15 Personal Facts Celebrities Don't Want Us To Know

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of celebrity mansions? Maybe you’ve googled your favourite celebrity and tried to find out some tidbit of gossip about them? Or you regularly pick up your favourite magazine to see what the rich and famous are getting up to. And while Google is definitely your friend when it comes to finding out information, it turns out the best source of shocking celebrity secrets is often the people paid to work for A-List stars. Some sources just can’t wait to dish the dirt on their former employees, revealing what life was like working with actors, actresses and musicians. All celebrity household employees from bodyguards and housekeepers to personal assistants will have their fair share of secrets to tell. Who wouldn’t love to spend just a few moments alongside their favourite celebrity to see what their life is REALLY like? We can’t book you a place in a celeb mansion, but we can lift the lid on some juicy gossip for you.

We’ve found out 15 shocking secrets about celebrities and listed them for you right here. You can find out who lets their dog poop all over their multi-million dollar home, who regularly stole stuff from parties and one mega-star’s totally unreasonable toilet demands.

15 Penny-Pinching Jennifer Lopez

Via: Billboard.com

You may think that working for a celebrity would be a dream job. They’ve made their fortunes selling millions of records and appearing in hit movies, so they are bound to treat their staff right, yes? Well, apparently not. According to several of J-Lo’s former staff members, the Maid in Manhattan star earned herself the nickname ‘Pay-Low’ because she paid her staff around 50% less than they could make elsewhere. And it seems there could be more to this story than idle gossip. Way back in 2003, Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Vegas with her then boyfriend, Ben Affleck. The pair had a big win and Affleck decided to sling a $2,000 tip to the dealer. But before he could scoop the generous reward, J-Lo snatched up the cash and swapped it for $200 instead. Jennifer’s reason for paying her staff so little? She had to work hard to earn her money, so should everyone else.

14 Kristen Stewart’s Dirty Habit

Via: Elle.com

One of Kristen Stewart’s former housekeepers has lifted the lid on one of the Twilight stars biggest secrets. Talking about the Hollywood A-Lister’s secret habit, the housekeeper said: ““She puffs away like a chimney and leaves cigarette butts everywhere: in the shower, in the potted plants, and once I found one inside the fridge!” Movie stars on the big screen are often thought of as sultry, cool or intriguing if they are seen on screen smoking. But there’s a reason there’s no classic on-screen moment where the leading lady stubs their cigarette out in the fridge and leaves it there. Mainly because it’s gross, tbh. Maybe K-Stew needs to ditch her daily habit and give her cleaning lady a big tip for having to clean up all those butts she’s been leaving around her house. It kinda makes you wonder what Kristen would do if she didn’t have a cleaning lady … would she just leave them to pile up for weeks?

13 Charlize Theron’s Nanny Isn’t Allowed To Make Eye Contact With Her

Via: deadline.com

It’s no shocking secret that many rich celebrities hire staff to do all the menial tasks they don’t want to do themselves. Many on-screen stars also take on employees to look after their children. With this being such an important role in the house, most celebrities form a close bond with the employees that look after their kids. But not Charlize Theron. According to former staff, the ‘Monster’ star won’t allow her children’s nanny to talk to her or even make eye contact. Crazy much? Apparently, to keep up with all of her children’s activities during the day and how they are progressing, Charlize makes the nanny write down notes for her to read. Being a childminder can be a really stressful job, without the added stress of your boss not even wanting to talk to you! We wonder what the children at the centre of all this think of their mom’s strange behaviour.

12 Miley Cyrus Lets Her Dogs Poop All Over Her House

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

If you had a multi-million dollar mansion would you let it get messy? Probably not. How about let your pet pooch use it as a bathroom? Hell to the no. But it seems Miley Cyrus really isn’t concerned by dog mess. She reportedly let her six dogs and even her pet pig use her home as a toilet. An anonymous source told Australia's NW magazine: “it's hard to believe how messy her place is. Miley thinks it's awesome to have six dogs or even more there at once, and don't forget the pig. It's like a true animal house.” Anyone who remembers the reality show, The Osbournes, will remember Sharon and Ozzy frantically trying to stop their pet pups using their mansion as a back yard. Maybe having dog mess all over your house is the sign you’ve made it as a superstar? Either way, the secret’s out that Miley’s crib is filthy.

11 Demi Moore’s Been Hoarding Lightbulbs… And Here’s Why

Via: Hollywood Reporter

We are all getting older and mother nature can be cruel sometimes. In Hollywood this can be easily solved with plastic surgery, super expensive face creams and fillers. But it seems some ageing actors and actresses struggle to cope when their looks start to fade. According to the National Enquirer, Demi Moore insists on having a very specific light bulb installed in all of her lamps. Only wanting to be seen under soft and flattering amber lights, Demi has reportedly even stock-piled her favourite bulbs in case the manufacturer quits making them. She reportedly first used the bulbs during her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. In a bid to hide the 15 year age difference, the Ghost star discovered the bulbs magical powers then and installed them in the bedroom to start with. Though the marriage didn’t last, presumably Demi still has that stockpile of lightbulbs to keep her company.

10 Ryan Gosling Is Keeping Some Very Strange Secrets

Via: Den of Geek

When it comes to sources for celebrity secrets, it’s clear some can be more believable than others. After all, who could know a person better than someone who either lives with them or spends time with them regularly. Housekeepers and employees definitely fall into this category, and when they no longer work for a celebrity they are quick to spill the beans. Ryan Gosling’s former housekeeper had not one, but four juicy tidbits to share with the world. Firstly, Gosling likes to climb the stairs on all fours. So far, so weird. Among the other secrets on the list were Gosling’s habit of peeing sitting down, sleeping with his head at the foot of the bed and a waxing addiction. Dishing the details, the housekeeper said: “Ryan hates having any hair on his chest or back — he gets waxed multiple times a month.” Anyone else feel like we now know waaayyy too much about the La La Land star’s private life?

9 George Clooney’s Secret Will Gross You Out

Via: The Daily Beast

A luxury lifestyle and bulging bank account doesn’t necessarily mean that A-List stars are clean living behind closed doors. Australia’s NW Magazine revealed some fascinating insights into George Clooney’s home life. Speaking to one of his former housekeepers, the magazine discovered the Ocean’s Eleven star really does feel relaxed around his employees. Describing him as a “dirty pig”, the housekeeper disclosed Clooney’s gross out habit of passing gas around the house - in front of his staff. We’re not sure this boyish behaviour will be going down that well with his sophisticated spouse, Amal Clooney. But Clooney’s upsetting behaviour didn’t stop at a few burps. A friend of George’s former housekeeper also told NW Magazine that George “has his decanters marked so he can see exactly how much is in them and to make sure nobody ever secretly takes a swig.” We wonder what happened to make George mark up his decanters?

8 Paris Hilton's Secret Criminal Past

Via: ElleUk.com

Anyone who doesn’t believe in karma might want to pay close attention to this next celebrity secret. Does Paris Hilton really have any secrets left to reveal? It would seem so. Back before she was super-famous and presumably before she made THAT tape, Paris Hilton used to steal people’s stuff. This celebrity secret was revealed by a former member of her security staff. The bodyguard claims that when Paris used to attend parties, she’d grab shoes, jackets and even jewellery on her way out. It’s not clear whether this was for fun and she gave the items back. Her agent also denies the allegation. But fast forward a few years and Paris herself was the victim of a robbery. Thieves broke into her $4m mansion after the blonde heiress left a key under the doormat. Hitting the house not once, but twice, the criminals escaped with $1.2m in jewellery and other valuables.

7 Could Jennifer Aniston Be A Naturist?

Via: Snopes.com

When you look like Jennifer Aniston, you’re probably not going to be self-conscious about your body. And it would seem her staff have witnessed the Friends star in varying states of undress of the years. Everyone from former housekeepers to bodyguards are queuing up to tell tabloid magazines about Aniston’s at home secrets. Some say Jennifer Aniston’s morning routine includes a session of naked yoga. Others insist she wanders around the house wearing hardly any clothes. Could it be that Aniston is a secret naturist? Her representatives have denied the claims, but why are so many staff coming forward to reveal pretty similar details? If there’s some truth to Jennifer’s fondness for going au naturel at home, why shouldn’t she? If you can’t be comfortable at home, where can you be? Maybe not in front of the help though - mainly to stop them selling their stories to the tabloids!

6 Jessica Simpson’s Secret Dinner Dashing

Via: Today.com

Every now and then you’ll hear about the restaurant crime called a dine and dash. Simply put, it means you enjoy a slap up meal and then hightail it outta there before your server can bring you the bill. Definitely not the sort of behaviour you’d expected from a rich and famous celebrity. And, in a way, that’s not the behaviour that’s behind Jessica Simpson’s secret. Her version of a dine and dash is much more in your face. Rather than sneak out without paying, Jessica prefers a more upfront approach. One former personal assistant of Jessica’s claims that the star is convinced that just by appearing in a restaurant, she’s generated a bunch of free publicity for their business. Except that sort of exposure doesn’t come for free in Jessica’s world. So she simply ups and leaves without paying for her meal. And yet, we’re always told that there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

5 Robert Pattinson’s Hair May Not Be The Only Thing He Doesn’t Wash

Via: Independent.co.uk

We’re going to have to add Robert Pattinson to our ever growing list of celebs who like to get a little dirty. Word came out a few years ago from the man himself that he doesn’t wash his hair. Which is kinda gross. Talking to ‘Extra’ the Twilight star was asked if he had ever admitted not washing his hair for six weeks, the Pattinson revealed all saying: "Probably. I don't know. I don't really see the point in washing your hair.” But if the Hollywood actor fessed up to this, why did he make our secrets list? Well, on set rumours abounded during Twilight filming that Robert’s got a hygiene issue. A source told MTV: "He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy.” Confirming the story a crew member added: "He completely reeks.” With so many women having a crush on the British star, maybe it’s time they chose a sweeter smelling star to swoon over?

4 Martha Stewart’s Crazy Shoe Secret

Via: inc.com

There are a few celebrities who, no matter what the secret, we’d totally buy into it. Take Mariah Carey - with all the crazy stories detailing her off stage antics, nothing is going to shock us when it comes to her diva demands. But when you hear something wacky about a celebrity like Martha Stewart, you sit up and take notice. So Martha Stewart’s secret is that she gets one of her assistants to colour the soles of her shoes in with a black Sharpie marker. Not just any shoes - but expensive Louboutins. Martha’s not so keen on the red soles apparently, so she changes them… with a Sharpie. Surely there has to be a better way? The shoe soles are iconic in the fashion world - so it seems totally crazy to colour them in. But Martha is clearly a woman who likes things a certain way. We wonder how much her assistant gets paid to colour in those soles?

3 Madonna’s Crazy For … Her Loo

Via: express.de

So far we’ve heard about some really unclean habits behind the closed and expensive doors of celebrity homes. But we’ve yet to hear about any super clean houses maintained to the highest standards. And while we don’t know how Madonna keeps the rest of her house, we can reveal Madonna’s got a thing about toilet seats. She is apparently so obsessed with germs that, when she’s at home, she makes her assistant clean the toilet before she uses it. But with Madonna leading such a busy lifestyle, her war on germs needs to be adjusted when she travels. A source told the Boston Herald that the ageing singer demands a new toilet seat at every location when she’s on tour. That’s one really unglamorous item to have on your rider. The source didn’t confirm whether the Like A Prayer singer’s assistant still has to clean it each time it’s used. Let’s hope the poor assistant gets a break from all that wiping.

2 Julia Roberts Gets Grungy At Home

Via: Instyle

Who remembers that time when Julia Roberts hit the red carpet and hadn’t attended to her under arm hair? A shocking moment that made headlines all around the world. Which really, when you pause to think about it, shouldn’t have been that alarming. But nevertheless the world was horrified, amused and intrigued in equal measure. At the time the Notting Hill star said: “On a day-to-day basis I don't think about my armpits.” But that brief lapse in judgement was possibly a symptom of a bigger hygiene secret. A former bodyguard let slip some of the big screen star’s secrets saying that Julia doesn’t shower for days and claims she even enjoys her natural odours. Why are all these celebrities so polished and squeaky clean on screen but so grungy at home? The ex-bodyguard also said that Julia’s husband, Danny Moder, also lets things slip in the hygiene department. Gross.

1 Hilary Clinton’s Erratic White House Moments

Via: National Review

Most people probably feel like all of Hilary Clinton’s big secrets were revealed during her election campaign against Donald Trump. Donald certainly didn’t hold back when he was sharing secret information dug up from all sorts of places. But a book released in 2016 reveals another insight into the former first lady’s personality. In a tell-all book written by Gary Byrne - he claims that Secret Service personnel and even Bill Clinton himself lived in fear of Hilary’s erratic outbursts. Many more secrets are unveiled in the book titled “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate.” Phew, just getting through the title is a bit of a chore - but the main vibe seems to be that Hilary was regularly shouting obscenities at her husband, Secret Service staff and White House employees. This behaviour lead to a culture of fear within the White House apparently. To be fair, those pantsuits are quite terrifying.

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