15Melissa McCarthy Is Over The Top

Every character McCarthy plays fills an entire room with her violent shouting and wild articulations, distracting from the important elements of the scene for low grade “comedy.”

When most people get nominated for their first Academy Awards, it’s because they gave a truly unique experience on film. Technically, Melissa McCarthy did that, but the fact her method of execution was literally pooping in a sink dampened the achievement quite a bit. Comparatively, McCarthy’s career began on a

relatively quiet note, as the clever and excitable Sookie St. James, best friend of Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. Unfortunately, the second McCarthy started getting major movie roles, her mantra became “go big or go home,” and she always goes way, way too big.

Despite this, McCarthy is a double Emmy Award winner for her work on the sitcom Mike & Molly and Saturday Night Live on top of the Academy Awards nod for Bridesmaids. More importantly, she’s one of the world’s highest paid actresses, solely because the lowest common denominator thinks it’s funny she’s inappropriately mad all the time.

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