15 Reasons Why Hollywood (And Everyone Else) Is Fed Up With Kristen Stewart

The entertainment industry has a tendency to turn on its stars from time to time and it's not always apparent what the reason is in some cases. Tom Cruise was once thought of as the hottest and most beloved leading man on the big screen but his jumping on the couch incident on The Oprah Winfrey Show and his seeming obsession with Scientology put a completely different public perception of him to moviegoers. In the case of Anne Hathaway, there weren't any real snafus on her part. Yet, the public turned on her in an incredibly nasty way and it seemed like her only sin was being overexposed. Hathaway wound up purposefully taking some time out from the limelight but it's still taking the public some time to get onboard with her stardom.

Kristen Stewart had all the makings of being the next "it" girl in Hollywood and a huge star as an actress. When she was adding some experience to her resume, people really enjoyed seeing her during her younger years in films like Panic Room starring alongside Jodie Foster. She was gaining credibility as an actress and then her huge blockbuster role in Twilight should have been the catalyst to really being seen as a legitimate actress. On top of that, she had been given a huge amount of acclaim for her work in indie films. She even became the first and only American actress to win a César (the French equivalent of an Oscar) for her performance in Olivier Assayas' Clouds of Sils Maria. Yet, even with all of these positives surrounding Kristen Stewart, everyone seems to be hell-bent against her in the media and the public. Check out our list of the 15 reasons why Hollywood and everyone else is fed up with Kristen Stewart and see if you agree.

15 She Has A Tendency To Have Romances With Coworkers

Hollywood has often been criticized for having a seemingly endless number of revolving relationships amongst its stars. There's a running joke in the entertainment industry that there are the same fifteen people that are constantly swapping partners. While that would seem bad enough, the public is far more critical of those that are constantly hooking up with their coworkers.

Finding love on the set of a film is often thought of as hugely cliché, but people give it a pass if the film is really good and the couple lasts the test of time.

Yet, that isn't the case for Kristen Stewart since she always seems to bounce from one relationship to another and it seems to be based on whatever film she's promoting at the time.

14 She's Definitely Not Girlfriend Of The Year

While everyone seems to get fixated on Kristen Stewart's relationship with Robert Pattinson, it's interesting to note that she was actually in another relationship when there were rumors surrounding her chemistry with her Twilight costar. Michael Angarano and Kristen Stewart starred together in the film Speak, and the two actually had quite a long relationship by the standards of Hollywood. The couple was together for around 3 years, but all of that changed once she starred alongside Robert Pattinson.

There were even photos taken of the pair when Angarano came to visit Stewart while she was filming the Twilight series.

She seemed very happy and the pair was seen playing around and goofing off in the local town. There was some that thought that he surprised her with a visit to help stave off her leaving him for her British costar, but it didn't work.

13 Trying To Keep Her Pattinson Relationship A Secret

It was basically the worst-kept secret in Hollywood because the public could definitely see that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were in a romantic relationship. While there are a number of Hollywood couples that don't like putting their relationship details out on display, this situation was completely different. The paparazzi photographed them canoodling on a number of occasions, but she insisted on trying to keep it a secret.

People grew extremely tired of this and wished she would just stop acting so strange when it came to professing her love for him.

While a bit of mystery regarding a beloved movie couple might add to the appeal, having too much of it is extremely annoying and can make the public turn on them quickly.

12 Finally Out With Her Relationship, But Not Good Enough

When Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson finally became open with their relationship, it seemed a bit contrived. This is definitely a case of "damned if you do and damned if you don't" since people weren't satisfied that she had finally gone public with her romance with her costar.

Instead, it seemed like she was trying to appease the public and shove it down their throats at every single red-carpet event and award show.

Yet, the worst of it was the fact that it seemed like she wasn't giving Pattinson the love and attention that he was giving her. Photographers constantly published photos of the couple where she looked a bit distant and he seemed craving for her attention. This is the sort of thing that helped to make fans turn against her.

11 Criticized For Being “Fairest In The Land”

When it was revealed that Hollywood was going to bring the classic Snow White tale to the big screen, there were high expectations for what it would entail and who would be playing "the fairest in the land." Audiences were thrilled with the notion of seeing this classic story told in a non-animated version for a more adult audience. Yet, they weren't too thrilled to find out that it was Kristen Stewart that was going to play Snow White.

Coining her as the "fairest in the land" wasn't exactly an accurate portrayal and it seemed confusing that she was being compared to Charlize Theron's character.

For many people, the South African beauty was far more beautiful than Kristen Stewart and it was just another factor that turned people against her.

10 Scandal With Snow White Director

When Kristen Stewart was shooting the film, Snow White and the Huntsman, she had already come out to the public that she was officially dating Robert Pattinson. People had speculated for years but the couple had finally let it be known through various public displays of affection and red-carpet events.

Just when the world was getting used to seeing them as an official Hollywood couple, photographs of Stewart canoodling with the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders hit the Internet.

The photos showed a secret rendezvous between the two and seriously intimate behavior that was a huge blow to both of them in the public eye. Sanders was married to the British Vogue model, Liberty Ross, who was actually portrayed in the film as playing the mother of Kristen Stewart. The public roasted both of them and she's still finding it hard to live down that cheating scandal.

9 Rupert’s Reaction To His Relationship With Stewart

The photos of Kristen Stewart having an affair with her married director to the Snow White and the Huntsman film wasn't the first time a star has started a love affair outside of her own boyfriend. Yet, it's noteworthy to understand the outside factors that can either hurt or help the situation. In other situations, where two stars were caught having an affair, it helped them in regards to the public perception if they made it seem like it was more than just lust. For example, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes tried to validate their philandering by saying that they had found true love. Yet, that wasn't the case with Stewart and Sanders.

Stewart was thrown to the side and Sanders immediately started to go to marriage counselling sessions with Liberty Ross. Sanders also gave a series of interviews and called his dalliance with Stewart as a "momentary lapse" and "an exciting mistake."

That didn't exactly help to minimize the damage to Stewart's public persona.

8 Back Together With Robert Pattinson Just For The Final Twilight Film

After the cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders, there were a number of tabloid stories regarding her tumultuous relationship with Robert Pattinson. It was reported that the two had stopped living together and that there was a definite strain in their relationship. Yet, the two were set to start promoting the final instalment in the Twilight film series. Miraculously, the couple seemed to work out their problems, just in time to walk the red carpet at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 film.

The public saw through this obvious publicity stunt for the film and wasn't surprised in the least when the couple officially broke up after the film was out in theatres for an adequate amount of time.

This major manipulation was just the thing the public needed to officially hate Kristen Stewart.

7 Lack Of Emotion In Acting

With Kristen Stewart starting to get a number of pivotal roles on the big screen, it would seem like she was finally starting to get noticed as a true talent in films. She had done a few smaller films that didn't seem to get as much notoriety as some of her fellow actresses and the other roles she'd taken were when she was much younger. Seeing her in the blockbuster Twilight franchise and seeing her star as Snow White on the big screen should have been the push she needed to catapult herself into being considered a true powerhouse in the film industry. Yet, that's not exactly what happened. Instead, people were starting to see how little range she had as an actress and there were countless memes that were created to point out the fact that she had such trouble showing emotion in her various roles.

6 Cringe-Worthy Acceptance Speeches At Award Shows

There are a number of reasons why the public likes to watch award shows since it shows off all of their favorite celebrities in their finest attire. Everyone gets caught up in finding out who they're wearing and seeing their diamonds and jewels on the red carpet. Yet, one of the greatest features of watching an award show is seeing these celebrities show off their own personality, without having words written for them or told how to act. It's often quite endearing when actors tell personal stories at the podium or give an acceptance speech that really lets their humor and personality shine through. Yet, that definitely hasn't been the case with Kristen Stewart.

It seems like all of her award-show appearances have been extremely awkward and it has thrown the public off when they see her looking and acting so strange at the podium.

From the 2009 MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss moment that was a major fail to the moment when she made out with herself at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, she wasn't exactly helping out her situation.

5 Looking Like A Hot Mess

There have been a number of times when Kristen Stewart has appeared on the red carpet and looked every bit the movie star. She's had more than her fair share of moments when she appeared on the "Best Dressed" lists and she was on her way to being considered a style icon. Yet, there has also been a myriad of moments when she was caught looking like a hot mess and it seemed like these were the moments that seemed to dominate the headlines.

While other stars have tried hard to prove that they were worthy of the public's admiration and adoration, Stewart seemed to be trying to prove the exact opposite.

The public started to turn on her for not looking the part of a true film star and they started questioning whether or not she was ever even that pretty, to begin with. Her bad attitude toward everyone makes her seem ungrateful for her fame.

4 Her “Girlfriend” Remarks That Had People Rolling Their Eyes

When Kristen Stewart was on the campaign trail to promote her new film, Café Society, she gave an interview with Elle UK and hinted toward her changed s*xuality. The tabloids that photographed her with Alicia Cargile and it seemed like the two had started dating. During the September 2016 interview with Elle UK, Stewart gave a statement that showed that Cargile was more than just a friend. In the interview, she stated,

"I think also right now, I'm just really in love with my girlfriend. We've broken up a couple of times and gotten back together, and this time I was like, 'Finally, I can feel again.'"

While there were some that felt that it was truly courageous to publicly call Cargile her "girlfriend," there were others that rolled their eyes at her sudden change in s*xuality at such a convenient time of being demonized for her cheating scandals and the coincidence of having to promote a movie.

3 Stewart’s Political Comments

When celebrities make comments regarding politics, they're not always received in the best way. When Oprah Winfrey threw her support towards Barack Obama when he was running for the office of President of the United States, it was received extremely well and many people feel like it was a huge factor in his win. Yet, the same hasn't been true for all celebrities since Madonna's comments on "blowing up the White House" didn't exactly help her public persona. Celebrities often have to walk a tight line when it comes to their political comments and most celebrities choose to stay out of the fray. So, when Kristen Stewart decided to take on President Donald Trump — who often Tweeted about her relationship with Pattinson — the public seemed to have grown tired of the celebrity input in politics. In a 2017 interview with Variety, Stewart stated,

"He was really obsessed with me, which was crazy.

Like what? I can't even understand it." There were many that felt like she was just keeping the nonsense going in the headlines.

2 Comparing Her Relationships To Grilled Cheese

When Kristen Stewart officially came out, people applauded the fact that she actually used the word "gay" during her monologue in the hit TV series SNL. There were some that wondered whether or not it was a moment where she was speaking her truth but it seemed like people were starting to truly get on board with her new s*xual identity. Yet, she definitely didn't seem like the poster child for representing the LGBTQ community and she gave a series of interviews that had people shaking their heads in confusion. One of the interviews was for the August 2017 issue of Harper's Bazaar, where she compared her s*xuality to a grilled cheese sandwich when she said,

"Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they'll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. I want to try everything.

If I have grilled cheese once I'm like, 'That was cool, what's next?'"

1 Ever-Evolving Look

Celebrities are often trying to reinvent themselves to try and evolve with the times and remain current in the eyes of the public. This is seen when celebrities try and alter their looks to appear younger, which doesn't always go their way. While there is a way to tweak subtle details of a celebrity to remain current, it's important to remain authentic in order to have fans continue to stay onboard. In the case of Kristen Stewart, it seems like the changes to her look have been far too drastic and far too many. She never really went for a subtle change that made sure to maintain her signature look. Instead, she chose to try a completely different look with each style evolution and it threw a lot of her hardcore fans off.

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