15 Reasons Why Emma Stone Will Soon Be Forgotten By Hollywood

Emma Stone is undeniably one of the most talented women in the film industry today. This fresh Oscar winner was the highest-paid actress of 2017, and she definitely deserves all the success she's getting today. After her Oscar win with La La Land, she was one of the highest-ranked actresses. But her ranking is slipping a little in recent months, which is making people start to ask questions about whether she's here to stay. Everyone loves this quirky, fun actress who is full of character, but you might want to say your goodbyes now, because Hollywood is showing some disturbing signs that in the next few years, she might be completely forgotten.

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Whether it will be a permanent hiatus from the spotlight or a temporary one remains to be seen, but we're willing to bet that you won't be hearing much of Emma Stone in 2018 and beyond. While it may seem strange to be making prophecies of her doom at the height of her success, it does make sense if you think about it. There are many reasons, so let's take a look at why Emma Stone will soon be forgotten by Hollywood.

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15 She Has Stiff Competition In Jennifer Lawrence

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This is probably the biggest reason why Hollywood might give Emma Stone the boot in the coming years. She just has way too much competition. Forget all of the other actresses in her age range – there's one woman out there who can do everything that Emma Stone does – arguably better. And that's Jennifer Lawrence. Although these two talented women are the best of friends in real life, there's no denying that these two will be competing for roles for what will likely be the rest of their careers.

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Everyone compares Emma Stone to Jennifer Lawrence, and vice versa. It's an obvious talking point when it comes to both of these actress' careers. And the majority of people say that J Law has the clear edge in this battle. She has shown greater range, and she's also shown some serious acting skills. Some even say that Jennifer Lawrence does the whole "quirky funny girl" thing better than Emma Stone, and that's kind of Emma's thing...

14 She's Not Involved In Any Big Movies In The Foreseeable Future

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The proof is in the pudding ladies and gentleman. Hollywood is most likely going to forget Emma Stone in the next few years because, well... it's already kind of happening. 2018 is upon us and Emma Stone doesn't really seem to be cast in anything. These are still early months, but most A-listers like her already have tons of projects lined up ahead of time, especially if they have just won an Oscar.

But Emma Stone's Wikipedia page shares some interesting facts. Emma Stone's only film release of 2017 was Battle Of The Sexes, which failed to turn a profit in the box office. She's involved in some less than spectacular roles for the coming year, including the live action adaptation of One Hundred And One Dalmatians as Cruella de Vil, and a Netflix series. Add that to a couple of typically non-mainstream films, and you have a worryingly low-key 2018 for Emma Stone...

13 She's Not "Diverse" Enough

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One of Emma Stone's biggest controversies involved Hollywood's "whitewashing" of an Asian character when Stone was cast as a half-Asian character in the movie Aloha. Many formed negative opinions of the actress as a result of this issue. Today, Hollywood is embracing diversity on a much larger scale than it has done even a few years ago, and that's a great thing. But it may mean that actresses like Emma Stone who have been so lucky in the past may not work as much in the future.

Stone addressed the Aloha controversy by saying, “I’ve learned on a macro level about the insane history of whitewashing in Hollywood and how prevalent the problem truly is. It’s ignited a conversation that’s very important. The character was not supposed to look like her background, which was a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese.”

12 She Might Focus More On Theater From Now On

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Emma Stone is known for doing an incredible range of projects, and she's a capable theater and film actress. While not rare, combining these two very different styles of acting under the umbrella of one career is also not something every actor can do. And Emma Stone has shown time and time again that she's not afraid to take a break from film acting to tackle interesting roles in various theater productions, such as the famous Broadway production of Cabaret. 

Focusing on theater might see her career in film losing steam and momentum going forward. We all know how quick Hollywood is to completely forget even the biggest of stars, and if she doesn't strike while the iron is hot, another big name might just pop up and take her roles for the next few years. Don't expect Stone to be too down about it, though, as the actress famously loves theater and would be happy working on stage instead of in front of a camera.

11 She Doesn't Handle Paparazzi Well

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People often paint the paparazzi in a very negative light, but it's easy to forget how useful these people are for actors' careers. After all, you know what they say – any publicity is good publicity. Even if a photographer snaps a picture of a celeb in a very embarrassing or exposing position, it still gets people talking about that person, which is always a bonus. When it comes to these sneaky photographers, Emma Stone seems to have a slightly abrasive relationship with the paparazzi.

Many celebrities use the paparazzi as an opportunity to get exposure, which is actually a really good career move. Some will even purposely go to the beach in a bikini or get romantic with their partners in public just so they will be featured in entertainment news articles and shows. But Emma Stone seems to shy away from the photographers' lenses, and when she does try to get exposure, she holds napkins in front of her face with the websites of various charities. Sorry, but that's just boring.

10 Her Hair Is Getting Damaged From Dying It Too Often

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If you've been following Emma Stone's career since the very beginning, you'll know that this actress loves to dye her hair. It's gotten to the point where many people don't even know what her natural hair color is! In case you're wondering, it's blonde. So many people saw her as a redhead, and when she finally revealed that wasn't her natural color, a lot of people felt a little disappointed and even deceived!

But there's an even greater problem with Emma Stone dying her hair too often, and that's the damage her hair is getting. A lot of people are wondering why Emma Stone's hair isn't literally falling out, given how often she dyes it. Give it time. Her personal hair colorists claim that what she's doing is fine, and she has some "secret methods" for keeping it her nice and healthy, but if she keeps dying it like this, she will see some serious side-effects.

9 She Might Try A Role That's Risky For Her

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Emma Stone loves to take on interesting and risky roles. That's part of the reason why so many people love her. She seems desperate to prove her range by playing parts in movies that are totally against her type. This is a great sign for an actress. It shows that she has great ambition and confidence in her talents. But could Emma Stone one day take this too far, and ruin her reputation in the process?

It's definitely a thought. In Emma Stone's eagerness to prove herself by doing risky and "out there" roles that show that she's not just another pretty, cute face, she could actually end up in a movie that is a major flop. The last thing she wants is to be remembered for a role that everyone makes fun of for years. Sometimes, an actress needs to know her limits, and that's something that Emma Stone might just fight against.

8 She Went Against The Grain With The #MeToo Movement

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The #MeToo movement is a story that's been dominating Hollywood as of late, and rightly so. The fact that people within the industry are bringing attention to its evil underbelly is a great thing. Like all movements, a very clear narrative is emerging, and people who even remotely show signs of criticizing this narrative are attacked on all sides. Emma Stone did something very dangerous when she criticized the #MeToo movement, saying it was putting too much pressure on people to speak up. This could result in her getting alienated by people within the film industry.

Her exact words on the subject were, "I'm someone who holds in a lot and gets really nervous to speak. We have to recognize that there are so many who haven't told their stories yet, who aren't comfortable to share. I feel so much compassion for those who are still getting up and going to work every day with their abuser or have had abuse in their past and who are not ready to say anything. And putting pressure on women to share it, you know, 'If you're not saying it now, then you're complicit in this evil that's occurring,' isn't fair."

7 She's Not Landing Big Roles In Movie Franchises

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The mark of a truly intelligent and shrewd actor is their ability to nail down roles in franchises. This guarantees their chances of getting repeat roles in sequel movies, and tons of actors have made entire careers out of this. Just look at Hugh Jackman and his role as the Wolverine in X-Men. He made insane amounts of money from playing Logan. Tons of the actresses that Emma Stone is competing with have also done this very well. Jennifer Lawrence, for example, became the new Mystique in the X-Men movies very early on in her career.

But Emma Stone has failed to do this. That's not to say she hasn't acted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She famously landed the role of Gwen Stacy in one of the more recent Spider-Man movies. But was it a big role that will see a guaranteed return? No. And that's where Emma Stone needs to succeed if she wants to have a guaranteed string of new roles in the next few years.

6 She Might Have To Wait Until Her Thirties To Get More Mature Roles

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Even though Emma Stone has grown up significantly since her days as a high school teenager in the hilarious comedy Superbad, she still has a very "girly" and youthful image. There's a long way to go until she can really start landing more mature roles, and she might find herself in a bit of a gap where she can't land any roles that fit her age. Obviously, she doesn't want to be forever known as the "quirky young girl," and seeing her in more mature, adult roles would be amazing.

That's not to say she hasn't played more mature roles. But they have been few and far between. Emma Stone is approaching an age where she might find herself in a strange state of limbo between being a young girl and a more mature woman. And in that gap of a few years, she might find it quite hard to find work. She'll bounce back, but we might not hear from her in a while.

5 She Doesn't Really Have A "Type"

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When you think "Emma Stone" what do you think of? No real iconic roles come to mind. There's nothing she's done that really defines her as an actor and as a person. Her personality really shines through in almost every role she does, which is great. It's a reason so many people love her. But there's not really a "type" that is associated with her. Typecasting can actually be a lot more beneficial than you might think. For example, Robert DeNiro's type for a long time was the "tough gangster." It landed him countless big roles. But no one would have booked him for those parts if they didn't already know he could play them so well.

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Emma Stone doesn't really have a type. Many other actresses she's competing with do, and that's why Emma Stone might find the next few years a bit of a struggle. She's done a lot of interesting things, winning awards and Oscars left and right, but she hasn't really nailed down a "specialization" in the same way as many other actresses have done.

4 She Doesn't Really Have As Much Range As Other Actresses She's Competing With

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Some actors might not be known for playing specific types, but they're still successful because they have incredible range. Think Daniel Day-Lewis, or Gary Oldman. They can play virtually any role under the sun, and producers and directors are confident in their chameleon-like ability to shift and transform themselves into whatever the role demands of them. Emma Stone has not really shown this ability thus far, and other actresses competing for the same roles as her do have more range.

The obvious example is Jennifer Lawrence, who has done an extremely wide variety of roles in her career. It's funny, because Emma Stone loves to take on slightly odd and unexpected roles, ones seemingly test her range, but these roles always play back into Stone's strengths – the funny, quirky, sweet young girl. Because she hasn't shown as much range as other actresses she's competing with, directors and producers might be less willing to take a risk with her in a role that could be challenging for her.

3 She Chooses Fewer Mainstream Movies

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If you only watch superhero movies and more mainstream "blockbusters," you probably haven't seen much of Emma Stone in the past few years. That's because Emma Stone tends to shy away from what everyone else is doing. From an artist's perspective, this approach is extremely admirable. She's doing what she's interested in, not what everyone else is obsessed with at the time. This leads her to roles in movies like BirdmanBattle Of The Sexes, and yes, even La La Land, which could arguably be considered less mainstream than many other films of 2017.

This might help her reputation within the acting and film community, winning her Oscars and awards, but does it help her general image with the public? Not really. Kids growing up watching X-Men movies and slapstick comedies probably don't even know who she is. "Clever" films are great and all, but sometimes you have to "sell out" a little bit if you want to ensure a lengthy career...

2 She Doesn't Try Hard Enough To Be Popular

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Many people get the feeling that Emma Stone doesn't really try to get people to like her. And that's not really a bad thing. After all, if you try too hard to win people's affection, you end up failing. Nobody likes a person like that, and it has the opposite effect. But even so, actors and actresses especially must always sense how the public feels about them, and at least make some kind of an effort to paint themselves in a positive light. Image is everything.

But Emma Stone doesn't really play into the whole popularity game. In many ways, this shows how mature she is. She's not concerned with the high school drama of the entertainment industry. But in many ways, she comes off as being too mature, as in not staying with the latest trends. Perhaps most crucially, Emma Stone does not have Instagram or Twitter, and without social media she is a complete ghost to the average person.

1 She Keeps Telling The Same Boring Powerpoint Story Again And Again

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Okay, so this might not be a reason that Hollywood will completely write her out of their future plans, but it's definitely getting on some people's nerves. Yes, we're talking about that lame childhood story she keeps telling about how she got into acting. If you've ever watched more than one interview with her, you've probably heard it. You know, the one where she wanted to be an actress so badly that she created a Powerpoint presentation to convince her parents that it was a good idea. It's sweet and all, but we've heard it a million times before.

It's almost like she's rehearsed it, and it's kind of her fallback story whenever she runs out of things to say. In fact, this is probably true. Actors are trained to always have an amusing story or anecdote to tell for various situations where they need to sell their personalities to people. It could be in an audition or in an interview, or a meeting with producers. Anyway, she really needs to think of a new story or at least give this one a rest, because everyone has heard it already.

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