15 Reasons Why Hollywood Probably Forgot About Sarah Michelle Gellar

In the late 90s, it really did seem like Sarah Michelle Gellar was shaping to have a very successful career in Hollywood, having made quite the name for herself by playing Buffy Summers in the ever-so-popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. The show undoubtedly turned her into a well-known actress out in Hollywood and it wasn't long before this blonde beauty would find herself benefiting from her move to appear on the program since casting directors were quick to snag her up for other film roles away from the vampire-driven show.

Though one would have assumed that things would have been relatively easy for Sarah Michelle, considering that she had already built a fanbase through her appearance on Buffy, it quickly became public knowledge that Gellar was struggling to carry on her successful run in Hollywood with the movies she was appearing in. This evidently ended up affecting her career because she started to appear as if she wasn't an actress that could play a variety of roles, nor was she able to attract enough people to even see the films she had been working on.

Later on, it would seem that several other factors would play a part in the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar's career in Hollywood was quickly beginning to fade. How so? Now, it's rare to hear from Sarah -- the acting roles have slowed down immensely, but there are also several other reasons that have contributed to the fact that the majority of people in showbiz have forgotten all about her, including fans.

Below are the top 15 reasons why Hollywood has forgotten about Sarah Michelle Gellar, ranging from everything concerning her career choices to her love life and even feuds with other famous celebrities, which are also believed to have contributed to people's disliking of her.

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15 Disses Other Famous Celebs

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Dissing other famous stars in Hollywood probably isn’t the best idea when your career is on the downward spiral like Sarah Michelle Gellar, but it clearly didn’t stop the actress from throwing shade toward Kim Kardashian when the reality star covered Vogue magazine for the first time in 2013, alongside husband Kanye West.

Sarah famously tweeted to her fans stressing that she had canceled her subscription to the fashion magazine, giving off the impression that she did not agree with the idea of Kim K gracing the cover of such a respected magazine brand. And to no surprise, Sarah’s comments went viral.

In fact, Gellar’s tweets were so controversial, it left quite the mixed reaction. Regardless of how she felt about the cover, many people wondered why she had the need to even spread negativity on social media in such a way — it’s not as if she personally knew Kim to attack her for living her dream by being on the cover of a well-respected magazine.

Sarah refused to retract her comments, firmly sticking by her choice of words that she was done with Vogue after Kim Kardashian fronted the cover. (Source: USMagazine)

14 Her Shows Never Do Well

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Sarah Michelle has had a tremendously hard time trying to attract viewers to the shows she has starred on in recent years, with The Crazy Ones being just one of them. While the first couple of episodes started out strong, presumably due to its well-known cast, including the late Robin Williams, Gellar couldn’t help sustain an audience despite being a lead character on the show.

And this was the same case with her other show, Ringer, where getting people to tune in on a weekly basis proved to be a challenge because, from the reviews that have been gathered, critics liked Ringer, but it seemed that there just wasn’t enough buzz around it.

People know very well that when a show or a film is not getting proper press, it only makes sense that people will not take the time to invest themselves in it. And really, who can blame them for that?

And to be fair, attaching Sarah Michelle Gellar to a show, regardless of how good it is, isn’t going to make people want to suddenly tune in — these aren’t the Buffy years where teens were obsessed with all things the actress found herself playing a role in. And it’s notable that as Sarah has gotten older, the roles have also been less interesting and anything but captivating for her fans. (Source: IMBD, RottenTomatoes)

13 She’s A Typecast Actress

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Does it surprise anybody that Sarah is a typecast actress? Looking back at all of the projects that the Hollywood star has found herself playing a role in, the majority of them happen to be teenage characters usually fighting against evil, or she’s some sort of superhero who needs the help of her friends to overcome the bad.

We evidently saw this in Scooby Doo, The Grudge, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, to name a few, and being typecasted in Hollywood is the scariest thing that can possibly happen in one’s career.

It’s often said that if an actor, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, only finds themselves doing specific roles, she’ll eventually find herself unemployed because once viewers get tired of that particular thing that had been so popular for whatever amount of years, Sarah won’t be able to adapt to new roles the way that someone like Angelina Jolie could.

That’s not to say that Sarah wouldn’t be able to find work in Hollywood anymore, but given that she’s been typecast, and as her age plays a significant part in the chances of landing anything decent, it would be much harder for Gellar to snag herself an occurring lead role on a major network. (Source: Zergnet)

12 Her Movies Are Box Office Flops

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Out of all the movies that Sarah has starred in, only a handful have managed to pull in a decent amount of numbers at the box office, which is rather sad because most of the big offers that came about were right after Buffy had concluded, meaning that she was very much still coming from the vampire fandom.

Still, it seemed that people just weren’t interested in anything that Sarah was willing to focus her time on unless she was killing vampires in the teen show that concluded back in 2003 — the same show Sarah famously said she hardly made any money from.

It’s believed that, as a lead actor, if you have a stint of unsuccessful movies in a number of years, it will evidently become more of a struggle to be cast for another role because directors will start to become under the impression that their leads can’t carry the movie and attract a fanbase of their own.

And, of course, if the actors can’t deliver a great performance, then the whole idea will fall flat and Sarah Michelle Gellar has certainly experienced that on multiple occasions by now. (Source: IMBD, RottenTomatoes)

11 She’s Very Private

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Being private in Hollywood is the wrong move if you’re planning on really utilizing every opportunity to show people that you basically still exist. Being open and outgoing is important since every celebrity wants to get photographed every now and then.

These photos end up in magazines and regardless of whether the piece is positive or negative, they are talking about you — a mindset which Sarah seems to have no interest in. Though she lives in Los Angeles, it would be rare to even catch the actress leave her home, let alone without her kids in tow.

It’s no secret that Sarah has dedicated the majority of her time to raise her children, which would explain why she doesn’t spend much time out and about with friends.

It’s apparent that Sarah isn’t fond of having the limelight all on her face on a regular basis; she was more or less focused on being an actress but failing to understand that being open and aware of things comes with the price of being an entertainer.

Sarah Michelle’s decision to be so private could have been the reason she’s now struggling to find steady work in Hollywood.  (Source: Zergnet)

10 No Longer Considers Acting Her Passion

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While acting seemed to have been all that Sarah Michelle Gellar had wanted to do in her early 20s, it seems that since becoming a mother, a wife, and a very private resident of the Los Angeles neighborhoods, her interest in filmmaking and acting seems to have shifted.

It’s believed that Gellar spends a good amount of time working on her food and lifestyle brand titled Food Stirs. For the company itself, Sarah has shown up to every publicized event, giving clear signs that when it comes to this particular brand she’s building, she’s determined to make it more of a success than her recent acting career.

Fans have since wondered whether Sarah’s focus on her food and lifestyle brand will take over her life.

It is pretty clear that she will eventually choose to give up acting for good. Having seen that she’s a typecast individual, turning her current hobby with her food brand into a full-on empire would be the next step into retiring from acting for good.

One has to see whether she has more luck in that department than in the entertainment industry. We can definitely hope for that, as maybe even fans will enjoy her more in that sense, rather than they had in her film and tv shows.

9 Ageism

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Ageism is real in Hollywood, people. Believe it or not but as soon as the wrinkles start showing on people’s faces, expect roles to be given to those who are wrinkle-free, as crazy as it may sound, unless your name is Meryl Streep, of course.

With Sarah Michelle Gellar, roles are said to have dried up because she’s also in her 40s now, evidently meaning that she’s reached that stage in life where she can no longer be playing the innocent roles with the feisty attitude. This is simply because it wouldn’t fit the demographics of the audience the movie would be aimed at.

And instead of trying to make an older actress look younger, casting directors could simply just hire the likes of Jennifer Lawrence to do the job instead. But only God knows how painful it must be to be losing out on roles because of the age playing such a huge factor in Hollywood.

With being typecast and ageism actively still going on in the entertainment industry, Sarah Michelle Gellar has little to no chance in finding herself another role such as Buffy unless she is really lucky and finds a network that’s willing to give it a try and demand for a pilot to be purchased. (Source: People)

8  She’s Replaceable

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There are some actresses in Hollywood that are easily replaceable, meaning that casting directors wouldn’t find it hard to find another Sarah, nor would they struggle to allocate themselves in the presence of another Jennifer Aniston. Everyone is replaceable, and that stands true in Hollywood just as it does in every other major business.

Because of the fact that they often bring the same style, humor, and storylines to their films, that’s pretty much all that fans have known them to be. Had Sarah challenged the norms and attempted to star in more roles that were controversial, daring, and engaging, people would have seen her in a new light. Maybe we could have even seen her win an Oscar (it is nice to dream big once in a while).

How many actresses in La La Land can play a not-so-smart blonde girl who has to fight evil with the help of her friends? There are an endless amount of names that would come to someone’s head just by thinking about humor, hair color, and, of course, gender.

Of course, in Hollywood, if you wait too long to act upon your chances to do something, the opportunity might not come again, and could very well be the case for Gellar.

Oddly enough, Sarah never took that advice. (Source: Zergnet)

7 Rarely Makes Headlines

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Though it may sound odd, similar to needing to be seen in Hollywood, you also want to make headlines so that the name Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t leave people’s mouths, regardless of whether they were saying it positive or negative comments about the actress.

What’s hard to comprehend is that Gellar is rarely making headlines in the news; she’s mainly photographed when she’s at red carpet events or making public outings with her husband, which happen to be very rare.

She really is invested in keeping her private life, private, which in a lot of ways is good, but not when you are trying to make it in Hollywood. One shouldn’t compare Sarah to a reality star but if she was to utilize the platform of being able to have her photographs taken and find them being printed in the media, it will evidently enough keep people from forgetting about that person in a world where we tend to forget the last thing we ate.

Just like reality stars and other celebrities who have projects in the works to promote, being seen helps people not to forget about their favorite actresses, a mission that Sarah Michelle Gellar has yet to solve for herself, that’s for sure. (Source: Zergnet)

6 She Doesn't Challenge Herself

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In all career moves that Sarah Michelle Gellar has made, it would seem that challenging herself to something she isn't all that familiar with is something that the actress isn't all that fond of doing. It's often said that the thing that puts us out of our comfort zone is what will evidently help us grow the most, and that would be something that Sarah would need to do in all aspects as far as her career goes.

She could do a lot of things to help herself, such as trying different options of building a brand in Hollywood aside from acting.

Perhaps focusing her attention on other ventures she would be interested in, such as launching a cosmetics line or even trying to make a movie deal happen that would see the original cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunite one last time. This would evidently be a huge success at the box office and evidently be enough to revive the fallen career Sarah is now said to be faced with.

Either way, there are options to work around being forgotten in Hollywood but Sarah Michelle hasn't utilized any of them in the way that she should have, that's for sure. (Source: IMBD, RottenTomatoes)

5 Poor Taste in Fashion

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Fashion plays a part in good press when out and about in Beverly Hills. It goes without saying that whenever Sarah does make the news or the now-canceled Fashion Police, Gellar was often picked apart for her less than attractive outfits, which many often said were very badly designed.

Not only that but the outfits that Sarah would wear often gave the impression that she didn’t know much about fashion and neither did her stylist. If you’re a fashionista like Rihanna or Kylie Jenner, you are bound to create a buzz for yourself by attracting fans who want to look just like the people they see on Instagram or on television.

Unfortunately enough, there weren’t many people who wanted to dress like Sarah Michelle, for her outfit ideas never quite made sense for fans to comprehend, especially on a date night with her husband or a movie premiere to one of her films.

If anything, Sarah gives off the vibe that she will be perfectly happy just having a T-shirt on that’s accompanied by a pair of denim jeans and cowboy boots. It could be any sort of color and Sarah would find no flaws in the outfit whatsoever. That’s definitely a positive attitude to have, but an attitude that can’t bring you far in Hollywood. (Source: Kidzworld)

4 She’s Not Single

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Yes, believe it or not, but being single can take you places in Hollywood. From what recent studies have shown, being single, regardless of whether gender happens to be male or female, not being attached in a relationship or married to someone creates all the more of an appealing to some.

Sadly, Sarah Michelle has been married to Freddie Prinze Jr since 2002, a year before Buffy had even come to an end, meaning that guys never really had a chance with her.

They never even got to imagine what it would be like to go on a date with a woman that’s kicking vampire’s butts for all those years. We know it sounds ridiculous, and believe us, we definitely agree, but that's the sad reality of Hollywood. If you're not young, you're not hot, and if you're old, you have better won enough Oscars and have tons of blockbuster films under your belt to give yourself a worthy name. It is no joke in Hollywood.

It’s always said that when stars are starting out their careers, they should refrain from jumping into relationships because being caught up in a romance can somewhat have an effect on one’s career — people prefer the idea of knowing those celebs are single than taken, which some say makes them all the more appealing.

3 Her Films Are Forgetful

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It’s hard to remember a film that Sarah Michelle Gellar has starred in, and that’s merely because her films are super forgetful. Though she’s starred in a few blockbuster hits, such as The Grudge, even those aren’t movies that one would remember on the top of their head, considering that the performance Sarah gave in this particular motion picture wasn’t all that impressive.

Fans have yet to see Sarah put on a performance that’s so groundbreaking, the movie would be considered a classic — something that wouldn’t make people instantly forget about the films Sarah has previously starred in.

But at the same time, it should also be noted that Sarah Michelle Gellar is often signing on for roles that are very mediocre, or perhaps roles that she thinks are best suited for what she can bring to the table. They are far from challenging and never place her outside of the box, which, as an actress, is worrying because fans will eventually want to see something new.

The same old storylines and characteristics in movies will get tiresome unless you’re Jennifer Aniston and can book a movie for $20 million for constantly playing the same roles, then you wouldn’t have all that much of a problem. That, however, is not the case for Sarah. (Source: IMBD, RottenTomatoes)

2 Not Much On Social Media

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Sarah doesn’t spend much time on social media, which can be argued has also made Hollywood forget all about her. When she does tweet or post a photo of herself, it’s not as often as someone like the Kardashians would, who have tremendously benefited off social media to launch beauty products, cosmetics, clothing lines, and so much more.

Being active on social media and letting fans into your private life can not only generate interest in what Sarah Michelle would have going on for herself, but it would also open the doors for her to earn another significant amount of income through advertisements and product placements.

Not to say that she would have to go that route but social media is something that most actors are using these days because they are fully aware how it can benefit their careers, especially for a casting director who sees that someone like Sarah could have millions of followers. The role is more likely to go to Gellar because of her strong social media following — which is something she has yet to obtain. It was a hypothetical context.

But it seems as if Sarah hasn’t been all that interested in showcasing her personal life with the world, nor her fans.

1 Doesn’t Hang With Other Celebs

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Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t have that many celebrity friends she could hang out with in Hollywood, or perhaps enjoy a shopping spree in Beverly Hills. Believe it or not but having celebrity pals can, again, be beneficial to one’s career because they keep you in-the-know of upcoming events and can even help you land a new film role.

Hanging out with other celebs in public is also more likely going to get the likes of Sarah Michelle photographed more often. Why? Well if she wants to make headlines, in order to be relevant again, then maybe she should start hanging out with big names in order to get herself there. 

Though she may be living in Hollywood, her existence in La La Land and her list of achievements in movies and television shows are very forgetful, to say the least. Not associating herself with celebrities and more or less sticking to herself and her family has had quite the impact on Sarah Michelle, alongside the previous things mentioned.

It’s hard to see whether Sarah can still break out of the cycle and gather herself to acquire a successful acting career again, one which involves relevancy and consistency in Hollywood.

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