15 Celebs Who Keep Their Kids Under Wraps (And Away From Hollywood)

Celebrities love attention, it is their job after all. They appear on red carpets, they do media tours and appear on talk shows. They are used to camera flashes and people yelling their names. It comes with the territory. They knew what they were getting into when they signed up for a career as an actor, musician, tastemaker, and whatever other word people have for being famous. However, when they have kids and a partner a lot of them begin to change their habits. They want something different for their kids; they want privacy. There is no question that the paparazzi have taken liberties when it comes to celebrities and their children. They run up to toddlers and yell in their faces while taking pictures. Actions like this have forced a lot of public figures to go to extreme measures to protect their children and their right to a private life. Celebrities have been known to move overseas just to provide a normal life for their kids. Some of them for lack of a better word, ignore the fact that they have children when they are on media tours or red carpets. They do everything from avoiding questions about their kids to straight up shutting down journalists who dare ask about their babies. Many of them do a good job of providing normalcy for their kids. But, no one does it better than the celebrities on this list. The chances of anyone finding a photo of what these celebrities kids look like is pretty much slim to none. They are so hidden that not even a sketch artist would be able to provide an age progression photo.

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15 Rachel Bilson

via YouTube

There is very little that is known about Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen’s daughter except for her name. Briar Rose Christensen is very rarely seen in public. She is supposedly three-years-old but we can’t even confirm that. After Bilson had Briar, she was able to keep it pretty secret for at least a few weeks. Bilson rarely shares photos of her on her active social media pages. She makes reference to her quite often, but pictures are a very rare occurrence. Even when the paps manage to spot Briar, they can never get close enough to take a picture that isn’t grainy. Bilson talked about motherhood to LaPalme magazine in 2017 admitting that it’s a juggling act and that she and then partner Christensen don’t have help (no nannies). She gushed about her little girl being a pro at taking airplanes already. However, she said nothing else.

14 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has four kids. The two kids that she has with Keith Urban have such secretive lives that we don’t even know if they live in Los Angeles or Australia. The couple is fiercely protective of their daughters, Faith and Sunday. The occasional picture that we do see of them confirms that they are definitely their mother’s daughters. Faith and Sunday look so much like Kidman, right down to the red hair. They try to keep things as normal as possible for them, the girls are enrolled in activities like surf school. During an interview with Vogue magazine, Kidman mentioned how they raised their daughters. She said that they are raised as “international citizens” in America and Australia. She went on to say that both their girls are following in either parent’s footsteps. They won’t be able to keep them out of the spotlight for much longer.

13 Tom Cruise

via Hello!

Tom Cruise has two kids with Nicole Kidman and one with Katie Holmes. His kids with Nicole Kidman are notorious for avoiding the limelight. That is until their son, Connor, decided that he wanted to be a DJ. But their daughter, Isabella, is very private. She doesn’t seem interested in having a career in acting or music. In fact, she is apparently pursuing a career in hairdressing. Isabella is so private that she secretly got married to a man named Max Parker and moved to Croydon. Neither her mom or her dad was in attendance. It’s said that Bella is estranged from her mom but still paid homage to her when she made a line of t-shirts. The kid's lack of appearance could be due to their involvement with Scientology. Either way, they are rarely photographed, Cruise rarely talks about them and Kidman doesn’t talk about them at all.

12 Jennifer Lopez

via Justjared.com

Jennifer Lopez’s twins with Marc Anthony, Max and Emme, are out there enjoying life to the fullest. Their parents are both rich and famous, so they have nothing to worry about. However, Lopez and Anthony are trying their hardest to give their kids a normal, quiet life. She isn’t as frantic about hiding her kids as some people are but she is very much in control of when people get to see them. She will post a family photo or two on social media and once or twice she brought them on the red carpet with her. But, besides that, she is very low-key about her babies. It’s hard to do because she lives in LA, so there is just no getting away from the paparazzi when you live there. As they have gotten older, she has released her grip more and more. However, pictures are one thing, actually talking about them is another.

11 Adam Sandler

via YouTube

Adam Sandler has two daughters with his wife, Jackie, Sadie and Sunny. The actor has no problem talking about his girls and how much they hate his films. He gushes about how normal they are and how uncool they think he is. When they were little girls, he would bring them to red carpet events for kid’s films. Now that they are getting older, they are seen less and less. If they are spotted, it is usually because they are on a family vacation somewhere and they were seen by chance. Like any father, he is protective of his girls and essentially, he refuses to intentionally put them in front of the camera, which we all know he can do, seeing as he writes, directs, and casts his own films.

10 Hayden Panettiere

via YouTube

Hayden Panettiere is an extremely private person, so it comes as no surprise that she has kept her baby girl, Kaya, away from the glitz of Hollywood. As a newish mom, she loves to talk about her daughter's milestones and funny things that she does. However, she has only shown the world a few pictures of her daughter when she was a newborn in 2015. As of for now, we can’t say that we would recognize her if a picture did surface of her somehow. The actress also hasn’t openly discussed her little girl since she turned one. So, we can all see where this is going, soon, we will all forget she even has a daughter. We can safely say that the only time we get to see an updated photo of Kaya is when the paps invade their intimate family vacations.

9 Drew Barrymore

via YouTube

Drew Barrymore had one hell of a time as a child in Hollywood. This could be the reason why she is so private when it comes to her kids. It’s rare that she brings them to events and it’s also rare that she talks about them. When she does use her social media to express her love for her kids, the pictures that are included are usually shots that don’t show their faces. She talks about how different her girls are from one another and how interesting parenting is. The actress has proven to be a very hands-on mom by taking her girls with her as much as she can. Even though she and their father Will Koppelman are divorced, they are co-parenting like bosses. Barrymore’s protective side for her kids is something that was bound to happen. Hollywood is notorious for ruining kids.

8 Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox and David Arquette made one adorable kid. Coco Arquette is now 13 years old and we are seeing less and less of her. When she was younger, she made the rounds with her mom and dad at red carpet events and to all the trendy Hollywood eateries. Now, she is becoming scarce. This could be her own decision because maybe she wants to be low-key. Something tells us it has a lot to do with her mother. Cox herself is also pretty low-key. She isn’t caught out in public a lot; usually only when an event is happening. It may not be long before we see Coco trying to break into the business, like mom and dad. Apparently, she is a great singer and sang two songs at her dad's wedding to his new wife, Christina McLarty. Maybe she is deliberately hiding so she can make a splash?

7 Kristen Bell

via celebzz

Kristen Bell was one of the first actresses to go head to head with the paparazzi when she tried to enforce some kind of publication rules around authorized photos of kids. She and Dax Shepherd have two kids and, unless someone has managed to sneak a picture of her children, you basically never see them. The most we know is they have two girls, Delta and Lincoln. She did the world a favor in 2016 by sharing the first photo of one of her daughters with Dax in the water. The only thing is, they were so far out, it looked like a reflection of light shining off the water, so the joke was on us. The actress rarely even gives interviews where she talks about her kids. She is adamant that children should not have their privacy invaded because of the career path their parents chose. Well said.

6 Matt Damon

Matt Damon has three daughters and a stepdaughter. He has been married for over ten years and he rarely ever talks about his wife and kids. The actor is super famous yet, he manages to stay relatively out of the paparazzi’s way until it’s time to promote a film. The same thing goes for his kids. It's not often that they are seen at events or even just walking the streets of LA. Being Matt Damon, he probably doesn’t even live in LA. His girls, Alexia, Gia, Stella, and Isabella all go to private school. The most he says about them is that he doesn’t want to raise spoiled kids. He is very adamant about his girls having a normal life and working for what they want.

5 Kerry Washington

Via popsugar.com

Kerry Washington now has two kids and we have yet to even glimpse one of them. The super famous actress is married to Nnamdi Asomugha and it was like pulling teeth to even confirm if that was true. We get it— she wants her privacy and she doesn’t want people flashing cameras in the faces of her babies, but this woman is so secretive. She has managed to even go into labor, have the kids, and have no one find out until weeks later. How does she manage to do that every time? She must have taken a page out of her character, Olivia Pope’s, book. She is getting entirely too good at keeping her private life private. One thing we can confirm is that she has one girl, Isabelle Amarachi, and one boy Caleb Kelechi. Besides that, we don’t know jack.

4 Julia Roberts

Via: theasianparent.com

Julia Roberts has three kids with the cutest names— twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, and son, Henry. For someone who will forever be America’s sweetheart, she sure is being selfish with sharing those kids with the world. As they have grown up, we have gotten to see a few pictures here and there, but we rarely hear intimate details about them and what kind of personalities they have. However, during an interview with People in 2017, she mentioned that one thing they love doing together as a family is back to school shopping. This may be one of the most intimate things she has shared about her family. She is doing her best to keep her kids away from the glitz of Hollywood and just giving them the opportunity to grow up as normally as they possibly can with Julia Roberts as their mother.

3 Adele

via YouTube

Fans didn’t even know what gender Adele’s baby was until a tattoo showed up on her with the name Angelo written out. Even then, the 10-time Grammy winner wouldn’t confirm or deny anything. Her son is five years old now and we have only recently started seeing her carry him around on her hip in public. The singer has only been seen with her son in public a handful of times. She isn’t only private about her son, she is also very private when it comes to her marriage. She wouldn’t confirm if she got married or not, we all just assumed she did when she was started wearing a wedding band. Since then, she has confirmed both the name of her son and her marriage. She even went a step further and told fans at one of her concerts that her son "loves to swear at her."

2 Sandra Bullock

via YouTube

Sandra Bullock has adopted two kids, Louis and Laila, and she is all about providing them with the most “grounded” life as possible. Bullock can be seen out and about with her kids, but she rarely talks about the boy and girl who have turned her life upside down. It is rare for her to give details about what her kids are into, how they are coping as adopted children. She especially never talks about how awkward it was to start the adoption process with Jesse James and be a single parent by the time the process was finished. One thing Bullock will attest to it that her kids are the "loudest kids on the planet." She once described them as "good, funny, souls." That’s good enough for us, she just wants to be a mom who is wholeheartedly focused on her kids and their wellbeing.

1 Michelle Williams

via Babble

Michelle Williams has a child with Heath Ledger so this automatically makes the world obsessed with little Mathilda. She keeps her daughter’s life private and really the only time she has spoken about her was when she released a statement after Ledger's passing, asking for privacy. She described her daughter as “tender-hearted, high-spirited, beautiful little girl who is the spitting image of her father." In fact, she, along with Kristen Bell, has been very instrumental in getting tabloids to stop publishing unauthorized photos of children. One of the main reasons Williams is so private about her daughter is because she is all that Williams has left from her relationship with Heath. We can’t do anything but respect how strong-willed and protective she is of her darling daughter.

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