15 Reasons Why Suri Cruise Might Prefer Jamie Foxx (Not Tom Cruise)

Every daughter needs a father who will act as her own personal hero, who will protect her, nurture her, and keep her safe. Fathers are responsible for making their daughters feel that they are like a princess. Unfortunately, there are men who are incapable of being proper fathers and their daughters are deprived of the fatherly love and care they need. This, in turn, makes them search for another daddy who will give them just that.

One remarkable young girl in Hollywood is experiencing the same issues with her father. Her name is Suri Cruise, the daughter of one of the Hollywood's finest actors, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Cruise and Holmes got divorced in 2012 because of a very controversial reason. Since then, their daughter, Suri, was denied the love and care that Tom Cruise should have given her... that is until Jamie Foxx came in their life and made Suri feel loved again.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are finally going public with their romance and it is actually great to hear since Homes' divorce with Cruise came with a very large price. Rumor has it that the reason behind Foxx's and Holmes' secret relationship was the odd divorce rule that Cruise imposed, stating that Holmes should not publicly date anyone for five years. Now that five years had gone by, Holmes and Foxx are now able to reveal their relationship to the public and Suri now has a chance to have a real father.

As a father of two beautiful daughters, Jamie Foxx will surely be a much better father than Tom Cruise. Continue reading and find out the reasons why.

15 Jamie Foxx Has Father-Daughter Goals With His Daughters

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Jamie Foxx has two beautiful children— Corinne Foxx, 24 years old, and Annalise Bishop, 9 years old. Corinne is now a model who is making her own scene, but she and Jamie can keep this fame on a certain level that people won’t ruin her career by making her an object for public scrutiny. Raising children is never easy especially in Hollywood, wherein the limelight will never leave the actors. Foxx knows that, but he still managed to build a good father-daughter relationship towards her daughters without exposing them in the public eye just for a stunt.

This is not just a way of making a good father image to the public unlike any other actors publicizing almost everything that their children do. Foxx is an exemption. He made sure that his children will never be too exposed to the public. As a son who was estranged from his father, he does not want his children to feel the same way with his daughters. Soon, he will also have this kind of relationship with Suri.

14 Jamie Foxx is Not an Absent Father

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Foxx also makes sure that he will never be an absent father. In fact, he is one proud father who supports his daughters no matter what. For instance, he travels with them for a Miami, Florida getaway or gets some quality time with the girls at their Westlake home where they go "electric boating." As per Foxx, they have this little electric boat wherein you can literally swim faster than this particular boat.

In terms of support, Foxx will never be out of it. He is proud of what his daughters have become because her daughters ended up being "okay." Corinne already graduated from college at the age of 23 and she already walked the runway for Sherri Hill at the New York Fashion Week. Foxx is just so proud of his daughters' moments and will forever stand by their side.

13 Reasons For Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's Divorce

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Unlike Foxx, who lets his daughters decide for themselves, Tom Cruise is a little bit different. Holmes decided to say goodbye to her marriage with Cruise because of the actor’s religious beliefs. Cruise is a Scientologist— a person believing in a religion that offers systematic knowledge about the self and one’s relationship with other living entities in the material and spiritual realm. Holmes was terrified that she would end up just like Nicole Kidman who "lost" her adopted daughter, Bela, to the church. When Kidman walked away from Scientology, Bela disowned her.

With this fear, Holmes decided to end their marriage because this will never be healthy for Suri. Scientology dictates everything about their member's life and that includes how they chose Cruise's next girlfriend and wife. Cruise won't leave Scientology for his own daughter, so Holmes decided to keep Suri away from Scientology and the horrors that accompany the cult-like group.

12 Tom Cruise Just Doesn't Spend Time With Suri

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After the controversial Holmes-Cruise divorce, Cruise has been reportedly shunning Suri from his life. Unlike Foxx, who will do everything just to stay by his daughters' side and watch them grow up, live up to their potentials, and reach their dreams— Cruise is the exact opposite.

Unfortunately, Suri will most likely never see her father again because as per the reports, Cruise does want Suri to be involved in his life again. Multiple magazines reported that the actor is only committed to his religion and career. According to Cruise's friend, Maryann Carter, Cruise mentioned that Suri is not a part of his life anymore and that he does not even want to see Suri's pictures. Lucky for Suri, Foxx is there for her.

11 Tom Cruise: Devotion to Scientology vs. Devotion to Daughter Suri

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According to reports, the veteran actor abandoned Suri because of his great devotion to Scientology. The Church won't allow Cruise to be involved in her daughter's life anymore. Scientology expert, Tony Ortega, claimed that if because the actor is famous, his relationship with Suri could deter his spiritual growth, which is what the Church is aiming for. Scientology has this toxic rule instructing its members to disown and disconnect with their family who stepped away from their beliefs, which also happened to John Travolta.

Cruise disconnected from Suri because she is a "Suppressive Person" and labeled as "Potential Troubled Source." Cruise, as a devoted Scientologist, just won't see Suri anymore, while he established a good relationship with his adopted daughter Bella, a member of Scientology. Foxx, on the other hand, gives the same level of love to his children and even to Suri.

10 Jamie Foxx Spends Time with Suri

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Foxx knows what he needs to do as a father to Suri. As a great father of his two children, he always spends time with Suri because he wanted her to feel loved and special. For instance, there are reports that Foxx will come over Holmes' residence and pick up frozen yogurts for Suri— these little things make children feel happy.

Once, Foxx was seen accompanying Katie and Suri to the little girl’s dance program. There are even rumors indicating that Foxx is planning a family trip with Holmes and Suri one of these days. According to an insider, Holmes loved the fact that Foxx is being a father figure to Suri and that the comedian keeps on making the little girl smile. Holmes and Foxx surely know how to keep Suri entertained and feel loved!

9 Jamie Foxx Can Make Suri Laugh

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Foxx knows how to make Suri laugh. Just like how women love men who can make them laugh, children are no exemption. With Foxx in Katie and Suri's lives, Suri will now know how to have fun with a new father figure.

A source explained that Foxx is doing a great job making Suri laugh, which is an important factor when it comes to developing a bond with children. Because Foxx is a comedian, he knows how to crack some jokes. In Suri's case, Foxx will often sing some very "silly songs" that will make Suri laugh. Good job, Foxx!

What’s even more impressive is that Suri has already met Foxx’s daughters, whom she also loves to be around with. She likes to play with Annalise, Foxx’s 8-year-old daughter and the two families share a great bond.

8 Jamie Foxx Knows the Meaning of Privacy

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In Hollywood stardom, children should not be too exposed to the public. However, there are celebrity parents just like Michelle Duggar and the infamous Kris Jenner who use their children for fame and money. With all of this going on in the Hollywood industry, Jamie Foxx is an exception because he knows how to keep things private without making any comments and sparking issues just like how Foxx managed to keep his relationship with Holmes, thus, keeping Suri away from the limelight and too much attention.

Another great example is how Foxx managed to keep his daughters away from too much publicity. He does not want his children to end up as a "pitch" for the next news article or a subject for the paparazzi. Although Foxx is a Hollywood A-list actor, he knows the meaning of privacy and he will not divulge any unnecessary private information about his children, which means that he also knows how to protect Suri's image from the public.

7 Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are Taking it Easy for their Kids

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The Foxx-Holmes relationship is just too good to be true. Because they are already matured people at their age and they both have children of their own, they don't like to make things too complicated for their children, especially to Suri and Annalise, who are both in their very young and tender years. Although Foxx has been spending time with Suri and Holmes is getting closer to Corinne and Annalise, both Foxx and Holmes are taking it easy.

They just don't want to force their children to open their doors to a new mommy or a new daddy. As for Foxx, he is not forcing Suri to like him because he wants to take it all easy. The couple does not want to mix their kids together because they both have their own lives and this will come naturally as Suri is also becoming close to Foxx's kids.

6 Jamie Foxx Embraces Some Simplicity in Life

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Jamie Foxx’s music, movies, TV shows, and his whole career are just so bright that nobody knows how simple Jamie Foxx really is. Yes, he might be an Oscar-winning Best Actor and he may have a privileged life with large homes and luxury cars, but Foxx is just like any other normal and ordinary person who has a simple life.

Foxx may have a higher net worth than most of the average Joe's, but he is not a different person. In fact, he had rough childhood that he truly embraces up until now. He was not a city boy. He was a small town boy who was born in Terrell, Texas who experienced some racial issues while growing. He was also left by his biological parents in the care of his grandparents. Despite Foxx's fame, he still embraces the events that happened in his past.

5 Jamie Foxx is the Real-Life Superhero

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Jamie Foxx is more than just an actor. Although he played the role of Electro in The Amazing Spider-man 2 as a villain, he is a real-life superhero. In 2016, he saved a man's life. As per the reports, a car crashed in front of Foxx's home after hitting a ditch as the car flipped. Normally, people will just call 911 (which Foxx also did), but because he was afraid that the car will explode, Foxx pulled the driver, Brett Kyle, out of the burning car and saved his life.

Although Kyle was later arrested after receiving proper medical attention because of DUI charges, Kyle's father was still very grateful for Foxx’s actions. Foxx later stated that he does not want to look at the scenario as heroic. He wants people to know that what he did what something a normal person would do when pressed with the same scenario.

4 Jamie Foxx Respects Other Hollywood Fathers

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Unlike some celebrity parents who participate in “parenting wars," Foxx is a good example when it comes to looking up and respecting other fathers in the Hollywood industry. For instance, he looks up to Jay-Z as a father. He respects how Jay-Z handles being a full-time daddy to Blue Ivy and the twins.

Another example is how Foxx respects Chris Brown as a father. Although he has known Brown ever since the singer was in his teenage years and despite what he (Brown) is going through, he still respects Brown as a father to his child. Foxx said that he is proud the Brown is stepping up and becoming a responsible father to his daughter. There are no reports stating that Foxx mocked any celebrity parent for their parenting techniques. Respect is one of the most important things that a child should learn.

3 Jamie Foxx Reconciled with His Biological Parents

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Foxx was left by his biological parents in the care of his grandparents. Throughout the years, he never had the chance to have a good father-son bonding with his biological father. He never had the chance to have play hoops with his father, talk about school with his parents, or simply garner support for his musical talents. However, that did not stop him from being able to reconcile and reunite with his biological parents years later. He gave his parents another chance.

Foxx's actions towards his parents are important to his children. This shows that children should always love their parents no matter what. As Suri grows up, she will realize that although her biological father was disconnected to her, she needs to reconcile and reconnect with his father. Foxx will serve as a good example.

2 Jamie Foxx is a Great Role Model for Suri

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Speaking of being a good example, Foxx is a great role model for Suri. He knows how to respect other people and other people's opinions, which is vital for children to learn as they grow up. In addition, Foxx's humility towards his parents and his heroic actions will inspire Suri to lend a helping hand to other people without questions or second thoughts.

Foxx is also a strong man forged by the challenges of his early life. Suri will learn that Foxx's challenges and rough times are what made Foxx the great man that he is now, therefore, giving Suri an inspiration that no matter what happens during her childhood, it will be her foundation to be a strong woman of tomorrow.

1 Jamie Foxx Treats Suri As His Own

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As the well-oriented father of two beautiful daughters, Foxx treats Suri as his own daughter. As mentioned, he spends some quality time with Suri, shops with and for her, sings silly songs, and makes her laugh. Because he values and respects Holmes, he also opened his heart to Suri. As per the reports, an insider mentioned that Holmes loves how Foxx treats Suri and how hands-on he is as a father.

Amidst his romance with Holmes, he still knows how to get along with Suri and value her as his own. After all, Holmes and Suri are a package deal. Suri is lucky after all because Foxx is willing to be more than just a father figure, but a real father who will treat her like a princess. You deserve it, Suri!

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