15 Photos That Prove Johnny Depp Has Given Up

Fans have adored the 54-year-old (can you believe it!) actor Johnny Depp for years. He is a great actor and has been in dozens of highly-acclaimed films over the span of his exciting career thus far. Some of his better-known movies include Edward Scissorhands, Blow, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chocolat, Sleepy Hollow, Finding Neverland, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Ed Wood, and The Rum Diary. He has also acted on television and is into music too.

Depp was once known as one of the foxiest men in Hollywood, with his cool charisma, handsome and rugged looks, and high-octane sex appeal. But over time, it seems like Depp has given up on being the fine fella he once was. He may still be a terrific actor, making loads of loot, but his often-odd behavior and even odder appearance has given the major Hollywood power players and honchos a scare. Is Depp still the bookable and bankable actor he was years ago, or has he become an embarrassment to himself and the industry?

See for yourself and make your own judgement about Depp. Here are 15 telling photos of the actor that have people wondering if Depp has gone off the deep end. Is he just being edgy or is something else at play? Even A-listers are not immune to a mid-life crisis if that’s what we’re looking at. We can safely assume that none of these pics are making it to the Depp family album.

15 Tin Teeth Are Scary

Do nine out of ten dentists recommend metal teeth? Probably not, but we can only guess that the rotting teeth beneath the shiny metal is much harder to swallow. Depp seems to enjoy saying “cheese” for the camera even with a mouthful of metal. Perhaps these stainless-steel teeth help Depp bite into turkey and mustard sandwiches with ease, but he may set off the metal detector at the airport. Not to mention, do those choppers get chilly when he sips on an ice-cold lemonade or a lager beer?

While this look certainly isn’t for everyone, Depp must be a fun site on Halloween when the neighborhood kids mistake him for a jack-o'-lantern.

Is this the Hollywood hunk Depp’s agents had in mind when they signed him? We know they’re not smiling.

14 Hair Scare

So, that is where all the gel went. Depp seems to have quite a style (if that’s what we can call this) when it comes to doing his 'do. He looks like he stuck his finger in an electrical socket to achieve this hairstyle. While Depp must think this messy look is hip, the rest of us are only wondering what sort of vermin might be crawling around in there. Birds are seeking shelter for their eggs and Depp can’t feel a thing.

Mounds of mousse and half-gallons of hairspray helped Depp design his hairdo, but even the strongest shampoo couldn’t clean this haystack.

Wearing a hat would be impossible and running your fingers through Depp’s hair would be a great, while undesirable feat. A close shave is the only remedy to this ridiculousness.

13 Not-So-Safe Safety Pins

Johnny, what did your poor earlobes ever do to you? Three safety pins through your lobes looks pretty painful. Is this a “tough guy” look or did you simply misplace your normal earrings? Hopefully Depp thoroughly sterilized those pins before piercing his ears with something that could have been rusty and dusty.

But by the looks of things, he probably grabbed them from who-knows-where and sloppily shoved them into his skin.

So far, he looks infection-free, but serious swelling and raw redness can pop up out of nowhere. An amputated ear does not look so hot on the big screen. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Depp has plenty of money. Why not go out and get a gold or diamond stud and leave the safety pins for something more suitable?

12 Worn Out

Is this a photo of a man who is going to be on the 2018 People magazine’s S*xiest Man Alive issue cover? If so, females around the world are in quite the predicament if this is as good as it gets. Depp looks like he is recovering from a rough night and the room is spinning. Is he hungover, tired, sick, or a mixture of all three? With oily hair, a pale complexion, and a dreadful look in his eye, Depp is not anything like the hottie that he was years ago.

Will casting directors want a fella who looks like this in their next flick? The hair and makeup team can only do so much.

Maybe after a nice hot shower and some healthy food Depp will look and feel 100 times better. Till then, he ought to take a cat nap and try to recover.

11 Kimmel Kiss

There was a time that nearly anyone — man or woman — wouldn’t mind and may even delight in a sweet kiss from Johnny Depp. This isn’t one of those times. Sure, Jimmy Kimmel is smiling because he is a silly and fun-loving guy, but on the inside, he is probably cringing. Do you imagine Depp with minty-fresh breath or soft lips? This is more like the kiss of death than anything close to a satisfying smooch.

They say you need to kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince, but they never said a word about puckering up to Depp.

Talk about croaking. Hopefully this kiss was brief, and no tongue-action was involved. Kimmel may host a late-night show, but this sort of programming is too much to handle at any hour of the day.

10 Scalped And Scary

It looks like someone was a tad heavy-handed with the Bic razor. Depp got rid of all his hair on both sides of his head, leaving just the top for his greasy pomades and sticky hairspray.

He may think he looks cool with this punk-inspired look, but even the smudgy black eyeliner isn’t giving us hope.

His shaved head may be simple to style, but Hollywood movie makers are not in love with Depp’s unique look. He would have to wear a hairpiece to be cast in nearly any film, and the last thing Depp needs is gooey glue stuck to his slick scalp. Sure, he may keep his longer hair greasy, but this is far too much scalp for the red carpet. Depp’s publicist is certainly earning her keep.

9 Going After Granny

Pardon us Mr. Depp, but what on Earth are you doing to that poor old woman? Did she invite you to touch her head or fix her eyeglasses? By the look on her face, it seems like granny isn’t all too interested in being fondled by the actor, but he seems to be fixated on whatever it is he is doing to the gray-haired gal. Hasn’t Depp ever heard that he is supposed to respect his elders? Would he like it if someone came up behind him and touched his head? Not that anyone would want to get their fingers stuck.

Perhaps this woman knows what is going on, but Depp should just keep his hands to himself and let that woman go about her business.

Depp needs bad publicity like a hole in the head.

8 Bad Habits

Smoking is so last century. Doesn’t Depp know how terrible smoking is for his health? Fans love to follow what their idols do, so it would be a shame if a teen began puffing away just to be more like their hero, Johnny Depp. Plus, his team surely mustn’t be too fond of Depp ruining his voice or looks due to damage caused by cigarette smoking. Not to mention how much he must stink of cigarettes. Now we feel even worse for Jimmy Kimmel during that unpleasant on-air kiss. Depp needs to invest in a nicotine patch and nix the death sticks for good.

If he wants to stay healthy and keep getting movie roles, he needs to stay youthful and in good shape.

Nothing worthwhile ever resulted from a smoking habit.

7 Loony In Leather

Lots of people look chic in a cool leather jacket, but Depp somehow missed the mark in this goofy getup. It appears that his hair is bleached white under that odd shiny wide-brimmed hat, and those very dark glasses seem unnecessary since it seems like it is nighttime outside. The necklace situation is overkill, and the jacket appears as though it was run through the spin cycle. But the one-of-a-kind Depp always loves showing off his quirky signature style, so going for a typical leather jacket look wouldn’t cut it for the odd actor. Maybe this outfit is for a movie role Depp is shooting, but knowing him, this is just what he put on for a trip to the grocery store to pick up a container of milk.

6 Astonishing Allegations

Johnny Depp was married to the much-younger actress Amber Heard for a short while, and they split after allegations surfaced that he was physically violent and abusive with her. If this is true, it is not only a terrible side of Depp that nobody would ever want to see, but it is a huge stain on his acting career. Studios do not want to involve themselves in violence or domestic drama, so why hire Depp when there is another guy who could get the job done just as well?

Not to mention all the social media backlash. Heard and Depp’s romance is obviously done, but can Depp repair his relationship with Hollywood?

Fans are fair-weathered, so after watching this scandal play out, lots of people were quick to drop Depp.

5 Greasy Guy

Johnny Depp loves to make sure his hair is always thickly coated in just the right amount of grimy grease. Is it natural or does he apply some type of hair product to achieve this special slick look? Perhaps Depp enjoys that “macho” and “manly” look which involves infrequent hair-washing or conditioning. And when seated side-by-side with his ex, Amber Heard, his hair looks even slimier than usual when contrasted with her freshly clean and soft-looking 'do. She must have had no problem with his style while they were an item, but the pillowcases must have had a hard time adjusting to deep-set stains. Depp may land lots of gigs, but hell will freeze over and pigs will fly before he gets hired to hock name-brand shampoo on TV commercials.

4 Out-There Outfits

You’ve gotta hand it to Depp. If there is one thing he’s got going for him, it is his sense of style. We are not saying it is good, but just the fact that it is all his own. That is because nobody else would be caught dead in such getups. He seems to adore mixing and (not) matching while layering as much as he can without falling over. He’s into scarves, vests, hats, and sunglasses, and it would be quite a feat if he ever could repeat an entire look twice.

His closets must be overflowing with hand-me-downs and consignment shop finds, as well as high-end pieces and designer duds.

Even if Depp were to head out in public with a paper bag over his head, he’d be instantly recognizable due to his unique style. But when it comes to embarrassing his stylist, Depp wins the award for worst dressed.

3 Down In The Dumps Depp

This pic proves that Depp is feeling ashamed of what has become of him. While he doesn’t look as nuts as usual in this particular photo, his sense of “woe is me” is apparent. Does he believe that his career is on a downward spiral due to his odd antics and weird behavior? Is Hollywood giving up on the A-lister because he is inching closer to “B” and “C?” Should he see a life coach or get a personal stylist to revamp himself both inside and out? Or is Depp cool as he is and thinks the whole Hollywood scene is a joke?

He has paid his dues in the biz, so at this point, he could retire and live lavishly until he is old and gray.

Perhaps some reflection will allow Depp to come to terms with where he is in his career and he can decide if he should call it quits or pitch Edward Scissorhands II.

2 Weirdly Windblown

While Depp’s ex Amber Heard looks ever so lovely in the sunshine, it looks like Depp got whipped by a wild windstorm. Is a major hurricane headed Depp’s way or did he forget to adequately gel up his hair that morning? Even though Depp’s hair is covering his eyes, he must think the windblown look makes him look foxy. He’s got a hot babe on his arm, his leather jacket is sharp, and he is wearing his signature shades. What’s a little blast of wind when Depp thinks he otherwise has got it going on? But to the rest of us, this weird windy pic makes Depp look a little wacky. Heard is all smiles but Depp looks like he’s lost. Doesn’t he know that Gone with the Wind was filmed decades ago?

1 Freaky Friends

There was a time when folks thought Marilyn Manson was the oddest celeb out there. Well, he met his match by befriending Johnny Depp. Depp may not go for as much makeup as Manson likes to apply, but we have seen Depp in thick eyeliner when he is into his “pirate” phases. These two fellas are hitting the town, causing a commotion and creating a scene. Imagine seeing this dynamic duo seated next to you at a restaurant or bellied up to the bar knocking back shots of vodka? But the oddest thing of all is seeing Depp in a suit and tie.

Naturally, he’s disheveled, but at least he attempted to look classy. Maybe with a borrowed swipe of Manson’s red lipstick, Depp’s look would be complete.

Look out paparazzi!


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