15 Gifts From The Kardashians That We Can Buy From The Dollar Tree

Sending out insulting gifts like shirts with unusual statements may seem funny. You might think that the recipient will get the humor behind it, but you have to remember that this isn’t always the case.

Remember that the aim of giving gifts is to bring happiness to those around you. If you still wish to give insulting gifts to people you know, choose your gifts and recipients wisely. You don’t want to accidentally ruin a perfectly good relationship just because of a gag gift gone wrong.

Some people can get hurt and get over it quickly. On the other hand, there are those who might harbor resentment. They might feel that you are being intentionally insensitive and do not care about their feelings. Of course, this is not something you’d like your recipients to feel when in fact you were just hoping to have some laughs over some gifts.

So if you are thinking of giving gag gifts to family and friends, proceed with caution. Not everyone can take insults or jokes in stride. Make sure to explain clearly and make the recipients understand the humor behind the gag gift you sent them if you feel they have been offended. Don’t forget to apologize sincerely and make it your life’s mission to make it up to the people whose feelings you have you have accidentally hurt.

To help you on your adventure of sending out gag gifts, here’s a list of items that could potentially insult its recipients.

15 Kim Ugly Cry Card 

Kim Kardashian ugly cry
Via: etsy.com

Who can ever forget the first time we saw Kim Kardashian cry her heart out when she lost a $75k diamond earring in the ocean while vacationing in Bora Bora? Or how about that time when she had a fight with her sisters because Khloe and Kourtney were being so rude to her?

Fortunately for Kim Kardashian, she’s not the only one who has fallen victim to ugly crying faces. You or someone you know may have, at some point, cried over something so trivial, but still couldn’t help but bawl your eyes out.

In memory of crying over petty things or if you just want to remind someone how bad they looked when they cry, give them this card featuring Kim’s ugly crying face. Alternatively, you can give this card on your friend’s birthday and remind her that she’s one year older and that soon she’ll be suffering from wrinkles, too.

14 Realizing Stuff Shirt

Realizing Stuff tshirt
Via: irinathediva.dk

We all have this one friend or family member who just blurts things out of the blue without first thinking about what she actually has to say. Take Kylie Jenner for example.

Two years ago, the young Jenner was talking about her New Year’s resolution and mentioned that 2016 is the year for realizing stuff. It’s great that she has come to this realization, but realizing stuff shouldn’t be limited to just 2016.

This shirt is a perfect gift if your friend reminds you of Kylie Jenner’s usually shallow comments. You can also give this Realizing Stuff shirt to those who have just realized some important credo of their own.

Hopefully, this shirt would remind them to think before they speak if they don’t want to be mocked like Kylie Jenner was mocked for her New Year’s resolution last 2016.

13 QuickTrim Dietary Supplements

Quick Trim
Via: amazon.com

You’ll know someone’s sending you a message about your weight when you receive this QuickTrim Dietary Supplements. These supplements offer a wide range of products, from pills to powdered drink mixes, to allegedly help anyone in their weight loss journey.

QuickTrim dietary supplements were endorsed by Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, who are both known for their amazing curves. Ideally, the recipient of these dietary supplements will also end up with the Kardashian sisters’ enviable curves.

Of course, you can also taunt your frenemy to hit the gym regularly if she really wants to lose the extra weight. If QuickTrim fails, there are other diet supplements that might be able to help trim fats. Plus, you’ll have other items to help you insult your frenemy.

12 Dollhouse Kardashian Book

Kardashian Novel Dollhouse
Via: the-social-fashionista.blogspot.com

Dollar Tree houses a bunch of books although most of them might not be to your liking. Sure you can find some best-selling novels from well known authors being sold for $1, but we can’t say that the Dollhouse novel by the Kardashian sisters can be compared to the likes of Nicholas Sparks.

The story is about 3 siblings who became Hollywood royalty when one of the sister become famous overnight. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney claim that this is a fictional book, but their book plot definitely sounds a lot like what we see about the Kardashians on TV.

If you accidentally bought this book in the hopes of finding a great read. You’ll be better off reading other novels from other writers. On the other hand, you can give this Kardashian novel to a booklover who definitely has no plans of keeping up with the Kardashians if your goal is to annoy her and insult her love for reading materials.

11 Kylie Jenner’s Sinful Colors

kylie-jenner-sinful-colors-walmart (1)
Via: twistmagazine.com

Living with not so healthy nails is normal. After all, having brittle and cracked nails is not uncommon. However, you can’t use polish on your nails if they are damaged since you will only emphasize the cracks on your nails if you do so.

With this in mind, Kylie Jenner’s Sinful Colors nail polish is the perfect gift for those suffering from cracked nails if you wish to insult them. This nail polish is aptly named since the colors to choose from are sinful indeed. They’re so vibrant and eye catching that there’s just no way cracked nails will go unnoticed if someone makes the mistake of using them.

Additionally, you could also give Kylie Jenner’s Sinful Colors nail lacquer to those with wrinkly hands and fingers. We’re betting they won’t use your gift, despite how beautiful the colors are in order to avoid making their veiny and wrinkly hands the center of unwanted attention.

10 Hype Energy Drink

kim-kardashians-hype-energy-film-03 (1)

Kim Kardashian West endorsed Hype Energy Drink in 2015. She was filmed portraying Marie Antoinette, a queen who historians believe was afraid of getting bored, in a promotional material for Hype.

Buy party packs of Hype Energy Drink for a friend who reminds you of a sloth. As he drinks Hype, tell him that you’ve noticed that he’s been looking fatigued and figured he could use with a boost to his energy levels. Additionally, ask if he’s been getting enough sleep since he’s close to looking like a zombie.

Since your friend doesn’t have the energy to process what you’ve been saying, he may or may not notice that you’re subtly insulting him in the pretext of acting concerned. Either way, your friend will now, hopefully, have the energy to talk and go places with you once he chugs down a can or two of Hype.

9 Fit Tea

Kylie Jenner Fit Tea
Via: shefinds.com

Here’s another product you can use to insult or rather encourage your friends to maintain their weights. According to the Kardashian’s, as seen on their respective Instagram accounts, Fit Tea does wonders for their detox.

Users of Fit Tea, not including the Kardashians, also share the product’s effectivity. They also add that it’s so simple to take. You just need to drink a cup of Fit Tea every morning or before workout. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve had breakfast or not. No matter what time of day you take it, the important thing is it works if you also put in some effort to exercise and cut down on your food intake.

A word of caution though, people who are sensitive to caffeine are advised not to try Fit Tea.

8 Zestra

kris jenner zestra
Via: buenacompra.es

Hypoactive desire or loss of desire among women of all ages is actually normal. According to medical studies, a third of women between 18 and 59 do lose interest in having intercourse. Sad but true, especially if you’re a woman who would like to start a new family.

Fortunately, it’s not only men who can turn to supplements to help them increase their drive. Take for example, Kris Jenner. The Kardashian matriach once endorsed Zestra, a topical blend of oils to help women get in the mood for some intimacy. Kris Jenner also shares that instant gratification is to be expected with Zestra.

However, reviews say that this product smells so bad. We’re not sure if you and your partner will be in the mood for anything if you get a whiff of Zestra’s scent.

7 Waist Trainers

Kardashian waist trainers
Via: cosmopolitan.com

Getting nice curves is a difficult task to achieve. On top of watching what you eat, hitting the gym also has its added benefits. Fortunately, there’s a new hassle-free way of achieving the curvy waist of your dreams.

Thanks to the Kardashians’ Instagram posts, we’ve discovered that they use waist trainers to help them maintain the trim waists that we all wish we had. What’s great about these waist trainers is that they are adjustable and should still be usable even if you’ve lost inches off your waistline.

As seen in the photo, Kylie, Kourtney, and Khloe are very proud of the figures they’ve attained; they just had to take a selfie showing their followers what kind of waist trainers they are using.

6 Magnum Bar Ice Cream

kendall jenner magnum
Via: magnumicecream.com

Wallowing in a tub of ice cream when you’re feeling sad definitely helps. You’ve seen it in movies and you’ve probably done it yourself. You’ll have to agree, ice cream has some magical power to help us forget about our worries, even for a short while. However, finishing cupfuls of ice cream when you’re already overweight might have an adverse effect on your waistline!

but if you don't ant to spend a lot of money then gift him/her with a dozen or more Magnum Ice Cream Bars. They'll probably forget that they've been trying to lose weight for months and proceed to devouring the ice cream bars you’ve brought. Sometimes it's worth breaking away from a diet.

On the bright side, she won’t suspect you’ve intentionally sabotaged her weight loss journey. She’ll just see you as a concerned friend who wanted to make her happy even for just a bit.

5 Kardashian Beauty Hair Products

Kardashian Beauty hair products
Via: dansmonsacdefille.com

You know you’re having an awfully bad hair day when you receive a set of Kardashian Beauty hair products. Before someone gives you this set, beat them to it and send one to your frenemy!

Find someone who has the most unmanageable locks; someone whose curls are all springy. Alternatively, your frenemy’s hair could like it can be a bird’s nest. Once you’ve found your target, dump these Kardashian Beauty hair products on her to let her know that she needs to work on her hair ASAP.

Throw in a brush or a comb for good measure and she’ll get the picture right away. If she still refuses to keep her locks in place, it’s not your fault. However, you’ll have to control the urge to comb her hair yourself.

4 Kardashian Beauty Ceramic Hair Iron

Via: shopdashonline.com

Remember when you used to be late for class because you waited on a friend who took ages to iron her hair before going to school? Or how about that time when your date decided to leave the cafe because you also had to wait on said friend you were going to double date with?

Here’s your chance to remind your friend how she has ruined your chance at dating the man you were crushing on. More importantly, she’ll remember how ugly her hair used to be (or still is).

Give your dear friend this Kardashian Beauty Ceramic hair iron and see how long it will take her to straighten her hair this time. Maybe she’s had practice all these years and may take her a much quicker time to fix her hair. On the other hand, she could still be a slowpoke and she will still be late for get togethers.

3 Kardashian Beauty Hair Blower

Kardashian Beauty hair blower
Via: amazon.com

Hair is a woman’s crown and glory. Sadly, it doesn’t always behave the way we want it to. Rare are the days when your hair is looking sleek. More often than not, we end up with hair sticking out in all directions.

The Kardashian Beauty hair blower is perfect for the person who has such stubborn hair. Don’t forget to write a card saying that the recipient’s hair is so puffy and annoying you can’t stand look at it anymore. For added effect, teach her how turn on the blower on and remind her to use it as often as needed.

This hair dryer claims to pack so much power that drying hair time is significantly reduced. Frizzy hair is also dramatically decreased while adding that extra luster to your hair.Get the Kardashian Beauty hair blower if you or someone you know needs glamorous hairstyles for different occasions.

2 Kanye Loves Kanye Glass

Kanye Loves Kanye Glass
Via: trendbyjacinda.com

Kanye can sometimes be perceived as a vain, narcissistic, and arrogant man. Not surprising, especially if you consider his own song titled “I Love Kanye.” Seriously, who does that? Oh wait, Kanye does!

Now if you know someone who reminds you of Kim K’s better half, this I love you like Kanye loves Kanye glass is a perfect gift! Or you can also give this to someone whom you don’t really care about!

Either way, the glass is very useful and could be used for not just drinking beverages; it could also be a topic for small talks amongst guests.

Don’t hesitate to give a bunch of these glasses out. They may be simple to look at, but they are functional at least.

1 Kardashian Beauty Touch Tones Eyeshadow

Kardashian Beauty Touch tone Eyeshadow
Via: amazon.com

Have you ever come across someone whose acne issue is so bad that their eyes fail to stand out even if their peepers look really good?

Take advantage of this Kardashian Beauty Touch Tones Eyeshadow and let your friend know she needs it to take people’s attention away from her acne. This eyeshadow palette boasts of 8 easy to mix and match colors that are sure to make anyone’s eyes mesmerizing. If you’re a makeup guru, teach her how to use the palette. Otherwise, you can easily send her links to makeup tutorials online. You can even watch the videos together if you’re up for it.

Hopefully, it does the trick. If not, tell your friend she needs medical and aesthetic intervention and that you would gladly go with her. Just let her know that she can’t expect you to pay for services as well.

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