15 Images Of Queen Elizabeth That Buckingham Palace Wants To Keep Hidden

You may live in the United Kingdom or you may not. You might like Queen Elizabeth or you might not. No matter which of the previous statements apply to you, there is one thing that you must always offer to elder people, especially when they are of a royal background like Queen Elizabeth is, and that is respect.

Most of the time, a member of the royal family acts with the best manners, but no matter how careful any individual can be, there are times that everybody is going to goof. One of those people, as shocking as it may sound, is her majesty herself. There have been plenty of times when Queen Elizabeth has done something that either made the people laugh or just rage and as expected, all of those moments found their way to the internet.

As you may see in the following article, all of the images are either funny, showcasing complete fails, or "personal" acts that are a bit awkward when displayed to the public eye but you can be sure about one thing, all of them are embarrassing and that Buckingham Palace would definitely prefer that they were not circulating all over the internet.

Before I move on to the article, I would like to clarify that I respect the people of United Kingdom and that I have huge respect for their queen. Everything I may say is purely humorous and wasn't written with what you may call an "impolite" tone. Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy the article.

15 For England

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Here, you can clearly see Queen Elizabeth firing a machine gun but before you go on and start making up conspiracy theories surrounding that specific photo, hear to this. The photograph was taken back in the year 1993, while a gun range opened its doors to the public.

As a publicity stunt, Queen Elizabeth was asked to attend, surrounded by her security team of course, and fire the gun so that the event could get a lot of exposure. You may be wondering why this photo is embarrassing though. Well, it is rather simple, really. Her Majesty likes promoting peace and friendship among people and other countries.

By performing the act of firing a machine gun, even for the sake of an event, she crumbles all over her beliefs and that makes her look bad to the public!

14 Grumpy Cat

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I could talk about this one photo for hours because there are so many things going on that I would have to comment on. For the sake of this article, I am going to limit myself, though.

The first thing that grabbed my attention right away is, of course, the grin on her face. I have no idea what she has just seen but it must have been something pretty disturbing or embarrassing. Either way, it turns out that the one getting embarrassed is the Queen herself. And it isn't just because of the grin. No, it is due to the total image.

The total outfit is a bit weird. A granny-looking hoodie plus a yellow ribbon tied around her old discussed looking face. I don't know about you people, but in my opinion, it looks awkward and funny all at the same time— I love it!

13 The Queen Likes To Pick Her Royal Nose

Via: OnTopOf

I won't lie. At first, I thought that was a result of a professional photo manipulator using Photoshop but then I decided to do a little more digging around, and what I found it is that this specific photo is actually a legitimate one that hasn't been tampered with in any way imaginable.

What do you like the most about this picture? Well, for me, it totally has to be the nose picking. I mean, other than that, the photo is okay. But when I look at the pose the Queen is striking, I really cannot help myself bursting out in laughter.

All hail to your majesty people. She is the only one that can make nose-picking look like such a royal action. But what I really wonder is the reason that she HAD to do it. Couldn't she just help herself for five minutes and "dive in" later when she would be all alone?!

12 Easy Rider

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From a very young age, I had a passion for cars (just like most of the other boys in their childhood) but instead of worshiping Ferrari, Lamborghini, and the sort, I would mostly dream of having a luxurious car like a Bentley or a strong muscle car like a Jeep. But now that I think of it, a Range Rover like the one Queen Elizabeth is driving in the photo wouldn't be unwelcome.

Talking about the photo, you would think that the embarrassing part is that of the hoodie the Queen is wearing but no. The funny side of things is at the passenger's seat where the terrified face of the woman says it all without even speaking a word.

What I really love about Her Majesty is that despite her age, she still is more active than many elderly people that are much younger than she is. She is over 90 years old and still rocking it.

11 Not So Extreme

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Remember the 2012 Summer Olympics when during the opening ceremony the Queen (accompanied by Daniel Craig) parachuted into the stadium? Then we got a clip of them walking the aisle to the open space. No matter how excited you were, all of that was fake.

The Queen never parachuted out of that plane. It was two stuntmen— one dressed as the Queen and one playing the role of Daniel Craig.

I guess that deep inside, I always knew the truth but finding out that all of it was fake took its toll on me. The only thing that made me happy again is watching Mr. Bean play the piano! Now that is a memory one should never let himself forget.

10 The Infamous Meme

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Either you like it or you don't, but every single celebrity has or will be evolved in an internet meme at least once in their life. One of the most popular ones is this photo of Queen Elizabeth, which is still used countless of times on a daily basis to create vast amounts of memes.

Due to the fierce nature of the Queen's facial expression in that specific image the meme is almost always accompanied by an ironic quote or some kind of funny threat towards other celebrities. And it isn't just the face she is making, it is the whole package.

A dress so white that blinds you from the shine emits a vibe of silent power. Well, now that I think of it, I can really see how that outfit makes her stand out. Even though she is the Queen, she still needs to worry about her wardrobe choices.

9 Hold The Horses

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Let's talk a bit about this picture. What do you think is happening? I am not just asking because I know. In fact, I don't have even the slightest idea. The closest I could guess is that she is maybe watching a horse race and she is rooting for her favorite horse to win thus, the whole "holding the reins" pose of hers.

Or she could just be watching a football game but based on her appearance, I doubt that this is the case. Another thing I would like to comment is that her hat indicates that she is at a somewhat formal, or at least semi-formal, event. But you may be wondering why I think this would be an embarrassing photo for the Queen.

Well, the answer is simple. Because even though the people in Buckingham palace want to emit a "formal" and serious vibe, she would be doing the exact opposite which is to look a lot like a foolish viewer.

8 Just Not In The Mood To Celebrate

Via: BBC

We get it. Sometimes when we're tired it is really hard to fake energy and enthusiasm. But when you're the Queen and you have a million cameras pointed at you it is probably smart to try harder. This looks like some sort of New Year's Eve celebration and the Queen is clearly not happy to welcome in the new year with everyone else. Her companions to her left also look like they are singing a song together, and the Queen could not care less. It does not help that the Queen is wearing a bright orange coat, which pulls the attention to her even more. To be fair the Queen must always get bombarded with invitations to attend different functions, which she does because it is her duty as the monarch of England. But when it's always about the job then that must take the fun out of it.

7 Ha! Get It?

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Why is Duchess Katherine laughing with Queen Elizabeth? We know their relationship is fairly good but what did Her Majesty say that was so damn funny to make both the Duchess and the people behind her smile or laugh? Well, I don't know. What I do know, however, is that her facial expression is impeccable.

Look how happy and awkward she looks at the same time. She has the whole "Am I right?!" attitude down and she doesn't even care about others taking her picture. This is why I love her because she doesn't care what others will say about her.

What did you think people, that your Queen is a snob? Of course not, she is a funny and friendly human being and it would be my absolute pleasure to spend an evening or attend a formal event having her alongside me. Still, the pose is pretty awkward though!

6 The Queen Is Very Amused At This Fashion Show

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It is widely known that famous people and celebrities have a pretty busy schedule regardless of what day of the week it is. In fact, their weekends are often even more hectic than the business days. Of course, the same exact thing applies to the members of the royal family.

This particular picture has to be one of my favorites. It isn't because it is a bit awkward but because of how astonished the Queen looked at that exact millisecond that the photo was taken. Look at her! Do you know many people that would be so excited about attending a fashion catwalk because I sure don't?

This photo quickly crossed the online forums and social media, and it got so big that while researching this article, it got my attention. I just had to include it. I just love that "What is happening?" face.

5 What In The World Are You Talking About!?

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Oh, the mighty Queen of England. Her Majesty! But as reality often suggests, Royals aren't so different than the mere mortals. I am saying that because the time this photo was taken was enough to showcase how many of those celebrities and famous people we watch on television every day really feel.

Personally, I don't think that she heard something stupid. I believe that she was attending a pretty boring or at least an event being a bit below her standards. But everything in this photograph is perfect. Clothes? Great. Accessories? Are those pearl earring stitched to her ears 24/7? Even the sunglasses go well with the grin she is making.

You couldn't have come up with a better photo, even if you went into Photoshop and spend 10 hours on it. It is just that perfect, all while being extremely awkward and ridiculous (the photo, of course, not the Queen).

4 She Is Always Watching You

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Did you think that you could escape the wrath of your mighty Queen?! (he said with a deep dark voice) Then think again, you ignorant youngsters. Queen Elizabeth is like a god. She sees everything and knows exactly what is happening around her 24/7.

Who would expect the Queen to try photobombing a selfie and succeed in doing so? Personally speaking, though, I think that the two girls in the photo must have realized she was standing behind them or they wouldn't arrange themselves to include her in.

Or it maybe it was another perfect plan of the Queen (deep dark voice returns). In all honesty though, is anything that Her Majesty can't do? I mean, she tells jokes, rules the country, photobombs people etc. Why can't we have someone like her here in Greece as well?!

3 Yes, Chef!

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The other day, I was watching Master Chef on the television and I always get really cringy when the cooks refer to the judges as "chef." We get it, people. You respect them and in your line of work you apparently have to talk to them in a way such this one but it becomes tiring after a while.

Now, while researching for this article, I stumbled upon that photo and when my gaze fell upon the Queen's hat, I just had to include it. It looks like a pan and the way she looks at those soldiers with such an angry face makes me recall of the judges on Master Chef telling a contestant that his dish sucked.

I believe that it is a bit awkward getting photographed while giving those poor soldiers crap for something that may have not even been important. Maybe that is the true colors of the Queen, after all.

2 McWhat!?

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Who are you to dare serve simple one-bite burgers to your Queen? Don't you know that her Majesty would never eat something like that? Well, of course, I am joking here. The right question isn't who would eat a burger, but who wouldn't?

The awkward, and at the same time funny part, is the face that Queen Elizabeth is making this photo. Why does she look so stunned? I don't know if that's just me, but she looks like each of her eyes is looking at both plates simultaneously. Is it really that bad of a burger or does she just not like them?

I don't think we are ever going to be able to answer that question but one thing is for certain though. Either the Queen is a chameleon with the ability to look at two different places at the same time or she really hates small burgers!

1 The Queen Was Caught In An Awkward Angle

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What do you do when someone moves in front of you right when you want to escape the red light costing you two minutes of your life waiting for the next green light to come? If you are from the United Kingdom, you would probably give them the middle finger.

This is exactly what the Queen of England did. Even though I don't know the whole story or what exactly happened, she must have been insulted by someone. So she decided to reply with a nice gesture, while a lot of bystanders could easily snap a photo of her doing so— and so they did.

And in case you are wondering, no, this isn't Photoshopped or anything like that. It is an original and untampered picture of Queen Elizabeth showing someone that she can be impolite as well, all while having a big smile on her face.

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