15 Reasons Why Karen Gillan Is Taking Over Hollywood

The 30-year-old Karen Gillan is the latest U.K. darling to take over Hollywood. She is a Scottish sweetheart with looks, talent, and that certain something that is making people sit up and take notice. Her beauty is undeniable and her presence on screen is captivating. She may not be at the level of some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers but wait and see. Gillan is going global and she isn’t slowing down.

Fans love the red-headed stunner thanks to her roles on the BBC One series, Doctor Who as well as movies including Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Big Short, The Circle, Outcast, Not Another Happy Ending, and Guardians of the Galaxy. She is set to star in Avengers: Infinity War too, so get ready for another box office success under the beauty’s belt. Is that popcorn we hear popping in anticipation?

If you haven’t yet heard of Gillian, you are late to the game. She is a wonder on screen and a force to be reckoned with. Keep in mind, she is not just an actress. She writes and directs too. And she has been on Broadway, acting in Time to Act. With so much versatility, she could have the chance to win an Emmy, Oscar, or Tony award. Her devoted fans would give her one today if they had the ability to do so.

Here are 15 reasons why Karen Gillan is taking over Hollywood. Move over Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Blunt. Gillan is going full speed and she’s not letting anyone or anything stand in her way.

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15 She Has Perfected Her American Accent…Thanks to Barbie

Thanks to playtime with Barbie dolls as a child, Gillan has been working on her American accent for years. She would watch American television shows and films and practice her American accent. Who knew that playing with dolls would be so useful? Dressing them up is one thing but using your voice to make Barbie come to life - as an American no less - is super-creative for a young girl.

Gillan must have been bitten by the acting bug at a young age and channeled her talents through Barbie.

Who knows, maybe one day there will be a doll modelled after Gillan. Little girls can play with their Karen doll and use whatever accent they like to create playtime scenarios, just like she used to do when she was their age.

14 She Chose Acting Over School

You know you are an actress through and through when you take the chance on a dream by dropping out of high school at age 16. Gillan’s parents must have been on board too, since most parents would insist that their child get a high school diploma. Perhaps her success in school plays was all they needed to see that their daughter had potential to make it big in Hollywood. And boy, were they spot on. Gillan’s friends were probably jealous that they had to sit through calculus and social studies while she was reaching for the stars. But if a teen has the talent and drive to follow their passion, you know you’ve got a real star-in-the-making on your hands. Plus, if things didn’t go as planned, she could always go back to school.

13 She’s A Force On The Red Carpet 

We all know that Gillan is gorgeous and oozes fox appeal, but FHM magazine made it official by ranking her on their 100 S*xiest Women list in 2011 and 2012. There are lots of sexy women in Hollywood, so to be one of only 100 is quite an honor. And she was listed twice. Surely the men’s mag thought she was super steamy since then, but they’ve got to spread the wealth around, it’s only fair. Perhaps she will make their coveted list again this year. She only gets steamier as the years pass, so expect to see Gillan on another ranking in the future. Heck, by the time the next list is ready for publication, she may very well be at #1. She is already #1 in our book anyway!

12 She’s Musical Too

Is there anything this gorgeous gal can’t do? Along with her top-notch acting, Gillan is a musician as well. She artfully composes her own songs and can tickle the ivories like a pro. We wonder if one day she will star in a musical or come out with her own album. She could be the next “triple threat” if she is a dancer too. Knowing her, she is!

There is a bunch of actresses who are successful in both acting and music, so Gillan could be the next in line to have a multi-faceted entertainment career.

We love watching her on the big and small screens, but if her music is just as great, we will be tuning in to her catchy songs too. There is no such thing as too much Karen Gillan!

11 She’s A Stunner On The Catwalk

Gillan is a tall drink of water at 5’11,” so it comes to no surprise that she has modelled in the past. Her gorgeous face, great physique, and super long legs make her a natural. And we’re not talking about some silly modelling gig for the local paper or a dinky mom and pop shop… this lady walked the runway during London Fashion Week. She never fails to impress. Designers surely loved her look and style and the other models were likely in awe of Gillan’s natural beauty.

Little did they know she would go on to act in Hollywood.

Wonder what they’re doing now. From the runway to red carpets, this Scottish stunner is winning in all areas of life. She succeeds at everything she sets her mind to. Work it girl!

10 She’s Willing To Play The Part

Gillan isn’t afraid to go to extremes to make a role as good as it can be. She even shaved her head totally bald to play the part of Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. While many women wouldn’t dare make such a bold move when it comes to their looks, Gillan was all in and willing to make the sacrifice. No prosthetics for this acting pro. She wanted to look as good on screen as she possibly could, so if shaving her head was the way to do it, so be it. Hair grows back, so why not give it 100%?

With fearlessness and a strong commitment, Gillan proves that she is all in when it comes to making a movie spectacular.

Not to mention, she is so pretty that even with a bald head, she’s still a knockout!

9 She Acted In A Film With Ethan Hawke And John Travolta

Have you seen the Western starring actors Ethan Hawke and John Travolta, and Karen Gillan? This is an interesting ensemble, so the movie, In a Valley of Violence was surely one to watch. Fans love Hawke for his unique style and good looks, and Travolta has been in the biz for decades.

With Gillan as their acting companion, this film is sure to be a box-office hit.

Westerns may not be the hottest ticket in Hollywood at the moment, but that is all about to change once Gillan puts her special touch on it. Before you know it, we will all be wearing cowboy hats and boots. Gillan has the star power to make big changes in what fans want to watch. Action films are fun, but where are the horses and saloons?

8 Fate Brought Her To Doctor Who

Before landing the role on Doctor Who, Gillan was not much of a fan — she really didn’t watch it. But her Doctor Who-obsessed mom sure did a self-professed “Whovian.” Was it fate, coincidence, or Hollywood calling for the best of the best? Lucky for Gillan, her mom could fill her in on all the ins and outs of the show’s plot and all about the cast of characters to get her up to speed before her first day on set. But even with limited knowledge about the TV show before signing on, Gillan was a natural, something the show’s casting department obviously noticed.

If her mom was a fan of the show before, we can only imagine how much she loved it once her daughter was cast.

She is arguably the show’s most devoted fan! Hey, if your mom doesn’t support you, who will?

7 She Has Been Preparing Her Whole Life

Gillan has loved acting since she was a kid. She began acting in youth theater productions and has been enamored with the arts ever since. She even attended Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts to hone her skills even further. With so much background in the field, by the time she was ready to make a career out of her passion, she was well on her way. It’s no wonder the big shots in Hollywood are impressed by Gillan’s talent and commitment to her craft. Lots of kids love to play make-believe, but Gillan took those childhood moments and made them a reality. She is a woman who knows what she wants, what she is good at, and what audiences will appreciate. She was likely captivating as a child and that has only blossomed as she matured into the woman she is today.

6 She Was Cast Alongside Emma Watson And Tom Hanks

Actress Emma Watson and actor Tom Hanks are two of the biggest names in Hollywood. Their work is always impressive and their fan bases are huge. Imagine Gillan’s thrill when she got to work alongside the two in The Circle. While Watson is about her age, Hanks has been in the biz for decades, and surely Gillan was over-the-moon to have the chance to work with the seasoned and spectacular actor. But Watson and Hanks probably adored Gillan too. She is so talented and fantastic, who wouldn’t want to be cast in a film with her? Plus, before long, we can imagine Gillan emerging as one of the biggest A-listers around. Watson and Hanks will be in awe of her! But there is plenty of room for lots of talent in Hollywood as long as they save a space for the great Gillan.

5 She Wrote, Directed, and Starred in The Party’s Just Beginning

The party may have been in full swing for a while now for Gillan, but when it comes to her movie The Party’s Just Beginning, lots of folks will be just beginning to get to know what a major talent Gillan is. The British comedy is sure to be a success, if only for the fact that Gillan is the film’s star. While the plot seems less-than-humorous — it involves a woman coping after a friend’s suicide — Gillan must have found a nuanced way to bring comedy into the mix to make for a realistic portrayal of loss. No matter the genre, Gillan is a total pro and shines like a gem on screen. Hopefully she will continue to write new movies and direct and star in them too. She can do it all!

4 She’s An Award Winner

Gillan is already a winner with a bunch of prestigious awards under her belt. In 2010, she won the “Woman of the Year” award for Best Actress for her role on TV’s Doctor Who. The following year, she was awarded the SFX Award, a TV Choice Award, and the National Television Award for her role on the same show, along with a bunch of others. It won’t be long before we see the talented Gillan holding an Emmy or Oscar. She is obviously well-liked, and her body of work speaks for itself. As she stars in more and more roles, the trend makers and higher-ups in the entertainment business will realize that Gillian is a real star who is worth rewarding with the highest of honors. She will be prepared with an outstanding acceptance speech and the audience will give her a standing ovation.

3 She Has Tons Of Fans On Social Media

Hollywood heavyweights love an actress with a large fan base. Without fans, who would watch TV shows or movies? Gillan’s Instagram account is full of die-hard fans with more than 1.1 million followers checking out what the actress posts. She also has thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter. The more popular she gets the more fans will follow her. Social media is today’s gauge of what’s hot, so by all accounts, Gillan is killing it. She posts things her fans want to see and read, keeping them interested in the actress and her work. She stays active on her accounts, so fans are never let down.

In this day and age, it is imperative that celebs stay relevant, so their fans remain interested.

Looks like Gillan has got this social media thing down pat.

2 She’s A Broadway Babe

Acting in front of a live audience is no easy feat. It proves that the actor’s talent is raw and real. Gillan was in the Broadway play Time to Act in 2013. Audiences got to see her acting skills right before their eyes, making the experience intense and exciting. Acting on film is impressive as well, but if you mess up, you can reshoot. But Broadway is a one-shot deal, so every scene must be delivered with all you’ve got. The directors in Hollywood must appreciate Gillan’s time spent on stage as much as they delight in her incredible talents on film. Her versatility makes her a standout and truly special. Will she go back to Broadway? We’re not counting it out, but for now, TV and film is Gillan’s focus.

1 She’s A Los Angeles Resident

What better way to prove you are made for Hollywood than to move in? The Scottish fox symbol packed up her bags and moved to L.A. to make her dreams come true. If you want to be part of the action, you’ve got to immerse yourself in the land of the A-listers and award winners. L.A. is the place to be for movie stars seeking to make their mark on Hollywood. Surely Gillan fits right in and enjoys the exciting city and everything it has to offer.

Will she ever move back to her homeland? At this rate, it looks like California is the actress’ new home.

She can always go back and visit family and friends, but if she wants to keep her career soaring, L.A. is the launching pad.

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