reasons Why The Kardashian Ex-Boyfriends Made A Run For It

Over the years, we have seen many fellas come and go on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Dates, hookups, boyfriends, and even husbands have been with the foxy sisters, but nearly all of them have made a run for it after they couldn’t stand being in a relationship any longer. As for the guys who are still hanging around with the gals? Only time will tell.

Perhaps the sisters’ beauty, fame, and fortune hooked these fellas in, but with all those perks come plenty of downers. These gals do not get a moment to themselves between working, filming, photo shoots, and so on. And the well-oiled machine never stops running. Even the most outgoing and up-for-anything guy can find this all to be just too much. So, they flee.

Of course, we cannot say for sure why these men left their Kardashian women, but we can certainly speculate. Some of the reasons are as plain as day, but these guys surely made up another excuse for why they threw in the towel. Offend a Kardashian? Never.

Once each of these various men got with their Kardashian match, they became instantly known, if they weren’t famous already. And now, they will forever be associated with the reality TV family. Is this a good thing or a bad one? Guess it depends on the guy and how he is doing now.

Here are 15 legit reasons why the Kardashian ex-boyfriends, lovers, and flings made a run for it. Even “momager” Kris Jenner couldn’t convince them to stick it out.

15 The Gals Were Too Busy

We all know that the super-busy and successful Kardashian sisters never stop. They have many businesses and are always filming for TV. Along with that, there are plenty of photo shoots, interviews, TV appearances, product launches, overseas trips, store openings, and so on and so forth.

With so much going on in their lives, it leaves little time to devote to a relationship. Where is the fun and excitement of dating a Kardashian if she is never around to be a true partner?

And when she is present, her mind is probably on work and other things. The guys are only there for arm candy and an occasional roll in the hay. The guys want more from their woman, so they tend to call it quits when they feel lonely.

14 The Gals Only Care About Themselves

This one may come as no surprise, but the guys ran for the hills because the gals were totally into themselves. They came off as materialistic and narcissistic. What kind of fella would put up with so much self-centered behavior? Of course, the men liked the fact that the gals looked like a million bucks all the time, but they only focus on themselves and never gave a hoot about the guys.

The men got sick of the girls’ lack of compassion and ditched them for someone who was less self-involved.

As long as their styling team got them ready, the chicks were satisfied. Who cares about the boyfriends? They could be at home bedridden with the flu, but if a manicure was on schedule, there was no time to bring chicken soup over to their guy’s apartment.

13 Mom Kris Was Overbearing

“Momager” Kris Jenner is all about raking in the money for her famous family. When an opportunity struck, she was on it in a heartbeat, and always will be. She is always up in her daughters’ business, making their lives all about fame and fortune.

No boyfriend of theirs was about to get in Kris' way to help her family achieve ultimate celeb status. She would also pry into the intimate details of the relationship, making things super-uncomfortable.

Most guys have no interest in discussing their relationship with their girlfriend’s mom. And worse, the convo would be aired on TV for the world to judge. An overbearing mom is too much to deal with. These men said goodbye to their respective Kardashian gal and her maniac mom in one swift move.

12 The Gals Always Had Babies On The Brain

If you have not noticed, every time you turn on the TV or pick up a magazine, there is news that yet another Kardashian sister is pregnant. They want to have big families just like the one they grew up in, so they pressure their S.O. to get on board and procreate pronto.

Some dudes are all for being a dad, but others are definitely not ready for this serious stage of their lives. As fun as it may have been to date a Kardashian, being a pop was not on the agenda at the time.

So off they went, leaving their Kardashian cutie childless. Being a dad is an important role, not something to do just because a gal wants a baby. Of course, these women found other willing dudes on board diaper duty, so everyone came out a winner.

11 Rob Wanted To Be Their Best Friend

Poor Rob — all he ever wanted was a brother. Growing up with all sisters in the family must have been rough, so when the girls brought home their boyfriends, Rob pounced on them like a desperate puppy dog.

He wanted to befriend his sisters’ men, but some of them felt that Rob was a pest who wasn’t much fun to hang out with. The guys were not dating the Kardashians to get in good with Rob.

They could care less about the sock-creating creep. So, the guys made a run for it before Rob started to interfere with their lives. Rob and Khloe’s ex Lamar got pretty tight, but we all know how that situation ended up. Rob needs to find his own pals and leave his sisters’ hookups alone.

10 The Gals Would Never Take Time Off Social Media

With so much popularity, the Kardashian sisters are constantly on their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it, they are logged in. The Kardashian sisters need to keep up with their millions of fans in order to remain relevant.

They are always looking for new social media followers, so they need to keep their content consistent and fresh. When they are glued to their smartphones, there is no time for their boyfriends.

They could be out to dinner and the girls would have their eyes on their screens. No man wants to play second fiddle to Facebook. He would have to be a tool to let Twitter take over his world. So, while their girlfriend was looking at her feed, he was looking for a way out.

9 The Gals Were Always Away From Home

Work trips, family vacations, etc. keeps the Kardashians away from home for a good portion of the time. Private jets whisk them away from California and across the country and around the world. Most of the time, the guys they are dating are left in the dust. They don’t go along but they see how much fun the gals are having via social media posts. Why would they want to stick around for their women when the women are always off to someplace else? It isn’t much fun being in a long-distance relationship. Unless the gals would take these dudes along on their adventures, the men would make a run for it. While they were away, the men would break it off before their return. Not exactly the “welcome home” present they were anticipating.

8 Ryan Seacrest Wanted To Do A Spinoff All About Their Lives

Leave it to the forces at the E! network to try to do all they can to profit off the many Kardashians and their gentlemen cohorts. If a man was dating one of the famous family members, there was a good chance that the network would try to get a high-rating TV show out of them.

Ryan Seacrest would be on a mission to find something interesting about the guys and spin it into must-see TV. The big money would tempt these guys, but they really did not want to air all their dirty laundry on television for their family and friends to see.

The embarrassment was not worth the hefty paycheque. So, even if they were still into their Kardashian gal, they would split before any contracts were written up.

7 Other Exes Warned Them To Run

The guys would be super-smitten with their foxy Kardashian woman, until an ex of theirs came in and screwed up their romantic hopes and dreams. An ex’s account of the horror they had faced with a Kardashian sister could be compelling enough to get a guy nervous. If it was so horrible for that guy, who’s to say their experience will be any better. So, before waiting around to find out if things would suck just as much, the guys opted to break things off before getting their hearts broken, too.

And just like the exes helped them, this new batch of exes would pay it forward and warn the next naïve fellas to flee before getting involved with a Kardashian sister.

“Bros before hos,” as they so eloquently say.

6 They Got Trolled on Social Media

Another reason to bust a move? All the social media haters. No matter what kind of guy you are, if you date a Kardashian sister, you are bound to be trolled by folks on social media who have something rude to say.

They will trash your looks, your job, your dating style, your personal style, and even your intelligence or talent.

Hiding behind a computer screen allows these shameless trolls to say it like they mean it, without your feelings taken into consideration. Of course, these people know nothing about these men, but they feel the need to post all sorts of crap online just to get “likes.” Any guy who feels insecure or annoyed will want to forget about their Kardashian girlfriend when their Twitter feed is overloaded with insults.

5 They Didn’t Want To Be Filmed For E!

Being with a Kardashian sister means being on TV. E! cameras are in your face 24/7 filming every aspect of your life from sunrise to sunset. There is never a moment’s peace, unless you hide out in the bathroom. And if you know anything about the Kardashians, there is probably someone already in there doing their hair and makeup.

A guy who is dating a Kardashian sister can be sure that the lights of the cameras will be shining on their face through good times and bad.

It may be kinda cool to be on TV at the beginning of the relationship, but after a while, it must become completely annoying and obtrusive. Those cameramen do not care if you want to be left alone, they have a job to do.

4 The Paparazzi Was Just Too Much

Imagine walking outside your front door to pick up the paper, grab the mail, or take out the trash and there are a dozen cameramen hiding in the bushes waiting to snap your picture. The idea of it is not only creepy, but invasive. And who looks good when they are taking out the garbage? All the attention that comes with dating a Kardashian sister is completely overwhelming.

Going out to eat becomes public news. Everyone knows everything about your comings and goings. No more running to the gym or getting a haircut without your picture making it to gossip rag.

Most of the guys couldn’t take the pressure and called it quits. The paparazzi has a job to do, but who knew part of it would be to make relationships unbearable?

3 Red Carpets Were A Nightmare

Being on the arm of a Kardashian sister has its many perks, one of which is attending star-studded red carpet premiers and events. Imagine being some regular guy and the next thing you know you are at the Golden Globes or the Grammy Awards? The thrill and sheer excitement can be intoxicating, until it’s not. Not only would these guys be shooed to the side when the photographers wanted a pic of the Kardashian sister alone, but the Kardashian sis would not even try to find her guy afterward.

As long as her pic came out looking great, it did not matter that her guy was lost in the crowd trying to find his seat.

After one-too-many red carpet conundrums, these guys decided the glitz and glam wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

2 The Gals Were Always Trying To Change Them

The Kardashian sisters are all about outward appearances, so if their guy was not up to par, she would try to change them to suit her fancy. Perhaps she would suggest a new haircut, a different way of dressing, a pair of more stylish designer shoes, or a trip to the tanning salon? And with the money they have, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they suggested their guys get fancier sports cars or move into a new, more spacious place.

They were never satisfied with their men, always looking to change them. The guys could not put up with the picking and scrutiny any more, so they said adios to their Kardashian gal.

If they wanted to change them so much, why not find a guy who is already to their liking?

1 No Privacy

When you choose to date a member of the famous Kardashian clan, you may as well leave your precious privacy at the door. Once you are linked to a lovely lady in the fab family, your personal life instantly becomes public. Curious people will go to great lengths to find out anything and everything about you.

People will come out of the woodwork to spill intimate details about your life, and folks who you thought were your friends will sell their sordid stories to magazines and news outlets for a few thousand bucks.

You will be followed and photographed, leaving you feeling eerily exposed and unsettlingly used. Not too many men could put up with such an invasion. So, they would run for the hills, hoping to find an ounce of privacy there.

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