15 Reasons Why Kylie Jenner Is Not A Real Kardashian

We are sure that everyone is aware of the famous Kardashians. This family has reached the heights of fame in a very short span of time. The Kardashian family started its career in 2007 with their hit show called Keeping Up With the Kardashians which immediately garnered a huge fan following and to date it has thirteen seasons. Before starting their career on television they owned a clothing line by the name of ‘DASH’. Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and the not-so-famous Rob Kardashian are the members of this clan. Despite supporting each other a lot and standing together to face every controversy, there are some things that differentiate them from one another. Kylie Jenner is the most recognized member of the family and many things have been observed that are proof of how her behaviour and routine is different from that of her sisters. We did some research and came up with 15 reasons why we believe that Kylie Jenner is not a Kardashian despite being a part of the family.

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15 Richer Than Other Kardashians

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Kylie Jenner is only 20 and she is currently the youngest family member of the Kardashian family. Regardless of being the youngest, she has been declared the richest of the Kardashians. She has left everyone behind and owns a strong wealthy empire. Through her beauty company, fashion line, and of course reality shows, she was able to make all this possible. The young sensation has put all her hard work and outstanding planning skills into building her life. In an interview, she said that she never did all this for money and she is going to work more and there are many new things that will come really soon. Her current net worth is estimated to be almost $386 million which makes her the richest among her siblings.

14 Kylie’s Cosmetics

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There is no doubt that all the makeup lovers out there are longing for Kylie’s lip kit. Her makeup brand has reached the heights of fame in no time and girls are going crazy to buy the exotic shades of her pop up lipsticks. She inaugurated her first shop in December 2016 in California. On the day of the opening, there was a crazy crowd to buy her cosmetics with the crowd even getting out of control at one point. Every person was given 20 minutes for shopping so that all of them could get a chance. She developed the formula for her lip kits herself which makes them unique. Now, people from around the globe are buying her products and it has been estimated that the net worth of her cosmetics will reach $1 billion till 2022. It usually takes a lifetime for a brand to be this successful.

13 The Youngest House Owner

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Making a house at a young age is a dream of almost every person. Kylie made this dream come true. It is unbelievable that at the age of 17, she had her own house in Calabasas that she bought with her own money and it costs $2.5 million. She spent a year to refurbish it according to her own requirements. She also took a year so that she would become 18 and it would be legal for her to shift to her own place. Her starter house covers an area of 4,851 square foot and has an indoor theater, spa and a pool. Being a millionaire at such a young age seems unrealistic but Kylie has made this happen and did something that makes her not a real Kardashian.

12 She Is A Style Icon

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Kylie Jenner is a true style icon for the youth. The year 2017 was the year of Kylie Jenner. Her style sets examples for her fans and after every release of her “look”, people rush to the stores to get that same look. She stuns her fans with her stylish ways. She is also getting the title of the most attractive sister which was previously given to Kim. Her sisters also praise her fashion sense and complement her style and even her sister Kendall steals some of her dresses. Her style becomes the trend and her looks go viral on the internet. Kylie is one of the most fashionable ladies and all her looks from a daily look to the formal red-carpet look are exceptional.

11 Kylie Is More Influential

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Kylie Jenner is truly a beauty with brains. She has become an icon and source of inspiration for many young girls. As she has a large number of followers and being such a public figure, she is very influential as she is shaping the lives of many people. Being so successful at a very young age has also set an example for everyone that they can achieve whatever they want so people look up to her and copy everything that she does. The way she carries her self, the way she is working, her style, makeovers and every other thing is influencing the folks. Girls dream to be her and she has gone really far and above other Kardashians in recognition and fame.

10 Kylie’s Squad

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As charming and beautiful Kylie is, her friends are the same. Her Snapchat and Instagram followers know pretty much all about her super talented squad. She uploads videos and photos with her friends. As compared to her siblings, she has a deeper connection with her friends and has a big friends’ circle. She is seen partying and spending a lot of time with her friends. She also likes to do a lot for her squad. For example, she often features them in her new cosmetics advertisements, throws parties for them and also buys them expensive gifts. Jordyn Woods was one of her oldest best friends even before the world knew about Kylie Jenner. Her friendships last forever as she puts in a lot of effort to keep them.

9 Kylie Interacts The Most With Her Fans

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It’s easy to make fans these days but it is really tough to have your fans stick by you no matter what and Kylie has been successful in doing so. Her fans love her a lot and at the same time, they respect her too. She is unlike the other Kardashians when it comes to being praised and thanks her fans for it. She interacts with them a lot and she is well aware of the power of her fans. She acknowledges them and is always available for them. Wherever she goes, she welcomes and greets them. This attitude of Kylie has greatly helped her increase her fan following drastically. She replies to them and answers their comments. She has proved herself to be a real celebrity.

8 She Is A Social Media Queen

Via missguided.co.uk

Kylie Jenner is beyond doubt the social media queen despite all of her sisters keeping a heavy social media presence. You all will be amazed to know that her Instagram account has a total of 57 million followers and her followers are always eagerly waiting for her new posts. She is the 7th most followed user on Instagram. Same goes for her Snapchat account. She was the most followed user in July 2015 and the subscribers pay $2.5 for exclusive content per month. Her Snapchat videos are very interesting. She usually makes videos of her makeup looks, family, and friends and sometimes behind the scenes of her shows. Kylie has used social media very wisely and it has helped her a lot in making her rich and famous.

7 She Is A Future Star

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Kylie Jenner has achieved a lot in a very short span of time. She is also very versatile and can do anything. She has outstandingly proved herself to be a true star. Mastering every field, from being a successful entrepreneur, actor, and model, with her strong personality, she has become an inspiration and an icon for everyone. Celebrities of her age are not that focused and don’t even know what they want to achieve but this young girl has taken over Hollywood with her talent and supreme qualities. She is a very tough competitor and is definitely going to rule the television world in the future. Other than her acting, her makeup brand and fashion sense have also helped in paving her way to the top.

6 She Mostly Keeps Her Life Private

Via hawtcelebs.com

The Kardashians are known to flaunt and advertise everything they do but unlike them, Kylie likes to keep her private life separate from her glam life. She likes to live a life of a normal person and tries not to put things on social media that are private to her. The biggest example is the news of her pregnancy. She kept this news hidden for so many days even though she had to face many controversies related to this. But despite that, she kept it a secret because it is her life and her choice. Her family also never commented on this; no photographs were seen and no news was made. After her delivery people got to know that she is a mother now.

5 The Youngest Mother In The Family

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Kylie Jenner also has the title of being the youngest mother in her clan. She gave birth to a beautiful girl this year at the age of 20. This was very surprising for people to see a young mother who is so responsible. She is truly a superwoman, as she is financially well off and has so many people around her who can take good care of the baby. This decision of carrying a baby was her own and she faced the controversies in very a good way as if they mean nothing to her. She named her daughter as ‘Stormi Webster’. She wanted to have a stress free time and did not create any sort of hype so that she could prepare for her new role as a mother.

4 She Experiments With New Looks

Via wmagazine.com

Kylie Jenner is all for experimenting with new looks. She is always in the news for her looks, whether it be her lip fillers or her wigs. When you are a public figure, people always have an eye on you but this thing never bothered Kylie as she is always playing with her hair colors and she does not care if people like it or not. It’s a must for Kylie to change her hair color frequently. She likes to try new looks and she never wants to try the same old thing again, something that she has already done in the past; it’s got to be something new every time. She also uses extensions and wigs as her hair gets damaged because of constant dying. Her new look enhances her confidence and her friend Tokyo is the mastermind behind her new looks.

3 She Is Very Level Headed

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It’s very hard to find a star that is famous, rich and at the same time very plain spoken. Kylie Jenner fulfills this criterion too. Nobody has seen her being rude to her fans or other people around her. This does not mean that she never encounters negative feedback or hatred but her quality is that she handles such situations perfectly. When she started her cosmetic brand there was a lot of criticism related to the shades of her lip kit and also about it being expensive but she handled the criticism in a very good way. She is also seen apologizing where necessary without her ego being in the way. She is a very down to earth and humble celebrity.

2 She Is A Junk Food Lover

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Unlike the Kardashians who are very particular about their eating and diet, Kylie is a junk food lover. It feels really good to see that the eating habits of your favorite celebrity are similar to yours. She loves eating junk food Twizzlers and even diet coke which is a must-have for her. She has a sweet tooth and likes Oreos a lot. She is a girl after all and her love for candy is the same like any other girl. Her love for food tells a lot about her. Celebrities are generally seen avoiding junk food and every other thing that can cause a weight gain but Kylie Jenner has been seen eating fried chicken and In-N-Out burgers. Even after being a foodie she has managed to be fit and sleek.

1 She Has A Great Sense Of Humor

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Being genuinely humorous is a quality that not a lot of people have. Kylie Jenner is known to be funnier as compared to other Kardashians. Her off-the-wall sense of humor always gets the fans laughing meaning that her followers enjoy her funny videos on social media which depict her lively personality and good humor. These fun videos have made it possible for her to attract a large band of followers. She is always willing to share her jokes and funny videos. She can laugh in all situations and makes others laugh as well. In her show ‘Life of Kylie’, she told about her sense of humor and how she makes people go crazy. This quality of Kylie Jenner makes her fans adore and love her even more.

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