15 Pictures Of Angelina Jolie That Prove She Is No Jennifer Aniston

There's hardly a woman who doesn't feel overshadowed by the beauty of Angelina Jolie. Therefore, we're pretty sure that she's got more haters rather than appreciators. Even as a kid Angie was a talented sweetheart with a promising acting career. Today she's one of the most prominent Hollywood actresses with lots of movies and awards under her belt. Born on June 4, 1975, Angelina Jolie Voight made her first debut in the lucrative movie industry when she was still a child. Her first movie role came with 1982 Looking To Get Out in which she starred alongside her father, Jon Voight. Even though she was only a teen back then, it was clear that there was more to her than meets the eye. As years passed by, Angie managed to expand her repertoire with lots of great films, like Girl, Interrupted, for which she even got an award. Thanks to her natural beauty and charismatic nature, Angelina has become the highest-paid actress in the industry. As such, we can't imagine what it feels like to share your private life with millions or even billions of people. Even when she's out for a walk, she probably feels like being under a microscope. Indeed, the burden of fame must feel so hard on her shoulders. As a result, she surely has those familiar moments when she doesn't even care what she looks like. The only difference, however, is that she usually has a parade of photographers on her heels. These guys had the rare chance to catch her in not-so-fancy moments. Now go ahead and satiate the hunger with 15 ordinary pictures of Angie that prove that she's made of flesh and bone too.

15 Angelina Jolie At Lebanon's Bekka Valley

Via The Inquisitr

The 42-year-old beauty was pretty much unrecognizable on her way to the Syrian Refugees Bekka Valley. Maybe she’s grown sick of all that fame so she decided to look as natural as possible. As you can see here, Angelina took off the mask of the laid-back persona and tackled the problem with the Syrian refugees. Besides, she was not there to show off her fortune and beauty, but to offer her moral support to the Syrian refugees. This practically leaves no room for glamor and fame of any shape. She didn’t arrive at Lebanon’s Bekka Valley as a celebrity but as a humanitarian with a cause. Angie spoke about the never-ending conflicts in Syria as she urged the world leaders to accept and embrace these people. As she spoke on the platform, the last thing that probably came to her mind is her casual style and looks. Once again, she proved that she’s a great humanitarian and an ordinary woman from the neighbourhood.

14 Angie Goes Makeup-free On The Set of Unbroken

Via Hollywood On the Potomac

There’s no doubt that Angelina Jolie has poured all her heart and soul into the movie Unbroken, which is actually directed by her. This time, she wasn’t the leading actress and neither was she in the center of attention. She was passionate about telling the true story of an Olympic runner Louis Zamperini and his experience as a prisoner. Unbroken narrates the story of a man who was unfortunately taken prisoner by the Japanese forces around WWII. Maybe Angie has been too overwhelmed by her own big studio movie that she entirely forgot to put the celebrity mask back on. Well, she still looks really fresh and yet it can’t be compared to her glamorous red carpet looks. Well, we know that movie directors are often quite hard to spot in the limelight, but this doesn't seem to be the case with a woman like Angelina. This time she might’ve disappointed some folks with her careless style on the set of Unbroken.

13 Angelina Is All About Natural Looks Even When The Camera Is Still Rolling

Via Variety

Where would our gorgeous celebs be without their hairstylists and makeup artists? Perhaps even the highest-paid runway models and mainstream actresses, like Angelina, wouldn’t have lasted a day if it weren’t for these professionals. Any prominent actress you know depends on her looks to climb up the hierarchy. It’s simply how this industry works. Besides, this is also what the movie fans expect to see on the silver screen. Actually, it’s absolutely the same with any other industry or occupation. Of course, she looks fine even when her hair is pulled back into a low ponytail but that’s not the point here. Thanks to such less flattering pictures, many women can stop being that much self-judgemental. Even cherished women, like Angelina, have their fair share of less fabulous moments. She’s also made of flesh and bone, so she depends just as much on her makeup as any other woman.

12 Looking Less Glamorous For An Interview

Via Youtube

For an interview with the CBS News, Angelina Jolie went for a casual style which didn’t go unnoticed by her fans. We’re used to seeing her in gorgeous gowns and high heels so perhaps this was why it feels so weird to see her with a plain top and messy hair. Of course, she still looks fresh and feminine but it’s certainly not her most glamorous moment. During the interview, she had no second thoughts about sharing some of her darkest periods with the world. Although she’s usually candid and open about her private life and family, she never gives too many details away – and that’s perfectly fine. We can't expect her to be so talkative about some of her most painful moments, right?

It's perfectly normal that she prefers to keep some details behind closed doors. After all, she’s just like us although she’s always being followed by paparazzi wherever she goes.

11 When She Forgot To Finish Off Her Makeup

Via Mugeek Vidalondon

No matter how much we love and adore Angelina, we need to face the reality: her makeup game here looks catastrophic. There’s clearly something wrong with those powdered cheeks and chin. Maybe her makeup artist was in a rush to make her look pretty. But whatever it was, the result was simply earth-shattering. As crazy as it seems, this unflattering picture was taken at the premiere of The Normal Heart and it quickly broke the internet. Angelina’s powdered cheeks and chin have gone viral ever since. Even now it still is a mystery whether Jolie still works with the same makeup artist whose masterpiece flooded the web with such shameful pictures of her. The powder on her face was too visible when she arrived on the red carpet and posed for pictures - and it certainly stained her reputation for good.

10 Angelina Jolie And Her Brother

Via: OK! Magazine

Angelina Jolie is without a doubt a lovely woman who blindly follows the advice of her makeup artists and personal hairstylist. Today she’s one of the most successful actresses whose fame has crossed oceans and lands. However, she wasn’t always the elegant and stylish woman she’s today. In the very beginning of her career, Angelina had her fair share of wild periods, more or less. She was kind of rebellious and this picture can only prove it. Maybe she totally forgot that she’s famous so she didn't think twice about flaunting her close relationship with her brother. Yes, siblings can share close and meaningful bonds, but this was just a little extra. By the way, we’re pretty sure that Angie hates this image from the bottom of her heart. But as we know, some mistakes can mark your life for good – and this is certainly one of them.

9 Looking A Little Dishevelled In A Leaked Video

Via YouTube

Is that even her? Well, the truth is that it doesn’t look much like Angie, and yet it’s totally her. It almost seems like the picture-perfect Angelina has a freaky sibling that’s just the opposite of elegance and fineness. Seriously, this is definitely one of Angie’s worst looks so far. We’ve already seen her with messy hair and wardrobe malfunctions but this one left the world speechless. There’s just no trace from the gorgeous Angelina and what she typically looks like on the red carpet. Instead, what we see here is a young woman who’s obviously dealing with a few issues. Thankfully, this image dates back to her early years as an actress, so such tough moments are probably long gone. Even though it’s been decades since this unflattering video leaked, it still is one of her most shameful moments so far. All in all, this image certainly belongs to a long-forgotten photo album Angelina loathes more than everything.

8 Her Fans Must Have Forgotten About This...

Via Daily Mirror

Well, Angelina used to be a bad girl and her 1994 photoshoot reveals her true colors. The rumored photoshoot was an old one, of course, but it reminds us of her wild personality that’s slumbering somewhere deep within. As you can see here, Angelina looks quite racy which is certainly not the most flattering thing she’s ever heard about herself. All these years she’s been a role model for many young girls out. She’s a made a name for herself as a classy and elegant woman so it’s only natural that she hates this photoshoot. It was believed that the hot photoshoot was snapped in 1994 when Angie was only 19 years old. She was supposed to promote her first lead role in a cyber thriller. So this photoshoot was probably all about her being noticed in some way. If you ask us though, this is quite an inappropriate way of getting “noticed” by the right people.

7 Another Weird Moment Angelina Doesn't Want Us To Talk About

Via Daily Mirror

As you can suggest, this image has been taken from the same old photoshoot and we must say that it’s even more jaw-dropping. Frankly, we don’t remember ever seeing Angelina in such funny poses. Over the years Angelina rocked lots of attractive looks on the red carpet and yet none of them was as odd as this one. But anyway, she was quite young at the time so we can put the blame on her reckless youth back in the day. Ultimately, there’s hardly a person who doesn't have less glamorous pictures of their wild youth. The only difference, however, is that the world doesn’t get to see our private photos. Indeed, fame is a tough burden to wear on your shoulders and even women like Angelina can’t always bear with it. Also, we don't get the hair curlers look. Was that ever in?

6 Another Curious Photo Angie Keeps Hidden Behind Closed Doors

Via: Wallpaper Abyss

Here we are with another curious picture from Angie’s early days. Well, the first thought that probably comes to mind is that she was apparently a bad girl in her youth. It clearly isn’t her most fabulous and classy look and her fans will probably agree with that statement. Presently, she may be a lovely woman with a successful career, but this is hardly her most enchanting picture. Instead of being shown in a cute and charming way, this photoshoot is truly catastrophic. Maybe she originally liked the whole idea of looking  attractive in front of the camera. However, the result clearly shows no trace of such plans. The only thing that looks fine here is her barely-there makeup that corresponds to the idea of looking girlie. Too bad it was done in such an unprofessional way.

5 There's No Trace Of Angie's Stylishness And Elegance

Via: Preview Magazine

It doesn’t look quite much like her, does it? Angelina Jolie may be in any guy’s dreams, but as you can see, she also couldn’t keep bad photo days behind closed doors. With a net worth of over $160,000,000 and an impressive list of accomplishments, Angie has become the definition of elegance. Over the years she’s been the face of major fashion brands, like Louis Vuitton, for which she got at least $10,000,000. Well, her collaboration with the world-famous fashion brand must have been quite spectacular. Speaking of which, we can’t image how little she got for this unsuccessful photoshoot. Not only does it look quite catastrophic, but it hardly conveys any message of femininity at all. Unfortunately, this picture is as real as it gets although Angie may have forgotten about its existence.

4 That’s A Killer Photo

Via: GramUnion

Who could have known that a woman like Angelina had such wild photos? All these years she must've been zealously keeping these photos under the rug. As a young and lively girl, she probably didn't think much about things like fame and glamor. Well, she might have had dreams of becoming a huge movie star one day, but she hardly believed in them. Besides, Angelina might have considered this photoshoot a decent way to make some good money. Whatever the case, this seems to be a pretty risky way to do so. What was she thinking anyway? This was clearly a huge mistake that Angie made in her early years as an actress. Indeed, we can't imagine how embarrassed she must be for being part of this. She was clearly still in her grunge phase in this photo.

3 When She Forgot That She's A Hollywood Star And Had Some Fun

Via Somtom.com

So what is going on here, Angie? Did you get your high heels hooked on something while walking the red carpet? Or did you happen to see a close friend blocked in that insane crowd? Well, there could be millions of reasons that could explain what happened there. However, there's one specific thing that will always ring true: you just can't show too much love or appreciation for anyone when you're a celebrity. And you certainly cannot have too much fun when the whole world is watching you. That's just how the celebrity world works. If you dare to disobey this rule, you'll end up splashed all over the media just like her. And yes, we can guarantee you that you'll hate yourself for being so frivolous and playful. This picture could be 10 years old now but it still is an interesting sight to see, isn't it? After all, you don't see such weird and less fabulous pictures of celebrities every single day, right? If that's the case with you too, then today is probably your lucky day!

2 Nobody Is Perfect All The Time And Neither Is Angelina

Via Pinterest

Indeed, nobody is perfect and neither is our lovely Angelina Jolie! Although celebs always try to look their best, there are still moments of embarrassment - and this is what makes them human after all. Even deeply respected women like Angelina aren't immune to such less glamorous snaps. From the look of things, Angelina seems like she's about to strike a fabulous pose for the photographers. The ex-couple could have been waiting for the photographers to get ready and get their job done and, in fact, they did. Well, Brad and Angelina might have expected something else but they got punished with this picture for facing different cameras. You see, it's all about the right angles and good lighting. If either is missing, then you've got a less fabulous photo to mourn over for good...As odd as it seems, this image certainly proves that even beautiful women like Angie can have bad photo days too. Hats off to the person who captured this weird red carpet moment that's just unforgettable.

1 She Wasn't Ready For The Cameras

Via: ACS

Well, there's definitely an element of her bewildered expression that stands out more than it should. All these years, we've known her for her classy wardrobe picks that are simply mind-blowing. Of course, she would be splashed on every page of the newspaper and there's nothing odd about it. She's one of the wealthiest and most famous actresses in Hollywood. So it's only normal that she's constantly followed by a marching parade of greedy photographers. Nobody would miss out on such a golden opportunity to snap Angelina if they see her. So ultimately, this less glamorous photo quickly made headlines around the world as one of her more notorious pictures.

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