15 Famous Faces From The Past No Fan Will Recognize Today

Some celebrities have a timeless appeal — both in their acting skills and their appearance. They must have found the fountain of youth because when you look at pictures from when they were teens and pictures of what they look like today, there aren’t many differences. How do they do it? Can they teach us how? Some might think that it’s the magic of Hollywood. They have access to the best that money can buy and access to all of the enhancements that they could ever want. However, not everyone is privy to that within the Hollywood lifestyle.

In fact, there are some stars that have changed drastically over the years. The changes are so drastic that they are unrecognizable. See them walking down the street and you would have no idea who they are or what they did in the past. You might not even be able to pick them out of a lineup of others that look similar to them.

Age does a number of things to people and it’s not always kind. It has no mercy just because people are in Hollywood. While we can see hints of yesterday in some of these stars, there are others that are so completely morphed that they look like different individuals altogether. What do they think of their new looks? Do they prefer looking at old pictures or is it too hard to remember where they were in the past?

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15 Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin shot to fame as a kid when he appeared in Home Alone and several other popular movies of the time, like My Girl. However, he is still dogged by his fans today since people often watch his famous Christmas-themed movie every holiday season. He’s chased down the street by fans who want to see what Kevin is up to. According to Independent, he has retired from acting and at age 35, lives life as a roadie in his free time. He has to take walks in the middle of the night to avoid paparazzi, even though his fame was at its high point so long ago. Instead of living by the camera, he just wants to jump on tour buses and make himself useful and hope that no one recognizes him, which is not hard to do with his new appearance in recent years, compared to the sweet little kid look from the past.

14 Val Kilmer

Via: y103fm.com

Val Kilmer has had an illustrious career and has been in everything from Batman to Top Gun. But in 2014, he was more in the news for his sudden, drastic weight loss, as is evidenced in an article in Daily Mail. He went to Facebook to post, claiming that he lost weight to portray Mark Twain in an upcoming movie and claimed that he was in good health. However, a month later, he was rushed to the hospital with rumors of a throat tumor. He has been in and out of the hospital since and People has reported that he was wearing a device that seemed to be a tracheostomy tube. Health can most certainly take a toll on anyone’s appearance and Hollywood stars are no different. If he’s struggling with health, he’s looking good just to be getting through it with a smile on his face every day.

13 Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman catapulted to fame in the 1994 cult-classic hit, Pulp Fiction, and she was even nominated for a Best Supporting Actress title in the Oscar season. She took a bit of a break from acting in large roles in the '90s and then re-launched her career as the steely-eyed, Beatrix Kiddo, back with Tarantino, in the Kill Bill movie series. Though she was away from the Hollywood scene for several years, her appearance didn’t seem to change much during that time. But during a red-carpet appearance in 2015, she revealed a drastic new look that made her look unrecognizable to her biggest fans. Time reported that her fans and potential employers were taken aback by her appearance and the change cost her jobs and love from her fans. She says the change resulted from her makeup artist experimenting with new looks, but tabloids had a field day.

12 Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger was living a much more low-key life when she reappeared in 2014 and became the talk of the town once again. She attended a Women in Hollywood party with a whole new look that made some guests not even recognize her, according to an article in People. The tabloids went into high gear and rumors about what she might have had done were everywhere. However, the Oscar-winner credits her relaxed, out of the spotlight life for her new look. She says she’s leading a different kind of life that is more happy and fulfilling. Her friends tell her she looks healthy. Zellweger hasn’t made much time to deal with the gossip and is simply aging with grace in her own way. She hasn't admitted to having any work done on any part of her body and there is no hard evidence of it. She has simply changed as she aged and there’s nothing wrong with that. Stepping out of the spotlight can make people look very different once they’re back.

11 Jaleel White

Via: familymatters.wikia.com

Millions of fans tuned in to watch him play the geeky, Steve Urkel, on nine seasons of Family Matters from 1989 to 1998, but Jaleel White was actually nothing like the slim and dorky teen from the hit sitcom. He has proven that his alter-ego is behind him nearly 20 years after the show by changing his appearance in a number of ways. He departed Family Matters at age 22, according to The New York Times, and struggled to make his acting career continue after the iconic role that just wouldn’t go away. He got on the sitcom, Grown Ups in 1999, but it was canceled after one season. He makes guest appearances on various shows now and does quite a bit of voice-over work, but perhaps he needs to get suspenders and big glasses if he wants to make it in Hollywood again. It worked for him before!

10 Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall is a perfect example of how age can change a person’s appearance. How many of us look exactly as we did in our teens? Not many! And that’s always how we will think of Hall since he made waves as a teen actor in famous coming-of-age classics like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and a number of others. He managed to break out of his typecasting by getting a role on Saturday Night Live for one season, according to Entertainment, and he even continued into the '90s with successful roles in Edward Scissorhands and Six Degrees of Separation. Today, he still has a name among TV fans, but his look is much different from his geeky days. Many people don’t realize when they see him on TV that he is the same guy who was in those movies they watched from the '80s. Luckily, his changing looks haven’t hindered his jobs.

9 Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey was the girl everyone wanted to be, as she danced her way into Patrick Swayze’s heart in the sleeper hit, Dirty Dancing. But after that career-making role, she dropped off the Hollywood map completely. She defined herself in roles in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but her career halted after she danced with Swayze. The Washington Post claims that Grey became unrecognizable to her fans, making it hard for her to get jobs in any persona. She also dealt with survivor’s guilt after being in a vehicle that was involved in a fatal car crash that she survived, even though she wasn't the one driving or responsible in any way. Those elements made her back off the Hollywood scene altogether for a while. She’s guest-starred in a few sitcoms here and there and she won Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars with her partner, Derek Hough. Other than that, she’s stayed behind the scenes in a much more quiet manner outside of Hollywood glamour.

8 Mickey Rourke

Back in the day, Mickey Rourke was an Oscar-nominated actor and a Hollywood icon in the early '80s. But rumor has it that he took damage to the face from his days in the professional boxing ring. He told The Daily Mail back in 2009 that most of his changes have been because of boxing when he went to the wrong guy to put things back together after he got messed up in the ring. He admits to having two broken noses and five operations on his nose afterward. He also smashed a cheekbone. He has even claimed to have gotten dental implants to fix things. The nose can certainly change after a break and fix and cheekbones have a lot to do with what the face looks like as well. His changing looks make sense, but it’s still hard to look at younger pictures of him and current photos and believe it’s the same person.

7 Daryl Hannah

The actress, Daryl Hannah, was gorgeous on-screen when she starred in movies like Splash. But she told The Daily Mail that her changing appearance has nothing to do with having work done. She stated that she’s too afraid to go under the knife unless it was for a life-saving surgery. And she also says that she’s lost a lot of acting jobs over pictures that have made her look like she’s gotten work done. Hannah is also well-known for her relationship with John F. Kennedy Jr., but more recently, she has become a political activist and active environmentalist. Perhaps her change in lifestyle has quickened her morphing appearance instead? We get that it would be hard to admit having undergone changes due to vanity and not all stars are willing to do it. We can’t say what’s true and what’s not, just what appearances have changed.

6 Axl Rose

Axl Rose, born in 1962, is best-known as the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses. He’s often touted as one of the greatest rock singers of all time, but his personal life was unstable and chaotic due to his illegal substance use, mental health issues, and domestic abuse scandals. In 2016, the band reunited at Coachella and people were shocked by how different Rose appeared. While he had quite a status with the ladies in the '80s and '90s, his more recent appearances have revolved simply around his voice and how little of it he has lost over the years. In fact, according to LA Weekly, fans and reviewers who have seen him in action in recent years still say his vocal attributes are beyond impressive, much like they were in his younger days. So even if fans can't recognize him on the street, you can still tell it’s him when you hear him sing. When it comes to his songs, both old and new, he’s still got it and with any luck, he always will.

5 Nick Nolte

Via: today.com

Nick Nolte has been one of the prominent male stars in Hollywood and he was at the top of his career in the '80s and '90s when he got nominated for an Oscar for The Prince of Tides in 1991. He even made the cover of People Magazine for a special issue in 1992, though it’s hard to remember that looking at him today. He’s appeared in Hollywood as an actor less and less over the years, but he’s been in the headlines more and more for bad behavior. In 2002, he was arrested for driving under the influence, which led to an unflattering mugshot that just won’t go away. While he seems to be more in control of himself now, the mugshot is something gossipers won’t let go of any time soon and Nolte doesn’t look much like he used to in his prime. Age and a hard life can do that to a person.

4 Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith started out on TV early as an actress in commercials and she also dabbled in modeling. She moved to the big-screen in 1975 in Night Moves and continued her career from there. She got a break-out role in Working Girl, a 1988 film that landed her an Academy Award nomination. So you probably think of her as a naturally pretty woman from the '80s and '90s who did well in films, but today, she looks nothing like she did in the past. Part of the difference is due to an on-set incident from filming Roar in 1977 when she was mauled by a lion and had to get 50 stitches to repair her face. In 1984, a People interviewer could still faintly see the scars all those years later. Though there have been rumors about things she may have done over the years, age has a way of completely changing people as well. Given her past success, she's still a Hollywood mainstay that won't soon be forgotten.

3 Shelley Duvall

If you saw The Shining in 1980 or even Popeye that same year, you might remember Shelley Duvall. However, she doesn’t exactly look like Wendy Torrance or Olive Oyl today. The actress, now in her 60's, has gone through quite a transformation. And it’s not just her physical appearance, but also her mental state. She retired in 2002 and has been living a reclusive life in Blanco, TX. According to Popcrush, she believes her Popeye co-star, Robin Williams, is not really dead, but rather shapeshifting. She has come out with a number of other disturbing revelations and she even appeared on Dr. Phil where he pledged to help her with her mental illness. Others condemned the show for exploiting her illness as entertainment. It’s true that reality TV probably isn’t the best place to address serious issues and she may not be capable of giving her consent in that manner.

2 Lil Kim

Via: oxygen.com

Lil Kim is one of the many celebrities who has gone up against rumors that they've had work done, but they’re hard to dispute when the 40-something-year-old rapper’s race looks drastically different now than it did in past years. Sure, age changed people, but does it really do this much? Her team took offense at a blog post and, according to E! News, blasted back, telling the public that the blogger was just trying to get publicity by humiliating and disrespecting an American music icon. When Lil Kim first came onto the music scene, most people thought she was adorable, but her appearance has taken some twists and turns over the years. She's definitely gone through a transformation over the years, but when it comes right down to it, whose business is it anyway? If she’s not admitting to anything, there’s no telling what’s true, but the truth is that she looks unrecognizable today over past years. That anyone can see for themselves.

1 Anjelica Huston

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Anjelica Hutson was the third generation in her family to win an Academy Award. She took home the trophy for Best Supporting Actress for the 1985 film, Prizzi's Honor. But she was best-known for her role in The Addams Family as Morticia Addams and she’s been a staple in films ever since. However, when she appeared on a 2013 panel for NBC's show, Smash, the eyebrows started to raise about her changing appearance. It’s not unheard of that celebrities are going to age. Some get wrinkles, some don’t. But she told The Daily Mail that she suffers from a condition called “pillow face,” which doesn’t sound like anything anyone would ever want. She has been open about getting work done on her face over the years, including procedures that caused her headaches for years. And now, as a result of those surgeries, the pillow face is taking over and changing her appearance completely. If they ever have an Addams reunion, it might be hard to remember her as Morticia.

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