15 Photos That Prove Angelina Jolie Doesn't Care What Anyone Thinks Except For Brad

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie first split up, Jolie was on her high horse about how she was doing what was best for her family. Not only that but there were a lot of rumors going around that Brad Pitt was a drunk and she even got child services involved in an incident on a flight. When she first split from Pitt, she definitely pooled all her effort into making him look like a bad guy.

Now we’re a year later and Pitt is doing better than ever post-breakup from Jolie. It looks as if being away from her was the best thing he could have ever done for himself. Now, the shoe is on the other foot and Jolie has stopped bad mouthing Pitt and has gone so far as to say that they will “always be a family.” She wants him back and he’s done everything including throwing millions of dollars her way and she hasn’t released him yet. She’s trying everything that she can to get him back and so far, we have only heard of rumors that he’s getting back together with Jennifer Aniston, not Angelina Jolie.

She’s been looking a little worse for wear these days and that might be because she has focused all her energy on getting Pitt back. She’s been looking tired, frail, and her fashion sense seems to have gone right out the window. What has become of the foxiest woman alive?

15 Jolie’s Dress Was Underwhelming

We’re not sure where the foxiest woman alive went but gone are the days when she showed up to events as a smoke show. Remember that first year when she stole Brad Pitt away? She wore a tight leather, show-stopping black dress to the premiere of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Brad could barely keep his eyes off her.

We’re not sure if now that she’s in her 40s she has decided to “look her age” but it’s a little disappointing.

When she wore this dress to the Golden Globes, many critics considered it to be “underwhelming” and we would have to agree. It shows nothing of her figure and it just sort of hangs off her. We wish she would go back to her steamier looks. Jennifer Aniston is still blowing us away with her dresses and she’s almost 50.

14 Jolie And Her School Teacher Look

We’re not talking about the foxy school teacher look either. It’s just an indication of how little Jolie cares about her appearance these days. This outfit makes her almost unrecognizable. Everything from the wrap down to her shoes is plain, baggy, and very unflattering. When she first started dating Brad, she used to dress like a bombshell, not to mention her whole life up until that point.

Maybe now that she’s focusing on humanitarian efforts, she wants to look the part.

We’re not sure what her reasoning is but usually after a breakup you show off your revenge body and your revenge outfits and Jolie isn’t doing anything to catch Brad’s eye. We’re not sure what’s slowing the divorce down, but it has a lot of people questioning Jolie. "It's true that the divorce is not moving forward right now," a source shared said. "They are taking a breather and seeing what happens."

13 Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Know How To Play Nice

One of the most talked about moments at the Golden Globes this year was when Angelina Jolie refused to look at Jennifer Aniston when she was presenting on stage.

What made the moment all the funnier was that Dakota Johnson tried to discreetly glance at Jolie to see if she was watching Aniston. The whole moment was caught on camera, though, and despite how discreet Johnson was trying to be, it was all over social media in no time.

You would think that a confident woman would look Aniston straight in the eye and not be bothered by her presence. But now that she is no longer with Pitt any longer she may feel a little embarrassment over seeing Aniston. In the wake of their split, Aniston had every reason in the world to feel smug about things. We think that Jolie didn’t show much class in this photo.

12 She’s Been Looking Frail

Angelina Jolie over the past few years has been skinny. Long gone are the curves and muscles that we liked in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Even when she was in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, she was a little more muscular. Since then, however, she just seems to be getting skinnier and skinnier. This photo not only proves that her wardrobe needs a major overhaul but that she has lost a ton of weight. Her arms are extremely bony and it has us all wondering if the stress of the split is getting to the actress.

“I don’t enjoy being single. It’s not something I wanted. There’s nothing nice about it. It’s just hard.

Sometimes maybe it appears I am pulling it all together, but really I am just trying to get through my days.”

11 Jolie Wears The Biggest Cardigan Ever

She’s certainly not drawing the eye with this outfit. We’re not sure why so many beautiful actresses choose to wear these extra large cardigans because they aren’t flattering at all. And we dare say that it doesn’t look like Angelina Jolie is wearing a bra either. Again, Jolie dresses a lot different from what she used to and we’re not understanding why she chooses to be so frumpy all the time. She is definitely someone that watches her health, especially now that she’s split from Brad.

“So, my health is something I have to monitor. So much in life, you just focus on how much worse it could be. And I am so happy I don’t have cancer, and that if I do get it, it will be delayed for a few years. The exchange for that peace of mind is quite good.

I feel sometimes that my body has taken a hit, but I try to laugh as much as possible.”

10 Jolie Has Her Hands Full

Jolie has stated that she wants full custody of the kids, but we have to wonder if she can really handle it all by herself. For many years she’s had the help of brad to cart around all of her six children. Now she doesn’t have that extra help. She’s going to have to hire some extra help to keep everything together. Until custody is determined, the children are with Jolie and Brad is only able to see them for limited hours.

“The children have been amazing. It’s been so moving to see how much they have helped each other and how much they have helped me. They have really come into their own and they are finding themselves and their voices.

I know that they will have each other for life and it gives me great peace to know the day I pass away that they will take care of each other.”

9 Looking Sickly And Plain

We don’t know if Angelina is struggling through the split or not. It’s apparent that she no longer wants the divorce from Brad. The only problem is he no longer wants to be married. So, we have been seeing lots of pictures of the actress where she just doesn’t look healthy. Don’t even get us started on her sense of fashion these days because it seems to be non-existent. Jolie has said that she is looking forward to her kids becoming teens so that she can start to rediscover herself once again.

She is hoping to “rediscover a little bit of the old [her].”

We hope that the children will get through the divorce as well-adjusted kids. Kids are usually pretty resilient and it wouldn’t be the first Hollywood divorce.

8 Wearing A Wrap At The Roller Rink

We may never see Jolie’s slim figure again as long as she keeps choosing to wear these giant wraps that cover most of her body. In this photo, she was taking her kids to the roller rink when she was seen wearing the wrap. We really hope that once she starts dating again, she goes back to the form-fitting dresses that look so great on her. We would even be happy to see her in a pair of snug jeans.

Despite the terrible things said about Brad over the past year, Jolie has stated that they are a family and will always remain that way.

We wonder if she will still feel that way if Brad starts dating again. "We are focusing on the health of our family, and so we will be stronger when we come out of this because that's what we're determined to do as a family. We will always be a family. Always."

7 She Says She's Focused On Her Health, But It Doesn't Look It 

We don’t know why she doesn’t seem worried about her own weight. Is it the stress, is she not eating? We’re not sure what it is but Jolie looks quite skeletal now. She has lost the curvaceous shape that she once had and she doesn’t look very healthy at all. We’re not sure about this outfit either, we don’t think that anyone is taking fashion tips from Jolie lately. We know she isn’t dealing with things well and maybe that’s why her weight is so off. "None of it's easy," she told the New York Times.

"It's very, very difficult, a very painful situation, and I just want my family healthy. They're getting better. I never expect to be the one that everybody understands or likes.

And that's okay, because I know who I am, and the kids know who I am."

6 Jolie Is Green With Envy

This isn’t necessarily a terrible outfit. The color is great and so is the cut. But considering we are used to seeing Jolie in form-fitting gowns that either has cleavage or are strapless, we are definitely disappointed by this dress. The color is probably the only good thing about it. Just because she’s in her 40s doesn’t mean she has to hide from the world. We miss the actress’ foxy side. When she first announced her divorce they moved out into another home and being there wasn’t easy for her.

"It took me a few months to realize that I was really going to have to do it," she said. "That there was going to have to be another base regardless of everything. That there was going to have to be a home. Another home."

Her kids made the situation better by helping to decorate it. "It has a lot of moments," she said. "It's happy. Happy and light, and we needed that."

5 Angelina Jolie And Her Rather Large Parka

The parka that Angelina Jolie is wearing in this picture is like another person it’s so big. She must have been determined not to get cold that day. What’s even weirder is the fact that her kids are only wearing sweatshirts but yet she looks like she’s ready to make a trip to Antarctica. She’s in full gear, but it can’t be that cold, or her children would be dressed better. And don’t even get us started on the boots, it’s just too much.

Despite what is going on in Jolie’s life, it appears as if Pitt is only striving. It turns out that he is much happier without Jolie. A source told People magazine, "Brad seems to be in a better place.

The separation was very dark for him, but lately, he looks healthier and happier. He seems excited about life."

4 Frumpy Seems To Be Her Go-To Look

We get it, even when we are running errands we don’t always get dressed to the nines. But seriously, we are starting to wonder if she has anything nice to wear. She could have easily worn a cool pair of ripped jeans or tight-fitting cargo pants to show off her figure. Oh, wait, that’s Jennifer Aniston we’re thinking about. It sure wouldn’t hurt if she wore something that showed off her figure. What’s the point of being skinny if you don’t show it off? Maybe that’s the point; she’s grown so skinny lately, maybe she’s trying to cover up the fact. During her most recent movie First They Killed My Father, both Pax and Maddox helped her while onset.

"They really help me so much," she said about her kids. "We're really such a unit.

They're the best friends I've ever had. Nobody in my life has ever stood by me more."

3 She Gets Thinner By The Day

Jolie isn’t looking great these days. She is far too skinny and she looks like she’s aged ten years since the split with Brad. We have to wonder if she’s really taking care of herself. Maybe her split from Brad has really taken its toll on her. It’s sad because all we see is these baggy clothes that she’s wearing and she used to be one of the foxiest women alive. Where did it all go? She’s a really big fan of these enormous cardigans. She's completely drowning in the sweater and it practically reaches her feet. These sweaters are not flattering as well and she looks like a hobo as she walks her dog. Where did the steamy vixen go? We don’t think she would have been able to steal anyone’s husband in this outfit.

2 Jolie Looks Pale And Shaken

She’s wearing yet another baggy, shapeless outfit and while she’s at it, she looks pale and shaken while walking in Malibu. She was spending the day shopping with Knox and Vivienne and she didn’t exactly look happy. She’s tried her best to stay out of the spotlight since the split, but that’s easier said than done. It must be hard for her to take care of all the kids on her own. Since the split, Pitt has been doing whatever he can to be a better father and a better person.

"He goes to therapy every week and is mostly interested in learning and bettering himself as a man and father."

He stopped drinking and actually went into therapy and that’s probably the best thing that he could have done for himself.

1 Out For Coffee With A Friend

Hopefully, once the divorce is over Jolie will go back to being the confident, foxy woman that we know her to be. We would love it if she gave up all the shapeless and baggy outfits that she has acquired. Seriously, we hate to say it, but this girl needs a makeover and stat! In this photo, Jolie is out for coffee in Los Angeles with a friend. We’re not sure who the friend is but clearly no one important enough for Jolie to dress up for. For Brad, the only thing he would change about his circumstance is he would like to see his kids more.

“Brad doesn't go out much with the kids or leave the house. But Brad would definitely like to spend more time with them than he does. He prefers to keep things very private and safe. It's his sanctuary and just being there is where he finds peace.

He has projects around the house and is always making things or changing things around."


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