15 Reasons Why Drake Doesn't Have To Settle For Anything Less Than J-Lo

The entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, actor, and producer has done a ton so far with the magic he's found. Many fans forget that he first gained recognition as an actor on the teen drama series called "Degrassi." It was he that was intent on becoming a rapper, he just needed a job, a career, and a few hits of his own to create that dream.

Aubrey Drake Graham has certainly taken advantage of the opportunity he has before him in 2018. He has options in all types of mediums from the big screen to the recording studio. Additionally, it appears like the ladies have noticed him and his shining star as well. It would be kind of hard not too, right? He's got hella money, sweet cars, and awesome fashion...but wait.

What else does Drake have that all the ladies seem to love? After all, that can't be everything the female gender finds appealing, awesome, even attractive about the man. Assigned with the task of figuring out what those hidden Drake loving traits are, I put my feelers out there to hear what women have to say about the big crushes they have on him and why?

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15 He's At The Top Of His Game

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IMdb.com reports "After many of his hits peaking at number 2, he finally scored his first number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 as the main artist with his song 'One Dance'. Justin Timberlake took his spot the next week, but One Dance prevailed and returned to number one and stayed there over 10 weeks."

Sure sounds like a good way to break on to the rap music scene. He doesn't seem to have missed a step, or a hook yet either. It's no secret that girls are attracted to guys who are good at their craft. Drakes no different, in fact, he's even better than most. As you'll read in this article the mega-superstar has more than just status to offer his mates.

14 He's Got Awards...Lots Of Them

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Drake hasn't gone unnoticed by his peers and fans alike. There's no doubting his fame... but how big has his celebrity gotten over the years? It's gotten really big to say the least. Both in the United States and abroad. Drake's won award after award and he's been nominated for over 440, more than most of us ever will be in our life.

Women like a good looking man but an accomplished one will do just fine too. Especially a guy with a few Grammys on his mantle. Drake has a few of those, and many others as well. How many, though? Wiki.com states "Overall, Drake has won 96 awards from 444 nominations, including three Grammy Awards from thirty-five nominations."

13 hes always on the grind

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To be as successful as Drake's been in his career you have to be on the grind 24-7. Females happen to like men who are passionate about what they do in their lives. People who are driven have to keep busy to stay on top and it's hard to deny that Drake hasn't done just that. Recording hit song after hit song isn't something his competition is doing at his level. I suppose that's an argumentative statement but you get the point. Nobody has been in the spotlight quite like he has been in recent memory. IMdb.com reports,

"For 430 weeks straight, or 8 years, until August 2017, Drake had at least one song, whether as lead or featured artist, in the Billboard Hot 100."

12 He Cares About His Community

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It's a lot easier to be a lovable man if you're attentive towards other people. Efforts to connect with your community when you're famous and you don't have to is even better. Drake seems to have figured that out as well; it comes naturally. Theatlantic.com reports,

"Drake’s new video for 'God’s Plan,' the No. 1 song in the country, bottles and elevates that Publishers Clearing House feel. In it, the Toronto superstar distributes his million-dollar production budget to people around Miami—by telling all the shoppers in a Sabor Tropical Supermarket that everything on the shelves is free, by presenting a scholarship check to an unsuspecting student, by giving gift cards to women at a shelter, and more. The double-takes are the best parts. In one moment, Drake slides up to a family who’s sitting on a ledge. One of the kids notices the rapper sitting next to her, and shrieks. Drake smiles and hands the family a wad of cash. Star-struck thrill melts into a more tender emotion. The family members cover their eyes, and they hug."

11 He's Well Traveled

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Thoughtco.com lists Drake as the 12th richest rapper in the world with an estimated Networth of 90 Million. That's some pretty serious cheddar, isn't it? In the future Drake fans will be looking for him to break into the top 10, though. The website said additionally,

"Drake may someday go down as the wealthiest Canadian hip-hop artist of all time. Although Drizzy is nowhere near the financial levels of Jay Z and Dr. Dre, he’s been gradually and steadily building his case. Drake earns a majority of his income from touring, record sales and endorsements with the likes of Sprite, Nike and Apple Music." When you've got contract deals like he does traveling is just part of the game.

10 His Tours are amazing

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Who is put on the most profitable rap tour in music history? In 2017 xxxlmag.com reported,

"Drake and Hendrix spent three months in 2016 touring the country and performing to sold-out crowds. The two rap stars performed 54 shows between July and October, bringing in a reported $85 million in sales. The tour ended on a bit of a sour note, however, with Drake’s ankle injury causing the cancellation of the last few shows, which means the total could have been even more."

Yeah, that cash total could have made the tour more money had Drake not injured his ankle but that doesn't make it more of a success for the two entertainers.

9 He's Got Cool Friends

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Narcity.com has a cool little article about 12 places you'd most likely see Drake if you were in Toronto. The rapper likes to get out on his town and enjoys Dundas West or Yorkville. The website reported,

"Coming home is a great opportunity for any of us to catch up with old friends, so when Drake's in town, he and his buddies hit the town. They've been spotted eating at restaurants on Dundas West, as well as at a few Yorkville bars."

If you're ever in Toronto and have hopes of seeing a famous face than maybe you should get out on the town too. Go see if you can run into Drake hanging out with his long list of buds. I bet there'll be some hotties close by!

8 He's Multi-Talented

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Talented is one way of describing Drake. Multi-talented would be another way and probably much more accurate if you think about it. Biography.com reminds us

"The multi-Grammy-award-winning rapper Drake has had two shots at fame — and nailed them both. He first came to prominence in the teen soap Degrassi: The Next Generation in the role of Jimmy Brooks, a wheelchair-bound character he played for seven years. After leaving the show he became one of the biggest rappers on the planet after signing a deal with Lil Wayne's label Young Money Entertainment. He is rarely out of the headlines, whether it’s for dating Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez, founding his own label, OVO Sound, or fronting the NBA’s Toronto Raptors as the team's global ambassador. It's no surprise that Jay Z labeled him as the Kobe Bryant of hip-hop."

7  He Keeps His 'Bad' To A Minimum

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When you're a celebrity the rumors are going to swirl about your personal life. Drake's not different in that regard. A quick search online and you can see that the singer-songwriter has been a part of a couple feuds within his industry. That's not a big surprise considering what he spends the majority of his time doing.

His name does appear in gossip columns but the validity of those reports is up to the reader; they're not based on any solid facts when you start digging. Sure, the famous celeb has had his name thrown around a couple times but until you see him in handcuffs it looks like Drake has managed to keep up a seemingly fresh and super clean appearance.

6 He's Got Good Taste In The Ladies

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There's a long list of women, including celebs, that Drake has dated over the years. That's obvious, though, right? The dudes "got it going on" according to most women. A quick look online reveals that Drake has been in the company of some fine females.

There are even top 10, top 15 listicles on the topic of "hottest girls Drake's dated." Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj are among the many. Have you ever heard that most women often look around a room to see what guy is with the best-looking female? Well, if you haven't you've heard of it now. Next time you're in that situation have a look for yourself.

5 He's Lyrically Talented

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Drake undoubtedly loves his craft. He's quoted saying, “I feel connected to my generation through the music, but I also fear for us. We’re in a very self-destructive state where we’re addicted to outside opinions and we all feel like we have fans.” He has a solid point; a point that gives the songwriter plenty of material to write about.

Drake lends us some insight as to how he goes about the writing process saying, “I push myself in a lot of aspects when I write a song. I write a piece and where most people would stop and say, ‘Oh, that’s the hook right there,’ I’ll move that to the first four bars of the verse and do a new hook.”

4 He's Got A Sense Of Humor About Himself

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That's a pretty loud looking outfit he's wearing in this photograph, isn't it? You got to love the purple bowtie and yellow vest. Drake even rocks what looks like coral colored glasses pretty hard too. When a guy gets dressed up like this to go out and speak to a bunch of people at an event, there's no question that he's a confident dude.

Women love men who know how to laugh at themselves. Don't take yourself too seriously guys, or the females are going to take notice. What comes across as confidence will quickly change to insecurity in the eyes of a smart female. Drake knows when to take himself seriously and when to have a little fun as you can see.

3 He Hasn't Forgotten Where He Came From

Knowing where you're going in life is important to all of us. The other side of that coin is knowing where you've been too. How we grow up goes a long way in influencing our future decisions; we make choices to certain life events based on what we've seen before. Drake hasn't forgotten where he came from. He's quoted often speaking of Toronto saying "when I think of myself I think of that city."

He reflects on his childhood saying,“People like to build their own story about my life. I don’t know if it makes them feel better, or if it makes it okay for them to not like me, but the last thing I grew up as was rich.”

2 When You Look Good...You Look Good!

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When you look good, like Drake does, you look attractive no matter what type of style you have on display. Having confidence isn't a weight you lift at the gym, it's not something you find in a closet and put on at the beginning of your day. It isn't the way other people make you feel it's the way you feel about yourself. The way you show that confidence. Maybe, it's charisma or a glint in your eyes.

For Drake, it happens to be a stellar smile. He's got one of those beaming smiles that make the ladies smile back at him. Do you blame them? It's kind of hard to, isn't it? If most men had half the swagger that Drake does they'd have a much more active love life.

1 He's Available...

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Wapping-up this list today we're going to give female fans all over the world the best news they've heard all year. Drake appears to be single and available. According to whosdatedwho.com, the actor-singer-songwriter has been in a total of 44 relationships that the website knows about. That's about 40 more than most guys have over the course of their lifetime. Sad, but true, nonetheless.

It's also 44 different females that Drake hasn't found love with yet. That's more good news for the many female Drake fans. So, for all you lucky girls out there you still have a chance to land one of the most talented, attractive men on the face of the planet. He's got more going for him than just money, cars, and fashion, doesn't he?

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