15 Reasons Why Jamie Lynn Spears Did Not Grow Up Better Than Britney

Like big sister, like little sister. Britney Spears is a powerhouse, both in the pop music world and as a money-maker for tabloid headlines. Little sis Jamie Lynn may have been able to hide in the shadows of Britney's overwhelming fame (and occasional shame) but when it comes down to it, it turns out that the sisters have led pretty similar lives. We've discovered 15 reasons that prove why adorable little sis, Jamie Lynn is just as bad as her notorious big sister.

Just because she may be able to give Brit a run for her money as far as scandalous behavior is concerned, we don't think that Jamie Lynn is a bad person, just a bit wilder at heart than the sweet and innocent persona that she and her family have worked hard to portray. Jamie Lynn's 2016 documentary "When The Lights Go Out" which premiered on TLC showed a sample of her budding country music career and a tender peek of her family life. But as we all know, with celebrities come secrets. And with secrets, come cover-ups and media damage control. So let's pull back the curtain a bit and see just what it is about the 26-year-old that makes her as bad as her 36-year-old sister, Britney.

15 She Got Pregnant At Age 16

Say what you want about Britney but she was 24 and 25 when she gave birth to her sons. Jamie on the other hand was not only much younger, but had fallen in love with a boy who was older than her. His name was Casey Aldridge, and they truly thought they were meant for each other.

The two would spend time together, bonding over their love of riding ATVs and just generally being carefree teenagers until things got anything but carefree.

One newspaper called Jamie Lynn's pregnancy the "most high-profile out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy in Hollywood history." Tabloids had a field day with news of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, taking pot shots at Britney and her mother, Lynn and her father, Jamie.

14 She Found Out She Was Pregnant In A Gas Station Bathroom

It wasn't exactly the cutest "how I found out I was pregnant" story but then again, she was just 16. Jamie Lynn had just returned to Louisiana from working in Los Angeles when a good friend of the teen noticed that she had been sick to her stomach.

"I don't know how you can say this without feeling a little tacky," Jamie Lynn said once in an interview. "I kept actually throwing up."

When asked, she told her friend there was no possible way that she was pregnant but finally agreed to take a pregnancy test just to prove her wrong. "We didn't want to do it at home, so I went in the BP and I took a pregnancy test," Jamie Lynn said. Her friend looked at the results for her and told her it was positive. "I was like, 'What? What? What?'"

13 She Had Fame... And Lost It

Say what you want about big sis but the many members of the Britney Army are insistent that their queen is still on the top of her game. Britney has been in the performing game since she was a little girl with The New Mickey Mouse Club but gained mega-stardom fame at the age of 17.

Little sis Jamie Lynn was just 7 then and often went along with her sister while she toured. On these tours, she was often known to act silly as 7-year-olds often do and would sometimes make funny videos to entertain her older famous sister. The story goes that Nickelodeon heard how funny baby sis was and offered her a gig on All That and eventually Zoey 101 when Jamie Lynn was a little bit older.

12 Her Daughter's Accident Made National News

Okay, so no parent is perfect and accidents really do happen all the time. But this incident got a lot of attention. Last year, in February, it was announced that Maddie was involved in an ATV accident on Super Bowl Sunday when her custom ATV rolled over and landed in a pond. Trapped in the ATV, Maddie was stuck underwater for several minutes as Jamie Lynn and her husband helplessly tried to free the little girl. Luckily, first responders arrived in time to save her and five days after the incident, Maddie was discharged from the hospital.

“My baby is 9 years old today, and more then ever we realize how precious every day is," Jamie Lynn tweeted.

"So, we have to thank these 2 HEROS ?? John and Victoria are the first responders, who literally saved Maddie’s life, and they were able to celebrate her another year of her life with us this past weekend!” she captioned a June photo of the two with the birthday girl.

11 Britney Once Described Her As "Gullible"

Britney once referred to her darling little sis, Jamie Lynn as "innocent" (very sweet) and "gullible" (not such a sweet description). Maybe she was just stating that her sister's innocence led her to be too trusting in certain situations. Whereas now, Britney has gone through enough to be a little wiser.

Whatever the case, it didn't look too good for Jamie Lynn to be referred to as gullible by her own family member especially when, as a pregnant teen, her character was being picked apart by the press and media. We are sure that Britney did not mean any harm and truth be told, it's not the worst thing someone can be called but it probably didn't help matters much at the time.

10 Daddy-Daughter Issues

It is no secret that Britney has had somewhat of a rocky relationship with her father, Jamie throughout the years but through it all, it appears as though he has remained a mostly solid force in her life. She has had the most friction with her mother, Lynn (at least according to the media). But things were a bit different for Jamie Lynn.

There was at least one public issue with her dad Jamie, when he described her to the media as a "bad kid" with a "mind of her own."

This latter part of this description is strange to us because what would Jamie Lynn's father have preferred? A daughter who was unable to think for herself? And if that is what he preferred, why admit that weirdness publicly?

9 Mama Drama

Now, onto Jamie Lynn's dynamic with her mother, Lynn. At the time of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, stories were abundant about the 16-year-old and her family, and the stories seemed to get more outrageous by the day. One tabloid reported that Jamie Lynn was planning to run away from her mother's home to live in Los Angeles with her father.

An apparent source claimed, “She wants to be settled in before the baby is born in March or early April — and she wants to be closer to film projects she’d like to start after giving birth.”

The source continued with, "Lynne also refuses to let Jamie see her baby daddy, Casey Aldridge. Jamie loves that boy and wants to marry him or something, but Lynne isn’t having it." Whether or not there is any truth to that old claim remains to be seen but it isn't hard to imagine that there would be tension between mother and daughter when the daughter is 16 and pregnant.

8 Leaving Her Kid Behind For Work

Two years after Jamie Lynn married her current husband, Jamie Watson, she said that she felt like a "guilty mom" for having to leave Maddie behind work when she has to travel. In the same breath, she said that she was happy to have a positive male role model like Watson in her daughter's life.

But Jamie Lynn has also made it clear that she desires to be remembered for more than just "getting pregnant at 16."

She has dedicated herself to a career in country music and even got to debut some of her songs at the famous Grand Ole Opry. By all accounts, Jamie Lynn seems like a very involved and hands-on mother and it's sad to hear that she feels "guilty" for leaving her daughter in order to achieve her dreams.

7 Baby Daddy Drama Rumors

Big sis Brit didn't have baby daddy rumors swirling around her two pregnancies. While many fans may not have wanted to accept the fact that K. Fed was the father of Brit's children, it was undeniably true. You may have missed the blip on the celeb gossip radar but there was a point in time when someone said that Lil Romeo was the father of Maddie Briann, Jamie Lynn's daughter, instead of her then-boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.

While this rumor wasn't Jamie Lynn's fault in any way, unfortunately, it still adds to the running tally of ways that make her just as scandalous as Britney. The rumor may have given Jamie Lynn a little bit of an edge due to the implication of being with a "bad boy" since she had such a squeaky-clean reputation before the pregnancy.

6 A Legacy Of Embarrassing Pics Online

Hey, we all take our fair share of silly pics. Isn't that what cameras on phones were made for? But when you're a celebrity, that means that your embarrassing pictures are around forever. People will always refer to them anytime something new happens with that celebrity.

Whether you are having a great time with your favourite guy, or just having a bit too much fun partying, these photos will always find their way onto the internet. These images that are found on the internet are not the worst things in the world, but naturally, she would still want them off if possible.

5 No Classic Hits! (Yet)

Love her or hate her, you know that there's at least one song of Britney's that you, your mother and even your grandfather will have no other choice but to rock out to, even in public, when it's played. Not so much with Jamie Lynn. At least not, a song that everyone knows. But she does claim to be an up and coming country music sensation so who knows?

Maybe Jamie Lynn will become the "Britney of the country music world."

Crazier things have happened. But as of now, Brit remains the hit-maker of the family. Even though the pop sensation has many scandalous skeletons in her closet, the songs that she has "blessed" us with over the years makes up for many of them. Jamie Lynn doesn't have this giant public offering to fall back on.

4 Gravy Train Resentment

Call it the "Aaron Carter Effect", the "Ashlee Simpson Effect", the "Casey Affleck Effect" or even the "Pippa Middleton Effect"... what it means is that a younger sibling of a much more famous sibling automatically gets a first-class ticket to Tinsel Town's elite celeb status and usually, fast-tracked to a career of their choosing just because of their shared DNA and not necessarily talent. This can happen with children of famous actors and singers as well but more often than not, a little brother or sister jumps aboard their sibling's gravy train and rides it until the wheels fall off.

Jamie Lynn is a bit different. She was awarded a spot on All That, Nickelodeon's version of Saturday Night Live in the 90's and her very own show, Zoey 101 but she soon became pregnant and took years off to devote to motherhood. However, now it seems that she's back to claim her seat on Britney's gravy train and become a country music star.

3 Cringe-Worthy Paparazzi Shots

Poor Britney has had her fair share of embarrassing paparazzi photos taken and shared for all of the world to see. But Jamie Lynn has had some of her own and what is most unfair about this situation is that she doesn't have Britney's level of fame to help the pain of seeing a cringe-worthy paparazzi photo of herself plastered all over the internet.

With Britney's level of fame, any and all connections to her are fair game to the celebrity photo-takers and this is nothing new to Jamie Lynn who was just 7 years old when her big sister skyrocketed to super levels of fame. But still, with all of the familiarity in the world, it can't be a nice feeling to see an embarrassing photo of yourself posted online.

2 Making Her Daughter Dress Like A Mini-Brit

Some people think that this photo is an adorable throwback tribute to Jamie Lynn's big sister and Maddie's famous aunt Britney (seriously though, can you imagine how cool it would be to have a pop star aunt?) but some people think that dressing a child in an outfit like this is inappropriate.

Maybe this would be considered questionable parenting; to dress a little girl up like this and send her out into the world, but considering that Maddie shares DNA with the person who made this outfit famous, it looks like this is a case of purely honouring Auntie Brit. We're sure Britney appreciated this photo. But to be safe, maybe Jamie Lynn should hold off on replicating any other of Britney's famous and more skimpier outfits with her young daughter.

1 No First-time Fairytale Romance

Just like Britney, Jamie Lynn fell madly in love at a (very) young age and was convinced (according to her family members and certain interviews she has given) that she was going to be with her child's father, Casey Aldridge forever. Also just like Britney, things didn't work out as planned.

Jamie Lynn seems very happy now with her husband, Jamie Watson, with whom she is expecting her second child later this year.

But having a blended family is just another thing in common that Jamie Lynn has with her older sister. By all accounts, it seems as though Jamie and Jamie Lynn (that might get confusing at home) have a strong and healthy relationship as do Jamie and Maddie, thankfully. While Britney has still yet to say "I do" again, she seems to be a committed relationship with her new beau, Sam Asghari and has even mentioned that she would like to have children with him.

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