15She Has Stiff Competition In Jennifer Lawrence

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This is probably the biggest reason why Hollywood might give Emma Stone the boot in the coming years. She just has way too much competition. Forget all of the other actresses in her age range – there's one woman out there who can do everything that Emma Stone does – arguably

better. And that's Jennifer Lawrence. Although these two talented women are the best of friends in real life, there's no denying that these two will be competing for roles for what will likely be the rest of their careers.

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Everyone compares Emma Stone to Jennifer Lawrence, and vice versa. It's an obvious talking point when it comes to both of these actress' careers. And the majority of people say that J Law has the clear edge in this battle. She has shown greater range, and she's also shown some serious acting skills. Some even say that Jennifer Lawrence does the whole "quirky funny girl" thing better than Emma Stone, and that's kind of Emma's thing...

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