15 Reasons Why Nina Dobrev Won't Ever Be A Major Silver Screen Star

Acting is often a profession that goes hand and hand with some of the most stressful aspects of human life. Some of these aspects are always being on the go for the actor's job and having little privacy. These two areas on their own can create a scene in someone's mind of being overwhelmed. Acting is essentially stressful because everyone needs to keep advancing their careers to stay relevant to the reality around them. If they don't stay relevant, they end up not being able to get any gigs for their profession. Nina Dobrev doesn't fear this and tries to stay relevant. It's well-known that she's multi-lingual and continues to expand her worldview in the entertainment industry.

This post is not intentionally being made to make anyone think Nina Dobrev isn't as good as other actors. She's got her own set of skills and weaknesses like everyone else on the planet. However, she's got a few aspects of her life that are worth mentioning and because of those aspects, she might not land every big movie that she auditions for. We're proud to say that Nina is a hard-working, motivated and smart individual who has had a good career in the entertainment industry so far, but not one that will make her a legend.

15 vampire diaries is all she has

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So, it's quite obvious that she has acted in several very popular shows. One of these shows is called "The Vampire Diaries." She has also acted on Degrassi, a Canadian teen drama that has been hugely popular with anyone that grew up in front of a television. If you were to take a look at her acting career, you would easily see that she's done more than her fair share of television, but really, can only be attached to TVD. Some of the shows she's acted on have literally been on for years. It shows that she's dedicated to her career in acting, despite it being mostly on shows.

She essentially comes off as more situated for TV rather than a movie, which might mean she doesn't have what it takes to get herself on a movie set. Filming a television show is completely different when compared to the filming of a movie. It requires different shots, different locations, and specific environments to really hand off a scene correctly. Not to mention the right type of actor. Nina Dobrev comes off as a better TV actor when compared to a movie star. This is because she's, for one, got so much experience in the industry of television. Having acted on very popular shows gives her the tools and knowledge on how to get a scene done quite fast. However, the same might not be able to be said about acting on the set of a film. (Source: IMBD)

14 she hasn't acted in big films

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As we said before, she's been in shows like Degrassi and The Vampire Diaries, the second being her major debut in the world of Hollywood. She allowed herself to really show what she was capable of. Her skills have led her to some of these shows and Nina Dobrev hasn't become limited either. She's acted in several large-scale movies, one of which is called "Let's Be Cops." This is just one incident where she decided that she was going to go for a fat cat film and ended up getting the part.

Now, while she's known for the big shows of our world she's also acted on several smaller shows and films. This isn't uncommon. Many actors have to start somewhere and using a small budget film as a stepping stone is not uncommon. It can be good if done correctly, the actor just needs to be sure that they use their experience to their advantage so they can expand and become more well-known. However, she has not been doing that. Though she was the star of a show and appeared in various small roles, she has not been able to transition from the small screen to the big screen. (Source: Uselessdaily)

13 Her parents aren't well known

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When we hear of actors and their skills, we often assume that they've been trained by the most talented people in the industry. This is often presumed about actors because it's occasionally mentioned in the news that they essentially train their kids for acting and start building up their resumes at a very young age. It's not uncommon for people to do this because they want their kids to also be involved in the industry of show-business. Sometimes, this isn't the case. There are many actors who have literally just appeared out of hard work. Nina Dobrev is one of those people. She's put in the work but didn't have the extra help of her parents in this particular area.

It's said that her parents weren't really famous at all. Her mother was apparently an artist, and her father was a computer specialist, which obviously would not help Nina much in the world of entertainment. However, her mother's creativity and her father's smarts might have helped her grow as a person, and figure out the kind of woman she would like to be growing up. So we see where her creative genes come from! Her mom! They might have not been able to help in the acting department, but we're sure they helped in other ways. It's always nice to see when someone explored a different path than their parents, it shows free-thinking and hope from both parties of the family. (Source: Uselessdaily)

12 her full name

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Nina has a long, Bulgarian name, which in Hollywood is already an annoyance to anyone high on the food chain. It's happened to anyone who's got a long name. You can lose out on job offers and sometimes people just outright forget who you actually are. This is because they try to associate things with your name but can't remember because it's too many words to remember. Nina Dobrev could suffer from this unfortunate reality of our world. Her name is Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva. That's quite the mouthful for some people. It's likely that she has lost acting gigs because of her name. This could have happened because sometimes, people see an actor's name before they see the actual actor. If this happened, it's possible that she lost out because of her name. Talk about judging a book by its cover.

Nina's name is just one little thing that could have slowed down her march to stardom. Once a castor saw her skills, it's sure that they gave her the part because of her insane talent. It's clear that she's not going to let life and her name knock her down like it does to other people. Someone like Nina Dobrev manages to create a sustainable life by doing what she loves, even though she might not be bringing in awards left right and center. What matters is that her life is her own. (Source: Uselessdaily)

11 her on set romances

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There's a saying that goes: no office romances. It's quite an accurate saying because it often leads to romances and can end badly, which in turn could result in a lower performance for both workers. Acting is no different than the office, well, technically it is different but the concept is the same: having a relationship could damage the workflow of both actors. Nina Dobrev is said to have done this at least once. It's not a bad thing if it didn't damage the working ability to anyone, but if it did then it's clearly not okay. It's difficult to not fall for someone who you connect with, especially if you're seeing them all the time, which is the case with working on-set with someone.

In this case, she's said to have had a romantic relationship with Ian Somerhalder who was a co-star on The Vampire Diaries. Many people didn't mind this and actually kind of shipped them together. They enjoyed the little romances that they could see in both of the actors' eyes. However, some also disliked this because of the above-mentioned rule. Whatever the case may be, on-set romances could both be good and bad, it all depends on how the situation plays out. (Source: Zimbio)

10 she is too busy traveling to work

Traveling is something that many people do, especially individuals who work in the entertainment industry. They must travel for work, fun and sometimes family. They can't sit around and only work in one place, that would limit their expansion techniques so much. They often have to travel to another country to complete scenes in a movie. It is definitely not unheard of.

Nina Dobrev is said to travel a lot. This isn't a bad thing, everyone needs to unwind now and then and get a change of scenery. However, that change of scenery might not be complimenting her career, since the traveling she is doing is not for work but just for fun. Not to mention, we're quite curious to know where this money is coming from since she isn't a major film star. Travel is good but there needs to be a balance between flying around the world and working hard for the job that you love. Obviously, if she would be traveling for work, no one would ever say she can't take some extra time to relax or have some fun on these locations, but that does not seem to be the case with Nina. We know girls just want to have fun, but perhaps it is time for her to set her sights on a more stable career instead. (Source: Zimbio)

9 her social media accounts are not as interesting as other stars

Nina manages to supposedly provide a class of wisdom on her social media accounts, proving that she is as down to earth as we thought. Wisdom seems to be particularly important to her because she's often sharing it. She also benefits her young fans when she does share her thoughts. She is really trying her best to motivate and help out every younger fan that needs her, knowing that she has the power to influence others.

She's got the account to follow if you need a mood booster. According to gurl, she is always posting inspirational quotes and images on her social media. That's just one example where she's been able to indirectly help herself and other people with the difficult task of motivation. When she shares quotes and images it makes people feel like they can do something that they find hard. It's a way of doing what they need to do to ensure that they can have a decent time. Nina Dobrev understands this and seems to try in any way she can to aid those who need motivation. However, in the world of Hollywood, none of this actually matters. Hollywood wants selfies and long portraits of a woman's body. Hollywood isn't interested in thought-provoking Instagrams. It is well known that a good Instagram can even land someone modeling contracts, so we are definitely wondering why Nina hasn't taken some initiative to make her Instagram more appealing. (Source: Gurl)

8 she wasn't always thinking about becoming an actor

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As we said before, many actors start at a young age and tend to try and build their experience up widely throughout their life. However, that's not always the case, some actors like Nina Dobrev didn't do this. In fact, if you were to look at her previous talents and some of her previous choices in life, you would see that she started her life a lot differently. She was actually interested in being an athlete instead of an actor. Her experience as a gymnast shows us that she had somewhat of an interest in physical activity and she tries to ensure that she keeps in touch with her love of physical activity.

This activity has likely provided her with the dedication to become an actor. It takes dedication to do anything but a special amount of dedication to do anything regarding any kind of physical activity. Gymnastics and the dedication that it brings to someone may have definitely helped in later stages in life. There is no doubt that Nina would take some things she learned from her time there and apply it to the acting world. However, perhaps because she was so interested in that, it took away from her building a solid acting foundation when she was younger, essentially making it harder for her now as an adult. (Source: More)

7 She plays into stereotypes

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This was done as a joke with Funny Or Die. The video was supposedly just highlighting some of the many odd things that Nina Dobrev was said to have heard while in Los Angeles. The city does have many weird stories about people and things. What she basically did was explore those very things and tell the rest of the world. It was all about comedy and having a good time, she understands how many cities have weird stories and L.A is not the exception but it does seem to be a good place to start. Nina certainly has a sense of humor and this is just one example of how she's collaborated with other organizations in the world of comedy.

However, the bad part to this is that is can sometimes play into the stereotypes of L.A. Not everyone might want to be associated with that video, assuming that they are better than that. To some extent, people understand that but unfortunately, not everyone does. The fact that she participated in the video shows everyone that yes, she does have a sense of humor and is just exploring a topic but also doesn't always look into the why things are the way they are. (source: refinery29)

6 she doesn't fit Hollywood's traditional image

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Body shaming is something that a lot of people have recently stood up against. People don't seem to like being put down for the way they look, and rightfully so. This is particularly evident in women, they tend to be pushed to a certain way of living that only shows off their looks and not their personality. Nina doesn't like this and has been going against the entire idea of it. It's not an easy fight but she is showing that good old dedication that we've come to love about her.

This likely comes from her love of health and fitness. She doesn't think people should have to redesign themselves for the approval of others who don't really care about them. According to Huffingtonpost, she was teaming up with Reebok and Les Mills to have a relationship. The partnership was apparently focused on connectivity and positivity. Those two things are generally considered quite important for bettering one's self. If someone wants to make themselves feel better about their body, they have to start by working on their own confidence first before anything else. The partnership can be very good for many people. (Source: HuffingtonPost)

5 auditions via skype

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Nina Dobrev was said to have done one of her auditions via Skype. This isn't exactly a bad thing but doesn't come off as the most professional of things to do. It's not professional because of the issues that can arise such as bad connections and a lack of ability to fully see everything someone's doing while on a video call. However the interview seemed to have gone pretty well, and it turns out that Nina was just trying to be productive, as Skype allowed her to do more than one audition. So there are definitely some pros and cons to it in general. Having a Skype audition can either be good because it means you can accomplish more in a day, but it may seem lazy to the person you are auditioning for.

The film that she allegedly did an audition for was called "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower." It obviously went well considering she was cast in the role as the main character's sister. She was able to show off her improv and natural talent through a web camera as well as she would have done in person, so good on her! It's actually quite important for an actor to be able to improvise, if they don't know how to, they could easily get dropped from a film that requires such creativity. (Source: BogglingFacts)

4 she comes off as average

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When taking a peek at Nina Dobrev's life through her Instagram and other social media accounts, it is easy to see that she comes off as a fairly regular person who doesn't seem disturbed that she lives a kind of average life. She doesn't come off as someone who decides to show her money off. This is good because it creates a sense of honesty between her and the fans. Many stars create division without even knowing it because they literally just blow their money on expensive items. She is someone that comes off as a saver, planner and overall a thinker.

Maintaining control isn't easy either. She is said to actually cook her own food which is really good because it not only saves money but also gives her life skills. She understands that blowing through her cash isn't the best thing to do and can actually hurt her in the long run. A lot of people tend to try and show off their wealth but not her, she's more down to earth. Exercising control is pretty important to her. This all makes her look like an average girl who works hard for her money and does not want to see it go down the drain because of a wasteful habit. (Source: CelebrityGossip)

3 Her first notable role was Degrassi

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Degrassi, the show that many young people have seen their parents watch and even talk about. The show that surrounded so many people and kept them coming back time after time for more young drama that could only be captured there. Many actors became so well known by acting on Degrassi. It's as if they had there started there. That's the case with Nina Dobrev, her career is argued to have begun on this show. She managed to do a great job portraying a difficult character that actually reflected the lives of some teens during the era.

The character she played was known as Mia Jones, a difficult teen mom who had her fair share of run-ins with trouble. The character was so well played that it's widely considered her breakout role for her career in entertainment. This show was something that really put her on the map because of its large audience reach and the fact that many people were always talking about it, everywhere they went. Nina's character was often spoken about because of her ability to show off her intelligence. Everyone always enjoys knowing a smart person because they're good at providing advice, something that can actually help someone. That's what her character kind of did for a lot of people, without them even knowing it. (Source: CelebrityGossip)

2 One of her auditions didn't go so well

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Every big star is bound to have their bad moments. Nina Dobrev isn't immune to having a few bad auditions in her life. It could and does happen to everyone, at least once. In this case, it was Nina and it was an audition for The Vampire Diaries. She decided to send in the tape so she could stay in the running but was sick. It must have been hard to do an entire audition while being sick and still put every ounce of effort into it. That is something that can easily become tiring. Julie Plec, the show's writer has said about her: "But when we saw that tape, we were all blown away by how wonderful, magnetic and interesting she was. She got the part based on that. She fought for it.”

Nina may have just made the right choice with sending that tape in, even though to her it was a bad audition. The show was a huge hit and people definitely fell in love with her. It's not every day where you hear of a celebrity nailing an audition from being sick, but Nina proved just how much she was capable of. However, this just makes us ask the question once again on why that same determination and enthusiasm isn't enough to put her on the big screen. Everyone wants to see her there, but she just can't seem to take the necessary steps to get herself there. (Source: Fame10)

1 She wanted to be a sports star

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As you already know, she was heavily involved in gymnastics. The sport itself isn't easy and requires a lot of effort to even get remotely decent at. Nina Dobrev was lucky enough to be good at it and was doing quite well in it. She was getting better and better and continued to provide a unique and effective way of doing gymnastics that certainly had her own personality involved in each action. She is said to have even played volleyball, soccer, and basketball. All these sports contributed to her being more well-known in the sports arena. She was so good that she could have easily gone pro with her popularity.

However, she decided to take her life another route. She made the decision to enter the world of Hollywood since she was also interested in that. This was likely done by applying to auditions and possibly taking acting classes. Her talent was eventually recognized and she was given the chance to get a new, fun thing to do and that entertained people on the big screen. Nina can be seen continuing her love of sports but also moving forward with her other career, acting. She's continually managed to grow in both areas but has had considerable growth in the entertainment industry. Take a look at her Instagram, it's possible to see her doing something sportive. (Source: Fame10)

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