15 Photos Of Jinger Duggar Being The Ultimate Rebel Duggar

The Duggar family – stars of 19 Kids & Counting and the spinoff Counting On – are well-known for their strict rules, thanks to their reality TV shows that have showcased their fundamentalist religious beliefs and conservative politics. Parents Jim Bob and Michelle have raised their children in a world full of extreme expectations that fascinate fans and leave outsiders scratching their heads while trying to gain some kind of understanding.

The women in the family must dress modestly at all times. There is a ban on television, movies, and all secular media. Michelle homeschools all of her children, while discouraging secondary education. And then, there are the courting rules.

The Duggars do not casually date. Instead, they court, which is dating with a purpose. And, that purpose is marriage. Chaperones must be present with all courting couples to keep them from giving in to any kind of temptation. The Duggar parents monitor all phone communication – calls and texts –, and no physical contact is allowed.

However, when a Duggar girl gets married, Jim Bob is no longer in charge of her life. Instead, that power goes to her husband. And, if he has different rules, there is nothing the family patriarch can do about it.

When Jinger Duggar began courting Jeremy Vuolo back in the summer of 2016, the couple followed all the courting rules. They were never alone, never had any physical contact, and no social media account. But when they got married that November, things started to change, and fans quickly discovered that Jinger was the ultimate rebel Duggar.

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15 Baby On Board...Finally!

👶🏼 Vuolo #25weeks

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Six of the nineteen Duggar children have tied the knot – Josh, Jill, Jessa, Joy-Anna, Joseph, and Jinger – and every one of them announced a pregnancy within weeks of getting married, except Jinger. Fans know the pattern is to announce a courtship, get engaged, get married, and get pregnant.

But, unlike her siblings, Jinger waited almost 14 months before announcing a pregnancy, and that led to speculation that she and Vuolo were using birth control. Jim Bob and Michelle are very much against the use of birth control. Now, they believe that the number of kids you have is up to God, and birth control is not an option, so if Jinger and her husband did do some family planning, that makes her the family’s biggest rebel.

14 Jinger Duggar Wears Shorts


The strict Duggar family dress code is hardest on the females since they must cover everything from neck to ankle. In their book Growing Up Duggar, Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Jana explained that they don’t dress modestly because they are ashamed of their bodies. Instead, they do it because they believe their bodies are a gift to be saved for their husbands.

That belief leads them to go to the extreme to cover their bodies, and they even said that they always use their hands to hold the top of their shirts closed when they bend over, so no one could accidentally get a peek.

But, when Jinger got married, she ditched the long skirts, and opted to show off more leg – with her husband’s blessing – and now she wears shorts.

13 It's A Girl!

Jinger’s sisters Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna are all married with sons. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, have Israel 2, and Samuel nine months. Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, are the parents of 2-year-old Spurgeon and 1-year-old Henry. And, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth welcomed their first baby, Samuel, in February.

But, earlier this month, we found out that Jinger is rebelling once again, and this time it’s because she is having a girl.

The only other female grand-Duggars belong to her brother Josh and his wife, Anna. They are the parents of 9-year-old Mackynzie and 2-year-old Meredith. But, Jinger will be the first sister in the family to have a little girl, and she and her husband couldn’t be more excited about meeting their little lady.

12 Deep In The Heart Of Texas

The Duggars love their hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas, and when the kids get married, they all settle down close to their parents. But, not Jinger. Vuolo is a pastor at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, so when he and Jinger got married, the couple settled down in the southern Texas town.

In the most recent season of Counting On, the show featured the Vuolos moving out of their apartment and into their first home. A few of Jinger’s brothers and sisters made the trip to Laredo to help with the move and even helped the couple by painting the kitchen.

Jinger and Jeremy remodeled the entire house, and now it’s time to fix up a nursery for their first baby. Jinger says she hasn’t done much yet to prepare for the arrival of their little girl, but that will change as they get closer to her due date.

11 Time For Tennis

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During the run of 19 Kids & Counting, the daughters sometimes participated in different athletic events, but they always dressed in a way that looked awkward and uncomfortable for any kind of physical activity. In the name of modesty, the girls never wore shorts, pants, or short skirts to play a sport.

But, this season during an episode of Counting On, Jinger and Jeremy went out for a game of tennis, and Jinger’s outfit shocked fans. She wore a sleeveless red shirt and a mini black skirt, looking confident in the fact that she was finally able to define modesty for herself. And, what fans loved the most was that even though Jim Bob and Michelle wouldn’t approve of the ensemble, Jeremy supported her every step of the way.

10 Far From Normal

Wearing pants is a normal, everyday occurrence for most women, but when you are a Duggar, there is nothing normal about it. After she tied the knot, Jinger immediately started showing up in pictures on her social media wearing pants, and fans couldn’t believe it.

And, not only was she wearing the forbidden piece of clothing, she was rocking different kinds of pants and jeans in the most stylish outfits, and we quickly learned that the 24-year-old had an amazing fashion sense.

The days of the long denim skirts are gone, and now Jinger has a wardrobe that is telling the world that she is not the same person she used to be. And, she is letting us know that her parents are no longer in charge of her body and what she wears.

9 Her Own Views


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Sources close to Jinger say that she and Jeremy are their own people with their own set of beliefs, and they are not clones of Jim Bob and Michelle. The couple has their own separate set of values from her famous conservative family, but they aren’t attacking her family’s belief system. And, insiders say that the Duggars are happy to see Jinger and Jeremy push out on their own.

However, the couple is far from progressive. In a sermon last fall, Jeremy talked about the societal pressures on pastors to be more inclusive, and he got into a lot of hot water for some of his conservative and controversial opinions.

8 Fashion Forward

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Jinger was the first Duggar daughter to rebel against the family’s strict dress code, but it’s not just about wearing pants and shorts. She also rocks short skirts, wedges, and heels, and this is a far cry from what her parents say is appropriate for a woman.

Jim Bob and Michelle believe that pants and shorts are men’s clothing, and they based this thinking on a Bible verse from Deuteronomy that says, “a woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.”

But, apparently Jinger and Jeremy don’t agree, and since he allows his wife to wear what she wants, she has shown the world that she is a lot more daring and creative than her sisters, and loves to experiment with different styles.

7 Sharing Her Life Online

Oh, the emotional ups-and-downs of jumbo jenga!

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Jim Bob and Michelle don’t allow their kids to have any social media accounts until they are engaged. And while Jinger did follow this parental rule, she wasted no time to open an Instagram account once she walked down the aisle.

But, instead of getting all mushy and sharing a bunch of PDA, Jinger shares how much fun she is having living life on her own terms. She posts pictures of house renovations, travel, and weekend activities. And, of course, now that she is pregnant, she gives fans frequent baby bump updates.

Her posts are always tasteful, and even a little conservative, but she manages to avoid the controversy that most of her siblings face when they get online.

Instead, she has the most popular Instagram account in the Duggar family.

6 No More Side Hugs

Throwback to our time on the beautiful Sydney Harbor

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One of the most controversial rules in the Duggar house is the banning of all physical contact between the kids and members of the opposite sex. When someone is courting, the only thing Jim Bob and Michelle allow are side hugs. But, when Jeremy proposed, Jinger couldn’t help but give him a full on front hug when she said yes.

However, they had to wait until they were married before they could enjoy any other kind of physical contact or intimacy, and they didn’t get to enjoy any alone time until they said: “I do.” In the Duggar house, all courting couples must have chaperones – who are usually younger siblings – and Jim Bob and Michelle monitor all phone calls and texts.

5 A Rebel Husband

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Jeremy is not your usual Duggar husband. He went to college at a secular university, partied and drank while in college, got some tattoos, had girlfriends, played professional soccer, and even had a run-in with the law.

However, he says he turned his life around when he found God and decided to turn his wrongs into rights by picking up the Bible and becoming a pastor. This, of course, is one of the reasons Jim Bob and Michelle allowed him to marry their daughter.

The Duggars are famous for their 50-page courting questionnaire that all potential mates of their daughters must fill out. And, Jeremy says that he filled it out in extreme detail and shared his life story, which meant he sent Jinger’s dad over 100 pages of answers and personal information.

4 City Life

Even though she spent her entire childhood growing up in a small Arkansas town, Jinger had desires to live in a big city, so that she could experience everything there is to know, see, smell, and taste about city life.

She even said that she would like to live in New York City someday, but her mom objected and insisted that her daughter just wanted to live close to a Walmart.

“Jinger didn’t mean she wanted to move to New York City,” Michelle said. “She meant that she wants to live closer to a city. We’re talking right near a city, but not New York City.”

Laredo, Texas, is definitely not the Big Apple, but it is a step in the right direction. And, since Jeremy is a pastor, the couple move just about anywhere they want.

3 Her Own Rules

"Ready! Aim! Fire!"

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Now that she doesn’t have to spend her time taking care of her younger siblings, Jinger can do what she wants and take time for herself. She now has her own home and her own husband, and she seems to be enjoying every minute of it.

It didn’t take long for her to make some drastic changes in her life once she married Jeremy, and fans can’t get enough of watching Jinger live life on her own terms.

The 30-year-old obviously has a big influence on his wife, and there has been a small bit of backlash from fans. But, the couple doesn’t care about the skeptics.

“There will always be folks that hate what they don’t understand,” says an insider. “It’s sad, but that’s life.”

2 Discovering Pop Culture

via TLC

Jinger and Jeremy have become big stars in the reality TV world, but growing up, Jinger didn’t have any exposure to the world of media or pop culture. So, when she married Jeremy, she got the chance to learn about life outside of the Duggar bubble.

He has taken the opportunity to introduce his wife to television and movies and has helped her get caught up on all the classics, including watching all of the Star Wars movies together – in order.

Fans can just imagine the cute couple cuddling up together and bingeing some Netflix because they look so happy all of the time. It’s safe to say that no matter what they do together, they are going to have fun.

1 The Real Deal

Unlike other celebrity couples that are in the spotlight, Jinger and Jeremy don’t need to show the world how in love they are at all times, but fans can tell that this marriage is the real deal. They keep the intimate moments to themselves but aren’t afraid to show much fun they are having being young and married.

Their love for each other seems to be truly authentic, and even though they met, started courting, got engaged, and got married in a six-month period, there is no doubt that they are perfect for each other.

And, it all happened thanks to Jinger’s sister Jessa and her brother-in-law Ben Seewald, who introduced the two after a trip to San Antonio and a chance meeting at a church pizza party. Jinger and Jeremy were obviously meant to be.

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