15French Montana Owes His Fame To Khloe

“Let me tell you something, man. I just want everybody to be happy, man. That’s all we’re promoting. So, when there’s negativity, I duck and move, papi. We’re doing good, we’re living good. We’re healthy, we’re wealthy.”

French Montana wasn’t very well known before he started popping up on Keeping Up with The Kardashians. He ended up making a few appearances while he dated Khloe after she divorced from husband Tristan Thompson. Many people believe that if he hadn’t dated Khloe, he might not have the status

and fame he does now. The pair has remained friends, but when it comes to their status now, some wonder if he’s still got feelings for Khloe. When asked what he thought about her pregnancy, he stated,

Photographs of Khloe’s certain love, Tristan Thompson, popped up on the Internet showing him being a terrible boyfriend. Despite the cheating rumors, Khloe still let him in the delivery room, a source stating, “we're told Khloe's putting her feelings on hold, realizing for better or worse Tristan is the father of their child and knowing a bond between father and child can be cemented in the delivery room.”

After the rumors broke the Internet, French Montana was caught following Khloe on Instagram, The Shade Room posting a screenshot with the caption, “When your ex finds out how your new thing's been treating you.”

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