15 DC Characters (And 5 Marvel Characters) Who Could Singlehandedly Take Down Thanos

Have you watched Avengers: Infinity War yet, or are you one of those people who wants to wait a little longer so you have an easier time at the theater? Regardless of when you'll choose to go watch it, make sure you do so as soon as you possibly can. You don’t want a situation where everyone around you is talking about how awesome the movie was yet, all you know is what was in the trailers.

Since Thanos is the biggest villain we've seen in the MCU so far, some people, especially those who don’t care much for comics or even the animations, might think he's the most powerful being in Marvel. However, Marvel has so many other characters out there many people have never heard of, with the powers to take down Thanos with ease, even when he's wearing the Infinity Gauntlet with all six Infinity Stones.

Furthermore, Marvel's rival, DC, has many more characters who would take down Thanos, although, the chances are, we'll never see a crossover on the big screen to prove the winners of such fights. Although Marvel is doing far much better than DC in making movies, DC has arguably more powerful superheroes and even more powerful villains, judging by the cool superpowers and alien abilities most of them possess.

Here's a list of 15 DC characters and 5 Marvel characters who could single-handedly take down Thano. Some of them can do so without breaking a sweat, while others would beat him after a huge struggle. Do you think some of these don't deserve to be here?


20 DC: The Presence


If you love superheroes that originally appeared in the comic books and have been interested in a bit more than just what we see on TV these days, then you've probably heard of The Presence. The character called The Presence is DC's version of God.

Of course, there are many gods in the DC universe and each can claim to be bigger or stronger than the other is, but then there's The Presence.

This character is the origin of all things and is the fictional characterization of the God of Abraham in the Bible and other religious texts. If you know anything about the God of the Bible, then you know that, regardless of how powerful any character claims to be, the buck stops with The Presence. That being said, Thanos doesn't have a chance against The Presence, even if he had several Infinity Gauntlets full of Infinity Stones. No form of 'power' as we know it can defeat or even come up against The Presence, because it all originated from him.

19 DC: Superman Prime One Million


Superman needs no introduction in any forum because he's arguably one of the most powerful superheroes and we've been reading about him in comics and watching on TV for the longest time. Actually, Superman has a very good chance of beating Thanos if they ever faced each other in battle, although, the odds would be stacked against him if Thanos had all the Infinity Stones. However, Thanos wouldn't have a chance if he had to face Superman Prime One Million. Do you know who Superman Prime One Million is? When all his friends and family, including Lois Lane, had passed away, Superman flew into the sun and stayed there for thousands of centuries, which resulted in his golden form and super enhanced powers.

Thanos wouldn't even get the time to throw a single punch, since comparing these two Supermen, his powers make the original Superman look like an average human toddler.

For instance, he can hit with a 10 octillion megatons force, his 42.6 quadrillion degrees F heat vision can destroy planets in seconds, his speed is incalculable, and his stamina and durability are limitless. In addition to these and more great powers, he's nigh-omnipotent, nigh-omniscient, and nigh-omnipresent. Thanos has no chance, regardless of what he could possibly come up with.

18 Marvel: Odin


When Odin appears in the films, as well as in comics in the recent past, he hardly ever concerns himself with many battles. We can all assume his fighting days are behind him, and that’s why he has Thor and has made him one of the most powerful gods in the universe.

We all understand, judging by his history, that his powers and abilities are beyond anything ever experienced in Asgard and the nine realms.

In addition, Odin once fought with Thanos and beat him without much trouble, and if the same battle was to take place again, there's very little that could happen to change the outcome. Therefore, although Thanos appears to have to power to crush Thor's head with his bare hands, judging from the trailers, of course, the roles would be reversed if Odin were in the picture. Perhaps the timing of this current situation in the Marvel Universe is no coincidence since Odin died in Thor: Ragnarok, not too long before Thanos decides to show up to fight the Avengers.

17 DC: The Flash


Most of what we've seen on the media, whether in the films or in CW's, The Flash, series, might make us think that all The Flash can do is run fast, which might not sound like its much, right? Actually, The Flash looks as if he doesn't belong on the same list as other mighty heroes here, because he's nowhere close to being a god, and he doesn't have a set of very useful superpowers.

However, his ability to run fast might be the one thing that would help him defeat Thanos. Marvel lost Quicksilver back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so we won't get a chance to see what Thanos would do when faced with speed.

The Flash would defeat Thanos by going back in time every single time he makes a mistake to correct it, and eventually annihilate this Mad Titan. This ability, combined with the fact that Thanos would never see him coming is enough to defeat him, although, he could easily remove his gauntlet from his hand and stop him from collecting the Infinity Stones.

16 DC: Captain Atom


As is the case with many characters in Marvel and DC who have different origin stories depending on who's telling the story, Captain Atom has several stories explaining how he came to be. However, the general story is about a man called Nathaniel Adam who went through an experiment, which resulted in bonding his skin with alien metal. The experiment also gave him superpowers, which he derives from the Quantum Field.

Although we're yet to see this character on the big screen, what we know about him from the comics is enough to convince us Thanos wouldn't stand a chance against him. Captain Atom can fly, emit atomic blasts, manipulate and project energy, he's invulnerable, immortal, and he can travel through time. In addition, he can change his size to make Thanos look like a dwarf, he can duplicate himself and fight him from many sides, and teleport Thanos to wherever he can do no harm.

15 Marvel: Jean Grey With The Phoenix Force


We have all seen the X-Men in action, and how good they are at bringing down the bad guys. However, one of the X-Men is more powerful than all of them combined, but she often has to keep her powers contained, in order to keep her from turning into The Dark Phoenix. Jean Grey has both telekinetic and telepathic powers, and unlike everyone else on this list, she's generally a caring and nurturing person.However, when she transforms into the Phoenix force, she has the power to destroy literally everything. If you remember X-Men: The Last Stand, she gave into the phoenix force and almost destroyed everything and everyone around her.

In X-Men: Apocalypse, she took down Apocalypse almost singlehandedly by just letting go and giving into the phoenix force.

Before transforming into the Phoenix, Thanos would easily crush her, but everything would change the moment she transforms because she becomes a mutant who can disintegrate matter, manipulate cosmic and electromagnetic energies, and move instantaneously from one part of the universe to the next. Thanos can't deal with such power and might.

14 DC: Doctor Manhattan


Since people started making fun of how superheroes used to wear their underwear on the outside, costume designers and artists have drastically changed their approach on how they design these costumes. However, Doctor Manhattan seems to be too powerful to engage in trivial matters such as wearing pants.

Thanos doesn’t stand a chance against Doctor Manhattan because of his godlike qualities. Since he's almost omnipotent, he can literally do anything that can be done. Furthermore, he can manipulate time, meaning he can travel forward or backward in time, so there's no trick Thanos can pull on him since he'll see it a mile away.

Doctor Manhattan can destroy things with his mind, down to their molecular level, and put them back together in a different form. He can make multiple copies of himself, which can function independently and as intelligently as he is when he's in one body, he can change his size at will, and has almost every imaginable power you could think of. Clearly, Thanos has no chance at beating him.


13 DC: Dr. Fate


If you remember how awesome Dr. Strange was in his 2016 film Doctor Strange, then you have an idea of what Dr. Fate is capable of, since these are two of the most powerful sorcerers of their respective universes. Sorcerers are often some of the most powerful beings because most of the time they obtain their powers through studying and practicing spells, and these spells can even take down gods.

One of the reasons Thanos is expected to cause so much chaos in Avengers: Infinity War is because he always walks around with the Black Order, a group of alien assassins of which Ebony Maw is part of. Ebony Maw's main responsibility might be to deal with Doctor Strange since Strange has the power to stop Thanos on his own.

With that said, Dr. Fate would easily take down the Mad Titan with his sorcery, of course, before assembling all the Infinity Stones in his Infinity Gauntlet.

12 DC: Lucifer Morningstar


Since The Presence is DC's version of the God of Abraham, Lucifer Morningstar is the devil in the same context, one of the most powerful beings ever created by God although inferior to Him. Therefore, it goes without saying that Lucifer Morningstar is on a level that the most powerful superheroes and villains will never get to, simply because he's superior.

In addition to his angelic powers, his ultimate power over hell, and his ability to torment souls even after death, Thanos would be wise to stay away from Lucifer. It's impossible to destroy this being, yet he's nigh-omnipotent, meaning he can virtually do anything he wants, whether it be to slay or destroy any creation with no effort.

Actually, Lucifer might not even need to fight Thanos, since none can compare to him when it comes to deception and his genius level intellect. Thanos will be tricked to do anything Lucifer desires, and the battle would be long lost even before it began.

11 Marvel: Galactus


In the Marvel Universe Galactus is one of the most powerful beings since he possesses almost unlimited powers as those belonging to a god. Although his origin story states he used to be a human being, currently he's a cosmic entity, which feeds on entire planets just to stay alive. Galactus is such a big deal he doesn’t have a true form, but every species that looks at him perceive him in the way they can understand. Can you imagine how hard it must be to fight a being with no form?

There's no way Thanos can beat Galactus, especially when Galactus is fresh from consuming a planet and he's satisfied. Actually, if he would want a shot at beating this god-like villain, he would have to wait for him to be weak as a result of starvation, a trick the combined forces of the Avengers and Fantastic Four used to defeat him.

10 DC: Anti-Monitor


One of the things everyone is so afraid of Thanos is his ability to wipe out half the universe with the snap of his fingers, something he had done before in the comics. Therefore, if the Avengers will not stop him from collecting all the Infinity Stones, he will probably kill half of all living creatures just to please death.

However, as much as half the universe is a big deal, the Anti-Monitor deals with entire universes, and he wipes them out completely just to become even more powerful. According to what we already know about him, the Anti-Monitor has already destroyed thousands of universes, meaning Thanos would not even fall into the same category of evil as this badass.

His unique physiology is arguably one of the qualities that make him so formidable in battle. He can change his size from just a few meters to hundreds of meters, and no amount of sorcery can bring him down.

9 DC: Parallax


If you watched the 2011 film, Green Lantern— yes, the one that everyone hated because of all the CGI— then you have seen Parallax in action. Since this was a superhero movie and good had to win at the end of the day, Parallax, who was the villain, was far more powerful than the entire Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe put together.

Parallax would be a worthy challenge for Thanos, especially if Thanos was to feel the slightest amount of fear. Fighting Parallax would be so hard because he's a demonic parasite that's the actual embodiment of fear. He travels across worlds and causes the inhabitants of entire societies to destroy each other because of paranoia.

Apparently, the only way to beat Parallax is to trick him by trapping him in the sun's gravitational pull and burn him up completely. Apart from that, it's even difficult trying to understand how Thanos would even be able to fight this demon.

8 DC: Darkseid


If you were to write down three of the toughest opponent the Justice League has ever faced, chances are, you would include Darkseid in the list, because he has shown them just how dangerous he is on several occasions. If you watched Justice League: War, a 2014 animation centering on how Darkseid invaded earth to carry out his evil schemes, then you remember how he singlehandedly beat the Justice League with ease and even captured Superman.

Darkseid and Thanos would have a very entertaining fight since they appear to share size and strength, although their powers are different. Darkseid has the advantage of flight, teleportation, mass manipulation, and he can send out an Omega Beam from his eyes or hands, which can construct or even take down anything in its path.

Furthermore, Darkseid's ability to drain the life force from other beings to rejuvenate himself makes him a god killer, so Thanos would not stand a chance, especially if he didn't have all the Infinity Stones with him.

7 Marvel: The Beyonder


Throughout the years, The Beyonder has gone through many changes since the original one was considered the most powerful being in the multiverse, even more powerful than the Living Tribunal, though, all that has changed. He once took over the earth through a thought, he scanned all the minds on earth in an instant, and he could erase memories of himself from earthly beings at will.

He can change his state of matter, has incalculable strength potential, he can manipulate reality, regenerate injuries on his body at will, teleport, and a host of other powers. However, the one thing that still remains is that this being, even having considerably toned him down a bit, is far more powerful than Thanos and many other gods in the universe.

Without his complete Infinity Gauntlet, a few seconds would be too much time for Thanos to last in a battle with The Beyonder.

6 DC: Doomsday


When you mention Doomsday in any context, people who love Superman know that the end is near. There's no other character to have ever been strong enough to beat Superman to death like Doomsday did. Doomsday killed Superman, both in the comics and in one of DC's most expensive and most anticipated films, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Doomsday is a Kryptonian genetically engineered monster that seems mindless and only bent on killing.

Whenever he meets the Justice League, he always proves to be merciless, incredibly powerful, and almost unstoppable.

Doomsday would undoubtedly fight Thanos to his death because this monster has all the powers of Superman including invulnerability, regeneration, immortality, reactive adaptation, and self-evolution. Furthermore, it can teleport, and always seems to thrive in murdering. Thanos has no chance against Doomsday before collecting all the Infinity Stones because the only way he could defeat this monster is if he died in the process.

5 DC: Trigon


If you're a fan of the Teen Titans, then you've probably come across Trigon or some of his emissaries. Trigon is a demon lord no who no superhero likes to fight because he's very powerful and it's almost impossible to contain him, except using magic.

When he was just an infant, he took the life of his own mother, and the cult that brought him into existence. Before his first birthday, he had conquered the planet he grew up in and five years later had destroyed it completely. Before he was thirty, he had subjugated the dimension his planet was in, together with several million other worlds.

All Thanos would need to do is read this demon's history and realize he's not worthy enough to fight him. This demon hardly breaks a sweat when fighting The Justice League, and he sure wouldn't find Thanos more of a challenge. Even with an Infinity Gauntlet full of Infinity Stones, Thanos would still fall to this demon.

4 DC: Brainiac


We all know that knowledge is power, therefore, it would be right to claim that the most knowledgeable people in society are indeed the most powerful, are they? Brainiac is a cold, unfeeling, single-minded machine, with the goal of gathering as much information from every civilization as possible. The problem with this seemingly innocent quest for knowledge is the fact that he has caused countless cultures to go extinct, and therefore, led to the deaths of unimaginable billions.

Instead of learning everything he needs to learn and move on, he captures entire cities, imprisons them in bottles, and then destroys the rest of the world. Brainiac's intelligence and unwavering logic has no equal, making him extremely difficult to beat.

For Thanos to have a chance at beating Brainiac, he'd have to out-plan, outwit, and even outthink this machine. This is indeed a very tall order for him, and chances are Brainiac will already have the knowledge of how to stop Thanos and the ability to do so even before their encounter.

3 Marvel: The One Above All


Here's a being so powerful we could only equate him to DC's, The Presence, who, in real life, we can only imagine to be the only true God above all other gods. Thor, in Thor Annual #14, claimed that his other names are the Living Tribunal or the final judge, whose power is supreme throughout the multiverse. In Thor's eyes, this being is too powerful beyond comprehension and is the creator of everything that exists.

In addition, Thanos in The Infinity Finale #1 sought the audience with him after the destruction of his reality, calling him the "Above-All-Others" who exists beyond space and time, in order to convince him to restore his reality. Therefore, with such power, how would Thanos even think he could beat him?

The supremacy of this being makes him beyond all cosmic powers or abstract entities, so they are beyond any form of classification ever developed out there. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what Thanos or any other character would possess, they can never get to the level of The One Above All.

2 DC: Imperiex


One of Imperiex's achievements is the time he destroyed Doomsday with one blast, yet, it's not even his greatest achievement. To show how much of a big deal this one incident is, Doomsday is on this list and he's the only villain powerful enough to have killed Superman, yet, Imperiex takes him out with one blast.

Equipped with the big bang's power, it would be impossible for Thanos to even come close to beating him since they're not even on the same level. Imperiex has so much power he can absorb very high levels of energy, manipulate energy, and emit very powerful energy blasts. This means that whatever Thanos would decide to hit him with, Imperiex would simply absorb it and then destroy him.

Although Thanos' end game is to destroy half the universe with the snap of his fingers, he should know Imperiex has the power to destroy many universes at the same time and then restart them.

1 DC: Despero


Despero is one of the most powerful supervillains in the DC universe, although, we're yet to see him on the big screen. He's the primary enemy of the Martian Manhunter and Booster Gold, although, he often fights against the Justice League and overpowers them. Despero rules Kalanor, where he's worshipped as a god.

Some of the powers he possesses include self-biological manipulation and a genius intellect, two qualities that make a foe very difficult to deal with.

Furthermore, he can manipulate matter and energy and alter reality in his favor. In battle, he likes to use his third eye to do literally anything he needs to do such as mind control, telekinesis, mind control, and to create illusions. Thanos would not have the power to fight against Despero without the Infinity Stones because he would succumb to this villain's ability to manipulate reality or even create demons and monsters out of the earth's core to help him in battle.


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