15 Celebrities That Didn't Think Before They Got Inked

Full disclosure: I got my very first tattoo a few weeks ago for my 28th birthday. The whole experience was a great one and if you're considering getting a tattoo, I can tell you that's it's totally worth it. That being said, when you go to get something permanently inked into your skin, it's something you should do with a lot of thought. It took me months to decide on what my first tattoo would be and I can say with certainty that I won't be regretting my tattoo anytime soon. That's not something that a lot of celebrities can say. Unfortunately for them, they ended up getting some really regrettable tattoos and either got stuck with them or had to get rid of them.

Some of these celebrities broke basic rules of getting tattoos, like getting the name of a significant other. A few celebrities even tattooed on their own names for whatever reason. Other celebrities got relatively innocuous tattoos but got them in weird, even inappropriate places. Still, other celebrities got tattoos that were so awful, we literally can't show them to you without breaking several rules of the Internet. Regardless of what the tattoo is, most of these celebrities aren't looking back on them with fondness. Here are fifteen celebrities that didn't think before they got inked.

15 Nick Cannon - The First Rule In Getting Tattoos Is To Never Get The Name Of A Significant Other

Oh, Nick Cannon. I don’t understand why people insist on putting the names of their significant others on their bodies permanently. That’s not even subtle, it’s huge and would take a lot of time, effort and money to cover. Sure, Nick Cannon has no shortage of money, but sometimes it’s not about money, it’s about the principle of the thing.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey lasted a while, far longer than most people who follow celebrities expected them to, and they even had children together, but they inevitably divorced a few years down the line. Now Nick has the name of his ex-wife all over his back. At least the cast of Wild'n Out! have something new to rag on him about.

14 Megan Fox - This Tattoo Reveals Her Psyche And Not In A Good Way

I don’t know how regrettable Megan's tattoos are, but they all kind of ring wrong for me. One of them, not pictured above but the one on her side, reads in super old-timey font, “there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart.”

This is exactly why we never make snap decisions after breakups, guys. It’s not even advised to do something as simple as getting a haircut or change your makeup routine when you’re dealing with a breakup because you end up with some regrettable results. However, in the case of hair or makeup, you can wait for it to grow back or just wash it off. If you get a breakup tattoo, you’re stuck with a reminder of that horrible time in your life forever.

13 Angelina Jolie - Even Great Humanitarians Make Terrible Mistakes

Angelina Jolie is a world famous actress and humanitarian, but even she isn’t immune to making some really dumb decisions. She got former husband Billy Bob Thornton's name tattooed on her arm and when they got divorced, she very wisely chose to have that tattoo removed. She has some other questionable tattoos and has had 20 over the course of her life. She has the coordinates of where all her kids were born on her shoulder to cover up the whole Billy Bob tattoo.

However, she didn't quite learn from that mistake because she added Brad Pitt's birthplace coordinates to her arm in 2011. She has three big tattoos on her back that she got really recently, one of which she got with Brad Pitt, her husband of twelve years, but not long after, they got divorced. Ironically, those tattoos were done by the same tattoo artist in the same ink in Cambodia to symbolically link them forever as spouses. 

12 Jessica Alba - The Second Rule Of Getting A Tattoo Is To Mind Your Placement

Jessica Alba has a tattoo of a bow on her lower back, meaning that her stamp is essentially a gift. She talked about it during an interview with James Corden and said: “I was going through a break-up…it’s really bad.” She had a few other tattoos, including flowers on her arm and some words in Sanskrit.

However, she started removing her tattoos starting with the flowers, but personally, I can't understand why she wouldn't just start with the bow right over her backside. One of the first rules of tattoos is being mindful of your placement. Some tattoos just shouldn't be on the lower back. This isn't to say that some tattoos don't look great there, but there's a reason Alba regrets this tattoo. In this case, she has two reasons because she got this tattoo during a breakup phase.

11 Steve-O - Nothing About This Is Cute In Any Way

Steve-O doesn't seem to be the poster-boy for wise decisions, but even I couldn't believe it when I heard that he had a tattoo of his own face on his back. The real kicker here is that this isn't even the weirdest tattoo he has or the most creepy. He has two tattoos that Angelina Jolie has had over the course of her life.

The first is her Khmer symbol and the second is the Billy Bob tattoo that landed her on this list in the first place. That makes it so that Billy Bob tattoo made this list twice. Sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if I were Angelina I would be sufficiently creeped out. I don't see her being thrilled by that, especially since she had the tattoo removed a long time ago and a tattoo representing her current family replaced it.

10 Mike Tyson - Sure, It's Iconic Now, But There Was Literally No Reason For This

Sure, this tattoo is super iconic and a major part of Mike Tyson's public persona now, but I can't imagine anyone thought it was a good idea when he decided to get a huge tattoo on his face that's basically impossible to cover up. There are celebrities with face tattoos around, like Kat Von D, but Von D's is different because those are around her hairline and could be covered if she wanted. She also got famous for Miami Ink before becoming the purveyor of some of the greatest makeup on the market right now, so tattoos around her hairline almost make sense for her.

Tyson got the tattoo in 2003 to represent his "warrior status" according to his 2008 documentary. He actually wanted hearts all over his face and was talked out of that by his tattoo artist.

9 Hayden Panettiere - The Case Of The Unfortunate Foreign Language Spelling Error

She got this tattoo removed back in 2013, but Hayden Panettiere will probably be remembered for a long time to come for his unfortunately misspelled Italian tattoo. It's supposed to say "live without regrets" in Italian, but there's an extra "i" in the last word, making the tattoo read "Vivere senza rimipianti," which doesn't really say anything.

“It’s Italian,” she told the May issue of Glamour magazine. “When I was younger, I was upset, and my dad said he wanted to show me something. He slammed one door of the bathroom, and the closet door popped open — it was a trick with the air. He said, ‘Whenever one door closes, another one always opens,'" she explained. “So my tattoo means ‘Live without regrets.’ It’s not that you don’t regret things in life, but you at least try to learn from them.” Misspelling aside, it's actually a nice tattoo. “It’s misspelled too,” she said. “So I literally have to live by that advice!”

8 Rihanna -  To Each Her Own, But Read The Room

Rihanna has had over 25 tattoos done over the last twelve years and has gone on record saying it's an addiction for her. Those are just the ones we've seen, too, so there could very well be more. “I like hanging out in tattoo shops” Rihanna has said. “I am so intrigued by tattoos. It’s an entire culture, and I study it. Sometimes I go with friends, or just by myself. I get bum-rushed, but I don’t care. I don’t take security.”

She started with a pair of music notes on her foot, but she got that covered up with a falcon back in 2012. She has two tattoos that she probably doesn't regret that depict guns: the first is the tiny one on her side and the second is a huge one on her thigh that looks a little like it's sitting in a holster. She got the little one only months after her breakup with Chris Brown after their incident, so the timing was a bit weird.

7 Justin Bieber - You're Literally Half A Century Away From Being Able To Say This

Justin Bieber is no stranger to tattoos considering he has literally dozens. Some of them are pretty regrettable looking, or at least won't hold up when he's 70, but the one we're singling out today is one of the more recent ones that he got a few months ago that says "Better At 70."

Bieber explained the meaning behind this new addition on Instagram, writing, “I look back at a lot of things in my life, mistakes, insecurities, and although I have felt I’ve wasted a lot of time it also makes me want to be better faster! For me personally, I want to work every day to be BETTER AT 70.” He's encouraging his fans to get the same tattoo and even posted the stencil he used to Instagram. The sentiment isn't a regrettable one, but Bieber has done some dumb things before.

6 Nicole Richie - That's A Little Too On-The-Nose

Nicole Richie has two tattoos that kind of contradict each other. One is a nod to her astrological sign, which is represented by the Virgin, Virgo. She got the tattoo when she was 16, but during an interview with E! News a few years ago, she said that tattoo is her biggest regret. 'Now, I am a Virgo so when I was 16 I thought, 'Ooh I'm going to be different and I'm going to put virgin because the Virgin is the sign for Virgo.'"

She'd change it, but she didn't know how to fix it at the time of the interview. "I'd add an 'i' and an 'a' and say I'm from Virginia, but I just don't think people are going to believe me. So I'm just stuck." Regardless of the regrettable tattoo, Richie seems to have outgrown her teenage antics. We just think it's funny in how this tattoo you see above doesn't really go hand in hand with her biggest regret. God is watching, Nicole.

5 Lindsay Lohan - Maybe Take That Advice Your Finger Is Giving You

Lindsay Lohan has eleven tattoos, some of which could actually be considered cute if they weren't on this specific person. For example, she has a Billy Joel lyric on her right side from the song "I Go To Extremes" which is objectively a nice tattoo.

On the other hand, she has a tattoo that says "live without regrets" next to a tattoo she got with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, which is nice because she doesn't seem to regret that relationship. That might seem like a regrettable tattoo, but that all depends on the person who got it, so that's relative. What is definitely a regrettable tattoo is the "shh.." tattoo she got with Lily Allen. Not only is it a copy of Rihanna's same tattoo, it's something that should be considered advice for Lindsay to take considering her penchant for saying and doing more than she should.

4 Travis Barker - Cadillacs, Of All Things?!

This Blink-182 frontman sat down with Vice to talk about each and every one of his tattoos, some of which have some pretty cool stories. For example, he got a tattoo with his dad of the word pal. "It was funny, ‘cos growing up he said, 'If you ever get a tattoo, I’m gonna kick your a** and kick you out of the house.' But many years later - 20 years - Pops had some tattoos of his own. It’s awesome. My mum passed away when I was 12, so my relationship with him is so important."

His biggest piece of work seems to be the huge Cadillac script going down his ribcage that took twelve hours to get. "It was actually a day where I was pissed off. So I kinda wanted it. The guy asked if I was sure - it’s a big one, with big bold black letters and lots of shading. But it was fun."

3 Ryan Gosling - Okay, The Tattoo Itself Is Cool, But He Should Have Gone To A Professional

Ryan Gosling's cactus monster tattoo is actually pretty interesting, but the regrettable part is that he didn't do it professionally, he did it himself. It's just supposed to be a monster's hand, but since he did it himself, it came out looking more like a cactus.

Considering he has four other tattoos that are actually very sweet, the fact that he only has one tattoo that's even approaching regrettable is a great thing considering the sheer amount of terrible tattoos in Hollywood. That being said, there's a reason why tattoo artists get paid to do what they do: they're trained to create artwork for the body and they know how to achieve the result that their client wants. That's why it's better to shell out a little more for a great tattoo rather than do a DIY version.

2 Janet Jackson - If We Show You This Tattoo, We'll Get In Trouble

Janet Jackson is an icon and a legend in her own right, but I can't show you the tattoo she got that had her make this list. I'm not even sure if I can describe that tattoo without ruining your childhood and burning a terrible image into your head. The reasons are twofold. The first reason is that the tattoo is on the crease of her inner thigh and there aren't too many photos of it out there. The second is that the tattoo depicts Mickey and Minnie Mouse in a compromising position.

Needless to say, it's not a tattoo too many people are jazzed about it. That being said, Janet doesn't regret it at all. Rather, she thinks it's funny and representative of a time in her life when she was doing a lot of experimentation in her 20s and 30s. She doesn't regret it, but this is one of those tattoos that only works on a person like her.

1 Stephen Baldwin - Meet A Grown Man Who Got Bamboozled By Miley Cyrus

Topping this list is Steven Baldwin, a man who got a tattoo because Miley Cyrus told him to. Sometime in 2007, the youngest Baldwin met Miley, who was then the darling Disney tween queen playing Hannah Montana. He thought it would be a great idea to get on the Hannah Montana show as a guest star for his kids. Miley was fifteen at the time and made a passing comment that he could only do it if he got a Hannah Montana tattoo. She could very well have been kidding, but Baldwin meant business and got Hannah Montana's initials on his shoulder for the world to see.

He showed the tattoo to Miley Cyrus and told her he'd upheld his end of the deal, but he ended up not getting on the show anyway. He's trying to ascribe new meaning to the tattoo now. "Hey, it's just one more." [...] "And I have a beverage company that produces an energy shot, a Red Bull-type drink, called Hit Me. So I can say that the HM stands for Hit Me. Hit me! I'm fueled by adrenaline with a chaser of the Holy Ghost! Yeeeeah!" he told Tattoodo. Whatever makes you feel better, man.

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