15 Reasons Why David Bekham Might Approve Of His Son's New GF, Lexi Wood

The Beckham's are known for their dashing good looks and undeniable appeal. With a family so aesthetically gifted, it should be no surprise that these guys are often at the center of attention for the papparazzi and this time around, all eyes are set on David Beckham's son, Brooklyn Beckham.

At the fresh age of 19, the David Bekham's son Brooklyn has already made quite a name for himself. He is known for his dashing good looks and his off-again, on-again relationship with Hollywood sweetheart Chloe-Grace Moretz but it seems like the two have officially called it off as Beckham was recently found smooching with the modeling world's feisty newcomer, Lexi Wood.

The Canadian model is both young and talented which makes her one of the most sought-after models in the world currently. At the young age of 20, she has already made quite a name for herself in the industry and this recent 'scandal' with Brooklyn Beckham definitely put her under the spotlight.

There's more to the Canadian model than just her good looks and charm though, as Lexi is a very interesting person actually. She has developed quite the name for herself and her popularity online showcases how loved she is by people worldwide.

Behind the photoshoots and the kissing incident with Brooklyn, Lexi has a few secrets that are worth unearthing to get an idea of why the Beckham boy fell with this Canadian gal. Here are 15 things you didn't know about the feisty model that is Lexi Wood.

15 She's A Model for a Men's Magazine

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At the age of 20 and with a few years of experience behind her already, Lexi already has quite the extensive experience in modeling. She's been in billboards, magazines, small brand, and big brands alike. For those not in the know, Lexi is also a Playboy model. Despite being a part of the world's biggest men's magazine at this point in her career, Lexi didn't have to flaunt her entire body in the magazine. All Playboy got from her were shots where she's seen in tasteful clothes and poses. Despite not having the kind of photoshoot one would expect of Playboy, Lexi still manages to become the kind of model men would love to see on men's magazine through her ferocity and dashing eyes.

14 She Loves The Angel Face Emoji

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Coming from a younger generation, Lexi is pretty well-versed in all things hip and cool. Through her posts on Instagram and her other social media outlets, it's apparent that Lexi loves using emojis and she isn't too shy of that. Part of what makes reading her posts so fun is that they're pretty colorful and funny. However, of all the emojis, one her fans would find her commonly using is the angel face emoji. According to the Canadian model, "All my friends call me ‘Angel’ because I’m known for being very sweet and for being the good girl!" The emoji certainly fits her face and demeanor and hopefully, she gets to express her sweet side with her new rumored boyfriend. Of course, her having to be an avid fan of emojis makes her all the more lovable and relatable despite her luxurious appeal. It's no wonder she's so beloved by many nowadays.

13 She Loves Cheetos

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Model's are known for their slim figure and amazing physique. Their looks are often inspiration for many despite the fact that it is not easily achieved. Being a model is a rigorous task as it means having to maintain their bodies. Part of what makes models like Lexi so amazing is their ability to resist such delicious food but even this Canadian up and comer has her own guilty pleasures. She admittedly loves Cheetos and various flavors of it! We aren't sure exactly how many Cheetos she intakes on a regular basis but we're guessing she takes a bite whenever she can considering how she's an admitted fanatic for it. If she does love snacking on junk food, then she could at least disclose her secrets on looking so slim for the cameras and the catwalk.

12 She's A 'Tay-Tay' Fan

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Pop icon and superstar Taylor Swift has a huge following of fans that range from teens to fully-grown men. Her music resonates within various generations and she's a beloved singer as well. One of her greatest fans is of course, Lexi Wood. In an interview with Galore, the model was asked what animal she would want to be either Olivia or Meredith. Fans of Swift know pretty well that these are the names of her cats, who in all aspects are living quite a great life. Lexi says that there isn't a single animal on this world that has a better life than Swift's cats and becoming her felines is also one of the best ways to become a part of the singer's squad. It's definitely one of Lexi's cute ways to express her love and admiration for Swift.

11 She Was Bullied And It Changed Her

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Lexi's life isn't all about the glitz in the glamour since for a good part of her childhood, she underwent bullying and it was a phase she loathed deeply. Who would want to become a victim of bullying anyway? However, for Lexi, she didn't let bullies keep her down When life gave her lemons, Lexi made lemonade. Instead of letting the bullying get to her, Lexi used the experience to change herself drastically. She had to be homeschooled because of the bullying she received and this phase of her life kickstarted her modeling career. It wasn't the ideal start for the career she has now but at least she found her true passion during a time when she was being tested and tried.

10 She Became Bug Lunch

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Many models would argue that the toughest part of their jobs isn't the strict diet or the insane amount of time under the spotlight. It has to be the times when they have to  make use of what they have during a shoot so that no shots are ruined. Lexi Wood is the type of model who doesn't want to put the hard work of the photographer to waste. In an interview with GQ, Lexi reveals that she got turned to bug lunch once during a shoot. She told in the interview that she had to fight through bug bites when she accidentally laid on a bed of them during a shoot in Cuba. It goes without saying that it could've been a pretty bad experience for the model to have to fight through so many bug bites. Being the professional that she is, she notes that she "basically just succumbed to becoming bug lunch!”

9 She Scaled A Mountain In Vermont

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To some, modeling is a simple affair. You stand in front of a camera, and then you strike a pose. It's all about looking pretty and amazing for the eyes of some but in reality, becoming a model requires some pretty tough work sometimes and it is definitely not for those with a weak will and body. That is the case for Lexi as she once worked very hard for a photoshoot. The location was one of Vermont's highest mountain says Lexi in an interview with GQ. It was for a shoot for a sporting goods company and for it, the model had to climb a rock wall without any experience of rock climbing prior to it. She also had to do it without any pieces of equipment to help her out. When it comes to dedication, Lexi remains to be one of the models who is always professional and a true champ.

8 She Didn't Have Many Friends

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Lexi Wood has more than 145,000 followers on Instagram and her photos often get thousands of likes from them. Looking at her Instagram profile, one might think that she really is much appreciated by many. However, it seems as though the 20-year-old model wasn't liked by many when she was younger.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, she opened up a bit about her social life while growing up. It turns out that Wood, in spite of her good looks and good personality, didn't have many friends back then. She had a hard time dealing with a bunch of bullies when she was in high school, making her leave school to be homeschooled, as she told Galore Magazine in a different interview. Fortunately, her decision paved her way to focus on her modeling career all the more. Now, even if she regrets standing up for herself back then, she believes that it happened for a reason and that she wouldn't be where she is right now if it weren't for that situation.

7 She's Been Into Fashion Since She Was Young

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Even when she was a little kid, it seems like she was already meant to be in the fashion industry. In the same interview with GQ Magazine, it's been revealed that she already has a passion for fashion. When she was younger, GQ shares, she already developed her love for customizing her outfits. Even now, it's still one of the things that she likes to do. It was when she was 16 years old when she started modeling. She moved to Paris and since then, she's been in the industry. It shows her experience and passion in the field of modeling and it is certainly one of the key factors that make her one of the top models in the industry today. What caught the attention of agents were her physique and lips. Now, with years of experience behind her, she has become one of the most sought after models in the world.

6 She Has A Spunky Personality

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Lexi is a pretty confident person and she has to be if she wants to be one of the best models that the fashion world has to offer. Her self-confidence is nothing short of amazing but she's quite an oddball, too. In an interview, Lexi compared herself to the likes of a swing. Yeah, we're not sure about this one either. Apparently she likes the swings typically found in love hotels. She has a pretty good explanation for it though.

Friends of Lexi know pretty well that she's quite the person to be with and her comparing herself to an odd object is a little over-the-top even for her. She's a very open gal who doesn't care about what anyone thinks, making her ideal for guys who are looking for something very different from the run-of-the-mill girl next door types. It also seems like Brooklyn Beckham has a lot on his hand if he does decide to date this model who doesn't set any boundaries.

5 She Might Have Caused The Brooklyn-Chloe Split

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Almost everyone knows that Brooklyn and Chloe Grace Moretz have been dating for years until Brooklyn was spotted at a tattoo parlor with Lexi. To recall, the Playboy model was seen with the "Underdogs" actor at a tattoo parlor in West Hollywood a few weeks ago. At first glance, it seems like a normal day to get touch-ups for their tattoos at the tattoo parlor until she and Brooklyn were caught smooching, which, by the way, got everyone confused. Everyone knows that Brooklyn and Chloe are still dating as no one has ever confirmed about a split. The two even shared sweet photos of them on Valentine's Day and just last month, Chloe even posted a photo of him with a short yet sweet caption on her Instagram account on his birthday. But it seems as though Lexi and Brooklyn's photo that recently surfaced confirms the end of Chloe and Brooklyn's relationship.

4 She Doesn't Care About What Anyone Thinks

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After her PDA incident with Brooklyn Beckham that was caught on cam a few weeks ago, it seems as though it didn't go well with a lot of fans, especially with Chloe's supporters. The angry fans of the Kick Ass actress, Chloe, turned to Lexi's Instagram account to bash her for what had happened. Some asked her to stay away from the actor while some took their hate comments to another level where they even compared her to Chloe saying that the Playboy model will never be as good as the Kick Ass actress. She was also accused of using the Underdogs actor to gain fame. But no matter how much hate she receives, it doesn't look like she'll be affected by any of it. In fact, she seems she doesn't have any time for such negativities as she told GQ Magazine that negative comments like that don't bother her.

3 She Wants To See Some Good Changes In The World

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Lexi isn’t like any other 20-year-old woman in today’s society who doesn’t care much about making the world a better place to live in. In an interview with GaloreMag, she was asked about her wish if she were to find a magic lamp and a genie. She said that she wants to see more female empowerment and to end female related crimes. She also said that she wants to end climate change.

Can you tell these were the words coming from a Playboy model? Now we can all tell that just because she chose a career where most don’t really talk about social issues and about the environment, she’s a person who does want to help better the world. In fact, she also said that if she were to form a cult circle, it would be a group of ladies who share light and love to the world. Atta girl!

2 She Prefers Good Boys Over Bad Boys

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In the same interview with GaloreMag, she was asked if there is something she wants to get rid of from her life, and she responded by saying that she wants “men who just want to have fun” out of her life. Given her profession, Lexi is looking for a nice boy – someone who would never play around with her and just use her. “Can you tell I need a nice boy in my life?” she answered.

She also mentioned about her worst date. She said, “Last year, my ex-boyfriend surprised me in Toronto (my hometown) for my birthday, which was amazing. But then he made me pay for the entire weekend, so that wasn’t a very good present.” Being a hopeless romantic, she believes in love at first sight and wants to feel like a special woman in a man’s life.

1 She Indulges Herself Whenever She Finds Time To Relax

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Though hardworking, this girl knows what it means to rest and relax. During her off days, Lexi would visit her family in Canada and spend quality time with them. In an interview with GQ, she said, her most prized possession is her passport because it allows her to go back home to her parents. Given a chance to visit a place of her dreams, she said she wants to see the Necker Islands someday. And if her break time is limited, she would “exercise as much as I can during my time off. But I’m also a strong believer in balance, so when I'm not doing that I like to relax pretty hardcore with lots of junk food, Netflix, and friends!" She sounds like our kind of girl.

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