15 Reasons Why Jennifer Aniston Is Better Off Without Justin (And 10 She's Making A Mistake)

The world was shocked when Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced they are no longer together. It came as a surprise since the couple looked happy and in love in all their photos and red-carpet events. In reality, it was a farce as the pair were having problems months before the breakup announcement. Jennifer and Justin dated for about a year and were engaged for about two years. After getting hitched, they only lasted two-and-a-half years. It seems they should've stayed dating instead of getting married since marriages in Hollywood normally end up in disaster. It could be a good thing that Jennifer left Justin as sources come clean that he was controlling. He didn't like Jennifer's drinking habits and made her stop. He also hated her lifestyle in Los Angeles and preferred a quieter life in New York, away from the press. Meanwhile, Jen loved her rich and glam life in Hollywood and didn't want to give it up. Justin was also upset that Jennifer couldn't give him children and it's come out that Justin didn't even want to get married.

Even though there were ups and downs, maybe Jennifer made a mistake in ending it so quickly since she did have happy moments with Justin. He's very supportive of her and would've gone to the ends of the Earth to ensure her happiness. Justin was eager to compromise all for Jennifer's sake. As always, there's a good and bad to every story — Jen could've possibly made the right decision or she should've stuck it out and made it work.

25 Jen Can Live In Peace Without Worrying About Hurting Justin's Feelings

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The number one reason for the split is due to their difference in lifestyle. According to sources close to the couple, Justin hated Jennifer Aniston's lifestyle and preferred living his life away from the camera's eye.

He wanted to reside in New York and hated Los Angeles, whereas Jen wanted to make her home in Hollywood permanent since she hated New York and was not eager at all to live there.

Due to these differences, the pair lived separate lives miles across the continent. When you're married, it's probably a good idea to live together rather than apart. Jen and Justin proved this fact and after all that time spent apart from one another, they started enjoying being excluded and problems started to occur. Now that they're separated, Jennifer can live the way she chooses and doesn't have to worry about hurting Justin's feelings anymore.

24 Justin Didn't Like Jennifer's Bad Habit And Wanted Her To Quit

Even though Justin has a bad-boy image, he actually has a clean lifestyle, and that includes not drinking at all. On the other hand, Jennifer loves to have a glass of wine now and then and Justin wanted her to quit drinking entirely. He even demanded the wedding to be alcohol-free! According to a source, as Justin has grown older, he's become a health freak, which Jennifer isn't as concerned about. Theroux wanted his wife to live by the same rules and Jen started drinking less during their courtship. Although, she was still having two to three glasses a night and it was unacceptable in Justin's eyes. Aniston is better off alone in this regard since it's never good for a partner to control you and force you to give up your vices unless they're detrimental. Now that they split, Jennifer can enjoy her wine in peace!

23 Theroux Was The One Who Decided To Call It Quits

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According to reports, Justin was the one who initiated a separation. It was due to their differences and struggles with communication. The pair struggled to make compromises and Jen liked doing her own thing without any control and loved her freedom. Whereas Justin wanted to have a say in the way she did things and choices she made.

There was no give and take in their relationship and Justin couldn't handle Jen not making sacrifices for him.

Now, Aniston is able to have a say and doesn't need to worry if the choices she's making are wrong in Justin's eyes. Jen can move on and do what she wants. She doesn't need to answer to anyone and can enjoy her life without worrying about what the other person may think.

22 Secrets As To Why Justin Wanted The Break Up To Be Quick

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Jennifer didn't want the separation to be shared with the public so quickly, but Justin had other ideas.

He was pushing Jen to release a statement to the public after Valentine's Day because he was anxious to start his life with someone new, apparently.

According to The Cut, sources came clean in sharing the hush-hush news about Justin's desire to hang out with Petra Collins, a 25-year-old Canadian photographer and model. There's quite a big age difference since Justin is 46 years old. It seems Theroux isn't so innocent since it appears he also wanted the break up to be final because he wanted to party with Collins and her New York art scene. Jen is better off with Justin since he's doing exactly what he didn't want Jennifer to do and he has his eye on someone else.

21 Is It Really Over Between Jennifer And Brad Or Are They Still In Contact

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Tabloids have been going crazy since Brad and Angelina's divorce and it's not only about the divorce.

It's also about the fact that Jen and Pitt have been in contact through text messages, congratulating each other with projects and Jennifer even reached out to Brad in support after his split.

Brad is doing the same for Aniston — the plot thickens. According to a source close to Theroux, he found old post-it love notes from Brad to Jen when they were married. Some of the messages were, "You looked nice tonight" and "Miss you already." It upset Justin that Jennifer still had them and even though she reassured him they didn't mean anything, Theroux was still insecure. Although Brad and Aniston are communicating, they're not romantically involved. However, a source confirmed to The Blast, “Something crazy could happen,” but, “at this point, nothing is going down between them.”

20 Aniston Has Insecurities And Justin Is A Free Spirit With An Artsy Lifestyle

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It's become obvious that Jennifer and Justin weren't a match due to their hatred of each other's cities. Though Jen gave it her all in Manhattan, she couldn't take it anymore. She hated Justin's apartment in Greenwich Village and described it as being "pokey." That's not the only factor in their demise. The other major one is how unlike they are. Justin loves the edgy scene in New York and Jen prefers the laidback vibe in Los Angeles. Theroux is an artsy and is focused on himself and his work. Jennifer is different, as a source says,

"Jen is not the easygoing girl she wants the public to think she is. She isn’t as happy, and she is far more complicated.”

Justin also didn't feel at home in LA and never really got on well with Aniston's friends. Now that Theroux isn't a part of her life anymore, she can focus on herself and be happy doing what she loves, which is spending time with her close-knit friends.

19 Justin Had Reservations About Tying The Knot And Only Did It For Jen

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As reported on Us Weekly, Theroux was cautious about getting hitched and only did it to please Jennifer. A source confirms, Justin was happy with the way the relationship was going, but Jen wanted it to be official.

Justin didn't want to get married as he was sceptic due to the fact that the couple was not able to decide where to live.

Its clear Theroux is afraid of the "W" word and has serious commitment issues since his last relationship with costume designer Heidi Bivens lasted 14 years and they never got married. Justin was in love with Jen and gave her what she wanted, but in the end, he was unhappy. Jennifer has two failed marriages and deserves to be happy. Jen deserves someone who wants what she wants and doesn't pretend to desire the same things since it always ends up in disaster.

18 Work Demands Became Too Much For Jennifer As Her Career Dwindles

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Jen is a big name in Hollywood thanks to Friends and her many films. Justin, on the other hand, hasn't done a lot of movies, but since their marriage, the roles have changed. Jen is now very low key and not acting as much and Theroux is taking on many more roles.

In 2018, he already has four movies lined up and Jennifer only has two.

It could very well be that Justin wanted Jennifer's fame without the public scrutiny. Due to Justin's hectic work schedule, the couple also didn't see each other a whole lot, which made them distant even more. It all seems suspicious as Theroux seems to be entering the spotlight more and Aniston is lagging behind. Jennifer can focus more now on her movie roles since she doesn't need to make sure she's available like she used to have to do in the past when Theroux wasn't working.

17 Theroux Had To Give Up His Social Life For Solidarity

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It's apparent on how incompatible Jen and Justin were. They did things differently and even after trying to compromise, it got too much to handle and they had to be apart. Jennifer loves her life in Hollywood, but when you're a celebrity, you're going to be chased by the paparazzi. Aniston likes her life to be kept private, therefore, she's hardly seen out and likes to stay behind closed doors.

Justin absolutely hates being confined and prefers to be out and about with these friends. "Justin didn't want to deal with the shallowness of Hollywood and be a part of her world anymore."

Poor Jen, her man couldn't stick to being confined and chose his social life over her. The good thing is, now Jennifer doesn't have to feel bad about her decision to stay private.

16 Jen Couldn't Fit Into Justin's World And He Couldn't Accept It

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The pair tried to make it work and it did for some time, but there's only so much a person is willing to do. Jen tried her hardest to be apart of Justin's world by trying to fit in with his friends. It went well in the beginning before turning sour. An E-News insider confirmed,

"She doesn't really fit into his group of friends or his world. He accepted who she was for a while, but it didn't feel right for him anymore."

Aniston isn't an artsy person and is more conservative. She enjoys more refined things, such as enjoying a glass of wine with her friends. Aniston doesn't have to fret anymore because she can now be herself and has no need to be ashamed of the kind of person she is. In relationships, it's essential for couples to accept each other for who they are and Justin just couldn't and Jennifer wasn't able to accept him for who he is.

15 Justin Was Acting Like A Single Man In New York

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Since the split, friends of the couple have gone public in sharing their stories about what happened with Jen and Justin. As mentioned by a source to Pedestrian, Theroux was acting like a single man for about a year while he lived in New York and Jen was in Los Angeles.

Sometimes, Justin wouldn't fly out to see Aniston for months. "Justin hardly mentioned Jen at all to the people he hangs out with — it’s almost like he was not even married."

When you're married, partners always gush about their loved ones to their friends and never forget about their second half. Justin was partying hard in New York and even told people he was single. A close friend to Theroux told The Sun, “He’s even been telling people he’s single, while she spends most of her time in LA doing yoga, eating healthily, and living a quiet life." Jen doesn't need a man who acts like he's not her husband!

14 Aniston Was Fed Up With Justin's Childish Ways With His Friends

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All men love their video games, but when you're 46 years old, playing PlayStation shouldn't be a regular thing. According to E-News, Jennifer didn't understand why he plays a lot of Call Of Duty. Justin replied with a snarky comment:

“Wifey does not play. Wifey is like, ‘Where are you?’ she still doesn’t see it as a social app. Like, I am hanging out with my friends — technically — and she’s like, ‘No. You are sitting there watching a TV playing a game.’ She’s not understanding!”

Aniston was tolerant to a point as Justin really got involved in playing and said, "I'm going to war, and she's not understanding. Then I come back from war and she's upset." There's nothing wrong with playing games, but Jen is better off with a man who acts more his age.

13 Jen Was Willing To Make It Work With Couples Therapy

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The ending of their relationship didn't happen overnight — it was a storm waiting to happen! The couple even attended marriage therapy to help fix their problems. It didn't work, though. They didn't only attend counselling during marriage, but also before getting married, which means there were issues to begin with.

"They tried to work through issues relating to their very different lifestyles, communication, and, of course, the New York City versus Los Angeles living arrangement.”

Aniston had high hopes, however, and Justin wasn't so sure it would work and did it to please his ex. Jennifer has made peace with the counselling not working and now that she's single, hopefully she will choose a more compatible partner who also wants to live in the same city she does.

12 Justin Didn't Want To Be A Part Of Jennifer's World And Home

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Things were so bad for the pairing that there was no trace of Jen having a husband in her Bel Air mansion.

During an interview with Architectural Digest, the editorial team and photographer realized it looked like Justin wasn't living with her and that it was like he wasn't even part of her life.

Jen admitted how happy she was with her husband, which we all know was untrue as weeks later they came clean as to what was going on. The team told Daily Mail that there weren't any of Justin's belongings and no photographs of the in - love couple was evident. It's strange because when you're happy and in love, you signify your happiness and love in your home with photographs. There was a risk and Jen didn't care if rumours would occur after the interview. Justin struggled to fit in her world and couldn't express himself in their home with his belongings. Let's hope next time Jen picks someone who has the same lifestyle as her.

11 Jennifer Couldn't Give Him Children And Issues Arose

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It's been a known fact for years how Aniston has struggled to have children and each time has had no luck. When she and Justin got engaged, Jen was excited to start a family with him, but sadly, after many attempts, it wasn't meant to be. Since Justin wasn't getting what he wanted, it drew a wedge and Jennifer felt like a failure.

“She has been sad that it never happened, but it never consumed her.”

The statement shows Jen wasn't really worried and didn't let it ruin her life, but on the other hand, Justin was devastated. Now that Aniston is single, she doesn't need to feel like a failure by upsetting Justin anymore with not being able to get pregnant.

10 Justin Was Willing To Do Everything For Jennifer To Be Comfortable In New York

Theroux loved Jen so much that he would do anything for her no matter the cost. According to a close friend of Justin's, the actor really tried to make her feel happy and comfortable.

"He even negotiated with the paps to make a deal that they would only shoot her once per day and then leave her alone."

If Jennifer hated the apartment, Justin was willing to move out of the apartment, which he loves dearly. Not many men will make compromises like Justin was prepared to make. Will Aniston be lucky enough to find another man who is able to give and take as much as Justin?

9 Theroux Gave Up His Life In New York To Be With Jen In Los Angeles

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After Jennifer tried living with Justin in The Big Apple and epically failed, she retreated back to California and Theroux went with her.

Justin tried to make his home base in Los Angeles and even bought a mansion for the couple, but after a while, he couldn't do it and started making many trips back to the East Coast.

When a man gives up his homestead in a city he adores, you know it's love. Yes, Justin failed by moving back East, but at least he gave it a go. Not a lot of men would give up their home just to make their wife happy. Jennifer should've seen his eagerness to make the relationship work and also give him something in return. A relationship will only work if the couple meets highway and compromises, which Jen wasn't interested in.

8 Will Jennifer Find Love Again

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We all thought Justin was the guy for Jen, but we were wrong. Jennifer has had many failed relationships, unfortunately. If Aniston would've been willing to compromise and be 100 per cent in the relationship with Theroux, I'm positive they would still be together. Jen should've been able to communicate with her partner because now that it's over, we wonder if she'll try to find love again. It's clear how much Jen hates being in the media during a breakup and now, once again, she's all over the news because of a failed marriage. It's easy to point fingers and assume who was in the wrong, but the truth is, no one knows what happens behind closed doors.

7 Jennifer's Not A Young Spring Chicken Anymore

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After Aniston's divorce with Brad, she was dating, but it won't be like before since Jen's much older now and the dating world is always tough for older women. Jennifer will turn 50 this year, which is a big milestone and not many men are interested in women in their 50s — unfortunately, they usually prefer younger women. She was only a few years older than Justin and age was never an issue for them. If Aniston and Theroux stayed together, Jen wouldn't have to worry about entering the dating world again as a single lady, but there's still hope for her of course.

6 Justin Was Supportive And Didn't Argue With Jennifer 

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Not many men are willing to make their wives happy by being supportive in their decisions, even if that includes living separate lives. As mentioned before, Jen tried to live in New York, but after a while, she couldn't handle it. Most would argue and wouldn't accept it, but this wasn't the case for Justin. He let her do what she wanted and gave her space, even if it was miles away. Although it's not healthy to be apart so much, it can also be a good thing since the couple will be able to have some alone time. The main problem was that they barely visited one another.

5 Theroux Gave Living Like A Recluse A Chance

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A recurring theme in the life of Justin and Jennifer was Justin's accordance in their relationship while Jen was hardly trying.

Aniston hates the tabloids and likes to live privately, whereas Justin likes to be social and spend his days out in public.

Due to arguing, Theroux decided to live like Jennifer and as always, he failed. When you have a man wrapped around your finger and who will go the extra mile to make you happy, you will do anything to make sure he's satisfied, which Jen didn't do. I'm pretty sure Theroux would've continued to please her, only if he got something in return, like if Jen agreed to step out in public once in awhile or live with him sometimes in New York. Will the next man agree to live behind closed walls just to please her? I think Aniston got lucky with Justin, but it may not be with her next relationship.

4 Jennifer Was Lavished With Gifts And Romantic Getaways

We commoners aren't so fortunate in receiving gifts and going on holidays with our partners, but then again, we're not famous and don't have money to splurge.

Justin loved to spoil Jen with jewellery, romantic dinners, and he often threw parties with friends. They flew off to Paris, Rome, Mexico, and island destinations.

When a man lavishes his wife with gifts, it reveals how much he loves her and Justin never stopped spoiling Aniston. Now that the star is single, she will be travelling alone until she finds love again. Will the next boyfriend spoil her like Justin did?

3 Justin Would've Given Her A Child If Jen Really Wanted One

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It's strange that Jennifer didn't agree to IVF or adoption. After their engagement, the two wanted to try for kids on their own and had no luck. Jennifer and Justin were disappointed, but Theroux would've agreed to IVF and adoption if that's what Jen would've wanted. When a partner can't conceive, it becomes a burden on a relationship and becomes the main reason for divorce.

Not for Justin, though. He stuck by Aniston's side and even though he was upset, he had no plans of leaving her and would've done anything to make her happy.

Jen may change her mind down the line and since she's single, there may not be a chance for her to have a child alone if she decides adoption isn't for her. If she stayed with Justin, a kid would be in the cards and the next fella may not want children.

2 Theroux's Instagram Was Filled With Posts Portraying His Love For Jen

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Their split comes as a shock even more so since Justin often displayed his love for Jen on his social media accounts. Theroux's Instagram is filled with pictures of the loving pair acting all romantic in Paris in 2016 and 2017. It's odd because the pair were always separated, but their time together could be due to having a holiday after being apart for so long. The last photo Justin shared was a picture of them was Jen kissing his cheek during their two-year anniversary. Theroux added a cupid arrow, a heart, and a peace sign to the caption. He didn't look too happy in the photo compared to his other photos with Jennifer. In 2014, as reported on E News, Jennifer admitted her love for Justin in detail.

"He's just so beautiful and handsome to me. He just gets better every year and has always been there and been brilliant."

Will Aniston be able to find someone who loves her even more than Justin did?

1 Justin Was At Every Event And Supported Jen With Every Movie

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Let's face it, few women are fortunate enough to have a supportive husband by their side and who announce how proud they are of their wife. Well, after Jennifer and Justin started dating, Theroux was by Jen's side at every red-carpet event, mainly promoting her latest movies. That's not all, Justin also said,

"It's an honour to stand behind her. Truly, she's amazing."

Justin wasn't the only one who was supportive. Jen also supported her ex at his premiers and lovingly posed by his side. During the filming of Cake, Justin surprised Aniston by visiting on set and showed his approval of her movie choices. It proves Justin was always there for her and cared about her deeply. Even though the pair is no more, Theroux still plans to give his praise. Who is going to do dote on Jen now?

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