15 Celebrities Who Hid Their Secret Relationship For Years

Are you in a relationship?

"Relationship" is a single and a simple word that can also be very complicated, especially when it comes to an intimate and emotional relationship with your significant other. While relationships might already be complicated, relationships can even be more complicated and sometimes even difficult when it is mixed with publicity. That is why celebrities want to keep their relationships as a secret and as private as possible.

Celebrities are always followed by positive and negative publicity. Paparazzi, simple reporters, and fans dig almost every detail out of their own personal lives. As a result, their lives will remain to be an open book full of issues, gossip, and controversy. One of the public's favorite topics is celebrities' relationship statuses.

When does a relationship become difficult and complicated? Sometimes, when their relationships are out in the public, celebrities will receive unsolicited advice. These issues and rumors will heighten some simple problems going on with the relationship. Just like you, when other people – families and friends – are involved in your relationship, giving too much advice, your relationship is at risk because your sense of better judgment will be affected by the people around you.

To prevent unwanted situations that can harm their relationships, celebrities tend to keep their dating life a secret as long as possible and just announce their relationship after few months or years. There are celebrities who are able to keep their relationship very private for months and even for years.

Find out the celebrities who are able to hide (or hid) their relationships for years before breaking it out to the public from Dakota Johnson to Taylor Swift.

15 Dakota Johnson: Her Real Life "Fifty Shades" Secret Love Affair

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Did you watch the Fifty Shades film series? If so, you might already know how intense, yet private Anastasia Steele's relationship is towards Christian Grey. But, did you know that the Anastasia Steele actress, Dakota Johnson, and Christian Grey actor, Jamie Dornan, was rumored to have a real life "secret relationship?"

Rumor has it that Jamie and Dakota have been having a secret relationship since 2015. No matter how much they denied their secret relationship, rumors kept on spreading. In fact, there were rumors that Jamie's wife, Amelia Warner, was so upset with the "secret relationship" that it pushed her to file a divorce.

Since the Fifty Shades film series already wrapped up, the rumors seemed to subside, as Dakota was reported to be having a secret relationship with the Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. They were able to keep their relationship a "secret" before flaunting their romance in public in January of 2018.

14 Melissa Benoist Private Lovelife/s

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Do you want Supergirl and Mon-El back together? While Supergirl and Mon-El are not yet back together because Mon-El is married to Imra Ardeen in the TV show Supergirl on CW, Supergirl fans are still happy because Supergirl actress, Melissa Benoist, and Mon-El actor, Chris Wood, are dating in real life. The couple did not confirm their relationship at first but in 2017, they announced their off-screen romance.

Melissa has a hobby of keeping her relationships a secret. Do you remember her relationship and marriage to Blake Jenner? It all started in the set of Glee in 2012 when they had their secret relationship until they brought it to the public's attention in 2013. They also had a secret engagement and secret wedding for family and friends only. However, their divorce went to public right away in 2016 during Supergirl's first season.

13 Shailene Woodley and Her Rugby Player Boyfriend

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Shailene Woodley is one of those most-followed actresses, not only on social media but also in real life. She faced a lot of rumors regarding her private romantic life. It seems that Shailene is so over dating actors because, in 2017, she was spotted dating the Australian international rugby player, Ben Volavola. Shailene remained private and just kept on posting his "mysterious boyfriend" back in 2017. Finally, early in 2018, Shailene confirmed her relationship with Ben.

Melissa is not the only actress who likes to keep everything almost secret because Shailene is also one. She remained quiet in terms of relationships and dating— she either denies or just did not comment on her previous romantic rumors. Some of her rumored boyfriends were her Secret Life co-star, Daren Kagasoff, Divergent on-screen lover, Theo James, and The Fault In Our Stars on-screen boyfriend, Ansel Elgort.

12 Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart: Still Hiding Their Relationship

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Brace yourselves, Riverdale fans, because the much-awaited confirmation of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's relationship is coming (soon)! There are rumors going on since the start of the TV series, Riverdale, that Cole and Lili are totally dating and are in a relationship. The paparazzi are not the only ones digging up information about their rumored secret relationship because their fans want answers.

Neither Cole nor Lili has confirmed their relationship, even though their relationship is quite obvious now since they were spotted "sneaking away" to Hawaii. Don't worry Jughead and Betty shippers because they may not have confirmed their relationship yet, but they did not deny their relationship, either. Someday, they'll make their relationship public once they can't handle keeping it private.

11 Nash Grier and Taylor Giavasis

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Do you remember how fans went too crazy because they wanted Nash Grier, an internet celebrity, to reveal his relationship with another popular social media and internet celebrity and personality, Taylor Giavasis? If you don't remember it, then this is the best time to know how Nash and Taylor managed to keep their relationship private for one year before making it public.

It was reported that Nash and Taylor have been dating since 2015. Their first year of the relationship is too private— a secret relationship that they refused to confirm. However, in 2016, Nash announced their relationship through a lengthy post on Instagram that they are not just dating. Instead, he declared that he was hopelessly in love with Taylor.

10 The Grimm and The Hexenbiest

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Do you miss NBC's TV series, Grimm? After six successful seasons, Grimm finally wrapped up on March 31, 2017. In the TV series, Nick Burkhardt and his long-time live-in partner, Juliette Silverton, ended their relationship because Juliette became a Hexenbiest, fueled with hatred and villainous emotions, while Nick ended up with another Hexenbiest, Adalind Schade.

However, there is a different story in reality. The Grimm actor, David Giuntoli, and Juliette Silverton actress, Bitsie Tulloch, are completely in love with each other. They announced their relationship in 2014, but they were already secretly dating for a long time. In 2017, they got married and are still married as of this writing. That is good news for Nick-Juliette shippers. The show might have ended their relationship, but in real life, they are meant to be.

9 Grant Gustin and His Longtime Girlfriend (Sorry Flash Fans)

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Sorry, Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen fans but their love only exists on-screen. The famous The Flash actor, Grant Gustin, has a different Iris West-Allen in real life. Although Grant is one of the rising stars, especially when he started starring on Glee, and most especially, when he was cast as The Flash, he remained private about his romantic life.

In 2017, he announced that he had a longtime girlfriend, LA Thoma, and managed to keep it under wraps for a year and a half. Grant also announced that they are engaged. During their trip to Malaysia, they had a "beautiful, symbolic Kadazan ceremony" to honor his girlfriend's ancestors because LA Thoma is of Kadazan descent. However, this does not mean that they already tied the knot. They will soon get married.

8 Darren Criss & Mia Swier

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There were so many things going on with the TV series, Glee, and one of these things is the secret relationships. Apart from Melissa Benoist, Darren Criss also kept his relationship from the public eye. Before Darren even began his TV project Glee, for three long years, Darren kept his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Mia Swier, shunned from the limelight until the rumors broke out and he decided to make their relationship public in 2013.

What's next for Darren and Mia? They started dating in 2010, which proves that their relationship will last. In January of 2018, they Darren announced over Instagram that they are engaged and will soon tie the knot.

7 Michelle Williams and Secret Boyfriend

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Michelle Williams is one of those most-followed A-list actresses, known for bagging several accolades, including a Golden Globe Award. As per the reports, Michelle lost her then-beau, Heath Ledger, in 2007 because of an accidental overdose. She and Heath had a lovely daughter named Matilda. Since then, Michelle kept her romantic life as private as possible.

However, in January of 2018, Michelle was rumored to be engaged to her secret boyfriend. Nobody really knows how long she has been keeping her relationship a secret. According to different reports and credible sources, Michelle's secret boyfriend is Andrew Youmans. There are also rumors that they are now engaged, as Michelle was seen wearing a heart-shaped diamond ring.

6 Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers

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In 2018, there has already been a confirmed new "power couple" of the year. The professional racing driver and model, Danica Patrick, confirmed that she is dating the Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. However, everyone knows that Danica and Aaron broke up with their long-term partners in 2017.

The new power couple also confirmed that they have known each other since 2012. They met at the 2012 ESPY Awards. Now that they have confirmed their relationship, they can either keep their relationship private enough for them to enjoy each other's company without any issues and gossip or they can indulge in publicity. And now, Patrick will be switching teams. She will now be supporting the Packers and not the Chicago Bears anymore.

5 Beyonce and Jay Z's Four Years of Secrecy

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Did you know that Beyonce and Jay Z, despite their fame and popularity, managed to keep their relationship a secret for four years? The royal couple of American music has now been married for almost 10 years and they know how to keep their relationship strong. However, before going public and their marriage, they had a secret relationship.

Their love story is a very inspirational love story. They met each other in 2001 and slowly built a friendship before falling in love. They had been keeping their relationship a secret for four long years until 2004 when they decided to make their first red carpet appearance as a couple at the MTV Video Music Awards. After the publicity, they got engaged and married in 2008 and are now blessed with three kids.

4 Zendaya's Four Year Secret Romance

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Zendaya is the future Queen Bey! Say hello to Zendaya, an American singer, actress, and fashion designer who knows how to keep her romantic life as a secret! In 2017, she revealed that she was moving on since her last relationship. Wait, what? She had a relationship that nobody in Hollywood knows about? How did that happen?

As per the reports circulating online, Zendaya was able to keep her romantic relationship a for four years, from 2012 to 2016. According to Zendaya, that secret boyfriend was her first love ever and their breakup was not mutual. However, she handled it well. Good job, Zendaya! Despite your fame and popularity, you still managed to keep your first love out from the public eye.

3 Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are a thing! In fact, they have been dating for five years now and yet, the couple kept their romance a secret up until now. Reports clarified that Katie and Jamie started dating since 2013 and just recently in March 2018, they have confirmed that they are in a relationship. Why did they keep their relationship a secret? Some people say this is because of Tom Cruise.

Back in 2012, Katie filed a "quickie" divorce against Tom Cruise because she did not want their daughter Suri to be raised as a Scientologist. Tom agreed to the divorce settlement and that Suri would never be involved with Scientology. However, there are also rumors stating that because Tom wanted to keep his name as neat as possible, Katie needed to agree that she will not be publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce, but Gossip Cop already debunked this issue.

2 Harry Shum Jr. & Shelby Rabara

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As mentioned above, the cast of the TV series, Glee, was full of secrets in terms of romance and love life. One of them was Harry Shum Jr., the actor who played the role, Mike Chang, in Glee and Magnus Bane in Shadow Hunters. It was reported that Harry had been in a relationship with Shelby Rabara, a Filipino-American actress and dancer, since 2007.

He kept his relationship a secret from everyone, including his fans, for six long years and that was really intense. It was in 2013 that the couple announced their engagement and their fans were shocked by the news because they had managed to keep their lives so private. In 2015, they got married and have now been enjoying their two years of marriage.

1 Taylor Swift and Her Secret "Love Story"

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Taylor Swift is in love! Yes, that is right, Swifties. Your dear Tay Tay has been dating since October of 2016 and nobody realized until this March. Unlike her past relationships, Tay Tay kept her relationship with the not-so-famous hottie, British actor and model, Joe Alwyn, for more than a year now because she realized that she wanted her romantic life to be kept private after the negative backlash she got from her breakups with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston.

How did America's Sweetheart manage to keep her relationship a secret for such a long time? Thanks to her private jet, she flies to London every now and then without being spotted because her passport is being checked on board and she only hangs out with Joe at his home.

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