15 Images That Prove Reese Witherspoon's Daughter Will Surpass Her Fame

Back in the '90s, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were two beautiful blondes who found love in each other’s arms. They were also considered to be one of Hollywood’s biggest couples back then. Additionally, they both starred in hit romance movie Cruel Intentions while they were dating, which probably explains the explosive chemistry between Reese and Ryan.

After 2 years of dating, Ryan married Reese shortly after Cruel Intentions premiered in 1999. Reese Witherspoon was 6 months pregnant at the time. Reese was only 23 years old when she gave birth to their eldest child. The blonde actress would be the mother of 2 children with Ryan Phillippe at age 27. Unfortunately, the pair filed for a divorce in 2006.

Not long after, Reese Witherspoon would be spotted with her children at various events, especially her eldest daughter, Ava Phillippe.

Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe are like two peas in a pod and are usually seen wearing matching outfits. In fact, the two look so much alike that they are usually mistaken for sisters.

The mother and daughter may seem inseparable, but the young blonde has recently made her presence felt outside of her mother’s shadows.

In November 2017, Ava Phillippe was one of the stunning beauties invited at the 25th annual Bal des Debutantes in Paris to be introduced to society. According to Ava Philippe’s Instagram post about the debutante ball, “Last week felt like a dream, and I am so grateful to have so many beautiful memories from this adventure.”

Judging from Ava Phillippe’s very successful introduction at said ball, it looks like Reese Witherspoon’s daughter will make a name for herself quite soon.

Here are images that prove Ava Phillippe will eventually surpass her famous mother.

15 Beauty And The Beast

Ava Philippe Beauty and The Beast
Via: newtv.co.th

What sorcery is this? Belle of the magical Disney film Beauty and the Beast has turned blonde? Not really! It’s just Ava Phillippe in her much younger years wearing a yellow dress with puffy sleeves and matching yellow beaded necklace that quite reminds us of one of our favorite Disney Princesses.

Ava Phillippe shared this cute photo of her on Instagram when she turned 18 last September 9, 2017. We know Belle is a brunette, but with a face like Ava’s, she can play the role of Belle herself.

If Ava can’t be Belle because of her natural hair color, there are blonde Disney Princesses she can portray, right? There’s Princess Aurora, Elsa, Cinderella and Rapunzel. Which one is your pick?

14 Wonder Woman

Ava-Phillippe-Tennessee Toth-Wonder-Woman
Via: celebritybabyscoop.com

Looks like Ava loves to wear costumes on special occasions! This time though, we can see her rocking her Wonder Woman costume while trick or treating with her baby brother last October 31, 2016. Ava just turned 17 a month before she accompanied her baby brother Tennessee for Halloween.

Ava Phillippe may look a little awkward and her posture is not as dignified here as compared to more recent photos, but you have to agree that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s daughter is cut out for some modelling stints in her future!

Not only is Ava beautiful on the outside, she is on the inside as well. Not a lot of 17-year-olds are willing to dress up in a costume and to take their baby brother out for Halloween.

13 Gossip Girl

Via: gossiprocks.com

CW’s teen drama, Gossip Girl, based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s novel is known for its iconic and trendy wardrobes, complete with signature headbands, sequined dresses, and extravagant ballgowns.

In this photo, the gorgeous Ava Phillippe is wearing a gold long sleeved ballgown alongside five other young ladies at the 25th annual Bal des Debutantes, which gives us some serious Gossip Girl feels.

With her blonde locks, slender figure, blue eyes and undeniable taste in fashion, Ava Phillippe could give Blake Lively a run for her money. Ava could very easily pass off as Serena Van Der Woodsen if Gossip Girl was to have a remake.

Maybe she can be paired with Cody Christian of Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf or Girl Meets World’s Uriah Shelton. What do you think?

12 Legally Blonde

Via: gotceleb.com

Clad in a hot pink sweetheart neckline blouse, light blue denim pants and accessorizing with black pointy shoes and pink shimmery purse, Ava Phillippe brings us back in time where Elle Woods was all the rage among women.

Definitely no surprise there! After all, Elle Woods was the perfect picture of an assertive and successful woman who found herself neck-deep in the very competitive world of Harvard Law School in Legally Blonde, one of Reese Witherspoon’s most successful films to date.

Elle Woods may be blonde, pretty, and might always be seen wearing pink frilly outfits, but she definitely has substance to go along with her impeccable style.

As you can see, Ava Phillippe is definitely pretty in pink and we’re quite sure Elle Woods wouldn’t object to passing on the throne to the young blonde beauty.

11 Girl Next Door

Ava Phillippe Draper James
Via: glamour.com

Ava Phillippe modelled with her mother for the first time for Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s clothing line.

According to the clothing line’s website, their brand aims to “bring contemporary, yet timeless Southern style to your wardrobe and your home, no matter where you live.” Incidentally, the Draper James clothing company was founded in honor of Reese Witherspoon’s grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon.

Sporting a simple white top and denim jacket, Ava is the perfect model of a girl next door. Her bedimpled face, expressive eyes, and sincerely warm smile are sure to endear those around her.

Despite the young blonde’s family background, Ava Phillippe remains to be a sweet lady--definitely the type of girl you’d want to take home to meet mama!

10 Like Mother, Like Daughter

Ava Phillippe Reese Witherspoon James Draper
Via: nine.com.au

There is no greater bond than the one between a mother and her child; that is exactly what we can see whenever we see photos of Reese Witherspoon and her daughter, Ava Phillippe.

Reese’s go-to date for special events is her lovely daughter. Recently, Reese also brought Ava to join her on a photo shoot for Draper James Spring 2018 collection.

Looking at these mother-daughter photos, it’s obvious that they love spending time with each other.

According to Ava her mother, “brings a lot of comfort and positive energy with her to work, and I think it’s inspiring to see her personal relationships with everybody on set."

If we were Ava Phillippe, we’d never miss a chance to work and bond with Reese Witherspoon, too!

9 Golden Girl

Ava Phillippe golden girl
Via: gotceleb.com

Being born to no less than the hottest Hollywood couple in the 90s, it is safe to say that Ava Phillippe as a Golden Girl. She is such a pretty sight that she can wear absolutely anything and she can definitely get away with it.

Ava Phillippe, as mentioned earlier, was recently introduced to society and she wore this grand gold ballgown from Giambattista Valli Haute Couture at the le Bal des Débutantes in Paris.

The young blonde beauty started the night with a waltz in the arms of her date, a real life king 19-year-old Maharaja of Jaipur Padmanabh Singh. The pair was a sight to behold as they danced to a tune out of La La Land.

Ava’s gown twirling during the dance certainly added flair to the already prestigious event.

8 Cruel Intentions

Via: soytraffic.com

Pink and black always go well together. Maybe this is what Ava Phillippe had in mind when she was seen outside of their home wearing ripped jeans, black spaghetti strap top, choker, and sneakers that go quite well with her pink-tinged tresses.

Unlike Reese Witherspoon’s ultra-feminine fashion style, as inspired by her stint as Elle Woods, Ava Phillippe’s fashion statement in this image has more of a goth vibe, which is reminiscent of her mother’s past movie Cruel Intentions.

Reese shares that her daughter Ava is cooler than her and that the latter tells her what kinds of clothes go well with her mother’s petite frame.

Witherspoon must be very proud of how her children, especially her daughter, have all turned out to be. We’d feel the same way, too, if we gave birth to such beautiful and humane children.

7 Disney Princess

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Blessed with her parents' exceedingly good looks, Ava Phillippe has the face of a blonde blue-eyed cherub who has come down on earth to grace us with her divine beauty.

Dress Ava Phillippe up in a full skirt and sparkling ball gown and she transforms to the likes of Princess Aurora or Rapunzel, two of Disney’s most beloved princesses.

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter is lounging on a chair just after her grand entrance at the 25th annual Bal des Debutantes. She has slipped off her strappy black heels and opted to wear comfy white hotel slippers.

Ava might just be wearing slippers in this photo, but that doesn’t stop her from looking every inch like a Disney Princess.

We’d love to see her play that role one of these days!

6 Spice World

Ava Phillippe Spice Girl
Via: teenvogue.com

Channeling her inner Spice Girl, Ava Phillippe borrows Sporty Spice’s fashion style for

Luckily for Reese Witherspoon’s offspring, oversized mustard trousers paired with ribbed black tube top looks great on the young lady. Ava added a bunch of gold necklaces and a bold red lip color complete the ensemble.

Ava Phillippe caught up with friends Rowan Blanchard and Amanda de Cadenet at the opening of #girlgaze: a frame of mind, which was held at the Annenberg Space for Photography Skylight Studios last October 21,2016 in Los Angeles. Incidentally, Ava’s outfit resembles her mom attire when the latter attended the premiere of Nowhere in 1997. Reese wore chokers, a light blue spaghetti strap that clung to her form, as well as dark pants to complete the outfit. Not surprising, the Internet went crazy over the undeniable similarities between mother and daughter.

5 Romeo & Juliet

Ava Phillippe Rodarte model
Via: wmagazine.com

Following her stint at the le Bal des Débutantes, Ava Phillippe also made her debut in the modelling world when she joined Rodarte’s gorgeous Fall 2018 campaign.

Ava Phillippe is a vision wearing a strapless pink tulle dress that is both sweet and edgy at the same time.

Additionally, it looks like this isn’t the only time that Ava Phillippe will be seen modelling without her mother at her side. The Rodarte campaign, it seems, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ava took to Instagram to share how much she enjoyed being part of the Rodarte Fall 2018 collection, “thank you to the one and only @rodarte(@kateandlauramulleavy ) for this incredible opportunity to play dress up and support the creativity of women!

4 Little Bo-Beep

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Here’s another shot of Ava Phillippe taken from her Rodarte Fall 2018 campaign. Looking lovely in a black and white floral bodice accentuated with yellow ornaments on her arms, Ava holds up a green and pink floral parasol while staring whimsically at the camera.

Reese Witherspoon’s young mini-me made her modelling debut alongside Kirsten Dunst, who has just recently publicly confirmed that she is pregnant with her fiancé, Jesse Plemons.

Fun fact: Reese Witherspoon modelled at the age of 7 for a florist’s TV commercial ads, which inspired the young Reese to take up acting lessons.

Now we wonder, will the Rodarte campaign motivate Ava Phillippe to take acting lessons as well? We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

3 Stepford Wives

Via: hawtcelebs.com

No wonder Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillippe are mistaken for twins! They usually seen wearing matching outfits when they leave their home.

This photo looks like it was taken out of a shot from Nicole Kidman’s Stepford Wives movie. We know Ava’s too young to play wife roles, but her floral above-the-knee dress is just something a Stepford wife would be wearing, right?

We’d also like to add that those beige platform pump shoes and matching purse goes perfectly well with Ava’s summer outfit for a day out in Beverly Hills. Additionally, the pumps are doing wonders for Ava’s killer legs that are sure to be a major factor when she joins the runway someday!

We’re also in love with Reese Witherspoon’s outfit; That and we’re in love with Reese Witherspoon just as much as we love Ava!

2 Paris When It Sizzles

Via: tomandlorenzo.com

Ava Phillippe enjoys a day out in the city of love with her mother, Reese Witherspoon, after her glamorous introduction to society at le Bal des Débutantes. The famous mother and daughter were seen happily shopping and chatting with each other as they made their way around the French capital.

Wearing a black turtleneck, trench coat, beret, cateye sunnies and white sneakers , Ava is the spitting image of her Legally Blonde mother.

Ava may have her body covered in monochromatic attire, but her flawless face accented with just a fiery red lipstick is enough to show the world how pretty the young lady is.

Witherspoon and Phillippe may have been wearing coats to keep themselves warm from the cold Parisienne air, but they certainly made Paris sizzle when they toured around the city.

1 Such Amazing Hair

Ava Phillippe Killer Hair
Via: teenvogue.com

Before Ava Phillippe was introduced at the 25th annual le Bal des Débutantes or photographed for the Rodarte 2018 and Draper James 2018 campaigns, Ava has already been trying her hand on modelling.

As seen on Ava’s Instagram account, the lovely lady likes to take photos of herself and her friends wearing trendy and the occasional eccentric clothes. Ava is also artistic in her own rights. She loves to sketch and express herself often.

In this case, Ava has experimented with having a two-toned hair color. Of course, not every one can pull off pink and blonde locks at the same time. However, Ava Phillippe seems to be the exception!

We’ve also noticed that Ava already knows what angles she needs to project in order to play on her assets. Not only that, she also knows how to find the light -- something that most amateur models have difficulty in.

Is there anything this girl can’t do?

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