15 Hollywood Parents Who Care More About The Money Than Their Kids

They say parenting is the hardest job in the world, and they are right. From cleaning up soiled diapers to dealing with teenagers, it sure seems like a lot of hard work. It is said that there are two main parts of parenting, to keep the kid alive and to teach the kid good morals and hard work. If you are lucky, you get two out of two, but most of the time just one is enough. However, sadly not every kid is that lucky, with some parents being the worst of the worst when it comes to raising children. But what about celebrities? Surely they can do no wrong? False. Celebrities are just as bad as the rest of us when it comes to raising kids, sometimes even worse. That's right, despite having all the fame, power and not to mention the money, celebs still manage to mess it up, in front of the cameras too!

Unable to "get away with it" due to the paparazzi and constant media attention, celebrity parents are often named and shamed. Yeah, you might think your parents are bad, but imagine having an A-Lister as a Mom or a Dad? You certainly won't be their number one priority, and you can forget about seeing them all the time. Unfortunately, some celebrities don't seem to realise that parenting is a lifelong commitment, and that their kids should come before the next big movie deal or in some cases, serious addictions.

So, to name and shame those horrible Hollywood parents, here are 15 of the worst Hollywood moms and dads in showbiz.

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15 Kate Moss

British supermodel and all round superstar, Kate Moss, is probably one of the most famous models in the world. Discovered at just 14 years of age, Moss quickly rose to the top during an era in which supermodels were all the rage.

Mostly known for her part in the "h chic" fashion trend at the time, Moss also dabbled with certain recreational activities in her social life too. Caught doing so while hanging out with then boyfriend, and Libertines front-man Pete Doherty in 2005, Moss was heavily criticized in the press due to her being a role model to young people and because she was a mother. The scandal nearly ruined Moss's career completely, and she was dropped from a number of campaigns.

14 Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy sure gets around. Father of nine kids to five different women, Murphy will soon have enough kids for a baseball team. However, it seems Murphy's brood is more of a hindrance than a benefit, especially when you look at his reaction to Spice Girl, Melanie Brown's claims that he was the father of her baby. In fact, Murphy panicked and denied ever knowing the singer at all.

That's right, claiming he had no idea whose child it was in 2007, Murphy claimed, "I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test". Not long after, a DNA test confirmed it was his, forcing the actor to own up to his unruly comments. However, Murphy didn't budge, not for another three years anyway. Nowadays it is said that he and Mel B have finally buried the hatchet with regards to their daughter.

13 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has starred in a number of famous movies such as Wall Street, Hot Shots!, Platoon, and more recently the acclaimed comedy series, Two and a Half Men. However, it is Sheen's off screen antics that really propel him into the spotlight, especially with regards to how he is as a parent. Sheen, who has been married three times, was also suspected of some domestic issues when married to actress Denise Richards. And, if that wasn't bad enough, he also "accidentally" shot ex fiancée, Kelly Preston in the arm.

Ending up with five children over the course of his life, Sheen has publicly lost custody to all of them due to his numerous liaisons with certain film stars, suspicious behaviour and partying too hard.    

12 Courtney Love

Courtney Love met Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain in 1989 while partying in Portland, Oregon. The two quickly began dating and Love fell pregnant a couple of years later which eventually led to the pair marrying on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

However, not long after the marriage and the birth of their daughter, Frances Bean, things went sour. Love ended up in rehab and Cobain unfortunately took his life in their Seattle home. Love's life quickly spiralled even more after this and Francis Bean was often left to defend for herself. In fact, it has also been suggested that Love, along with her husband, took part in certain recreational activities while pregnant. Eventually child welfare stepped in and Frances was placed in her Grandmother's care after Love was arrested.

11 Dina & Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan started her career as a successful child star, starring in movies such as The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. Going on to star in cult hit Mean Girls during her late teens, it looked like Lohan would make a successful transition from child star to movie star. Sadly, her parents thought so too which resulted in an overbearing relationship from her mother and her father.

Somewhat getting worse when her parents eventually divorced in the midst of her career, the event took an enormous toll on Lohan. Speaking about her turbulent childhood, Lohan stated, "I feel like a second parent in the sense that I helped raise my family...I was put between my mother and father a lot." Said to have a strained relationship with her mother, it was recently reported that Lohan has now cut off all contract with her father due to his weird and unpredictable behaviour.

10 Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is known for his appearances on reality TV show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. The show, which depicts the daily lives of Jon, his wife Kate and their eight children, was a smash hit on its release. However, Jon is now one of TVs most hated figures, especially when it was revealed that the couple had divorced and Jon had left the family without any support.

Unperturbed, Jon soon hooked up with another woman, and was reported to have been seeing the woman while still married to wife Kate. And if that wasn't bad enough, Jon was also reported to have not given Kate any financial help with regards to the children and showed no interest in visiting them. The show was quickly renamed to Kate plus 8, with Jon nowhere to be seen.

9 Jaid Barrymore

Popular movie star Drew Barrymore was the granddaughter of legendary actor and Hollywood icon, John Barrymore, thus consequently a member of the all acclaimed Barrymore family. Born in West Hollywood, Barrymore's parents John Drew Barrymore, and her mother/manager, Jaid Barrymore, were two people who liked the booze a little too much.

Thrust into movie stardom at the age of seven, Barrymore's parents didn't quite understand the prospects of raising a daughter in a world full of temptation. Barrymore was quickly introduced to similar activities that her parents took part in, and was routinely taken to the infamous Studio 54 nightclub by her mother. By the time she was thirteen, Barrymore was battling addictions and was sent to rehab a year later. Barrymore wisely broke away from her parents and the rest they say is history.

8 Alec Baldwin

The eldest of the notorious Baldwin family, Alec Baldwin is also the most talented not to mention the most successful. Starring in movies such as BeetlejuiceThe Departed, and the Cooler, for which he received an Academy Award, Baldwin is also known for his comedic talents on 30 Rock and his infamous impression of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

Known to have quite the temper, Baldwin once assaulted a photographer for filming his ex wife, Kim Basinger and their three year old daughter. However, in 2007 the world really saw just how angry Baldwin was when a voice message to his daughter, Ireland, was leaked to the media. Angry that his daughter had not returned his call, Baldwin was heard calling the 11 year old a, "rude and thoughtless little pig".

7 Kris Jenner

Matriarch and self proclaimed, "momager" of the Kardashian Klan, Kris Jenner is certainly the reason to their success. Extremely smart with her decisions, Jenner is the sole reason why the family are so stinking rich. But how did she do it? By pimping out her kids of course!

Yes, Kris may have turned the Kardashian name into a billion dollar brand but that doesn't mean it's ethically okay. Especially since it is rumoured that it was Kris who "accidentally" leaked the notorious Kim Kardashian tape that resulted in her daughter's fame. In fact, it has also been suggested that Kris encouraged her to make one, noting the success of family friend Paris Hilton's naughty video at the time. Nevertheless, the family are still going strong, despite Kris meddling with the lives of her kids on a daily basis. Oh well, maybe money really is the answer to everything.

6 Woody Allen

Movie director Woody Allen and renowned actress Mia Farrow were the hot couple of the 1980s. Famous for living separately throughout their twelve year relationship, the couple lived in separate apartments on opposite sides of Central Park. Farrow, who already had seven children by the time they met, went on to have more children (adopted and biologically conceived) with Allen. The family were complete and Allen held an active role in his children's lives, as well as becoming somewhat of a father figure to Farrows other children.

However, as time went on Allen became closer to Soon-Yi Preven, who Farrow had earlier adopted from Korea. The two began spending time together, resulting in an affair. Farrow eventually found out after finding revealing photographs of her daughter in Allen's home. Allen and Soon-Yi eventually married and adopted two more children. Make of this what you will.

5 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous actors in the world, as well as one of the richest. Throughout his career, Cruise has been involved with a number of women and has been married three times. However, despite never being short of a lady friend, rumours with regards to his preferences have constantly persisted, resulting in a law suit and excessive denial.

Father of three kids, it is reported that Cruise spends zero time with any of them, even failing to acknowledge at least two of them. That's right, while married to ex-wife Nicole Kidman, the pair adopted two children who are now rarely spoken about, let alone seen. And as for the other one? Producing daughter Suri Cruise with ex-wife Katie Holmes, Cruise swiftly introduced them to the Church of Scientology, in which he is an outspoken advocate. The couple soon divorced, with Holmes immediately removing her daughter from Cruise and the church.

4 Mama June

June Shannon, otherwise known as Mama June, starred in the notorious reality TV show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Much like Kris Jenner, Mama June is mostly known for pimping out her daughter in order to make money. First appearing on equally grotesque show, Toddlers & Tiaras, with daughter Alana, Mama June found that having children and putting them on reality TV shows was a great source of money.

Mother to four children by four different fathers, the kids are named Anna ‘Chickadee’ Shannon. Jessica ‘Chubbs’ Shannon, Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon (born 2000), and Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. As well as pimping out her children, Mama June is also partial to dating offenders, and was reported to be having a relationship with a man who had just gotten out of prison for taking advantage of a child.

3 Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman is American reality TV star mostly known for giving birth to eight children at once. Also known as Octomom, Suleman's eight babies were only the second set of octuplets to be born alive in the United States. However, the pregnancy and eventual birth led to controversy across the globe, especially when it was revealed that Suleman already had six other young children and was also unemployed and claiming welfare.

The media suddenly turned on the mother of fourteen and she was quickly labelled a leach who had only gotten pregnant in order to gain more money. Suleman swiftly denied that she was on any assistance program at all, however later she eventually confessed, citing a back injury as reason to why she couldn't work.

2 Farrah Abraham

First finding fame on reality TV show, 16 and Pregnant in 2009, Farrah Abraham is now one of America's most notorious reality TV stars. Subjecting her daughter to constant media attention since day one, Farrah has often been labelled a terrible mother, especially with regards to her past relationships. From movie stars to just down right terrible people, Farrah sure knows how to pick them, even going as far as hiring an actor to play her supposed "boyfriend" on TV show, Couples Therapy. Anything for a buck huh?

If that wasn't enough, Farrah is often seen waging war with a number of other low rate TV stars, with one particular incident ending in a night in the cells. To make matters worse, Farrah was recently asked about how she would handle her daughter making the same mistakes her, in which Farrah responded by saying it would be a "bonding experience". No Farrah, just no.

1 Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar, is famed for starring in the reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, along with his many other siblings and his two parents. Extremely conservative, Josh's father, Jim Bob described the family as the "epitome of conservative values" and routinely advocates for what he calls, "family-centred" and conservative Christian rights within the home.

Jim Bob has also been labelled as a pretty terrible person just because of his treatment in general towards women and people who love others of the same gender. However, in 2015 Jim Bob's world came crumbling down when it was revealed that his eldest son, Josh, had taken advantage of his siblings when he was fourteen and fifteen years old. Jim Bob admitted that he had known about the incident but had disciplined his son at the time by giving him a "stern talk".

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