15 Celebs Who Single-Handedly Brought Down Their Own TV Shows

There are lots of reasons why television shows can get ruined for us. Most of the time, it is because a show is canceled because it received poor ratings. If a network wants to be able to sell advertising space to businesses, they'll need good ratings for their shows, so that makes sense. However, sometimes, a show can get ruined by their own stars. For instance, if an actor does something unacceptable in real life, the producers will probably deem it necessary to fire them from the show. Although, if that person is the star of the show, it likely will not succeed without them. Thus, the entire series suffers.

On the other hand, there have been cases where shows have come and gone off the air without a hitch but years later, the stars were accused of such heinous acts, that the series ended up being left permanently tainted as a result. People could not go back and watch the show anymore without thinking of the horrible things that the actor had done. Let's take a look at 15 celebrities who singlehandedly ruined their own television shows. These celebs were to blame for the demise of their once promising TV shows.

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15 Bill Cosby - The Cosby Show

the cosby show
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There was a time when Bill Cosby was the epitome of all things wholesome and family-friendly. His insanely successful television series, The Cosby Show, aired for eight seasons from 1984 until 1992. After the show ended, Cosby continued to have a successful career as an actor, comedian, and media personality. However, his reputation was destroyed recently, after more than 35 women came forward, accusing him of assaulting them in the past.

He somehow managed to escape prison time but is currently awaiting a retrial. Regardless, his public image and the show will be forever tainted in American history. It's hard to imagine that anyone could rewatch The Cosby Show these days without thinking of the despicable accusations.

14 Charlie Sheen - Two And A Half Men

two and a half men
via: The Red List

Charlie Sheen did not have the best reputation with the public but nevertheless, he was one of the highest-paid actors on television. This was until he lashed out at the creator and show runner of Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre. Charlie Sheen may have been the reason why people tuned in, but the show's crew finally had enough of his unprofessional antics.

After dealing with Sheen's crazed antics, mainly due to substance abuse issues, for years, the actor's character was cut out of the show. He was replaced by Ashton Kutcher, who did his best to save the show but ultimately, it was never the same.

13 Stephen Collins - 7th Heaven

7th heaven
via: CNN.com

Stephen Collins was another TV dad who was later exposed for committing disgraceful acts. Collins starred on 7th Heaven, a popular series about a religious family, where he played Reverend Eric Camden.

Many people associated the actor with his beloved character but in 2014, a tape leaked, which revealed the actor admitting to harming an underage girl in the past. Later that year, Stephen admitted during an interview that he had had inappropriate relationships with three girls over the years. Needless to say, not too many people are watching old episodes of 7th Heaven without getting a sick feeling in their stomach.

12 Josh Duggar - 19 Kids And Counting 

19 kids and counting
via: TLC

For years, TLC had a wildly popular reality series called 19 Kids And Counting, which starred Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and followed the course of their crazy life with more kids than most people could imagine. The family found their way into the hearts of many Americans but unfortunately, one child ruined their reputation forever.

A 2006 police report was discovered and published in the tabloids, exposing Josh Duggar, of having inappropriate contact with five underage girls, four of whom were his younger sisters. The worst part of it all was that his parents knew the whole time and were trying to cover up the story so that their public image would not be tarnished. Clearly, their plan did not work, as the network promptly canceled their series.

11 Chevy Chase - Community

via: huffingtonpost.com

Chevy Chase is a well-known actor who has starred in countless hits over the years but he undoubtedly clashed with the director of Community, which he starred on from 2009 to 2014. Their feud got so bad that Chevy left a message on the director's phone, cursing him out, and the recording was leaked online.

Harmon was actually fired as a result and the show ended up doing so poorly without him, that he was eventually rehired. Chase continued to be difficult to work with on set so a short while after Harmon was brought back onto the show, Chevy's character was taken off the show.

10 Tarek and Christina El Moussa - Flip Or Flop

flip or flop
via: TV Guide

It can be hard to have a business with your spouse but Tareek and Christina El Moussa made it look easy on Flip or Flop. The TLC reality show was a hit and viewers couldn't get enough but in December of 2016, the couple revealed that they were separating. This was seen as a surprise to many but for some, they saw it coming after police were called to the reality stars' home the previous spring because of an altercation involving a gun.

Even after filing for divorce in January of 2017, the couple continued to attempt to have an amicable relationship but their show undoubtedly suffered. HGTV plans to continue producing the reality series, but it is unlikely that its success will ever be back to where it was when the couple was happily married.

9 Mama June - Here Comes Honey Boo Boo 

honey boo boo
via: Perez Hilton

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo became another one of TLC's hit reality series shortly after premiering. The viewers just could not seem to get enough of Alana Thompson and her wacky family. Her mother, "Mama June," was harshly criticized for giving her daughter "go-go juice," which was basically Red Bull and other caffeinated sodas that she used to pep the little girl up before competitions.

However, Mama June really destroyed her family's empire when she was revealed for having been in a relationship with a convicted child abuser. In 2014, she denied that she was seeing this man but she was exposed for lying. The network canceled her family's show and their reputation has never really bounced back.

8 Thomas Gibson - Criminal Minds

criminal minds
via: TV Guide

Criminal Minds is a wildly successful crime series that has been airing on CBS since 2005. Thomas Gibson was a long-running star of the show and he had many fans, until he was suspended in August of 2016. The star allegedly kicked one of the series' co-executive producers and although he was only supposed to be temporarily suspended, he was permanently fired after ABC and CBS launched an investigation into the situation. His absence has undeniably affected the show, with some viewers boycotting it until Gibson makes a return. However, his unprofessional and violent behavior definitely warranted some intervention by the show's creators.

7 Michael J. Fox - Spin City 

spin city
via: The Guardian

Michael J. Fox was the star of Spin City from 1996 to 2001 and although the reasons for his departure were not necessarily his fault, his absence was definitely the reason for the series' downfall. In 2000, Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He was unable to continue playing the role of Mike Flaherty.

Charlie Sheen actually replaced him and the storyline attempted to paint a romantic relationship between him and Heather Locklear's character but ultimately, it didn't work and the final episode aired in 2002. While this certainly was not the actor's fault, it was definitely a major factor in the show's failure.

6 Kirk Cameron - Growing Pains

growing pains
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Kirk Cameron actually considered himself to be an atheist when he first started acting on the hit family show, Growing Pains. However, as time went on, he became a devoted Christian and took his religion so seriously, that it began to interfere with the show.

If he deemed his lines to be too racy, he would demand that they are removed. Cameron even allegedly insisted that producers fire Julie McCullough because she had posed in a very provocative shoot for a magazine. The show's storyline suffered and the overall feeling amongst the crew and cast members was affected. Growing Pains definitely did not end on the best of notes.

5 Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear

top gear
via: Metro

In March of 2015, BBC suspended the host of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson. There had apparently been a physical argument between the actor and a producer of the show at a hotel. The producer, Oisin Tymon, had a busted lip and a swollen face after the altercation, even having to visit a hospital to get his injuries tended to.

Before this, Clarkson had been with the network for 27 years but that was not enough for them to side with him. He was promptly fired from the show and his co-hosts, Richard Hammon and James May, chose not to do the show without him. Producers attempted to launch a revamped version of the series with new hosts but it did not work out.

4 Emily Deschanel - Bones 

via: Cosmopolitan

The star of the hit crime series, Bones, Emily Deschanel, caused more than a bit of an upset when she announced that she was pregnant during the series' sixth season. Instead of trying to hide her growing belly for as long as possible, show runners decided to try and work it into the storyline.

However, this did not work out in their favor, as they forced Deschanel and David Boreanaz's characters to all of a sudden be together and on top of that, be expecting a baby. The storyline did not sit well with viewers and ultimately was responsible for the show's demise.

3 Will Hayden - Sons Of Guns

sons of guns
via: In Touch Weekly

If you are unfamiliar with the show, Sons of Guns, it aired on the Discovery Channel from 2011 until 2014. It followed a Louisiana business called Red Jacket Firearms, which obviously, manufactured and sold guns. The reality TV show was popular with its American audience.

After a few successful seasons, the show could have had a bright future ahead, but the star and owner of the business, Will Hayden, was arrested on various assault charges. Shortly after he was arrested, the network pulled Sons of Guns and the stars haven't been heard of much since. This goes to show that bad behavior can have a serious effect not only on one's career, but on the success of an entire show.

2 Cee Lo Green - The Good Life

the good life
via: Atlanta Black Star

After being a judge on The Voice for some time, Cee Lo Green was becoming a likable character, as well as the famed musician he already was. Because of this, TBS gave him his own reality show called The Good Life in 2014.

However, that was short-lived, because the singer was accused of assaulting a woman in Los Angeles. Instead of finding a rational way to deal with the situation, Green insensitively tweeted a bunch of remarks regarding assault, saying that if she had really been assaulted, she would "REMEMBER." TBS promptly canceled his show and his reputation has pretty much been ruined for good.

1 Brett Butler - Grace Under Fire 

Brett Butler - Grace Under Fire
via: Amazon

This is an older show that some people might not remember... but Brett Butler was the blonde bombshell who starred in the hit ABC series, Grace Under Fire, in the late nineties. In 1998, the star was fired from the show and it was reported that she had been displaying irrational behavior on set as a result of substance abuse.

When she was let go, the show was already five weeks into filming the new season so instead of finding a way to shoot the series without her, the network canceled the show completely. When the lead actor of a show can no longer be part of a project, that is often enough for the entire project to fail.

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