15 Reasons Dream Kardashian's Life Won’t Be As Glamorous As Her Cousins

Whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashian-Jenner family is here to stay. After all, at least one of them is having a child every year. They have become a household name but not necessarily for all good reasons. Maybe they are not the best role models, but they have a lot of personalities and are good at two things: making money and having gorgeous babies. What they are terrible at though, is choosing names for their offspring. Kourtney didn't start off too badly, Mason and Penelope are pretty normal names, but then her crazy kicked in, and her last born has a really weird name.

You’d think that Rob would have a more normal name for his daughter since he isolated himself from his family for a bit, shacking up with Blac Chyna. However, he and his baby mama had a unique name in mind for their first daughter. We were disappointed but not totally surprised by the choice of name. After all, she named her son King Cairo. The former couple decided on the name Dream. Despite carrying the Kardashian surname, Dream will have a much different life from her cousins. These are 15 reasons why Dream Kardashian’s life won’t be as glamorous as the rest of the Kardashian children.

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15 Her Family Dynamic Is Confusing

Entertainment Tonight

Firstly, Dream’s family dynamic is confusing. Her brother’s father had a relationship with her aunt and still carries a torch for both her mother and her aunt. Her aunt, Kylie Jenner, has since moved on and has a child with another rapper, but her ‘stepdad’ doesn’t seem to mind and is willing to take her back regardless. Added to the family drama Kim Kardashian's husband and cousins’ father, Kanye West, had a relationship with her mother’s best friend, Amber Rose, that didn’t end well. Shade is frequently thrown every once in a while. Family gatherings in this group, especially for events centered around Dream, may be quite awkward and tense. You may wish that you could be a fly on a wall in that family's home. Although, children do have a way of bringing people together.

14 Her Mother Is Suing Her Aunts And Grandmother

The Tropixs

You don’t mess with the Kardashians. They have a ton load of money and business ventures to generate even more money. So, if you plan on taking them to court, be sure that you win, because they have enough money to take you back to court and counter sue you. Blac Chyna is suing them because she claims that they were responsible for the cancellation of the reality show, Rob & Chyna. How could they be responsible for the cancellation of a show that the network claimed didn’t have a high viewership? Furthermore, why would you continue a show about a couple who is no longer together? If her mother loses, there is going to be less money to support her luxurious lifestyle.

13 Her Aunts Dislike Her Mother

The Daily Beast

It can't be comforting to know that your filthy rich aunts hate your mother and can hardly tolerate her. If they don’t talk to Chyna, it’s unlikely that they would call her to invite Dream to a sleepover or your cousin’s party.

Sure, they can ask Rob, but it’s good for a mother to know where her kids are at all times. Furthermore, if they wanted Dream’s clothing size, they are going to have to contact Chyna, as Rob probably wouldn't know. Maybe the feud between her aunts and mother will end for Dream's sake, but it is unlikely, as Blac Chyna recently called her aunt, Kim, a bully for sending her a Valentines gift. Maybe Kim was actually sending some love Chyna’s way and extending an olive branch. People change as they get older, right?

12 Her Parents Are Not Kimye

The Hollywood Gossip

If your parents are Kimye, you are set to have one of the most glamorous lives. Together, the couple has a net worth of $295 million dollars. Kanye has a clothing line, sold out tours across the world, and makes hit records. Kim is also a serious entrepreneur, despite her cries for attention. Together, they are a force to reckon with. If you have any doubts about how glamorous their kids’ lives are, just take a look at North’s wardrobe. She’s usually pictured in designer and has been since she was born. She has a better sense of fashion and style than most of us do. Plus, Kimye has a lot of A-lister friends who love to send gifts their way. Dream's parents are not so well off. It’s unlikely that Rob and Chyna have these types of friends. As it stands, it seems like Kimye are in it for the long haul, as they have just welcomed daughter Chicago.

11 Her Mother Is Not Kylie, Kourtney, Or Khloe


We didn’t include Kendall Jenner because she’s focused on her modeling career so it is probably unlikely that she'll have a kid anytime soon. We also have not heard any relationship rumors. The sisters are all entrepreneurs and they are very family-oriented as well. Kylie actually has a net worth of $50 million. As a teenager, she came out with her own makeup line. Kourtney is worth $35 million and Khloe is worth $40 million. They are the products of a good momager. The family also has other ventures that do not include reality television. Rob is worth only $10 million and ex-girlfriend, Chyna, is only worth $4 million. If you do the math, her cousins’ parents have way more money than her parents do.

10 She Lives With Her Mother

CBS News 8

There is obviously nothing wrong with a child living with her mother but Dream is going to have a less glamorous life because of it. Some of the Kardashian kids appear on the show, but Chyna is likely to make a big deal about it if Dream were to appear on the show. The family is very close and since Dream lives with her mother, it may be unlikely that she’ll have the same relationship that Kim’s kids have with Kourtney’s kids. We often see North hanging out with Kourtney and her kids and it is not unusual to see Khloe out with everyone’s kids. We have not really seen Dream out and about with any of her aunts or even her grandma. She has however taken selfies with aunts, Kim and Khloe. Khloe even went to see cousin Chicago at the hospital when she was born.

9 She Has A True Kardashian Last Name


Dream is the only Kardashian baby with a Kardashian father, so she is truly a Kardashian. This may be good for her, as it may open doors of opportunity in the future. Although, we are sure that her aunts can help her with that. On the other hand, having the Kardashian name may not be such a great thing. She may be teased at school or feel the pressure to follow in her aunts' footsteps.

Her cousins all have the last names of their respective fathers. Should their parents separate, their mothers don’t have to demand child support. Dream's wealthy aunts are more than capable of supporting themselves and their kids. The same can’t be said about Chyna, who demanded $50,000 a month in child support.

8 Her Family Don’t Like Having Her Brother Around


When Tyga dated Kylie, it was revealed by the media that the Kardashians did not like having King Cairo, the son he shares with Blac Chyna, around their kids because he curses. If he is going to be around Dream, maybe she will start cursing too, especially if it's typical for Chyna and her friends to curse around her kids. If she spends most of her time in a household that uses profane language, it is more likely that she will pick up on it. Soon enough, her aunts may not want to have Dream around their kids because they may think she is a bad influence. If she is isolated from family gatherings, it is likely that her aunts will be less generous gifting her with glamorous gifts. After all, out of sight out of mind.

7 Her Father Is Rob


It should be a good thing that her father is Rob Kardashian but Rob has been a little off these past few years. He has suffered from depression, had some weight issues, and then isolated himself from his family. All of these issues were played out on television, and it was awful to watch. His family thought that having a daughter would change him, but it didn’t. A man should never leak explicit photos of his child’s mother or talk trash her on social media, no matter how the relationship ended or how terrible she was to him. Rob is also not into glamour. Unlike his sisters who have interesting business ventures, Rob decided to start a sock line. He doesn’t have as much money as his sisters, but hopefully, he’ll return to starring on the family's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so that he can get a paycheck.

6 Her Mother Is Black Chyna


There are so many things wrong with her mother being Blac Chyna. First off, Rob reportedly accused Blac Chyna of leaving their baby girl home alone so that she could go party. Chyna is a glamour girl, but her tastes are a bit over the top and unconventional. She may try to shield her daughter from all the negative press she received in the past. Aside from Chyna’s personality and other life issues, she doesn’t make nearly as much money as Dream’s aunts. She is an entrepreneur, but her net worth can’t even begin to compare with the Kardashians.' The former couple's spin-off show, Rob & Chyna, was a really good attempt though, but it didn’t work out because her relationship ended. Also, a lot of celebrities have issues with her, so, Dream’s A-list friends will be limited.

5 Her Parents Are Separated

The Frisky

Have you ever heard the expression, “united we stand, divided we fall?" Well, in Dream’s case, that is what happened to her parents. If they were together and in a relationship, it is likely that she would have had a better lifestyle, as the household would have had double the income. We’re not saying that a single parent can’t give their kids a glamorous life, but as single parents, Rob and Chyna will not be able to give Dream the same kind of glamorous life that her cousins have because they simply do not have the means to. Even combined, their earnings would not have compared.

4 Her Mother Took Her Dad To Court


Rob didn’t handle his fallout with Chyna well and he leaked her private pictures on the internet. After, Chyna accused him of being abusive. The family drama between Chyna and the Kardashian clan is relentless and disgusting for lack of a better word. There is nothing glamorous about unending drama, especially when it involves family. Parents should at least try to be civilized for the sake of their children. Rob paid her off to get her to drop the lawsuit, which seemed to end well. Scott and Kourtney broke up, but they are still civil with one another and manage to co-parent their three kids. We don’t know what’s going on with Kylie and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, but we don’t see them airing their dirty laundry on social media or to the media. It seems as though Kylie is more mature than Dream’s parents are.

3 Less Time With Her Aunts

Entertainment Tonight

Rob and Chyna’s custody agreement ended with Rob sharing joint custody with Chyna. However, how often will Rob take Dream over to his family's home? He will probably want to spend most of his time with her alone, as he would want to see milestones in her life. He may take her around now and then, and to occasional family gatherings, when he feels like going. If Dream gets to spend as much time with her aunts as Kourtney’s kids do, she is going to see the glamorous lives they live, as they are always pictured camera ready. If she spends time with them, she will also learn how to be an entrepreneur and how to grow her own net worth. However, there are already too many business ventures with the name Dream attached to it, so she will have to be really unique.

2 Less Time With Grandma


Let’s get over the elephant in the room. If you search for Dream Renee Kardashian on the internet, you will see that there is only one picture of her and grandmother Kris! That says a lot. Is Jenner holding a grudge against Chyna because of the lawsuit? Whether she is or not, it is pretty strange that there is just one picture of her holding Dream. There is a picture of her taking a picture of Chyna after she gave birth to Dream. But it was pretty expected that she would go to see her grandchild at the hospital after she was born. Kris taught her daughters how to be so glamorous and she did such a good job that Kendall was ranked as the highest-paid model for the year. Dream needs to spend way more time at her grandmother’s house.

1 More Time With Mom

TrendySturvs Blog

Kids should get to know their parents. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Dream spending most of her time with her mom. However, more time spent with her mom means that her chances of being glamorous are reduced. Chyna does glamour, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan is a bit subtler and more refined. Dream needs to be schooled in glamour and she is unlikely to get it from her mother who is a former nightclub dancer. We have nothing against dancers or Chyna, but it is unlikely that she will have a glamorous life spending more time with her mother. Even grandma Kris has a higher net worth than her mother. However, Dream is already set to be glamorous because she was taped playing with her mom’s makeup brush. Who knows, maybe Kylie will soon have some competition.

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