15 Celebs Who Didn't Shy Away From Rocking Their Baby Bump Debut

What could be more exciting and thrilling than seeing a pregnant celeb sporting her bulging baby bump? The joy and anticipation of a new life coming into the world couldn’t be more special. And don’t we just adore seeing our fave female celebs take their maternity style to the max as they maximize their path to motherhood in fashion-forward looks and trends? While most of the time, stars want to look svelte and slender, pregnancy is the time when they can truly show off their ultra-feminine curves in all their glory as bellies pop and everything else blossoms and bounces. Who knew baby bump style could be so chic?

Here are 15 of our favorite celebs debuting their baby bumps in star-worthy style. These lovely ladies certainly know how to make the most of their ever-growing figures and they show off their blooming bodies in looks that totally rock. Moms across the world would love to look as amazing as these famous gals do as they embrace motherhood as only celebs can. Stylists now have a new niche!

Which of these 15 pregnancy style looks are your favorites? Would you do maternity style like the stars, or are some of these 15 looks to over-the-top for the average person? All we can say is that these 15 moms-to-be look beautiful, bump and all! The special fellas in their lives must love how these gals can still look glam even when their ankles are swollen, and they can’t get up from a seated position!

15 Bedazzled Beyoncé

Leave it to the Queen Bey to take pregnancy to a whole new level by looking like pure royalty. She is a golden goddess in her glitzy and glam costume, something only a star of her caliber could pull off. That headpiece is divine, and the earrings are remarkable. She looks like a million bucks, and that outfit is probably worth even more.

It may be uncomfortable to be “with child,” but Bey looks like the perfect mom-to-be and the regal wife of her lucky hubby, Jay-Z.

Her golden shine is beautiful from top to bottom, and even her microphone is 24-karat perfection. Naturally, this isn’t the sort of maternity look for grocery shopping or going to the movies, but when you are as special as Beyoncé, this is exactly how you want to look while prego.

14 Kourtney In A Catsuit

Meow! This Kardashian sis surely knows how to make a statement, even while visibly prego. Kourtney rocks this lacy white catsuit like nobody’s business, and she looks like a fit and fab female. A look like this is not for the bashful, so we know that Kourt’s got lots of confidence to pull this off. Scott Disick must have been in awe of his baby mama for her guts to wear such a look while pregnant.

Heck, most gals wouldn’t dare slip this on even if they weren’t pregnant!

But the stunning Kourt knows how to look her best at all times, and in this lace one-piece, she is all smiles, looking California-cute and beautifully bronzed. As long as she doesn’t spill anything on her outfit, she will be the hottest mama at the party!

13 Amber Rose Is Ravishing

Amber Rose is known for pushing the envelope, so her pregnancy style wasn’t anything out of the norm for her notable style and terrific taste. Here we see Amber when she was prego, looking totally foxy and classy in a black lace number with sheer areas for some hints of skin. That bleached blonde hair is super modern and chic, her smoky eye is done just right, and her face looks like it is simply glowing with baby-bliss happiness.

Amber is always trendy, so she uses her pregnancy status to make an even bigger impact on the fashion world.

Who ever said pregnant ladies can’t look glam and fashionable? Amber never got that memo, as we can clearly see by her amazing style. She cradles her bump and has never looked more joyous.

12 Angelic Jessica Alba

It feels like we are in heaven because the beautiful Jessica Alba looks just like an angel in her flowing frock. She is classy and maternal, showing off her lovely toned shoulders as she is nestling her growing baby bump. That pale pink color looks divine against Jessica’s skin tone, and her hair is pulled back to show off her diamond earrings and collarbones.

The delicate touches of “bling” on her gown add a regal quality, and Jessica’s pose is full of poise and great posture.

As an actress and business woman, this gal has a lot on her plate, but her role as mother is the greatest she’ll ever play. Not only is this dress super-special and stylish, but it looks quite comfy as well. Leave it to Jessica to make the most of motherhood!

11 A Glitzy Gwen

Back when Gwen Stefani was still with her ex, she was pregnant three times. In this pretty pic, she is embracing her growing baby bump as she glows from head to toe in a party-worthy fringed number that is all about disco and dance. She is shining like the star she is and has never looked better.

Her signature bright lips look great with the metal tones of the dress, and the unique halter top shows off her fantastic arms and shoulders.

Too bad this marriage ran its course, but out of it came three special boys who are cherished. Will Gwen go for baby number four with her current main squeeze, country crooner Blake Shelton? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure… she will look great while pregnant!

10 Blake Is Lively In Lemon

The gorgeous actress Blake Lively surely looks like she is happy to be expecting a baby. That gorgeous glowing smile beams from ear to ear, and she looks as ravishing as ever in that daring plunging gown.

The feminine pastel yellow looks perfect against Blake’s bronzed skin, and the touch of sparkle along the edges of the dress makes it pop, just like her growing belly!

Blake always looks great, so why should she take time off from fashion while pregnant? Her blossoming body looks amazing and she looks joyful and blissful. Her handsome and hunky hubby must adore how lovely she is, and their baby is lucky to have a mommy as fab as Blake. That kiddo surely won the genetic jackpot considering how attractive his or her parents are!

9 Ange Is A Green Goddess

It is nearly impossible to think of a time when actress Angelina Jolie didn’t look great, so it is only natural that she looks absolutely amazing while pregnant. This flowing green dress shows off Ange’s big baby bump, and her delicate pose and motherly mannerisms show that she is all about the baby.

Her natural and neutral makeup and flowing brunette hair add that goddess touch to this already exquisite look.

And green is not an easy color to pull off. But naturally, Ange can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. As far as red carpets go, this pregnancy look could very well be one of Ange’s best. Green is gorgeous on the star. Seeing this pic, her ex-hubby Brad Pitt must be green with envy when he thinks about the next guy who will be on Ange’s arm.

8 Jessica Simpson Sparkles

Wow! Just look at the pretty Jessica Simpson in her black-sequinned pregnancy mini-dress. Jess is always all about the curves, and here she has more curves than ever as her big baby bump is on full display. She is smiling with pure joy for her baby-to-be, and in her stretchy dress, she is the star of the red carpet. In true Jess form, she doesn’t let pregnancy stop her from wearing sky-high heels.

She values fashion over comfort, but she should give herself a break. But when we see those sparkles and shoulders, a little pain is worth the pleasure.

She can always soak her tired feet when she gets home! While most moms-to-be are wearing sweats, Jess is all about looking fab and fierce. She nailed it this time!

7 Kim K.’s Flower Power

This Kim Kardashian West pregnancy look had some folks calling her a fashion miss, but others loved the floral look and felt that Kim looked glowing and gorgeous. We agree, as she shows that sexiness can be subtle, and flowers can be fab.

A little leg pokes through a generous slit, and the form-fitting gown is unique and fashion-forward.

With her hair pulled back tightly, we can see Kim’s gorgeous features and amazing fresh-looking makeup. That red carpet was full of A-list stars, but Kim stole the show in her high-necked frock that we’ve never seen on anyone before. She likes to take chances when it comes to fashion, and this one was a winner. In a sea of black dresses, Kim’s colors stood out as much as her baby bump did!

6 "Bell" Of The Ball

Actress Kristen Bell loves to be the life of the party as she jokes and smiles, but here, she is all about the fashion in her pretty pastel gown with embellishments that glow. The flowy nature of this floor-length formal gown is perfect for covering a growing baby bump, and the mom-to-be can feel comfortable and cool without worry that it won’t fit well. Her cute clutch is the perfect match for the gown, and her loose blonde hair flows as fabulously as the dress does.

Walking a red carpet while prego must be daunting, but when you look as amazing as Kristen does, it's a piece of cake.

She looks angelic, happy, and simply glowing. Pregnancy looks good on this mama, but of course, Kristen looks great all the time.

5 A Sporty Ciara

Singer Ciara always looks amazing, and while pregnant, she still knows how to show off her assets. She is sporty in her slip-on red shoes, and that white button down is more like a mini-dress as Ciara shows off those fit and toned legs. Her hair looks like it was just done, and her makeup is fresh and natural. This maternity look is super foxy, yet easy to do. Any mom-to-be can copy this style and feel comfy and cool, just like their idol, Ciara. Of course, not everyone will look as hot, but Ciara is one special lady. She has never had a fashion faux pas that we can think of, so naturally, her baby bump style is on point too. This chic is always at her best. She could be a supermodel!

4 Miranda’s Miracle

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel, so she has an edge when it comes to being runway chic, but even so, her prego style is off-the-charts. She is dazzling in her black and gray animal print gown that shows off her growing curves and amazing figure. The cut-out shows a hint of bare skin, and her arms look toned and fit.

This dress would look great on her even if she was not pregnant, but the give and stretch in the material allows her to embrace that baby bump in all its glory.

We love how the marvelous Miranda has her hair pulled back, so we can see that exquisite face of hers, and her features are absolutely delicate and defined. Pregnancy is perfect on this mama model, and she has never looked more radiant and ravishing.

3 Rosie Glows

Model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a fashion-forward female, so we are used to seeing her stun the crowds on red carpets with her handsome partner Jason Statham. He must be a proud papa-to-be as he sees his diva-like darling do her thing in this pale pink flowing dress.

Rosie looks feminine and flawless, with her belly bump peeking through the light material.

Perhaps she is having a girl and the pink color is the hint we have all been waiting for. No matter the baby’s gender, mom looks like a delicate and divine angel in her flowy and summery pink dress. She is showing off those amazing legs, and her bronzed skin glows as much as her joyful face does. Motherhood is doing something wonderful for this special gal!

2 Jen Is Joyful

When Jennifer Lopez was pregnant, she had an extra big bump since she was carrying twins. But that did not stop the diva from doing what she does best, shining on the red (or black, in this case) carpet. Her flowy black gown is lovely, with a “blingy” belt to accent her amazing baby bump.

Jennifer never looks frumpy, but this dress is a far cry from her usual form-fitting outfits.

That said, when it comes to maternity fashion, this diva hit it out of the park in her glorious gown made for three! She looks happy and excited that she will soon be a mommy. Now the kids are older, but we look back on this pic as one of the best maternity looks of all time as J. Lo dressed her blossoming body for fashion-forward baby bump beauty!

1 A Casual Kendra

Reality star and former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson Baskett is always fun-loving and cute, so why should her mom-to-be style be any different? Sure, she gets dolled up some of the time, but mostly, the blonde beauty likes to look sporty and cool.

She looks happy and confident in her fitted black pants, a cute light jacket, and a form-fitting white t-shirt.

She is all smiles and happy to become a mom. She is wearing flats, so she can get around pain-free, something most prego moms would totally be on board with. We’ve seen how Kendra’s kids look now, and they are simply adorable. Maybe Kendra and her hubby Hank will go for baby number three? If so, we will be sure to see it play out on reality TV!

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