The 15 Most Questionable Things Angelina Has Ever Done To Brad Pitt

There's no arguing that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the ultimate power couple. Brad is a heartthrob and still considered to be one of Hollywood's greatest actors, Angelina consistently tops lists as the world's most beautiful woman— so in a way, you could say they were made for each other. They reportedly fell in love in 2005, during the filming of the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Meanwhile, Brad was still married to his ex, Jennifer Aniston. Despite 12 years together and six children, the relationship took a sour turn before ending in a very ugly divorce in 2016.

While the couple graced red carpets with an image of deep love and paparazzi snaps of them with the kids projected heartfelt family values but things weren't always as they seemed. As Brad offered $100 million in divorce settlements and rumors ranged from Angelina's wild demands to their chaotic home environment, the world watched with bated breath as this duo went from hero to zero. Angelina's known for her unconventional philosophies (like making her kids eat bugs), but there's a lot out there to suggest she was the driving force behind the couple's collapse. Sources say she was vindictive, calculating, and manipulative, leaving Brad in total misery. Amazingly, she found these 15 ways to do it.

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15 She Wormed Her Way In Early (While He Was Still Married To Jennifer Aniston)

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Brad and Angelina have made no secret about how they fell in love while filming the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The problem? Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston. While the official word is that the pair were nothing more than "very, very good friends" from the time the movie was filmed to Brad and Jennifer's divorce, sources say the couple was clearly more than that during filming. Angelina's bodyguard is reported to have said the two would disappear together in their trailers, although when interviewed by Vogue magazine in 2003, Angelina said, "I didn't know much about exactly where Brad was in his personal life." The whole world knew he was married. How hard was it for you to figure that out, Angie?

14 She Made Him Live In Chaos That He Compared To A Mental Institution

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Despite their glittering public image as a couple, Brad has since opened up about what living with Angelina was actually like. Comparing it to the movie, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (which is set in a mental institution), Brad personally used the word "chaos" to describe his domestic situation. "That's morning time in our house," he said. "It's chaos from morning until the lights go out, and sometimes after that." TMZ reported that their home was a "wreck," with "food on the floor and toys everywhere." Despite having multiple nannies, sources say the household was in shambles, and that the situation was entirely Angelina's decision. Women can have a real iron fist in marriages, so hearing these reports really made us feel for Brad.

13 It Got So Bad, He Turned To Therapy (And Um, Other Things)

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Rumors of Brad's inability to cope with reportedly domestic chaos quickly reached the press. As Brad and Angelina's marriage turned increasingly bitter, Brad found himself falling into some bad habits to cope. Speaking to GQ Magazine about the marital collapse that "ripped apart" his family, he revealed that he'd made the decision to take sobriety seriously. The actor, however, made no illusion of what drove him to use self-destructing substances. Brad was only able to see his children during supervised therapy sessions during the couple's separation, where sources say that he was often on the brink of tears. We've seen him shed a few in his award-winning movie roles, but it's sad to hear that the man behind them was struggling so much.

12 She Took Control Of Parenting And Never Gave Him A Chance

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Do you notice anything interesting about this family pic? If you need a clue, you might want to look for Brad in it. Hint: he's not there. It's alleged that Angelina and Brad had differing views on how to parent their six kids and that Brad's opinions didn't hold much weight. Three nannies have publicly spoken about the situation, with one saying, "She lets the kids learn what they want and ignores the stuff that doesn't interest them." While Angelina bought son, Maddox, a set of knives when he was only seven, Brad attempted to bring some order to the household. While this resulted in allegations of rage and poor treatment, there's no evidence that Brad doesn't adore his kids. He just seemed to be the victim of an extremely controlling woman.

11 While Rumors Said She Turned The Kids' Nannies Against Him

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Looking after six kids when both parents have full-time jobs is hard work—even when you're a celebrity. With Brad and Angelina's filming schedules and world travels, it's not surprising that they hired a total of six nannies to watch their kids. Sources, however, alleged that Angelina used manipulative techniques to turn the nannies against Brad. Kids listen to their nannies, so it's kind of worrying to hear that they might have been picking up biased information regarding their own father. Two nannies actually resigned while Angelina was filming 2008 movie, Wanted, although it's not clear why they quit. Still, it wasn't just one. Clearly, the situation was troubling enough to make two of them depart.

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10 He Wanted A Proper Education For His Kids, She Said No

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We all know how important an education is for kids. Look at Eminem. His greatest wish was for daughter, Hailey was to have the life he never had, and she actually ended up going to college. Angelina has bragged about the kids learning different languages, "Shi is learning Khmai, which is the Cambodian language, Pax is focusing on Vietnamese, Mad has taken to German and Russian, Z is speaking French," she revealed. The reality of their education, however, is far from structured. According to People, Angelina took complete control of the homeschooling of her kids. It's reported that Brad was desperate for them to receive the best education possible, although the lack of structure in the household prevented that. Given the millions of dollars that these kids are set to inherit, it's unlikely that job hunting will ever be an issue for them, but it's saddening to hear that Brad's reportedly reasonable demands were completely ignored.

9 She Crafted a PR Campaign To Paint Him In The Worst Possible Light

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Things turned ugly in the months leading up to the couple's 2016 divorce, and it's reported Angelina employed crafty methods to paint Brad in the worst possible light. Sharing her news of the divorce with TMZ, Angelina didn't hold back with her harsh words, saying she was "fed up" with Brad. She made sure her entertainment attorney, Robert Offer portrayed her concerns as being "for the health of the family." A representative from Lainey Gossip explained Angelina's crafty plan as fully dedicated "so that she can come strong in negotiations." From suggesting Brad was indulging in less-than-legal substances to mysterious "incidents," Angelina seemed fuelled to drive Brad into the ground. And remember, this is a woman who can afford the best lawyers and PR teams in town.

8 She Gave Him Little Credit For Standing By Her During Her Serious Health Scare

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In 2013, Angelina underwent a preventative double mastectomy (and removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes) after the scary news that she was carrying the potentially lethal, BRCA1 cancer gene. While she's spoken out about it, and her move has inspired millions of women to get themselves checked out, she hasn't given Brad much credit for supporting her through the process. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she spoke about how "brave" the kids were, but not a word was said about how Brad had stood by her. For any of you who've had someone close to you face cancer, you'll know it's tough going. Imagine not even being recognized for having been there for your loved one...

7 She Filed For Divorce With Virtually No Notice

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Just to set the record straight, Angelina filed for divorce, not Brad. In September of 2016, Angelina officially began the divorce proceedings, although sources say the whole affair was carefully planned to hit Brad like a bomb. It's been reported that she didn't give him a heads up and that by the time the news reached him, the crafty PR rumors she's said to have put into place were already circulating. TMZ was first to report the divorce, which makes us wonder— is that how Brad found out?

6 And Didn't Even Let Brad Spend Christmas With The Kids

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The holiday season is a time for family— everyone knows that. Even families that don't always get along try to find a way to make it work, but that wasn't going to happen with Brad and Angelina. According to In Touch Weekly, Brad was "begging" Angelina to let him spend Christmas with the kids in 2017 after he was only allowed to spend a few hours with his younger children the previous year. Despite the words "pleading" being used, it's said Angelina's response was a firm no. We don't even know what to say...

5 She Treated Him Poorly While Polishing Her Charitable Image

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A bit hypocritical, no? Traveling around the world, addressing one humanitarian crisis at a time, but not letting your estranged husband see his kids for Christmas? Angelina is known for her philanthropy and charitable image. Since becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN in 2010, she's become a veritable spokesperson for the organization, and her visits to refugee camps and war zones are well-documented. That's all good and well, but don't they say charity begins in the home? Guess not...

4 She Dominated The Media With Her Opinions Before He Had A Chance

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As consumers of media, we read stuff in the order that it reaches us. We don't often question that order. The barrage of hate-dominated the media that was aimed at Brad was reportedly 100 percent Angelina's doing. With the internet swamped with all kinds of nasty rumors, Brad didn't have much of a chance to give an opinion, let alone defend himself. He's since spoken to various media channels about his unhappiness during their 12-year relationship and marriage, but when it came to the "here and now," the damage was done. Angelina is a powerful woman, and given the suspected motives behind the reports, it looks like she has a powerful will, too...

3 She Threw Out Rumors Of Straying (Wasn't She The Other Woman?)

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As their relationship reached a breaking point, allegations emerged that Brad was having an affair with the French actress, Marion Cotillard, while the two worked together on a movie. Reports say that Angelina went as far as hiring a private investigator to follow the pair, although the rumors of infidelity were just as upsetting for Brad as they were for Marion, who was already in a relationship with the actor, Guillaume Canet. A source told The Post, "She hired a private eye because she felt that he was fooling around with her on the set." Marion denied the rumors, as did Brad but er, Angelina — didn't you "fall in love" with Brad while he was still married to Jen?

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2 She Insisted She Was The "Miserable" One

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While she dragged Brad through what appears to have been a painful marriage, Angelina wasn't afraid to come out and say she was the miserable one. She painted herself as the victim in the situation, rather than recognizing both sides of the issue. In a series of interviews, she stated that the marriage was "very difficult,"  calling it "a painful situation." While she described their dark days as "the hardest time" to Vanity Fair, she told another publication that her vision for the future was that "everything will be around the children." So, not a word about Brad's feelings, then. We can't help but wonder though, who was really the most "miserable" in all this?

1 He Aged, Like, A Million Years With Her


Whatever your opinion on the split, one thing speaks for itself— Brad and Angelina were together for 12 years, but given the pictures, it's like Brad aged 100 years in just over a decade. The smoldering good looks that took this star from an unknown actor to a Hollywood superstar faded quickly, as he showed signs of stress and exhaustion. Towards the end of their marriage, Brad looked pale, gaunt, and unwell. Sure, it's normal for a man in his 50's to have a few gray hairs, but the twinkle in his eye had faded. There was no hiding it. The 12 years with Angelina ruined Brad. We're just hoping he'll find a way to recover, Brad.

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