15 Images Of Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman Living Like His Billionaire Character

The Black Panther has now hit the theatres and it’s just as good as the hype behind it showed. While this isn’t the first time the Black Panther has been on the big screen it’s his first time on his own. He first appeared in the Captain America: Civil War film and had little screen time. With the short amount of screen time he was given he blew audiences away and made every want a solo Black Panther movie even more. The hype for the film became real and the directors along with Chadwick Boseman had a lot to live up to it.

This isn’t the first time Chadwick Boseman has been on the big screen but it is his most notable role. He also played Jackie Robinson in the film 42. Since then Chadwick has seen major success in Hollywood and we can see him gaining even more popularity off of this film alone. Chadwick Boseman is one of the top faces in Hollywood which means he’s raking in some serious dough. What will he buy with all his newly earned fame and riches?

This definitely won’t be the last time we see Chadwick Boseman as the success of the Black Panther movie will definitely warrant a sequel in a few years. Not only will Chadwick return as the Black Panther but we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him as a lead role in many more films to come.

15 Suited Up

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While the Black Panther suit is something to rant and rave about everyone should take a look at what Chadwick Boseman is rocking when he’s not in the Black Panther suit. He can usually be seen rocking a two-piece suit with a plaid shirt and tie. These outfits can be seen at premieres and special events in which he is invited to. There’s no doubt that Chadwick knows how to dress for the occasion. When he’s not wearing his signature two-piece suit he can still be seen as stylish as ever. He typically wears beige pants with a branded T-Shirt and an exotic jacket to finish the outfit off. Most of his outfits is something that only someone as pristine as Chadwick can pull off. With the money he makes from the Black Panther film, there’s no doubt that he will increase his wardrobe even more.

14 Other Major Projects

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Many people didn’t know about Chadwick Boseman before his role as the Black Panther but he’s been in several notable movies, one of the most notable being 42. This is a film in which Chadwick reenacted the life of famous athlete Jackie Robinson. If that role introduced Chadwick into Hollywood then Black Panther put him on the map. There’s no doubt that after this movie you’ll be seeing a lot more of Chadwick.

While he will be the main lead in many more movies to come we might also see Chadwick producing his own original material. He’s expressed in the past of having interests in separate elements of the filmmaking process besides just acting. He’s described himself as a writer before going into acting and even expressed his interest in directing.

13 Boseman's Fresh Feet

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Chadwick Boseman has been seen in many advertisements and paparazzi pictures rocking a stylish look in the shoe category. Most notably Chadwick owns several pairs of Adidas branded shoes. He’s never openly spoken about his love for Adidas but his feet do the talking for him. It’s unknown if Adidas has any interest in doing a brand deal with Boseman but after Black Panther they’d be crazy not to.With the millions Chadwick is getting off of playing the Black Panther we could see him purchasing a whole closet worth of shoes. Varying in brands, of course, everything from Adidas to Nike. We could also see him purchasing a large number of dress shoes to go with all of his dress apparel. These will go well with all the events he’ll be attending because of the major success of Black Panther.

12  Exclusive Black Panther Merchandise

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Speaking of Black Panther, Chadwick has already been seen wearing the iconic Black Panther necklace between shoots and in public. We doubt they allowed Chadwick to keep the Black Panther suit but the necklace is a decent consolation prize. This is the start of what could be an awesome line of Black Panther merchandise and who better to advertise it than the Black Panther himself.We could see a Black Panther line of clothing coming out or even possibly a suit line since Chadwick is such a fan of the two-piece. Chadwick is also a huge fan of shoes as discussed earlier and we could see him teaming up with a company like Adidas to make a Black Panther line of shoes. These shoes could have a slate black design with the Black Panther logo or design somewhere on the shoe.

11 Chadwick's Love For Unique Jackets

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As discussed before Chadwick is a huge fan of unique clothing. Most of that being his jackets. He has been seen sporting several different eccentric colors of jackets including a bright purple felt jacket, a blue suede jacket, and many others. The great thing about Chadwick’s sense of style is that he can pull off a jacket of that caliber while wearing anything. This means you could easily see Chadwick in street clothes while also rocking these sports jackets.The Black Panther has seen major success so far which means that Chadwick will most likely be in the media for some time promoting the movie further. This means he needs to buy a unique outfit for every interview, and with the funds he’ll get from the movie there will be no issue in getting the correct jackets for these interviews.

10 The Black Panther Workout

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Chadwick Boseman took on a unique workout routine to help him prepare for the role as Black Panther. The role included training in martial arts as the Black Panther is an expert crime fighter. Therefore Chadwick underwent intense workouts in order to prepare his mind and body for the role of the Black Panther. This isn’t the first grueling workout Chadwick underwent for a role, his role as Jackie Robinson in the movie 42 also required a tiring workout.We wouldn’t be surprised if Chadwick continues this workout into the future. Surely he will have another movie as the Black Panther and he will most likely continue the Black Panther workout if not as rigorously. For this Chadwick will have to hire a personal trainer and possibly equipment if he wants to workout from home.

9 Boseman's Watch Game

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Chadwick Boseman has been seen several times rocking ice on his wrist whether it be photo shoots or just out in public. With his taste in suits, not just any watch will do. He’s been seen rocking Rolex on his wrist and gold watches with real leather straps. Boseman is also a fan of wearing turtlenecks and there isn’t anything better to fit with turtlenecks than a nice wristwatch.Boseman will most likely expand his watch collection after he gets paid for the Black Panther. We expect to see more Rolexes in his collection along with unique foreign watches. Lookout for the next interview you see Boseman in and he will most likely be rocking an expensive wristwatch he didn’t have previously.

8 Chadwick Is Quite The Catch

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Believe it or not, Boseman is not taken. After the photo shoot he did with Rolling Stone that most likely won’t be the case for much longer. His role as the Black Panther will most likely land him with someone which means he now has to start spending his fortune on his new partner. Chadwick looks like he would be a great boyfriend and even husband material and we figure he will spoil his significant other.There have already been rumors of Chadwick having someone he’s seeing in 2017 when he was spotted with a mystery woman around his arm at events. Chadwick is great at keeping his personal life out of the limelight but there comes a point where you become so famous that you can’t hide your secrets no matter how hard you try. We will definitely be seeing Chadwick’s girlfriend by the next Black Panther premiere.

7 King Of Photoshoots

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Long live the king of photoshoots! After Rolling Stones dropped this picture of Chadwick promoting the Black Panther movie, the internet blew up at how stunning the actor appeared. While this is the most notable of Chadwick’s photoshoots it’s definitely not his first. Chadwick is known to be a natural in front of the camera and has had several photoshoots during his career as an actor.As time goes by Chadwick will continue his journey to become the best looking man for a photo shoot. We’ve established that he has a great sense of fashion and that is very apparent in his photoshoots. Specifically, in this one for Rolling Stones, he is seen rocking a large fur coat with leather pants, an outfit fit for a king. Chadwick will definitely stock up on his best outfits for the continuing outpour of love for him and his photo shoots as Black Panther stays at the top of the box office.

6 What Does The Black Panther Drive?

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As stated before Chadwick is very secretive about his personal life which makes our jobs harder so we’re not sure what car Chadwick is driving at the moment but we have an idea. Lexus poured a lot of their money into featuring their car in the Black Panther movie. While it was only there for one scene it was still an important advertising point. We’re sure that this deal won’t end on the big screen.

Chadwick most likely has a brand deal with Lexus and we’re willing to bet that he has at least one Lexus in his driveway. While Lexus isn’t a luxury car who turns down a free car? If we had to guess what kind of other cars Chadwick has in his driveway we would assume a Tesla and Bentley. Possibly even a sports car but Chadwick definitely spews classiness so it would have to be a classy sports car.

5 Chadwick Boseman Is As Fresh As Can Be

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We’ve established several times that Chadwick is a classy man and he doesn’t let that slip even when he’s off the big screen. Chadwick typically keeps his hair trimmed along with his facial hair sharp. We’re not sure if he has a specific barber he goes to but whoever is doing his cuts they’re doing a great job. It’s hard to see Chadwick without his Black Panther signature facial hair but there was a time where he didn’t have it.During the filming of 42, he didn’t have any facial hair because during that time period neither did Jackie Robinson, who he was protraying. However, today his facial hair works excellently with his sense of style. We don’t see him spending his fortune on changing his hairstyle but he could experiment. He may even upgrade to a professional hairdresser if he hasn’t already.

4 Chasing His Passion As A Writer

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During an interview, Chadwick Boseman spoke about his passions for writing. He used to write before he became an actor and has expressed his passion for writing ever since. While nothing of Chadwick’s writing is notable or even available to the public he’s shared ideas of writing scripts and maybe even a book at some point in time. Chadwick says it helps him to relax when he writes.Chadwick obviously won’t have a lot of time to write, especially recently, but we can see him sitting down to write about his experiences playing the Black Panther and the journey it’s taken him on. Perhaps a little later in Chadwick’s life, we could see him taking on writing screenplays and possibly even producing his own script for a film. He’s also shared during interviews his passion for directing and filmmaking in general.

3 No Place Like Home In New York

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In the same interview, Chadwick was asked where his dream place to live would be. He stated that he would obviously move back down south to live with his family but he went more in depth to his second choice. He stated that New York is a place that is in a bubble of its own and that it can’t be replicated no matter how many other cities try. Chadwick has spent some time in New York City and he will most likely be living there or in LA as his acting career continues.We can see Chadwick heading back home after his acting career slows down and also buying a house in his home state of South Carolina. He has a lot of family members there and he doesn’t get a chance to see them as often. However, with the amount of money he’s making from the Black Panther he could own a house down south already and visit home whenever he wants.

2 Sending Something Down South

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Speaking of Chadwick’s home in the south he, of course, has his family still living there. Chadwick is a family man at heart and most definitely has sent some of his success back home. When speaking in an interview Chadwick has expressed his interests in going back home to visit his family. There’s no doubt that Chadwick has sent some of his earnings back to his family to help them out. Not that they need help because Chadwick’s parents are respected doctors.

It’s still worth it to Chadwick to repay his family for letting him chase his passions in filmmaking as a young adult. Chadwick seems like an honest guy and has parents, who seem to have raised a great person, definitely deserve a slice of Chadwick’s success. While Chadwick can’t return home very often his success will definitely let his family know he’s thinking about them.

1 Directing His Own Movies

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As mentioned before Chadwick is a huge fan of the filmmaking process as a whole and has spoken about his interest in directing films. Chadwick expressed his love for art in an interview and said he always had an interest in art since he was a child. It wasn’t until high school that Chadwick discovered filmmaking and decided he wanted to write and direct movies.While he didn’t speak on what type of movies he wants to direct he definitely got a good idea about how to direct a superhero movie. We could even see him possibly taking over the Black Panther franchise or remaking it later in his life. We can also see Chadwick possibly go down the road of documentaries as he’s played a historical figure before.

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