15 Most Expensive Things David And Victoria Beckham Have Ever Bought

Celebrities are usually one of two types. There are those who try their best to keep their personal lives as private as possible, and there are those who feel the need to keep the world up to date on anything and everything they're up to. David and Victoria Beckham may not be as hungry for publicity as the Kardashians are, but they don't mind letting us know what they do with their immense wealth.

There's nothing wrong with spending your hard earned money on whatever it is you want to since it's your money, but as you spend it, please know that you'll attract more haters around the world than you could ever imagine. However, if you appear to spend a sizable amount of your money helping other people, chances are you'll have more people adoring you than those who'd have the reasons to hate you.

There's no question about how hugely wealthy this couple is, but there are so many questionable purchases they've made in the last few years that the average human being would consider ridiculous. The "average human being," in this case, is anyone who has the power to earn but does not have enough money to be a millionaire.

Here are 15 of the most expensive things David and Victoria Beckham have spent their millions on. You will come across some things that cost them a few thousand dollars, but they're on this list because 98% the human population would only spend a fraction of the cost that they did.

15 Victoria Beckham's $8 Million Bulgari Necklace

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Have you ever wondered why the rich usually go for the most expensive jewelry and accessories in the market? Although the fact that they have the money to do it plays a huge role, their decisions to wear these expensive pieces have practical and psychological benefits. For instance, the wearer gets to stand out from the crowd and feels even more financially secure with expensive jewelry anywhere on them.

Therefore, when David bought his wife an $8 million Bulgari necklace for Valentine's Day, he not only wanted to remind her of his love for her; he also wanted her to stand out, feel secure, and look as successful as both of them have been over the years. The amazing neckpiece had numerous rubies and diamonds attached to it, which is the reason it was so expensive.

This gift is considered one of the most expensive gifts celebrities have bought their wives or significant others on Valentine's Day, which is the reason it makes it to this list.

14 Victoria's $100,000 Wedding Dress

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Weddings have always been sacred events where a man and a woman would come together to pledge their love to each other and promise to remain faithful to each other until death separated them. The vows that these two people would make in the presence of God, their family members, and friends, used to mean a lot and most marriages used to thrive, regardless of the obstacles. However, these days so much has changed and very few of the changes are positive.

Today, weddings have become a big business, especially for service providers, who will often charge extremely high fees to cater for weddings. One great example is the clothing people wear for their weddings, especially the bride's dress. Victoria's wedding dress cost a whopping $100,000 back in 1999. It was a Vera Wang design that probably cost so much because it was Victoria's wedding and Vera Wang is a popular fashion designer.

When you look at it, would you say it was worth that much? It cost an eighth of the total wedding cost, and the wedding was super expensive.

13 £80,000 ($110,000) Albino Nilo Crocodile Himalayan Hermès Birkin Bag

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Women can hardly go anywhere without their handbags because unlike men, they have many things they need to carry around at all times. Men just need to wear clothes with pockets since all they need to carry around is their phone and wallet.

Since it's practically a requirement for all women to carry handbags, the fashion industry stepped in a long time ago to set the trend as well as to show the differences between women of a certain class and the rest. Since Victoria Beckham belongs to the highest possible class, and her husband wants everyone to know about it, he once bought her an albino Nilo crocodile Himalayan Hermès Birkin bag for a whopping £80,000, which roughly translated to $110,000. This was apparently the rarest bag in the world, and it had 245 encrusted diamonds on it.

It's not that she didn’t have other bags by then, she actually had approximately 100 other Birkin bags, each with a five-figure price tag. Some sources claim that her bag collection is worth more than $2 million. Victoria must really carry very important things in her bags since they're so many and are ridiculously expensive.

12 Paying £1,000 ($1400) To Eat Pie and Mash

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What's your favorite food and what's the most amount of money you would be willing to pay for it if you suddenly craved it? The answer to this question might depend on a few factors, with some of the leading factors being how rich you are and how sensible you are.

Although high-end restaurants may charge you five to six times for the same meal you'd get at an average restaurant, most people would not consider paying a dollar more than what the best hotels would charge. However, when it comes to David Beckham, money's not a problem. When he craves his favorite dish of pie and mash, he will get it, regardless of how much it will cost him.

One time, when he was flying to the United States from the U.K., on a private jet, of course, he ordered pie and mash. Since that was not on the menu, he had to part with £1,000 ($1,400) to have his favorite dish brought on board. Normally, pie and mash should not cost more than £5 ($7).

11 Victoria's £22,000 ($30,720) Gold-Plated iPhone

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When you go out shopping for a new phone, how much money do you set aside as your budget? Since a new iPhone 8 would set you back $700, if you budget anywhere between $500 and $1000, you'd get an amazing phone, one you'd never be shy to use in the presence of friends and colleagues.

However, if you're Victoria Beckham, a $1000 phone is just too cheap. According to people in her class, phones are not just for calling, texting, taking selfies, or browsing, they're for making a statement. She probably cares less about the features on her phone and only about carrying a very expensive phone, which we'll have no choice but to talk about.

Back in 2011, Victoria tweeted an image of her Gold iPhone 4 Elite, which at the time cost a whopping £22,000 ($30,720). At the time, she was preparing for a shoot for the U.S.

10 David Has Spent Over £60,000 On His Tattoos

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Do you have a tattoo anywhere on your body? Tattoos have long been a point of contention between people who believe their bodies are surfaces on which they can apply any form of art, and then there are those who believe in abstaining from permanent body markings. Some people don’t put tattoos for religious reasons, while others don’t want to imagine how terrible they'll appear when their skin eventually becomes old and wrinkly.

Regardless of which side you're on, having visible tattoos isn't a good idea especially if one day you're planning on getting a job. Most interviewers immediately dismiss candidates with tattoos as soon as they set eyes on them, especially those applying for positions where they'll interact with clients.

Since Beckham will never really need anyone's approval concerning his image, he has well over 40 tattoos on his body, some of which include his wife's name and roses commemorating their 10 years of marriage. The reason his tattoos make it on this list is that they've cost him over £60,000 ($84,000). A bit much don’t you think?

9 Spent £35,000 ($48,000) On Six Christmas Trees And Baubles

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Christmas is without a doubt, the most joyous holiday on the calendar anywhere in the world. Towards the end of December, people everywhere take time out of their busy work schedules to spend time with family and loved ones. Therefore, as has always been the case, people spend a lot of money on gifts and decorations, a situation store owners love and capitalize on.

Companies love celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham. Such celebrities hardly think hard about their budget for the season, because they can practically buy everything in a store just because they want to.

Back in 2011, David and Victoria went to Fortnum & Mason, a luxury shop to buy some Christmas decorations. They ended up buying six 10 foot tall bespoke Christmas trees and baubles, at a cost of £35,000 ($48,000). Spending so much money on Christmas trees and baubles is a bit ridiculous, regardless of how much money you have in the bank, right?

8 £31.5 Million ($44 M) London Mansion

Via: dailymail.co.uk

How much money would you be willing to part with if you found your dream home listed on the market? Since houses are expensive, most people live where they do because it's where they can afford, but given the opportunity to move to a better house, most people would move in a heartbeat.

When David and Victoria went in search of the home that would meet their needs, they bought a mansion in London, which can be referred to as the Beckingham Palace. Everything about this house is outstanding. The house cost them a whopping £31.5 million ($44 million).

Some of the amazing things you'll find in their home include a beautiful modern kitchen, several his 'n' her's bathrooms, beautiful cream couches, monochrome stripped rug, very expensive art, and a host of other amenities. This home is one of the most expensive items this powerful couple has bought so far.

7 £24 Million ($33.5 M) L.A. Mansion

Via: thesun.co.uk

David Beckham may have retired a few years back, but there's no denying that he's one of the best soccer players England has ever had, not to mention all the clubs he has played for. Although he played for six different teams throughout his senior career, he found most of his success with Manchester United and was portrayed as a soccer superstar when he was preparing to play for L.A. Galaxy.

As soon as he moved to the United States, he and his wife bought a house for £14.2 million ($18.2 million) in Beverly Hills. The couple stayed in Los Angeles for many years with their children. At one point back in 2016, they were looking for a buyer for their home. They wanted to sell it because they thought that the luxury 13,000-square-foot home with a swimming pool and amazing views was too small because there was no space to play football there.

6 Car Collection Worth Slightly More Than £3.7 Million ($5.2 M)

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One of the reasons we all look at soccer players and want to live their lives is because of the fleet of cars successful players own. It's like a right of passage, such that when a player starts making crazy money from his club, he has to buy a few cars, most of them being the latest and most expensive luxury cars in the market.

It's worth pointing out how such spending is dangerous and should be highly discouraged. Although, these players know enough stories about their former teammates who went broke after a few years in retirement.

David Beckham is one of the former players who know how to make money even after he stopped playing, therefore, we can all agree that he deserves his fleet of luxury cars. Some of the cars you will find in his garage include a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bentley Continental SuperSport, a Bentley Mulsanne, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, an Audi R8, a Range Rover Evoque, a Hummer H2, and many others. His cars are worth more than £3.7 million ($5.2 million).

5 David's $250,000 Watch

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A few centuries back, telling time was a huge struggle, and people would depend on the position of the sun in the sky to estimate what time of the day it was. However, telling time these days is easy, since all technology gadgets with a screen have the time displayed.

With all the gadgets available for telling time, you'd be tempted to think people would never spend much money to purchase watches. However, people like David Beckham are special, since their spending is not as predictable as the rest of us. Beckham loves expensive designer watches and has been collecting them for years, but one watch that attracted everyone's attention was a Patek Philippe Celestial with a case made of platinum and a magnificent display.

This watch, depending on the retailer, costs anywhere around $250,000, a price so steep you'd imagine it has the power to manipulate time. Producing this watch takes months, making it one of the rarest and most expensive watches ever produced.

4 David Beckham's $6,000 Haircut

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Celebrities are very different from the rest of us because they can spend whatever amount of money it takes to look and feel good since all eyes are usually on them. Therefore, these people often spend so much more money compared to the rest of us.

After David Beckham retired from playing soccer, he capitalized on his name and looks to continue making money from endorsements, an option many athletes are taking to maintain high incomes. For this reason, Brylcreem required Beckham to cut his hair, in order to effectively promote the hair cream as a product for the modern sleek, sporty, and smart gentlemen.

To achieve whatever look they desired, Beckham spent $6,000 on a haircut, an amount so high someone could buy a used car and still have enough pocket change to fuel it for a few weeks. Although the endorsement deal must have made $6,000 look like peanuts, it's still a lot of money.

3 Their Luxury Homes In Dubai

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Dubai is without a doubt, the city of impossibilities, because of the amazing structures found in this city. Dubai is so prominent that most people think it’s a country, yet it's just a city, one of the seven emirates that make up the nation called the United Arab Emirates. One way Dubai has become so great is how attractive it is to tourists and foreign investors. David and Victoria are the kind of people Dubai loves to attract because they have the power to buy anything they want there.

Back in 2009, they bought a luxury apartment in the Burg Khalifa, the world's tallest building for £5 million ($7 million). This apartment has seven bedrooms, two large bathrooms, a magnificent kitchen, and has access to the gym and the viewing deck. They also own a luxury villa on the tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah Island, a man-made island off Dubai's coast, which they bought at $1.6 million.

2 Beckham’s £30 Million ($43.4 M) Modern Art Collection

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Many wealthy people have a deep appreciation for art, and since David and Victoria are wealthy and they obviously have a passion for style and design, it's no surprise they're into art collection. Over the years, these two have been collecting art, which is now worth more than £30 million ($43.4 million).

These two can be correctly identified as movers and shakers in London's art world because they're huge supporters of proactive British art. Over the years, these two have bought art from very famous names in art, as well as relative newcomers and therefore, have a collection many would term "priceless."

Their art is largely love-themed, and many pieces are those that these two have bought for each other for close to a decade or so. Some of the names in their collection include Damien Hirst, Sam Taylor Wood, Banksy, Dinos Chapman, and Tracey Emin. Most of the art in the collection was bought from The White Cube gallery in London.

1 Victoria's Beauty Regimen Costs £1,200 ($1,650) Every Time

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If you follow Victoria on social media or catch her once in a while on TV, you will realize her skin is usually flawless. She might not always smile when posing for photos, but you can bet her skin is usually smiling since it's always in its best possible condition. One of the reasons for having such flawless skin is the high-end products she uses every day on her skin.

Of the products she uses on her skin, some of her favorite brands include Oribe, Sarah Chapman, Bioderma, Dr. Lancer, and of course, her own range with Estée Lauder. When you calculate how much the products cost, they will add up to a staggering £1,200 ($1,650).

One of the advantages Victoria has had over the average woman is her frequent exposure to photo-shoots and professional makeup artists, which has allowed her to discover what works for her and what doesn’t. However, we can all agree $1,650 is a bit too much to spend on your skin on a regular basis, right?

Sources: hellomagazine.com, planetradio.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk, esquire.com, luxurylaunches.com

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