14 Celebs The Rock Is Surprisingly Friends With (And 5 He Doesn't Want In His Inner Circle)

Dwayne Johnson is huge right now and we don’t just mean physically. He’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now, so much so that he gets paid $1 million if he promotes his movies on his social media pages. That’s how much influence he has right now. His is a huge celebrity success considering he once upon a time only had $7 in his bank account. He has plenty of projects in the works, so it’s not surprising that he has a lot of friends by his side right now. He definitely has a lot of friends, but with celebrity status also comes haters as well.

Johnson hasn’t always gotten along with everyone, which is really surprising since he seems like such a nice guy. But having enemies may be the cause of jealousy and nothing that he’s done himself. It definitely pays to be his friend rather than his enemy because he has a lot of connection. Anyone that has an opportunity to be in a movie with him is sure to get some major publicity out of it. Check out these 15 celebs who the Rock is surprisingly friends with (and 5 he doesn't want in his inner circle).

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19 Friends: John Krasinski Is a Close Friend

Via Zimbio

We had no idea that there was any connection between Dwayne Johnson and John Krasinski, but apparently, they are really good friends. Johnson actually invited Krasinski to Hawaii where they feasted together. John recently called Dwayne out for the Murph Challenge to do 22 pushups in one shot. You can probably catch a lot of those pushup videos on Instagram because celebrities like John, Dwayne, and even Chris Pratt were involved in it.

18 Friends: Johnson and Kevin Hart are Tight

Via Oxygen

Kevin Hart and the Rock starred in the reboot of Jumanji together, but they were friends for years prior to that. The two get along so well together and they look like they have a lot of fun together. They do get some good laughs from each other especially because there is such a size difference between them. Johnson has said he didn’t get along with people in college and there were a lot of fights. “I just remember almost getting in so many fights,” Johnson says. “I was a freshman then, so I was 18 and an ass. And I wasn’t playing, so we’re [drinking] every night. Those were crazy times,” he says. “Miami. Nuts.”

17 Not Friends: Tyrese Gibson Has Beef

Via GeekTyrant

The two did have some beef at one point but they have put it all behind them. It all turned out to be a misunderstanding. "We're good buddies these days," he told Muscle and Fitness. John Cena also told Sports Illustrated something similar: "It was stupid of me. It genuinely was." John continued, "For me to not be able to see Dwayne's vision on what he wanted to do personally, and how his personal success could affect a growing global brand, that was just ignorant on my part." Cena has also stated that he would love to work with Johnson on a Fast & Furious project.

16 Friends: Vince McMahon is a Good Friend

Via Boston Herald

It’s not surprising that Vince and Dwayne are friends considering how much time Dwayne spent in wrestling. Vince took over the WWE and he probably made a lot of money off of the Rock’s performances. When the rock wanted to head to Hollywood, Vince gave him his blessing and it was obviously a great move for the Rock because he’s only gone up. The Rock hasn’t forgotten where he came from though and often returns back to do some promotions for the WWE.

15 Not Friends: Vin Diesel Is Not A Friend

Via Digital Spy

There has been a lot of back and forth over the years between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. They were fighting during the making of the Fast & Furious movies and it was said that they had a lot of beef. Then the two talked and Johnson admitted that the “beef” came from the fact that they just disagree on collaborating and movie making. Even though it has been stated that all is well between them now, Johnson did say in an interview that he’s still not interested in being his friend. “But I wish him all the best, and I harbor no ill will there, just because of the clarity we have,” Johnson said before adding, “Actually, you can erase that last part about ‘no ill will.’ We’ll just keep it with the clarity.”

14 Friends: Roman Reigns is A Cousin

Via The Sports Daily

These two aren’t just friends, but they are real-life cousins as well. Reigns also got into the WWE and he probably can thank Johnson for the fact that he has the career that he has. They have a close relationship and even though he has had some ups and downs with the WWE, he got a chance to work in the same arena. The rock was once brought in to get the crowd interested in Reigns and when the crowd figured out what was going on, they both got booed.

13 Friends: His Ex-Wife Dany Garcia

via Frostsnow

It’s not every day that two people get divorced and they still manage to stay friends. Usually, divorces are messy and can get quite ugly. But that wasn’t the case when Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia broke up. After 11 years of marriage, they split up amicably and Johnson took great care in making sure it was that way. The two had met in college and they even share a daughter together. They still work together and she is his manager in the production company Seven Bucks.

12 Not Friends: CM Punk didn't like Losing

Via IMDb

CM Punk ended up leaving the WWE and it had a lot to do with a feud that he had with the Rock. Punk was the longest reigning WWE champion in history, at the time he had held his belt undefeated for 434. That was until Vince McMahon gave Rock a shot at the title even though he was just a part-time wrestler at the time. Punk lost and made sure to criticize the Rock every chance he had during interviews. The two obviously have some bad history together.

11 Friends: Zac Efron Bromance

via Energy 106

When Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson starred in Baywatch together, it wasn’t long before a bromance started. The next thing we knew these two handsome guys were attached at the hip. Efron once posted on Instagram, thanking Johnson for “bringing us, the people, your hard work, honor, and justice, every single day, and for your foxy eyebrows." The two then went on with a back and forth on social media gushing about each other. We wouldn’t have been surprised if they started dating.

10 Friends: Chris Hemsworth Got A Birthday Wish

Via Twitter

You have to be friends for life when you get a special birthday song from the Rock himself. That’s what happened this past August when it was Chris Hemsworth’s birthday. He called Hemsworth an Australian stud while serenading him. What more could a guy want for his birthday? He sang, “You're the greatest Chris and that's a fact, after Evans, Pine and Pratt!” How sweet, he ended the song with, “Happy Birthday, man, from the deepest part of my trachea.”

9 Not Friends: Shawn Michaels Wasn’t Liked

Via The Sportster

A lot of his enemies came from the WWE and that’s because his job involved antagonizing other guys. There was a time when Shawn Michaels was on top at the WWE and when the Rock came in, they had beef almost right away. Apparently, Michaels talked badly about the Rock’s grandmother and that was all it took to make the Rock dislike him. "I was never ever interested in working with [Shawn Michaels] to be honest with you. I’ve known him for a long time. He came in and worked for my family in Hawaii when I was like 13. It was just one of those things."

8 Friends: Mark Henry Is A Strong Man

Via Sports Illustrated

It’s hard to believe that there could be a bigger guy out there than the Rock, but this guy is huge. He’s considered to be the Strongest Man Alive and has had a successful career in wrestling. He and the Rock have a strong bond and part of that is because the Rock helped him stay on the straight and narrow. He has said that he has a ton of great memories with Johnson and those feelings are unlikely to go away. They are such good friends that he has often put his own achievements aside so that the Rock can move forward in his career.

7 Friends: Jason Statham Loved Working With Him

Via106.1 The Corner

You could easily see that these two strong men are friends and Statham said that it was really comfortable working with the Rock. They were involved in the Fast & Furious movies together. “He's so cool to do an action sequence with because he's such a physical sort of expert in what he does. He moves fluidly. He's got great sort of judgment of time and space, so he's not going to whack you in the head by mistake, which is a godsend. People make mistakes. If you haven't got a sort of good concept of your own sort of balance and space.”

6 Friends: Emily Blunt Is Incomparable

Via Slash Film

Let’s be honest, everyone loves Emily Blunt. We have yet to see someone say anything bad about the actress. Blunt and Johnson are currently involved in making the movie Jungle Cruise and if you go by any of his Twitter posts, he adores the actress. We wouldn’t be surprised if the two didn’t start double dating with their significant others. “I love working with this woman, the incomparable Emily Blunt.” The two have even been seen pumping iron together! She is definitely learning about his version of “no pain, no gain.”

5 Friends: Jon M. Chu Is A Great Friend

Via Instagram

When the Rock calls Jon, his “brother from another mother,” we know that they have to be good friends. Dwayne Johnson posted this photo of him and Jon being playful on Instagram with that caption. He was congratulating his friend for the great work he did directing the film Crazy Rich Asians. It just goes to show just how supportive he is of his friends. This is such a fun picture of the two of them.

4 Not Friends: Carlito would not get invited to his house

via YouTube

Carlito was one of the wrestlers that wer not happy to have the Rock return to the WWE in 2011. At the time, Carlito made some pretty rude remarks about Dwayne Johnson. The Rock went up against John Cena and lost saying that he had previously injured his abs before the fight. Carlito took to Twitter and accused Johnson of being on steroids. "I guess instead of getting in tremendous shape for mania…he get in TREN-mendous shape!” Tren is a steroid that some wrestlers use to get in top shape.

3 Friends: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is His Buddy

Via ABC News

The two worked together in the movie Rampage and have been friends ever since. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a huge fan of being involved in a movie that had Dwayne Johnson in it. “It’s a dream come true, doing a movie like this, with Brad and DJ (Dwayne Johnson). When someone calls and says, 'Hey, would you be interested in doing a movie with Dwayne, and it’s got monsters in it?' That’s what you dream about, as a little kid, even though I’m way older than he is.” That’s probably the best compliment Dwayne could get from his friend.

2 Friends: Rawson Thurber Loves Him

Via Collider

Rawson Thurber is the writer/director of Skyscraper and he’s worked with Dwayne Johnson three times. If you ever want to see someone that thinks that Dwayne can do no wrong, all you have to do is ask him. This is just part of a post he made about Johnson on Instagram. “Dwayne Johnson is exactly who you would hope he would be — only better. The guy you see on social media? That’s the guy. It’s not an act. He’s gracious, respectful, kind to everyone he meets. He signs every autograph and poses for every picture. Every time I ask him about it, he says it’s his favorite part of the job. The fans. The people. His people. In 20-plus years in this business, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

1 Friends: His Biggest Fan, Lauren Hashian

Via Instagram

His girlfriend Lauren Hashian has to be his biggest fan and they share two children together. Look how amazing this photo is, he is feeding his girlfriend while she is feeding their child. If that isn’t true love, then we’re not sure what is. When they had their most recent child together, he couldn’t help but gush about his girlfriend, “it’s hard to express the new level of love, respect and admiration I have for @laurenhashianofficial and all mamas and women out there.”

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