15 Photos Of The Cast Of Shameless That Even Frank Would Be Embarrassed About

Shameless is one of the coolest and hippest shows being broadcast on cable television. With an all-star cast, an addictive storyline and a ton of unexpected dramatics, we can't help but be glued to our screens every Sunday night. With eight successful seasons under its belt, Shameless will be back in the fall to treat fans to a ninth season. Due to the shows popularity, we don't see any signs of it being cancelled in the near future!

One of the main themes of the show is dysfunction — family dysfunction, relationship dysfunction, and personality dysfunction. As humans, we are inherently drawn to all things awkward and uncomfortable, and perhaps that is why Shameless has done so well. We love the characters, but we also love to see them get into epic messes and be forced to find unconventional solutions to very strange problems. Frank, Lip, and Fiona have all suffered through their share of low moments, and the show just wouldn't be the same without some level of chaos.

It's easy for the actors to go to work and play these batty characters, but what happens when the chaos and embarrassment transmit into their personal lives? The stars behind our favorite gang of loony Gallagher's have had their fair share of embarrassing moments caught on film. Here are 15 Photos Of The Cast Of Shameless That Even Frank Would Be Embarrassed About.

15 Steve Howey Wishes We Would Forget About His Babyface Days

Actor Steve Howey might play our favorite scruffy-faced next door neighbour, Kevin, but deep in the vault there are plenty of photos of him without a trace of facial hair.

Before his signature man-bun turned him into a hunky warrior, Steve Howey was just your average boy next door (literally!). He's come a long way in his personal grooming, and we are all better for it. Longer hair, facial hair and a little more weight have really made the star look like a different person.

Although Shameless has really put him on the map, Steve actually had a long-running role on the sitcom Reba from 2001 to 2007. His character, Van Montgomery, was admittedly fresh-faced and didn't have the same street credibility as Kevin! We like the new and improved Steve!

14 Emmy Rossum Has A Lot Of Exes

Emmy Rossum might only be 31 years old, but she's had her fair share of romantic relationships! On her second marriage, the star was formerly married to music executive Justin Siegel, but the sparks didn't fly for very long.

They never publicly referred to themselves as married, which was already quite suspicious, and a year after eloping, they were ready to call it quits.

Justin actually filed for the divorce proceedings, citing irreconcilable differences. Emmy quickly moved on to Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, whom she dated for a year, before her divorce was even finalized. The pair broke it off in the fall of 2010, and Emmy would meet her future second husband, Sam Esmail, in 2013. They were married in 2017 and are still going strong!

13 Justin Chatwin Has A Hairy Past

Justin Chatwin, who played Fiona's first love interest Steve/Jimmy at the beginning of the series, has proved that a haircut can go a long way. Before he cleaned up his act for Shameless, the Canadian actor was spotted with a shaggy, hippie 'do on several occasions. A little bit of taming and some facial hair really brought him into his look! Although his departure from the show was our first real crushing moment, we eventually got over the loss. Justin is still acting and was cast as a regular in TV Series American Gothic in 2016. He is currently on set filming two different films that are expected to be released later this year, so we will see him on the big screen again soon!

12 Noel Fisher Is Unrecognizable As A Vampire

Fans who know Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich, Ian's rebellious on-again, off-again boyfriend, find him almost unrecognizable without his signature black locks. The actor, who bleached his hair to star in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II looks like a completely different actor in his vampire mode!

The good news? Noel went back to his naturally dark hair colour when filming wrapped up.

He also left Shameless shortly afterward, although he might make another appearance in the future if we're lucky. Despite some dysfunction in their relationship, we can't help but love Mickey and Ian together. The pair are responsible for breaking down stereotypes about the LGBTQ community on TV.

11 Cameron Monaghan Is Guilty Of Taking Shameless Selfies

No one is denying that Cameron Monaghan, the actor who plays our beloved Ian, is in great shape. Over the years, he has transformed from a somewhat scrawny ginger into a lean, mean, ab machine. Despite having nothing to be ashamed of under his clothes, some photos of Cameron flexing in the mirror have found their way onto the internet, and they are somewhat cringe worthy! Cameron clearly took these photos for his own collection (or to send to someone special?), but I don't think they were intended for the entire world to see.

This definitely falls into the category of photos that Cameron wishes would disappear from the net,

but sadly, once something is on the Internet, there's no going back! A lesson learnt to not take topless selfies!

10 Emmy Goes Back In Time With Her Ex Hubby

Due to the epic flop that was her first marriage, Emmy Rossum definitely wishes that all photos of the one-time couple could be erased from the history of the Internet. Sadly, there are a ton of photos of her with her ex-husband, Justin Siegel, online, even though their relationship was very short-lived.

The pair, who got married discreetly when Emmy was only 22 years old, only lasted about a year and a half before they called it quits. Her ex-husband requested spousal support in court, which was ultimately denied, and the pair are no longer in contact.

Emmy said in an open interview about the doomed union that she didn't have any regrets, and she was glad that it ended earlier rather than later.

9 Ethan Cutkosky Grew Up Fast

Going through your entire teenage evolution while filming a very adult-friendly television show can definitely affect a young mind. For instance, take Ethan Cutkosky who plays little brother Carl, he was cast as the iconic troubled, wild brother when he was just 11 years old. Being exposed to very mature themes that include drugs, drinking, swearing, and violence from such a young age have left a bit of a mark!

Ethan allegedly is a big party animal off set, and is often spotted at nightclubs and bars around Chicago, LA, and New York City.

Although the young pup has only recently turned 18, his habitual drinking and smoking didn't wait for him to be legal! He has often been spotted at parties with a drink in hand, and we don't think it's water in those glasses.

8 Emma Greenwell Isn't Always Catwalk Ready

Emma Greenwell is best known for her role as "second Mandy" on Shameless, but it real life, she has even stronger ties to the cast. For the past 7 years, she has been seriously dating co-star (and on-screen love interest) Jeremy Allen White. The pair met while on the set, and quickly their off-screen romance blossomed into something wonderful (even though on set, it wasn't always the case!).

Although Mandy's character has been virtually written off the show, she is still very much involved in Shameless and visits the set to watch her sweetheart act and to catch up with her old pals.

Emma has continued to pursue her acting career, and also does quite a bit of modelling on the side. Usually stylish and polished, there are a few photos circulating on the Internet that show her not at her best!

7 Emma Kenney Doesn't Mind Haters

Emma Kenney, who plays little sister Deb on Shameless doesn't let haters get to her. In this candid photo, she is seen posing with some not-so-nice words about her character. Emma is one of the youngest cast members, like her co-star Ethan Cutkowsky, she has just celebrated her eighteenth birthday and virtually grew up on set. Like Ethan, she was exposed to adult themes from a super young age, and subsequently grew up quickly.

She has recently been spotted dressing very provocatively and maturely, with big hair, high heels, and makeup caked on her face.

The barely-legal starlet is at the peak of her career, she has just been cast as the daughter of Darlene and David in a revival of Roseanne, set to air later this year.

6 William H. Macy Shows Off His Beach Bod

William H. Macy might be one of the greatest actors of our time, but no one would ever argue that he has the best beach bod! The extremely pale (albeit, in shape!) actor has been spotted on the shores of various beaches while vacationing with his family. Although William plays addict father Frank Gallagher on the show, his real life habits couldn't be farther from this depiction. William actually cut out booze a few years ago, saying that he didn't like the way it made him feel.

He has generally stuck to a healthy eating routine over the years, and takes care of his 68-year-old physique with regular trips to the gym and plenty of outdoor activities.

He's been married to actress Felicity Huffman since 1997, and seems to really enjoy the simple family life when he is not filming.

5 Jeremy Allen White Wasn't Always Rough And Tough

Jeremy Allen White plays one of our favorite characters on Shameless — Lip Gallagher. Lip is naturally rough, tough, and virtually bulletproof. From a young age on the show, he has been able to pull off a cool aloofness that has just the right amount of rebellion. Despite not looking the typical tough-guy part, Lip is definitely not someone you want to mess with!

In real life, Jeremy might have some street credibility, too, but it wasn't always so. Back in the day, Jeremy was a baby-faced young boy who looked about as innocent as Peter Pan.

Despite his vanilla roots, we can't help but find him too cool for school. With second Mandy as his real-life girlfriend, he is really one of the most adored actors on the show.

4 Emma Kenney Steps Out In Swimwear

Although we can totally appreciate that actress Emma Kenney is getting more and more bold with her personal style, stepping out in her bathing suit and slippers for a night on the town might be pushing the limits a bit.

This starlet is clearly enjoying a little more freedom in what she wears, does, and says since turning eighteen, but her fashion sense is not always spot on.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Emma is perhaps living her life a little too much on the wild side. The young actress allegedly goes out several times a week and engages in some risky behaviour like binge drinking and smoking. Of course, all teens go through a rebellious phase, so this might be the case for young Deb.

3 Noel Fisher Took Twilight To Heart

After he was cast as vampire Vladimir in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II, Noel didn't immediately ditch the blonde locks and super pale skin.   Although he has a naturally light complexion, somehow, dark locks make him look a little more alive. The Canadian-born actor has enjoyed quite a lot of career success since he was cast as Mickey in Shameless. Not only did he excel in his Twilight role, he was Michelangelo in the Ninja Turtle films, too. Who wouldn't want to have that on their acting resume? Last year, Noel also tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend Layla Alizada, so it was a big year for him. Even if Mickey is no longer a regular cast member, he goes down in the books as one of our favorites for his bad-boy attitude and dreamy romance with Ian.

2 William H. Macy Naps On His Hollywood Star

William H. Macy seems to have taken a page from the Frank Gallagher book when he collapsed at his Hollywood star. In true hobo fashion, William played dead while fans and onlookers snapped his photos. He seems to be an actor that is constantly cast as a drunk, but William actually doesn't drink in real life. He discussed how he got a little tired of playing a drunk Frank, and how it was a nice change when Frank's character decided to focus on sobriety since it gave him a little more of a challenge as an actor. He just has that perfectly rugged and rough look to him that makes him a great option to play these hard, scraggly characters!

1 Steve Howey Had Nanny Drama

Actors do not necessarily have things in common with the characters they play on TV, but sometimes, there are eerie coincidences that make you wonder! Steve Howey, who plays bad-boy neighbor Kevin had some pretty intense nanny drama in real life. He married his wife Sarah Shahi in Vegas at the Elvis Chapel and have had three kids together since then.

In 2012, they hired a nanny to take care of their children but apparently, things got out of hand when the nanny took the couple to court.

Their offence? Allegedly, the couple was too candid about sharing details about their personal lives, and even suggested that the nanny should join them in the bedroom. She also complained about verbal harassment and inappropriate comments during her shift, some of which concerned her religion. The case was settled quickly and the Howey and his wife did their best to keep the gossip away from the tabloids.


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