15 Reasons Why Hollywood Is Not Into Megan Fox Anymore (No Matter How Pretty She Is)

The actress Megan Fox is known for her amazing body of work. Just kidding! It's her amazing body and beautiful face that Fox is known for. Michael Bay--the most powerful big-budget director in Hollywood where everything he touches turns into gold--transformed her from an obscure actress into the biggest commodity in Hollywood when he cast Fox in the first Transformers movie, and she became an instant star.

But Fox is outspoken with a rebellious streak. Such qualities caused her to publically embarrass Bay. She told EW that Transformers and all Bay films are just about special effects: "People are well aware that [these movies]  are not about acting." But what brought her down was what she said about Bay, "He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is." It was also insulting for Fox when Steven Spielberg chimed in and said, "Fire her right away."

After that, her film career hit a snag.  Back-to-back failures suggested that she could neither carry a movie nor open one on her own. So, when was the last time you saw Megan Fox in a movie? Thought so. She had a comeback starring in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, but those don't rely on her acting.  To this day, she's been typecast as the beautiful girl next door, and if Fox doesn't land a role soon that doesn't rely on her looks but rather showcases her acting chops, she's going to become irrelevant. So here are 15 reasons why Hollywood is not obsessed with Fox anymore, no matter how pretty she is.

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15 Michael Bay Turns Fox Into Instant Star


When Michael Bay cast Megan Fox in the first Transformer movie, she was literally unknown and was just beginning to start her career. She got her first big break in Bad Boys II and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and she followed those movies by starring in the mega-monster hit Transformers.

In just one movie, Fox became so famous that she had to turn down movie roles. Everybody noticed how beautiful she was, and so did Michael Bay, who infamously shot Fox from behind while leaning over to fix a car and wearing cut-off denim shorts that left nothing to the imagination. Fox clung to Bay during and after the movie and, at one point, they were friends. That he gave her the big break meant the world to her until she rebelled.

14 Fox's Instant Star Status Betrays The Man Who Made Her


Megan Fox had a great relationship with Michael Bay and clung to him because he alone had turned her into the most beautiful woman alive after appearing in the Transformer movie. Unfortunately, Fox had a big mouth. She told Wonderland Magazine in 2009. “He (Bay) wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So, he’s a nightmare to work for.”

Bay, a man of power in Hollywood who makes action movies, was furious. No one talks to Bay like that. And so Bay fired her from the Transformer series. But the worst thing was when Stephen Spielberg chimed in and said, "Fire her right away." Was Fox too young that she didn't know how to filter what she said? But no one since her comment had anything bad to say about Bay. Was it because they didn't want to shake the boat? We think Fox is at fault, as several media outlets confirmed and corroborated the story.

13 Fox Lambasts Hollywood


One of the reasons why Hollywood is no longer obsessed with Fox is because she called the industry "morally bankrupt." In an interview with E! News, the interviewer asked if acting was all about glamour and Fox replied in a tirade: “You are a commodity, you are something the studio owns.  As long as you survive filming and they’ve gotten what they need from you they don’t really care if you drop dead afterward. It doesn’t matter if you break an arm or you break a leg.”

It took Fox a lot of mojo to say these things in public. She's biting the hand that feeds. But she's also being a feminist, articulating that women have always been mere objects, someone who is pretty to look at and can be cast into a mold in a way a studio executive likes.  She's strong and opinionated for sure, but studio execs didn't know what to do with her after such comments.

12 The Repercussions Of Fox's Comments

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Fox was attached to Transformers: Dark of the Moon and was part of the rehearsal process early on. However, many execs and Bay noticed how little she cared about this sequel. She looked disinterested and it was still fresh in Bay's head how Fox betrayed her. Bay recalled, "Megan was in a different world, on her BlackBerry. You gotta stay focused. And you know, the Hitler thing. Steven [Spielberg] said, 'Fire her right now.'"

Her disinterest and comments to Bay is what got her canned from Transformers. So Bay found another actress who would play a new love interest for Shia LaBeouf. Of course, he hired someone gave off the same vibe that she did;Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who just happened to be a Victoria's Secret model. Several sources claimed that Fox's absence from the film was because Bay chose not to renew her role because of her injurious comments. But according to Fox, she said that "it was her decision to leave the film franchise."

11 Fox Offends Again, This Time Movie Crews


According to deadline, Crew members of several movies who worked with Fox came out to defend Bay and belittle Fox. The crew didn't feel that it was difficult to work with Bay; they instead declared that Fox was the difficult one. In fact, since the story was corroborated by different crew members, it seemed to be true. Crews called her a grump. In fact, crew members from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, accused Fox of not paying an interest in them, as if she was a snob. They also said she never smiled. When you're on a movie crew, you want everybody to get along, from the key grip to the actor. You're all working for the same goal.

In fact, because they are working long hours each day for months, they tend to bond with each other. The Revenge set was supposed to be fun, and it was for some, but the fact that Fox alienated herself from the crew and treated them like dirt meant that she was already becoming a diva. Who would want to work with her?

10 Fox's Beauty Not Enough To Make Her Movie A Success


After Revenge of the Fallen, Fox followed up that role with the horror comedy Jennifer's Body. We don't exactly know went wrong with the movie, as it had an impressive pedigree. Diablo Cody, who was in Juno, wrote the film and Karyn Kusama was the director of the movie Girlfight. So, while all the talent pointed out that the movie would be a hit, it was surprising that it completely bombed.

The movie was on a very low budget, so it didn't really need to make a lot of money to cover its cost. But the fact that it earned only a mere $6.8 million, according to IMBD, on its opening weekend, and the fact that the movie got the worst reviews in cinematic history, suggested that Fox couldn't open a movie on her own. The movie was intended to take advantage of Fox's star power to gain success, so all publicity about the film relied on her. While Fox isn't totally to blame for the film's failure, its lack of interest revealed that Fox wasn't yet ready for the fame that Michael Bay brought her.

9 Back-To-Back misses

Megan Fox Family

In Jonah Hex, no one can deny that she looked amazing. Her outfits in the movie are modest and the only thing bare is her thighs. She is one of the few good things about that film.

Jonah Hex was a huge box office failure. According to Box Office Mojo, the film budget was $47 million and, in its first-weekend release, the movie grossed only about $5 million from its 2,825 screens. Like in Jennifer's Body, the movie counted on Fox's fame to gain interest. She was part of all the promotional materials. Unfortunately, because Jennifer's Body and Jonah Hex were released back-to-back, and because both movies bombed in a big way, meant that Hollywood couldn't count on her.

8 Fox Named Worst Actress Twice

The fact that Megan Fox had back-to-back failures suggested that she may not work again if she followed up Hex with another bomb. Like Body, it was hard to see what went wrong. John Brolin starred, and there was a healthy budget to make a successful film. Critics, overall, declared that Hex was a triumphant disaster, and should've never been green lit.

On its debut weekend, Jonah Hex opened at #7 with only around five million despite the fact that it appeared in 2,825 theaters. Overall, Hex grossed around ten million. But that didn't stop Hex from picking up some awards. The Houston Film Critics Society named Hex the worst picture of the year. The Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as the "razzie" and which is a mock award in recognition of the worst in film, nominated Fox twice. She was the Worst Actress for both Jennifer's Body and Jonah Hex.

7 She can't Resurrect Her Career


Despite her dwindling career, Fox remained the best looking actress in Hollywood. But because she's been typecast as nothing more than a pretty face, which critics agreed upon, she has not really been given the perfect role to show off her talent. Even when Fox took on a small movie, the Ed Burns comedy Friends With Kids, her beauty is what reviewers focused on. Take Passion Play, for example.

The New York Times review pointed out what was obvious, saying " Fox’s nonluminous Lily [her character's name] remains a standard male fantasy of a damsel in distress until the inevitable “Wind Beneath My Wings” moment lofts the movie into a never-never land of hokey sentimentality." Yikes! Since most of her films inevitably lead to Razzie nominations, Fox hasn't garnered many opportunities to flex her acting ability. She has no substance, just good looks. If no one hires her for a meaty, serious movie, how would we ever know she’s actually a good actress?

6 A Day Without Megan Fox Actually Happened


In spite of her failures, Megan Fox became overexposed precisely because of them. She had too many appearances on talk shows. No one would shut up about her. So then the backlash kicked in. Many of her fans, who were mostly men, and several men’s websites like AskMen.com, got so tired of her that they planned a day to boycott Fox. It was just a day, but it was severely demeaning to Fox, as the boycott called for a “Day Without Megan Fox,” where Fox was banned from the internet and nothing was written about her.

The day, on August 4, 2009, wasn’t intended to harm Fox, but it did. How would you feel if your very being was called for a boycott?

5 Fox's Retreat From The Spotlight Encouraged By Critics


To date, Fox’s only successes were the Transformers and Teenage Ninja movies. She did follow those roles with a few movies and television shows. But all the movies bombed. The most insulting comment about her that all critics unanimously agreed on was that Fox should retreat from the spotlight, as she was overexposed in the wrong way. Here she was, there she is, and why do we care?

Critics also said no one would ever take her seriously and that she was not someone whom other actors would want to work for in the future. They even said because her reputation has already been tarnished, it may follow her throughout the trajectory of her career, making it very difficult for her to not being able to land roles. By 2010, many critics’ dream came true when they saw less and less of her in the mass media. Also in 2010, Fox said,"My biggest regret is that I've assisted the media in making me into a cartoon character." (Huffington Post)

4 Fox's Husband Stunts Her Career


Megan Fox married the actor Brian Austin Green, who starred in the teen drama, Beverly Hills 90210, in the 90s. He basically did nothing notable after the show ended. So while some critics have been harsh on Fox, others have defended her, saying she was forced to become a mom when she was not yet ready. She became a stepmom at 18, and by 30, she became the mother to three children.

According to several sources, being married with children took a toll on her. But Green may have played a part in Fox’s demise from Hollywood. He wanted Fox to concentrate on their family and give up acting. As an insider put it, “Megan is young and good looking and sought after for work, and she is eager to move ahead in her career. . .[But] Brian wants more of her time than she can allow. She was overwhelmed with the children and her husband's expectations, which got in the way of work responsibilities."

3 Fox's Hubby Doesn't Know What Feminism Is

Everyone knew that Green could not find work while married to Fox. She became a mother but she also became the one who brought home the bacon. Pressured to find work and motivated by their financial troubles, Fox raised the white flag and fixed things with Michael Bay, who in turn was nice enough to cast her in a new movie.

In 2015, Fox and Green separated and told the media that they planned on getting divorced. But they never did, because in April 2016, an unplanned pregnancy brought the two together. And then Fox called off the divorce. A source stated to the Independent, "Brian always hoped Megan would change her mind about the divorce and he is very happy that she did." Well, this may be Fox’s real life. She had to fix things with Bay to find work. She had to give up her convictions. She had to live with someone who acted like a dictator who singlehandedly turned back the clock on feminism. It’s neither the time nor the period for a husband to ask of his wife if she can give up her career to take care of their family life. What decade is he living in?

2 Three Babies and One Babied Man

While on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Megan Fox finally put the rumors to rest. She admitted that her pregnancies “affected her ability to do her job as her fans wished.” Critics, this time backing her, said that Green was partly responsible for “his wife’s lack of lasting success in the industry.” While she told Ellen that none of her pregnancies were planned, she refrained from blaming Green. But it was obvious.

Green should’ve planned each stage of all her pregnancies. You have the obligation to if it affects your work. In fact, in 2014, while filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fox was pregnant, which made it hard for her to be on the set. And since this was an action movie, Fox did her best to do the simplest stunts like running or jumping. You can’t be doing stunts while you are pregnant! Was this all so that Green could have a cushy lifestyle while his own wife was being trotted out like cattle?

1 A Rebel Without A Costco

Megan Fox once declared that she was both stubborn and a rebel. Did those qualities have anything to do, in part, to her lack of success in finding work? Would a director who knew she was stubborn hire her? They would think twice, as she could wreak havoc on the set. Even bragging that she’s a rebel doesn’t help her.

As she told Cosmopolitan, “I was raised in a really religious family that was conservative and did not allow me any sort of freedom to express myself, and I was always very rebellious and fought against that." You can clearly tell how stubborn she is when she stated, “As soon as you tell me to do one thing, I do the opposite. As soon as someone tells me not to get any more tattoos, I have this intense fire burning inside me to cover myself with them. I don't care if it's self-destructive. I just have that need to rebel."

That’s definitely not what a director wants to see. She sounds like an overprivileged brat, as well as a diva. She’s so stubborn that she says she may give up acting altogether if someone directed her in a way she didn’t like or want. She’s so nonchalant about her prospects in the industry. In a time where she needs to do a lot of damage control, she has been known for saying, "If I ever lose a role because of my tattoos, I'll quit Hollywood and go work at Costco." What about if she lost a role because she has alienated the entire Hollywood community, calling them morally bankrupt? Oh, poor Fox, you do not know how to play the Hollywood game: zip your lip and nail down that role. That's it. 

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