15 Female Celebs Who Are Too Good For Their Partners And Need To Upgrade

Hollywood romance can be hard to handle. Celeb couples come and go faster than the speed of light. The “it” couple of the moment becomes the “split” couple in the blink of an eye. Sure, there are some celebrity relationships that have made it and have been together for many years, but for the most part, “Hollywood” and “long-term relationships” don’t belong in the same sentence. Heck, not even on the same page.

Perhaps it's because the females in the relationship are not choosing the right partners. Are they “dating down” rather than going for a fine fella that they could put on a pedestal? These women deserve a fabulous man that is the cream of the crop, not the ones at the bottom of the barrel. Are they too good for their partners and need an upgrade?

There are so many fish in the sea, so why throw in the pole when you haven’t yet hooked in the catch of the day? Why settle for a guppy when you ought to be with a shark? The men certainly scored, but the gals may have wound up with a whole lot less than they bargained for.

Here are 15 fantastic female celebs who may want to reconsider their choice in boyfriend or husband. While you may be fans of these 15 fellas, it does not mean that they are the best fit for these women. Do you think these 15 celeb gals need to upgrade their partner, so they are with someone closer to Mr. Perfect?

15 Queen Bey Needs To Tell Jay-Z To Buzz Off

A diva like Beyoncé should never be with a man who cheats on her, even if said man is Jay-Z. The singer is too amazing to be hurt by the father of her children. What a louse! Sure, women throw themselves at the rapper’s feet, but if he had any moral compass or willpower, he’d tell them to go fly a kite because he already has the woman of his dreams at home. Beyoncé did vow “for better or for worse,” but Jay-Z vowed that she’d be his one and only till death.

But like she once sang, Beyoncé should tell her man that he’s not “Irreplaceable.”

Surely, Beyoncé considered leaving him after she found out he strayed, but they're a power couple in Hollywood, so it would be a big risk. Beyonce needs to realize that she's bigger than Jay-Z and she needs a man than can be true to her.

14 Christina Aguilera Should Get Out Of Her Matt Rutler Rut

Christina Aguilera is one of the most talented singers ever recorded. She is gorgeous and personable – a real show stopper. But why does she go for guys who don’t have a whole lot going on compared to her? She’s been with her man Matt Rutler for years after they met on the set of Burlesque and have been going strong since then. He is in the entertainment field as a production assistant, but when it comes to fame and fortune, Aguilera is the star of the show.

She may like to be the center of attention, therefore finding guys who could never possibly steal her thunder.

But wouldn’t it be interesting if the singer was linked to a man with some real star power? Maybe her “Genie in a Bottle” can grant our wish of pairing the star with someone red carpet-ready.

13 Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy… You Are Not the Father!

Leaving the shockingly remarkable height difference out of it, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy seem to be a total mismatch. For one thing, he is old enough to be her father. He has two kids already and is a French banker. What these two have in common is a mystery. Do you think Sarkozy pours himself a bowl of Frosted Flakes and watches reruns of Full House on Saturday mornings? These days, Olsen is a fashion mogul, but does Sarkozy care about looking sharp? Olsen may be in love or maybe she has “daddy issues.”

But we would love to see her with a mate that won’t need a hip replacement before she develops her first wrinkle.

Maybe Ashley can convince her twin sis to download Tinder to see who else is out there.

12 Not So Good Charlotte For Cameron Diaz

Actress Cameron Diaz waited quite a while to find “the one” before getting hitched. Who would have ever guessed that her “one and only” would be rocker Benji Madden? These two look like night and day, and the unlikely pairing has people scratching their heads in disbelief. Diaz is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of our time. She's been linked to high-profile, super hot celebs in the past including ball player A-Rod and entertainer Justin Timberlake. She let those winners go so she could shack up with Madden. Has she gone mad(den)? Seems so, but love can make people do some wacky things. Of course, we wish them well, but wouldn’t you like to see Diaz with someone more her speed? Hey, we hear Brad Pitt is free!

11 Jessica Alba Should Cut Out Cash

Who is Cash Warren? Oh, just the luckiest dude on Earth. He is married to the beautiful and successful star Jessica Alba and they have three adorable children together. She is a well-known actress and business mogul and he, well, isn’t. Sure, he does something or other in the biz, but without Alba to back him up, Warren would be an “average Joe” looking for love through “beer goggles” at the local watering hole.

The two may be madly in love, but Alba needs to upgrade and be with a man who is at her level.

Any single A-lister would love to have Alba on his arm, if only Warren would walk away. There are lots of eligible bachelors in Hollywood, so let’s get their agents on it. A meet up over lunch could change the course of Alba’s future.

10 How’s She With Howard? Beth Ostrosky Stern Needs to Step It Up

“Shock jock” Howard Stern has tons of fans, but who would have ever guessed that the blonde and beautiful Beth Ostrosky would fall under his spell? Many ladies love a guy with a sense of humor, but Stern’s humor can be degrading and dirty at times.

Apparently, the radio rebel has a soft side, but it seems like Beth is the only one who has had the chance to experience it.

She is an outspoken animal advocate and apparently got her man to join her crusade, but many people would argue that Stern has had plenty of moments where he was a real dog. Come on Beth, upgrade in the romance department and find yourself a finer fella who matches your inner beauty and doesn’t need to shock to be a success.

9 Kim K Ought To Kick Out Kanye

While Kanye West thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread, Kim Kardashian should know better. When your man spends so much time letting the world know how great he is, it is time for you to reconsider your choice in life mate.

Perhaps we can argue that West is an upgrade from Kim’s last love, Kris Humphries, but she can still do better.

Kim is the star of the show; she shouldn’t be with a man who wants the universe to revolve around him. But now the couple has three kids, so Kim may never seek out a more suitable suitor. If she never leaves West, perhaps it'll be the push he needs to step up. He can let go of that inflated ego for starters and make Kim and the kids the lights of his life. If all else fails, Kim can always run back to Ray J.

8 Mariah Carey, Say “Bye” To Bryan

Mariah, what are you doing with 34-year-old backup dancer Bryan Tanaka? Sure, he may be super cute and fun to hang out with, but this is not a good look for you. We all know that Mariah Carey is a demanding diva, so finding a man who can tolerate her ways must be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean she needs to pluck a date from her backup crew. Mixing business and pleasure is a no-no even for a “princess” like Carey.

Her marriage to Nick Cannon failed and her recent engagement to her billionaire beau went bust too.

So, maybe Carey is just having a little fun with Tanaka but fun fades fast. It is time for Carey to let Tanaka go, so she can find a fella who is better suited for her. She needs an older gentleman with class and money and a lot of patience. Where’s the “Millionaire Matchmaker” when you need her?

7 Kris Jenner, Let Gamble Go

We get it. After Kris Jenner’s ex “Bruce” became the woman she is today, she must have been in a tizzy, to say the least. But Jenner found compassion and companionship in the arms of a much younger man, Corey Gamble. Something about this relationship seems fishy. Are they in love or is this a relationship of convenience? She may not ever go for a man that reminds her anything of Kendall and Kylie’s dad, but this May-December romance is not the best idea for Jenner. She is already managing everyone in her family, and now she is taking care of yet another person.

She needs a more established older man who can be the “king” of the Kardashian household. Gamble just seems to hang around, and we’re not clear if he’s truly hot for his “Mrs. Robinson.”

Jenner, go on and seek out a silver-haired fox who can pamper you when you’re not busy running everyone else’s lives.

6 Isla Fisher Is Too Nice And Normal For Sacha Baron Cohen

Actress Isla Fisher is super talented and very attractive. When you see her alongside her husband, actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, the disparity in their looks alone cause you to do a double-take. But there is more to a good union than what’s on the outside, we all know that. But what about the inside? Sure, some think Cohen is a comedic genius, but his raunchy and rude humor can be highly offensive.

Is this the sort of fella Fisher was hoping to bring home to her parents? And what are her kids learning from pop?

Teenage boys and 20-something guys may adore Cohen, but Fisher ought to be with someone who won’t cause her utter embarrassment at dinner parties and family gatherings. She needs an upgrade, and Cohen needs to wash his mouth out with soap.

5 Kendra Wilkinson Needs To Blow off Baskett

Former Playboy model and reality star, Kendra Wilkinson has been with her husband Hank Baskett since 2009. But it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the blonde beauty and the ball player. They have two kids together, but that is not enough to make the marriage a good one. Rumors swirled not long ago that Baskett cheated on his wife with a transgender woman, and the story was never really resolved in a way that was satisfactory for Wilkinson. They tried to make it work and aired all their dirty laundry on TV. But why should Wilkinson put up with a cheater?

She needs to upgrade and find a man who would never stray. She can go back to the Playboy mansion and see if there are any eligible guys milling around.

Surely, she’d have no trouble landing another guy. Hugh Hefner may no longer be with us, but he can send cupid to coordinate a hook up.

4 Sarah Jessica Parker, Give Broderick The Boot

Fans adore actress Sarah Jessica Parker mainly due to her iconic role as “Carrie” on HBO’s mega-hit, Sex and the City. She currently stars in another HBO TV show called Divorce. While we’d never wish a divorce on any couple, if we could dream up the ideal romantic match for Parker, it certainly wouldn’t be her current hubby, actor Matthew Broderick. Sure, he is super talented and a class act, but we’ve been spoiled by “Mr. Big” from SATC. How could a guy like Broderick ever measure up?

It is not his fault, blame it on the handsome Chris Noth. Plus, Parker is super fashionable and fabulous, not anything like her man.

They say opposites attract, but if a real-life “Big” appeared and swept Parker off her well-heeled feet, she’d surely say “bye” to Broderick in a New York minute.

3 Georgina Chapman Must Wave Off Weinstein

There is nobody more deserving of an upgrade in the partner department than fashion designer Georgina Chapman. Her husband, the disgraced Harvey Weinstein, is one of the most hated men in America, if not across the globe. The dozens of allegations against the Hollywood mogul are not only horrific, but an embarrassment for Chapman and her children. Weinstein (allegedly) used his money and power to abuse and harass women. This is unacceptable any way you slice it.

Chapman could date a rat and it would be a step up. But she deserves a wonderful man to help her get over Weinstein.

Sources say she’s already through with him. Who wouldn’t be? Let’s hope the beautiful and talented Chapman finds love again, this time with a real man who deserves her heart.

2 Olivia Wilde Needs To Say “So Long” To Sudeikis

Actress Olivia Wilde is a stunner. She is a sought-after actress with the looks of a supermodel. Her man, Jason Sudeikis is best known for his time on SNL and he’s a great actor in his own right. But is this a match made in Hollywood heaven? They do have a kid together, so this links the pair even tighter, but they are not married yet, making folks wonder what the hold up is. Perhaps Wilde thinks there is someone else out there that would make her go wild.

Sudeikis is super funny and must be great with their child, but once the jokes run out, will Wilde still be in love?

She seems like the sort of woman who’d love to be with a Hollywood heavyweight – a George Clooney type. ‘Till then, she and Sudeikis will stick together but we’re not holding our breath for the sound of wedding bells.

1 Selena Gomez Should Just Say No To Justin

Enough already! When will Selena Gomez come to terms with the fact that singer Justin Bieber is not the right guy for her? Okay, they are young lovers who keep falling back into the same romance routine, but Bieber is a player and he’s simply not ready to settle down. And why should he? Now is not the time for a guy like “The Biebs” to be with just one gal, even if the gal in question is the sensational Selena. He needs to play the field, and frankly so does she.

But if Gomez wants to find a dude to call her own, she needs to be done with Bieber.

She’s so pretty and talented, so she’ll have no trouble finding a guy to treat her like a gem. She may want to find someone a little older and definitely more mature than Bieber, which shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish.

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