15 Photos Of Hollywood Couples’ Most Awkward Moments They Want Deleted Off The Internet

Celebrity couples can’t always be perfect and just like us, they are bound to be caught in an awkward moment with their significant other. Sometimes, the camera just happens to take a photo at the wrong moment while other times couples together just seem way too awkward and you start to wonder why they are together in the first place.

There are many couples out there that look amazing together and they always have great photos. Whereas there are other couples who are awkward and are caught in some really embarrassing photos.

There are some photos out there of our favorite celebrities that just make us all cringe. These are the kinds of photos that the celebrities wish they could pull from the Internet because let’s be honest, the Internet is forever and once a picture is out there, there is no getting it back. That’s the bad part about being a celebrity because they aren’t the ones posting these terrible pictures, the media is, and they don’t have a choice but to see them out there.

These 15 photos prove that it doesn’t matter how rich and famous you are, sometimes, you just can’t escape an awkward photo. These are the photos of Hollywood couples' most awkward moments they want to delete off the Internet.

15 Nicole Kidman’s Missed Kiss

There are those moments that we see at the Golden Globes that just touched our hearts. The winner is announced and they kiss their spouse and go off to collect their well-deserved awards. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also a time that we often see some mishaps, like wardrobe malfunctions or someone tripping as they go up the stairs. In this case, the awkward couple award goes to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. It looked as if Kidman was about to go up for her award but went to kiss her man first.

He definitely missed the kiss and what’s worse, it looked like he was trying to dodge it or make a mad dash away from Kidman.

It's awful being in these situations because they happen for all the world to see and they go down in photo infamy.

14 Being Treated Like A Child By Her Husband Who's Old Enough To Be Her Dad 

Mary-Kate Olsen and husband Olivier Sarkozy is another couple that we’ll never understand. He is much older than her and it wouldn’t be the first time she dated someone that had the creepy “father figure” vibe to him. If this had been a non-celebrity, many people would have looked at this photo and thought that some guy had abducted a young girl and was holding her captive. But no, it’s just Mary-Kate and her husband.

The look on her face while he kisses her is priceless. You don't get more awkward than this.

It’s not exactly the look of someone in love. We never understood these two and photos like this certainly don’t help. We're sure they would love this photo off the Internet because it doesn’t paint a great picture of their relationship. No couple should look like this in any photo they take together.

13 A Couple in Love, Or Not

At first glance, you might think that this is a couple madly in love experiencing a moment of intimacy. They also look like they have really great chemistry. Then you would realize that it’s Nicole Kidman and she staring deeply in Alexander Skarsgard's eyes while her husband Keith Urban stands beside her awkwardly.

Twitter had a field day when this photo went live because it really looks like Kidman and Skarsgard have a thing going on and there’s more chemistry between these two then we've ever seen between her and her husband.

We wonder how Urban felt in this moment, especially when the whole world is watching. Maybe Kidman was getting even with him for the times that he reportedly cheated on her while on tour with groupies. Not a great picture overall for either of them.

12 These Two Are Not Into It

You would be correct if you realized that this was a photo of the former First Lady and the President hanging out. Usually, when photos are being taken of the two, they are in each other’s arms and they seem to be crazy about each other. We are certainly seeing a whole new side of the couple in this photo.

Not only do they look completely bored with each other, but Obama is scrolling through Instagram while completely ignoring his wife.

Marriage isn’t always easy and it can be hard to keep the spark going long term, but these two need to look a little more into each other, especially out in public. We’re sure when they saw this photo posted they cringed just as much as we did.

11 Chrissy Teigen Falls Asleep At Awards Show

Seriously, how bored do you have to be to fall asleep surrounded by celebrities at an awards show? We would have to ask Chrissy Teigen. This was not a great night for Teigen because she was photographed falling asleep on her husband’s shoulder.

He probably should have woken her up so she could avoid embarrassing photos like this one.

We’re sure it was pretty embarrassing for her when she saw it posted the next day and she probably wanted to have it removed from the Internet. We’re not sure if she was exhausted from her celebrity lifestyle or just had a little too much to drink, either way, fallings asleep while others are accepting awards probably isn’t the best idea.

10 When Relationships Are Publicity Stunts

When Taylor Swift started dating Tom Hiddleston, it was rumored that it was a publicity stunt. He is much older than her and we just couldn’t even believe they would have anything in common. Every picture they took together seemed staged for the media. She had a 4th of July party in the Hamptons and this was one of many photos taken of the couple together.

You can’t see it here, but Tom is wearing a tank that says, “I heart T.S.”

Insert gag reflex. What man of his age would be caught dead wearing a shirt like that? It was obvious she bought it for him and then forced him to wear it during a day when she knew the media would be all over the place. The two were beyond awkward on a regular basis and we all sighed with relief when the farce came to an end.

9 Ryan Reynolds Looks Miserable

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are usually #relationshipgoals all the way which is why this photo is so weird. She must have wanted to murder him when she saw the photo posted. There she is pregnant and looking as blissful as a woman can look while Reynolds looks like he would rather be anywhere else. The photo was taken at Taylor Swift’s 4th of July party and Reynolds was turned into a meme after it was posted. He has a reason for his expression and he assured everyone that he was not upset at the time, he just didn’t know that a photo was being taken in the first place. "If I’m not aware a photo is being taken, my natural resting face is one of a man dying. I had no idea somebody was taking a photo," said Ryan. "Therefore, I was resting comfortably in my persona of a man whose soul is visibly exiting this Earth."

8 The Awkward Slow Kiss

It’s been said more often than not, that these two have no chemistry between them at all. When she was with Tom Cruise, the two just seemed to steam it up wherever they went. Days of Thunder anyone? But when it comes to Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban, we sometimes wonder why they are even together. The height difference between the two certainly isn’t helping, but that didn’t seem to be a problem between her and Cruise.

We’ve seen plenty of photos where it seems as if Kidman has more chemistry with just about everyone else except her husband.

This is one photo that makes us cringe and we’re sure this couple feels exactly the same way. It might be a good idea if they just stop kissing in public altogether.

7 When Kissing Becomes Awkward For Everyone

It’s pretty obvious that Salma Hayek became the trophy wife to this billionaire. She is completely out of Francois-Henri Pinault’s league and without his billions, he wouldn’t have stood a chance with a woman as beautiful as she is. We’re not sure if she went after his money or not, it’s not like she was a struggling actress, but it’s probably hard to say no to billions of dollars. He looks a lot older than her, but he’s actually not, she just has really good genes. She does not look very happy to have him kissing her in this picture and we have to wonder if she often has to go to her happy place. We don’t even want to imagine what their bedroom action is like. Sorry if we put that thought into your head.

6 When Chrissy Teigen Was A Little Too Much On The Red Carpet

We often see John Legend and Chrissy Teigen fooling around together. They clearly have a relationship where they don’t take each other too seriously, but there are times when we think that she goes a little too far. It looked as if Legend was trying to take a cute photo with his wife and she started grinding on him like they were dancing at a nightclub. She may have thought she was being playful, but caused quite the stir.

“I married a crazy woman and I love it.”

Legend talked about the photo before and how he just wanted a nice photo and they both probably wish they could take this one off the Internet, but then again, they are kind of wild.

5 Ben Is Not Interested In Jen

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck was another mismatched couple that we just didn’t get. She was so high maintenance and he was a low-key dude. They were doomed right from the beginning and this kiss was probably a good indication of that. If a guy is checking out things around him when you’re trying to kiss him, then he’s clearly not feeling the moment like you are.

This photo is truly embarrassing and he probably got an earful about it once it was posted. It was clear from the beginning that these two were a terrible match.

They obviously broke up and Ben moved on to another Jennifer who was better suited for him. Though at the rate that he’s going, maybe he should stop dating women named Jen because that one didn’t last either.

4 Channing Tatum Is Trying So Hard To Get Some Love

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum are another couple that are #relationshipgoals. Seriously, these two are usually smoldering together regardless of where they are. But sometimes when it’s a photo that is unexpected they get some pretty weird photo. This photo was taken at the Oscars and it certainly wasn’t one of the better photos the couple has taken. We don’t think that Jenna was ready for this kiss because although Channing is quite open-mouthed in the photo, she doesn’t seem to be aware that her husband is trying to kiss her. What is worse is there looks like an assistant or someone trying to get their attention while they are having the most awkward kiss imaginable. We’re sure that they would rather have this photo disappear since it’s not one of their better moments together.

3 Beyoncé Sneaks A Peek At Her Man’s Phone

There is nothing worse than trying to steal a glance at who your man is texting, other than getting caught doing it by the entire world. It’s embarrassing when you feel the need to check up on your guy. We know that the two have had infidelity issues, so we can understand her need to want to check up on him.

But this mortifying photo is probably one she wants to be deleted off the Internet because it doesn’t show her in a great light, nor does it put much hope in their relationship.

We all want to believe that she’s a confident and empowered female. Not the kind that has to check on her man’s phone all the time. She’s so beautiful; she’s certainly not someone who should have to worry about being cheated on.

2 Cameron Diaz And Her Young Man

This is a relationship that we’ve had trouble understanding for many reasons. They are married now and that makes it even more bizarre. Benji and Diaz have been together for a while now and they have lots of photos together. They don’t usually look like this one, though. This photo makes it look like Diaz picked up a kid outside of a liquor store after he asked her to buy him a six-pack. They say that opposites attract, but we find it hard to believe that Diaz signed up for the thug life. The guy isn’t even a kid anymore and yet, he dressed as if he's going through a mid-life crisis. Diaz is always going on about her happiness level being super high, but we would be surprised if this one stands the test of time.

1 Ellen’s Inappropriate Bite

We’re not sure who wants this photo off the Internet more, Katy Perry or Portia de Rossi. It’s definitely not one of Ellen’s finer moments and despite the fact that she is usually very respectful, she may have gone a little too far with this one. She Tweeted this photos with the caption, “Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons!” In light of all the Harvey Weinstein scandals, there were many people that did not take her message well at all.

Many people called her a pig and even compared her to Harvey Weinstein.

They called her post a “double standard” because they claimed if a man had made the post, then there would have been an outcry. As The Wrap actor Michael Rapaport saw the post and stated that “the world would stop” if it were a man who had sent the Tweet. All and all, we assume this is a photo that Ellen would like to have taken it off the Internet.

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