15 Photos Of 41-Year-Old Shakira Looking Like She's 25

Her hips don’t lie, but you’d think we are lying when we say superstar Shakira is 41! She looks far younger than her years and we are super jealous. Not only is the sassy songstress rich, famous, talented, and gorgeous but she was blessed with a youthful glow and tons of magnetic energy that oozes out of every pretty pore.

Thousands of die-hard fans have adored the energetic entertainer for many years, and over the period of time she has been shining in the spotlight, it is as though she has not aged a single bit. From her head to her toes, the sultry singer always looks beyond sensational, making it just as enjoyable to look at her as it is to listen to her chart-topping, toe-tapping music.

Whether it is the luck of good genes, an expensive skincare regimen, a well-followed fitness routine, a strict healthful diet, or a combination of it all, whatever Shakira is doing is working like a charm. We wish we knew her secret! She holds the key to keeping youthful and beautiful. And she must be bathing in the fountain of youth, or at least taking a sip from its source every now and then. Refreshing indeed!

Here are 15 amazing photos of the stunning Shakira looking as lovely as ever. Does this wonderful woman ever age? She is a freak of nature, in a good way, of course. This hip-shaking sweetie looks better than most gals half her age. You will be stunned and in awe of this excellent entertainer.

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15 Golden Goddess

Shakira knows how to use her gutsy girl power to make her audiences go hog wild. She not only puts on one heck of a show, but she looks great all the while. Here we see the absolutely stunning Shakira in a shimmery top and tight black leather pants. This golden glow brings out her flawless bronze skin and golden flowing hair. We see a slip of midriff which only proves that Shakira is in great shape. For a 41-year-old, this magnetic babe is looking as good as a 20-something, with a super-firm physique and plenty of non-stop energy to give a show to remember. As she picks up the mic stand, you can tell that this chick has got what it takes to make a performance really kick. Her excited crowd must be in awe of the beauty’s stage presence and overall swagger. Gold looks great on this golden goddess, but she would look amazing in a potato sack, after all! No matter what Shakira wears, she wears it with an air of confidence and that cool vibe we expect from the smashing singer. Gold is made for winners like this wonderful woman, and she wears it well. Glimmer on Shakira!

14 Capped Cutie

Hats off to superstar Shakira who can rock a daytime casual look as well as she can a glittery performance ensemble. The splendid singer looks so happy to be chilling in her cute baseball cap. With a pretty smile stretched from ear to ear, Shakira looks super-youthful and simply happy to be alive. And why shouldn’t she be? The beaming babe is uber-successful, beyond talented, rich as anyone could hope to be, happily married, etc. At 41, this gorgeous gal is on top of the world and going strong. She could pass for a lady in her 20s or 30s, but she has the wisdom and maturity of a 40-something.

With all the performing Shakira has done over the years, she has become a seasoned pro, although she looks like she did when she first started, if not even better.

Even in a simple hat and without a trace of detectable makeup, Shakira is just stunning, young-looking, and as always, adorable. Her curly hair is sweet and sassy, and her deep brown eyes are hard to look away from. If only we could all rock a baseball cap as effortlessly as the singer does. We’d be out the door in half the time!

13 Sultry Stunner

With her hands in the air and a stunning smile that lights up an entire arena, Shakira looks carefree and cute, not to mention far younger than her 41 years. As she proudly performs for her eager crowd, the special singer is adorable in her black and white halter top which reveals her toned arms and shoulders. That honey-hued hair is shiny and fresh, and her bronze glow is youthful as always. We love how Shakira always looks laid back, light, and lovely, proving that age is only a number. With her youthful and non-stop energy, love for her musical career, and fondness for her throngs of fans, Shakira has everything to be joyous about and it shows at it glows from the inside out. As the bright lights shine behind the singer, they bring out her inner radiance and breathtaking beauty.

Fans must love seeing their idol up close and personal when they have the luxury of seeing Shakira perform live on stage.

Her energy is electric and her creativity is contagious. If this glam gal keeps performing for years to come, fans will continue to flock to her shows. And we can bet she will keep looking this good for decades to come.

12 Fitness is key 

She has a great figure and loves to flaunt it in form-fitting costumes, so she has to be sure she stays in shape. She shakes and shimmies as she sings her songs and moves along with the infectious beat. As the many fans watch their favorite performer do her thing on the large stage, they are in awe of her youthful presence and amazing vocal chops. At 41, Shakira is better than ever, and she only improves with each passionate performance. Her blond hair is long and lovely, and her body is beyond belief.

If only we could all look as fine and fit as this fierce and fab female.

Shakira is a total stunner and she only gets better with age – just like a fine wine. Cheers to this chick! She looks absolutely great in her workout wear as she preps to rule the stage with her cool confidence and eagerness to impress the large crowd. Her talent is amazing, and she rocks the stage with her drive and commitment to delight each and every fan.

11 Blonde Beauty

Here we see the sensational Shakira in a more subdued look as she wears her hair soft and blond, cascading down her body in soft waves. Her red dress is elegant and refined and her pose is passionate and pleasing. While many pics of Shakira show her rocking out on stage, here we see her taking time to reflect and cherish her position as a powerful female in the industry. She has a softer side that we can all appreciate, with a beauty that radiates from deep within. She looks lovely and light, womanly and wonderful. And it is hard to believe this woman is in her 40s! Although her look is mature and sophisticated, her young-looking skin and pretty features make her look far younger.

Shakira must take wonderful care of her body, mind, and soul, allowing her to look like a gal half her age.

It is all about caring for yourself when it comes to looking and feeling your very best. If Shakira has the prescription for turning back the clock, we need to get the details ASAP! It is nice to see a celeb embrace her beauty in a way that seems natural. It is no wonder her fans adore her. Soft waves bring out Shakira’s feminine and delicate side, and we love it.

10 Cover Girl

“Wow” is an understatement! Shakira sure knows how to rock a statement piece, and boy is this necklace making a major statement. Not only does the sensational singer look smoking hot with her cool white top, glowing skin, and fab hairdo, but that huge necklace is fierce! We would love to know where she got it because anyone would look super cool with one of those around their neck. But leave it to the fun, fashionable, and on-trend superstar singer to find a piece that is rock-star-worthy and ever so wonderful. She can wear just a simple white tank, but once this necklace is fastened on, the look is elevated enormously.

And look at that pose. Shakira knows how to look amazing just by striking the perfect pose for the camera. She lifts her arm to show off that nice necklace even better, allowing us to enjoy the work of art around her neck. Surely that piece of jewelry does not come cheap, but a big (and wealthy) star like Shakira can surely afford it. She looks cool, confident, and ready to conquer the world. As far as necklaces go, this one outshines all the rest. Shakira is heads above the rest!

9 Effortless on and off stage

Her voluminous hair and hot outfit make her pose provocative, but Shakira still has that attainable beauty we can all strive to achieve. We know the singer is in her 40s, but in pics like this one, it is hard to believe that could possibly be true. Her glowing complexion, attractive features, fit physique, and overall allure makes Shakira come across as super youthful and full of zest and passion. She gives off the element of seduction as she stares into the lens with her best “come hither” glare. Whether on stage or at a photo shoot, this glam goddess knows how to look great with little effort. Thanks to her great genetics combined with an awareness of her unbelievable body, Shakira makes every moment one to look out for. Seeing pics of the singer is always a thrill since she is so photogenic in every shot. Self-assured and sensational, the singer is foxy and fantastic. If only we all had such a level of confidence. Shakira could give us all a lesson in loving ourselves.

8 Pet-loving Princess

Not only is Shakira a seasoned showstopper, but she seems to be a pet-lover too. We all know how much the singer is into her music, but her passion for her pooch seems to be just as strong. And just look at that adorable little face! That precious pup is surely pampered by the sweet superstar. What a lucky dog to have Shakira as a “mom!” No bones about it, Shakira must give her furry friend the royal treatment. And she looks so joyful as she squeezes her four-pawed pal to pieces. Off stage, Shakira is just a regular gal like the rest of us, and who doesn’t love to spend time adoring a loving pet? Those cute eyes and furry wrinkles are simply irresistible! It must be good to be a dog when a pop star is your owner. That pup must get the best treats and coolest doggie toys. And living in the doghouse must be like living the dream when you call a mansion your home. Who knows if this dog gets to go on tour with Shakira, but even if the pooch can’t come along for the ride, waiting back at home for mom is still a thrill. From the pound to the penthouse, this pup is one prized pet. Not such a ruff life after all!

7 Top-notch Top Knot

Top knots are all the rage these days and a cool chick like Shakira knows how to keep up with trends. She looks so adorable and fabulously fashionable with her hair done up in this chic hairdo. Not to mention how amazing that foxy dress is. Golden and bronze hues always look amazing against Shakira’s supple skin and she is smiling broadly because she must know how fab she looks. Her soft hair is long and lovely, cascading down her beautiful body with bounce and plenty of wonderful waves. She is giving the thumbs up and we are shooting two right back at her. We could all take a fashion cue from Shakira’s cool style sense and try a new look like this every now and then. We may not have personal stylists or the loot in our wallets to afford such a glam gown, but in our own way, we can recreate a Shakira-level look. And just look how youthful a playful topknot makes her look. It is laid-lack and lovely, just like the singer herself. If you have medium-to-long hair, give this summery style a try. If you look even half as good as Shakira does, you’ve nailed it!

6 She never stops

She is all smiles and ready to hit the stage with energy. She looks so amazing in red as it is the fire-based shade that brings out the heat in the honey. We can see how deliriously happy Shakira is to get ready to perform for her many fans, and she looks carefree, young, and vibrant. The hot sun is shining, and the singer is beaming with delight. She is lucky to be able to pursue her passion and share her talents with the world. While many people are stuck in boring or dead-end jobs, the successful Shakira is rocking to the rhythm and living out her fantasy. And as each year passes, the lovely lady only gets better and more secure in her success. She looks joyful and blessed and shares her unending energy and utter excitement with her fans as they listen to the tunes that make them tick. We love seeing someone so positive and pleasant as a role model for the younger generation – even though she looks like she is their age! We appreciate Shakira for her endless passion and power. She is the wind beneath our wings!

5 Fun with Fashion

We all know Shakira to be an amazing singer and pro performer, but she is quite the fashionista too. Look how great the gal looks in this stylish and fashion-forward ensemble. She could rule any catwalk with her confidence and cool vibe. Okay, so she is far shorter than most models, but that does not mean she is not just as glam and gorgeous. Her long hair looks great, her body is enviable, and her smile is worth a thousand words. She knows how to pose like a pro, showing off the awesome clothing and her great body. If things don’t work out for Shakira in the music biz, she could always become a model! Not that it is likely that her singing career will fail at this point in her career. But it is nice to see the singer showing off her flair for fashion in something most of us would not dare to wear. Yellow surely isn’t mellow and this gal glows like the sun!

4 Supports her man

If there is anything that keeps us young at heart, it is feeling lucky in love. Here we see the beautiful Shakira giving a major smooch to her main man. She grabs his head in a heated moment of hot and heavy love, and that kiss is no little peck. Shakira is always so passionate in her music as well as when it comes to her personal life. It must be very nice to feel so wanted and desired by the one you love. She is totally lucky to have a guy who is so into her and he is lucky to be with a superstar like Shakira. That big kiss is surely something special and we can tell these two are head over heels for each other. They've been married since 2011 and from the looks of it, they're still going strong! You can see him in the stands cheering her on as much as you see her on the soccer field. The support is very real!

3 Abs-olutely Amazing

Flat abs, a tanned and toned middle, and a no-nonsense pose that could stop traffic — these are the things that make Shakira the hot honey her fans are floored by time and time again. How could this babe be 41? With a fab figure like hers, most folks would guess she is no older than 25. Looking absolutely cool in her low-rise black jeans, a tied-up white tank, and her many chains and cuffs, this broad looks fierce and on fire. She rocks the performance stage like a real champ and she knows she has all eyes on her. We just love when Shakira does her hair in this wild and carefree curly style, showing she does not need to be all glammed up to look like a million bucks. This rugged and rough style shows fans that she means business and is not afraid to get a little down and dirty every once in a while. No need to look too frilly or feminine when Shakira can hit the stage with a cool and confident vibe that catches everyone’s attention from the start. We’d all want to wear cool outfits like this if we had a six-pack like this gal. Better start those sit-ups!

2 Rockin’ Out

As Shakira performs her favorite tunes for her fans, she is obviously getting into the groove as she shakes her thing on stage. Just like her many fans love her music, Shakira gets into it too, dancing and prancing across the stage with loads of energy that does not seem to fade. At age 41, this gorgeous gal is still going strong and moving and grooving just like a 20-something would. She has so much fun while performing and the fun-loving vibe is passed along to her throngs of fans who are having tons of fun in the audience. Shakira has been doing her thing for years, so she must be super-comfortable on stage when she gives it her all. She is a natural when it comes to entertaining and she seems to love what she does. She oozes loads of self-esteem and tons of confidence when she is on stage and wowing the crowds. And she always looks great while performing her music. She is looking lovely in black lace, showing off her toned arms and firm shoulders. Her hair is blonde and beautiful and her ability to share her passion is powerful. This 41-year-old has never looked better thanks to the superpowers of Shakira!

1 Ravishing in Red

The sensational Shakira looks red hot in this flowy and lovely red dress. She looks wonderfully romantic and delightfully elegant in the off-the-shoulder style and see-through mesh material. Multiple layers and tiers make this darling dress special, and it looks like the dress was made just for the superstar singer. As she sits barefoot in her breathtaking dress, Shakira’s pose is pretty and powerful. Sometimes the singer rocks rugged looks and other times she looks stunningly beautiful in clothing like this red-hot number. This only proves that the show-stopping Shakira is quite versatile when it comes to looking amazing, as she always does. Red is a bold color choice, but if anyone can pull it off, it is the sensational Shakira. Her eye-catching gaze into the camera lens is mesmerizing and her long blonde hair is always stylish. She may not opt to perform in this dress, but for a photoshoot, it is a fantastic choice. This pretty look is timeless and tasteful, and the youthful-looking singer looks like a work of art. Red is ravishing, just like the woman wearing the color. Whether in jeans and a tee or a dress like this, Shakira is always fashionable and feminine.

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