15 Photos Of The Kardashians We Can't Ignore

You can’t go online these days without seeing a pic of a Kardashian or someone close to the family. Some pics are pretty, some are racy, and some are downright shady. These 15 photos fall into the third category, proving the Kardashians will go to any length to remain in the public eye.

The Kardashian clan is always up to something that causes a public stir, yet it is usually the family members themselves who start the wheel spinning. They love to share every moment of their lives to the point that it becomes TMI for most of us.

We already see all we can stand of the family on their decades-long reality TV show, but then there are the endless photos that keep rolling in by the minute. With all their collective social media accounts, you could potentially see a new Kardashian photo every time you log into your Facebook or Instagram account. What would they have done back when social media wasn’t even on the radar?

While the Kardashians and their circle of pals want people to like their pics, sometimes things come across as super-shady, whether they meant for it to be that way or not. Of course, like beauty, shade is in the eye of the beholder, but most would argue that shady stuff could be found in any of these pics if you look hard enough.

Take a look at these 15 Kardashian photos below and you can decide if you think they are shady or satisfactory.

15 Desperately Seeking Celeb Status

These days, it seems like Kim Kardashian West does not give her old buddy Paris Hilton a second thought. But doesn’t Kim remember the days when she was kissing butt, so she could become part of the exciting celeb world?

As Paris’ assistant, or whatever it was she did for her, Kim was like a desperate puppy dog following Paris around.

Sure, Paris is still as rich and famous as ever, but Kim went from nobody to somebody by climbing the ladder that Paris set out for her. Without Paris (and that infamous tape), would the world even know Kim at all? Kim ought to thank her pal for giving her the time of day back then but it seems like serious shade has overshadowed what once may have been a true friendship.

14 Me-Shirt T-Shirt

While in a store that surely sells lots of clothing, Kylie Jenner finds time to snap a selfie of herself in a t-shirt with her image on it. Then again, upon second glance, she may just be inside her huge walk-in closet. Nevertheless, this chick is asking for Internet trolls to comment about her level of narcissism, but that would work in her advantage, since she’s looking for the attention anyway.

Is this shirt something Kylie had made for herself or do other people actually buy this and wear it in public?

And for a gal who has enough moolah to buy something much more flattering, one must wonder what her motive is by wearing and posting a pic of herself in this shirt. Perhaps this pic is a diss to all the designers who want to dress her for events. Even they can’t come up with a frock that is as special as Kylie’s face.

13 Upgraded Bling

Poor Kris Humphries. Not only did his marriage to Kim K. only last a little over two months, but here she is in a side-by-side comparison of the engagement ring he gave her and the even “blingier” one she got from her current hubby Kanye West.

Surely, Kris felt his ring was as big as one could get, but leave it to Kanye to outdo it and come up with a diamond that looks like a glacier.

Kim certainly knows how to get a fella to open his wallet and spend like there’s no tomorrow on her jewelry. It must be part of the pre-proposal discussions. But Kim is no average woman, so she must be seen with a ring that could light up the Empire State Building.If she and Kanye ever divorce, Kim’s next suitor better be prepared to shell out millions for her hand in marriage.

12 Jackie Oh No!

Flattery or a major faux pas? Here we see Kim and her daughter North in a magazine pictorial that is trying to capture the essence of the late Jackie O. But lots of people were not all too pleased with this concept. Some even said that the dear Jackie would be rolling over in her grave to know that a reality star was using her signature style and likeness to make a buck from a photo shoot.

Not to mention the fact that she got her young child involved in the polarizing pic.

Then again, some fans thought this shoot paid homage to Jackie O. and Kim looked fantastic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and magazine content can be taken in a number of ways. Shade or a salute?

11 Self-Obsessed

While these sassy sisters could be doing something far more valuable with their time, Kylie and Kendall snap selfies of themselves day in and day out, 24/7. Sure, they have tons of social media followers who constantly want to see fresh new images of the young ladies, but shouldn’t there be a time out every now and then to get back to reality? Then again, selfie-snapping is their reality!

These Jenner gals are totally obsessed with themselves, but so is everyone else. But what would the sisters say about other people snapping pics of themselves all day?

Surely, they would think those folks could find something better to do with the hours in their day. Hypocritical perhaps, but they would certainly have something to say about someone else being as self-obsessed as they are.

10 Too Young For Comfort

While Scott Disick’s romance with his 30-something baby mama Kourtney is currently on the outs, hooking up with a teenager may not be the best step towards finding a healthy relationship.

Scott’s got all sorts of issues that we have seen play out on TV, but this takes dating to a whole new dimension. Sofia Richie may be beautiful and perhaps even mature for her age, but the last thing Scott needs right now is more drama in his life.

And what does Sofia’s dad, musician Lionel Richie think of Scott dating his teenage daughter? He must not be too pleased that she is dating such an older guy, let alone a fella with a sordid past like Scott’s. Maybe Kourtney will get sick of seeing pics of her ex with such young chicks and give him another chance to make their relationship work.

9 Racially Regrettable

Oh Khloe, you, of all people should know better. Even if this black and white image is supposed to be a portrayal of “art,” the racial ramifications are far too obvious to overlook.

Both of these women are beautiful and deserve their place in the spotlight to shine. After this pic was released, it is a sure bet that people were up in arms about the pose and positioning of the female subjects.

And even if this shot was not Khloe’s idea, she could have said something about the message it would send. Khloe is by no means naïve, so she must have seen the backlash coming. The Kardashian sisters are all too familiar with how these things go. More thought surely went into the next photo shoot Khloe did.

8 Marketing Morning Sickness

With so much top-notch private doctor care the Kardashians get, it is hard to believe that all Kim did to combat morning sickness was wash back a couple of these morning sickness pills. Clearly, she is hocking this drug to make a buck; whether or not she actually used the pills is questionable. We all know that Kim had difficult pregnancies since it was all filmed for Keeping Up, but if she took these pills, wouldn’t we have seen that play out on the show too?

While every person has the right to take a job, this one seems a little off-brand for Kim.

Where’s the high fashion and makeup? Is Kim really the new face of nausea? We’re guessing she got paid a pretty penny to market for morning sickness relief.

7 Waist Training Trainwreck

We have all watched as Khloe Kardashian went from flab to fab and got in super tip-top shape. She was once labeled the “fat” sister, but that all changed once she started watching her diet and began working out like a champ. But do we really need to see her waist training pics? Are these things even safe?

Many doctors say no, that they compress the internal organs and are no good for the body. But here we have Khloe — who has thousands of social media followers — sporting this contraption.

Is she setting a good example, or is she starting a trend that could be dangerous? Looking good is cool, but how it is done is the issue. Let’s hope she doesn’t wear this thing all day long for heaven’s sake!

6 Contouring A Cutie?

We all know that little kids get into things, and sometimes they find mom’s makeup and love to try it out. But when it comes to the Kardashians, everything they do is scrutinized. People were sure to blast Kim for trying to “contour” her kiddo’s precious face with her foundation and concealer. What probably happened was that North saw her mommy using all this stuff, so she wanted to give it a try too.

But in true Kim form, she posted this pic of her kid full of makeup just to cause a stir on social media.

Does she really need to post every pic of her family’s life? Not to mention, is all this makeup good for a little kid’s skin? Time to wash that off and let her tender skin breathe.

5 Frenemies

From serious shade to sweet smiles, Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s relationship has certainly had its ups and downs over the years. There was that unforgettable moment when West interrupted Swift’s award acceptance speech to declare that he believed Beyoncé should have won instead.

Then he and Swift mended fences and developed a friendship of sorts, only to once again get into a flaming feud about his controversial song. But when a photo opp comes a celeb’s way, it is all snuggles and smiles to get fans talking.

West can be wishy-washy, and Swift is swift to jump on board with whatever’s hot. These two may seem different on the surface, but they are kinda like two peas in a pod. Does Kim think the West-Swift situation is worth all the chatter?

4 Beauty Procedures

Yikes Kim! We all are well aware that you will go to great lengths for beauty. From plastic surgery to makeup galore to lasering to Botox to tanning, you have tried it all, and we have to say, the results seem to be well worth the effort. Most would agree that you are a stunning woman who gets better looking year after year. But this “facial” is beyond what most would consider normal beauty upkeep. This looks painful and frightening, and it is unclear what the purpose of such a bloody mess is.

Will this make you look less wrinkled? Younger? Fresher? Shinier? Whatever the end result is supposed to be, is the process worth the craziness?

This is one pic we can’t get out of our minds, yet like most things you do, you just had to share it with the masses. Bloody heck!

3 Up In Smoke

While on a controversial trip to Cuba, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, and one of their best gal pals all took a racy pic with some fat Cuban cigars. After posting this pic, they received some backlash, but the sisters and their friend were having too good a time puffing away to give a rat’s behind. Were the cigars enjoyable? Surely looks so. But if their trip was going to cause a fuss, why make their pics public? They could have had just as great of a time if they puffed in private.

But even bad publicity is positive for this bunch, so why not cause a ruckus when the pic is worth every penny?

Their trip must have been unforgettable, but were they able to take some cigars back to the states?

2 Fur Coat Made For Toddlers

If this is real fur, there is a big issue with anyone wearing it, let alone a small child. Faux is fine, but even that look is a tad mature for a little girl.

Anti-fur activists surely had a major problem with a child wearing a fur coat, and Kim put her child’s life in danger if she were to be approached by a die-hard, anti-fur crusader.

Not to mention, real or faux, this coat is far too fancy for a little kid who would love to play and get down and dirty. And the expense makes no sense, since North is sure to grow out of this coat by next season. Fashion is fun but forget fur and find something more ethical to wear. That goes for adults and kids alike.

1 Controversial Costumes

Halloween is a time for fun and games, but this trio took the day and turned it into something far more controversial than candy and pumpkins. In their controversial garb, Scott Disick and his buddy caused a social media firestorm by dressing in these traditional outfits. Surely Scott thought the concept would get some laughs and Khloe was apparently along for the ride. But these three must know that their actions are never taken lightly. What about dressing up in something that would not cause such a stir? There are plenty of costumes that nobody would have a problem with. A clown would be fine, as would a unicorn. Even a devil would beat this look. Or better yet, let the kids dress up, and stay home to hand out candy bars to the trick-or-treaters.

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