16 Celebs Zayn Malik Is Going To Call Up Now That He Dumped Gigi

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have officially called it splits. The two had officially been knocking boots since 2015. And prior to that, Zayn was engaged to the Little Mix musician Perrie Edwards. So needless to say, he may not be looking to jump back into a serious relationship.

But that doesn't mean he can't dust off some of his best pick-up lines and try his best to woo over some of the most eligible single women in Hollywood for some rest and relaxation, and if he's lucky, some extra cardio back at home.

Though first, he may want to make an appointment to get the tattoo of Gigi Hadid's eyes removed off of his chest. Otherwise, that may make for some awkward conversations behind closed doors when he tries to go in for some pillow talk.

Not to mention good luck making a woman fall for him at the beach with that on his chest, and trust us, he'd want to take these women to the beach! Because Gigi Hadid may be an incredibly accomplished model, but Zayn won't find himself with many regrets about the relationship ending if the next lady he wins over is someone from our list.

Included are some quotes from these women who have spoken out their interest in Zayn and one musician who Zayn started following on Twitter right after his split from Gigi, proving that perhaps he's already got his sights on his next move.

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16 Selena Gomez

Whether or not you want to hear that tabloid news run rampant with stories about Gomez and Malik knocking boots, it's bound to happen. But one thing that may fuel those rumors even more was an interview that Gomez gave back in 2013 with Extra.

In response to One Direction (which at the time consisted of Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payn, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and of course, Zayn Malik) saying that they'd kiss Selena Gomez over any other celebrity, she stated,

"That's really nice! I love all of them. They're so sweet. They're really good guys," before then admitting that if she had to pick one man in particular to kiss, she admitted, "Oh, no...Zayn!" There's your icebreaker Zayn!

15 Barbara Palvin

There is no question that Gigi Hadid is a talented model, but nobody is going to be looking at this photo of Barbara Palvin and thinking that Zayn Malik would honestly be trading down. Palvin is an accomplished model in her own right. Her biggest accomplishment came in 2016 when she was named the "Rookie Of The Year" by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

And considering the weather is getting hotter, perhaps Zayn wants to try and lock some time in with someone who has a proven track record of looking tremendous while in a bathing suit! Even better if she was able to talk the company into allowing her to take some of those amazing designs back home with her for some personal use.

14 Kelly Rohrbach

There is no argument that Baywatch didn't exactly live up to the expectations that the people involved may have had for it. But if you want to find fault in the movie, you should probably stay clear of Kelly Rohrbach's performance of C.J. Parker. She could only do as much as the script allowed for and she still put in a strong performance.

Or at least that's what Zayn would probably try and open with if he found himself across from the blonde bombshell actress. Rohrbach also has modelling experience including being named the Rookie of the Year from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2015. They would no doubt make a beautiful couple, just think of them standing next to each other! Hollywood would love it.

13 Danielle Herrington

Every year the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is going to come out with pictures of unbelievably beautiful women. But only 3 times in the history of the company has a black woman been featured on the cover.

The women are Tyra Banks, Beyonce and the next entrant on our list, Danielle Herrington. While Danielle Herrington's name may not be that of the legacy of the other two women, at 24 years old, she's one of the most promising models in the business.

When talking with ET about the honor of being on the cover, Herrington stated,

"That makes my heart drop because Tyra, Beyonce, they are superstars. They are what you want to be. They are my idols and they mean so much to me because they have the best work ethic and I feel like ...sorry, I'm emotional. But that's a part of where I get my drive from.

Sounds like someone who is beautiful inside and out!

12 Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney has had several opportunities to advance her profile in public outside of her impressive modeling career. This includes several movies. Unfortunately, those movies were things like Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser and Baywatch and we think you know how both of those films turned out.

But if McKinney wants to jump her name back into the spotlight in a positive way, perhaps knocking boots with Zayn may be her ticket to the top! We're sure that at the very least that Zayn spending an evening with McKinney won't leave him feeling like it was a waste of time. See that's the nice thing about being famous, is that if you don't turn it into a relationship, there a million excuses that you can use. And really, who wouldn't want the occasional one night stand anyway?

11 Erin Heatherton

One of the tougher things of dating Zayn Malik would be dealing with the potential that he finds himself on tour. But that may not be as big a problem if he started shacking up with Erin Heatherton whose previous partner is NFL star Jordan Cameron. Which means that at the very least, she's used to dealing with some long distance situations.

Just hope if Zayn calls her up that he's on his best behavior or she may send her ex after him! Heatherton has also been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio. But if Zayn can get past those barriers, he'll find himself on a date with one of the most breath-taking Victoria Secret angels of all-time. Besides, even if it would never turn into anything serious, we seriously doubt that either of them would say no to just a few hours alone together.

10 Cara Delevingne

While Suicide Squad did not do great with critics, the hundreds of millions that it made at the box office definitely helped the career trajectory of Cara Delevigne as people at least became far more familiar with who she was. Though considering she won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards on two separate occasions, she definitely had a strong "backup plan" if acting didn't take off for her.

Cara Delevingne has had public relationships with women in the past, including musician St. Vincent, but has also been open to her interest in men. Could that man by Zayn? Only one way for him to find out! Of course, there would be a small problem considering the fact that she is good friends with Gigi, but you have to admit, that's a scandal people would love to see.

9 Rita Ora

When Rita Ora was once asked by Capital FM about her thoughts on Zayn Malik and if she would ever date him, she replied

"Zayn, he's gorgeous, but, I just .... That can't happen. We're on the same management team, too close to home that. But no, he's great,"

While that may have been the case then, perhaps the idea of the forbidden fruit will be too much for the two to resist now that they're both single. Or y'know, Zayn will read that and start thinking about the impact of changing up his management team! Either way, we're sure the tabloid media would love to see these two musicians collaborate - and not necessarily on a new song. At the very least, she'd totally swipe right on his Tinder!

8 Charlie XCX

There are many different qualities that go into making a relationship work. When the talented musician Charli XCX was asked, she replied,

"My one thing is respect. I don't care about anything else. You should respect everyone around you - the people who work for you, peers. Be classy."

Which at the very least should give Zayn some confidence that if he spends some time with Charli that he won't leave the date feeling worse about himself. She has also admitted that she prefers a more casual dress style though, so let's hope he can roll with that! Though she may not be as famous as him, it would definitely be an interesting couple to see. And if anything, we all know that Hollywood loves to see some strange couples that would normally not be together.

7 Demi Lovato

There are 55.5 million people that are dialed into Demi Lovato's Twitter account where she constantly posts updates on her life. But you better believe she became aware when that number went up by 1 when that 1 happened to belong to Zayn Malik.

Especially because it happened right around the time of the general public learning about his split from Gigi Hadid. The two have been open in the past about wanting to work together as musicians, and he did meet Gigi Hadid on one of his music videos.

Perhaps that collaboration gets a little steamy if they both stay single! That would be more than welcome to music fans all over the world, and who knows, maybe a romantic date night could be planned during their tour.

6 Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is definitely a versatile superstar having received an Academy Award for her powerhouse performance in Dreamgirls while also putting together an impressive singing career.

Much of her time in the spotlight was spent in the arms with David Otunga. But their relationship publicly ended this past November with several horrifying details including allegations that he was physically abusive and had left a prop gun out in an attempt to intimidate her.

If Hudson is willing to dip her toes back in the dating game, what better way to do it than to call up Zayn and spend some time doing something that we're sure would be lavish and expensive.

5 Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara is one of the most exciting acts to come out of Canada. In fact, when she was the recipient of the Grammy this year for Best New Artist, it was the first time that trophy was taking a trip up North.

So provided Zayn is able to avoid too many cheesy Canadian jokes or bad accent impersonations, he may be able to land himself a date with one of the hottest musicians (both literally and figuratively) in the industry. Cara also sings a version of "How Far I'll Go" for the Disney smash Moana which would also make for a pretty stellar date. So considering how famous she is, and the good girl persona that she has, she and Zayn would be interesting to see as a couple. Only time will tell!

4 Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum recently made an appearance on the Ellen show where she was very candid about where her love life is at the moment,

"I'm very single and very ready to mingle," said Klum. If Zayn wants to be sliding into her DM's he may need to put in some work though, as Klum went on to play the game "Would You Rather" with Ellen where she listed several Hollywood hunks she'd love to take home, including Joaquin Phoenix and Drake; the latter of whom she said, "I mean, look at that muscle." Better hit the gym Zayn!

While admittedly, this might be a stretch considering her age, when has that ever mattered in Hollywood? As they so often say, age is but a number.

3 Tessa Thompson

There should be no shortage of men that are trying to get the attention of Tessa Thompson. She was tremendous in Thor: Raganok, and she just appeared alongside Portman in Annihilation and she also has a recurring role on one of the best shows on television - Westworld.

But if Zayn can manage to grab her attention, he's going to find himself fortunate that he did as it is quickly becoming clear to more people in Hollywood that Thompson is totally the complete package. He'd just have to hope her busy work schedule - that could include future Avengers films (including promotional work for Infinity War!) doesn't keep her away for too long. This is actually a couple that would be really interesting, because of the outspoken way she is in public. She would definitely take control of that particular relationship.

2 Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is no stranger to getting herself in serious relationships, having found herself divorced on two different occasions. The most recent came in 2017 when her and her partner, Jeffrey Soffer, filed for separation.

And while Elle Macpherson may be 53 years old, she definitely is one of the best examples of how to age gracefully while under the public spotlight. It also wouldn't be shocking if Zayn developed an affection towards her because of her role on Janine on Friends which would surely have to give her some bonus points.

1 Ashley Benson

With close to 18 million followers on her Instagram account, we're sure Ashley Benson gets plenty of people throwing her messages on a regular basis. But if one of those messages was coming from Zayn Malik, she may stop what she's doing and make sure she is throwing one back his way.

At 28 years old and allegedly single Benson may very well be looking to get her mingle on. Let's just hope Zayn Malik takes some time out of his busy schedule to get at least somewhat familiar with the series Pretty Little Liars which ended up being a tremendous success for the beautiful Benson.

Not to mention, they would look just magical on each other's arms. They would definitely end up as one of the best Hollywood couples, for sure.

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