15 Celeb Purchases That Prove They Have More Money Than They Know What To Do With

What would you buy if you had millions of dollars at your disposal? At first, we would probably buy some stupid things, like things we don’t even need. It’s just the act of having so much money that you think nothing of buying whatever you want.

That’s what it can be like as a celebrity. Some of them have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal, money that they will never spend in their lifetime. So, they think nothing of buying whatever they want regardless of how ridiculous it may be. We’re sure that they have moments of buyer’s remorse just like the rest of us do. Did they really need that $10,000 handbag? We’ve all done it, and just because celebrities have a ton of money, doesn’t mean that they don’t feel out of control with their money sometimes, too.

The richer these celebrities are, the more likely they've bought something that many of us would think was a little overboard. We’re not even talking about boats, cars, and homes — that stuff is fairly normal for rich people. We’re talking more about impulse buys. Things that make you wonder if the celebrity may just have too much money — extravagant things that no one really needs in life. If you’re curious to know what some celebrities are buying, then check out these celebrity purchases that prove they have more money than they know what to do with.

15 Nicholas Cage Bought A Pyramid-Shaped Tomb

Many of us have thought of where we wanted to be buried once we pass on from this life, but we’re betting that you never thought of being buried like the Egyptians. Nicolas Cage does and he went ahead and bought himself a pyramid-shaped tomb so he can be buried in the same way as Egyptians pharaohs from another era. He’s a big fan of New Orleans and also owns a house there, so his tomb is located at a New Orleans cemetery. Many fans have gone and taken pictures with his tomb. The pyramid stands about nine feet tall and we have to wonder what his credit card company thought when they saw a charge that said “pyramid tomb.” We have to assume they called him up and checked on that charge.

14 Shaq Bought Bentleys Out Of Spite

A Bentley is a gorgeous car and they start at around $200,000, so it’s usually only the rich that can afford them. When Shaq went to a dealership to buy a car, he didn’t like the salesman’s attitude, so instead of buying one Bentley, he bought three.

“I had on some shorts and a tank top and flip-flops, and I said to the salesman, ‘Sir, how much does this one cost?’ He said, ‘Can you afford it, sonny boy?’ I was so upset that I bought three Bentleys right there on the spot. A million dollars gone in 10 minutes."

He admitted it was an impulse buy and one that he later regretted. He let the salesman get the best of him. Who needs three Bentleys?

13 Jay-Z Spends A Quarter Of A Million On Bubbly

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of champagne? It’s definitely the best way to celebrate anything. Marilyn Monroe used to bathe in Dom Perignon. Champagne is all part of celebrating the good things in life. But would you spend $100,000 on just one 15-litre bottle? If you’re Jay-Z and your combined net worth with your wife is over a billion dollars, then you do. In 2011, when he was promoting the release of Watch The Throne,

he went to LIV Nightclub and reportedly dropped $250,000 on champagne.

“He bought bottle after bottle of Ace of Spades,” a patron told Radar Online. It’s crazy to think someone would spend that much on champagne alone. That must have been some really good champagne.

12 Beyoncé Had To Have Those Gold Leggings

Jay-Z isn’t the only one buying lavish purchase in the household. Beyoncé is right up there with him. What is the most that you have ever spent on a pair of leggings? Maybe $15 at H&M? Imagine spending $100,000 on just one pair of leggings! Don’t get us wrong, they were some pretty amazing leggings, but that’s a little crazy.

Let’s put it in perspective for a moment — the amount that Beyoncé spent on her leggings is what many people spend on their entire college education.

These gold Balenciaga leggings were what she wore to perform at the 2007 BET Awards and they will definitely go down in history as one of the most lavish purchases by a celebrity. But when you have hundreds of millions of dollars, a hundred grand isn’t a big deal.

11 Nicolas Cage Was In Need Of A T-Rex Skull

Nicolas Cage is at it again, but in this case, he bought himself a dinosaur skull. He’s definitely someone who needs to start questioning his spending habits because he’s certainly one person that has more money than he knows what to do with. He found this skull at an auction and at the time, it was the largest dinosaur skull ever to be auctioned. It’s a real skull, not one of those fake ones you see in the stores.

Leonardo DiCaprio was also bidding on the skull, but Cage won the bid at $276,000. The dinosaur skull is approximately 67 million years old. He got himself in a little hot water in 2013 in regard to the skull, however.

It was reported that the palaeontologist that sold him the skull had “pleaded guilty to illegally importing fossils from Mongolia and China.” He ended up having to return the skull.

10 Kimora Lee Simmons Gold-Plated Toilet

Why anyone would need a toilet made of any type of gold is a true mystery indeed. You know you have too much money when you feel the need to pee on gold. Fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons was furnishing her new mansion at the time and just had to have a “gold leaf and carved jade powder room toilet." The only other people in the world to have such a thing allegedly is Oprah. Kim Kardashian and Kanye are of course another couple that spent relatively the same amount on a gold-plated toilet for their home. They apparently bought 4 for $750,000. It’s one of those cases where you have to wonder if people are just showing off their wealth. It’s definitely a bizarre purchase.

9 Arnold Schwarzenegger Bought A Tank

That’s right, when you have so much money that you don’t know what to do with, apparently you start buying tanks. Not just any tanks — vintage army tanks. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pretty big action movie star, so we’re really not that surprised.

The tank he owns is an M47 Patton tank, the same one that he drove when he was part of the Austria army.

It’s pretty badass and it’s probably something that most guys would love to own. Just admit it guys — you would buy a tank if you could. We’re not sure how much an old army tank would cost to buy, but we’re guessing it would be at least $100,000 for something like this. He uses the tank to fool around in and break stuff. It must be like playing a live video game.

8 Lady Gaga Wanted To Be A Ghost Buster

Lady Gaga definitely can’t say that she’s “not afraid of no ghost,” because that would be a lie. Apparently, the singer gets spooked easy, so much so that she spent $50,000 on a ghost detecting machine. We didn’t even know those things existed. She’s afraid of ghosts and she wants to know where these ghosts are at all times.

Before she went on tour in 2010, she bought an electromagnetic field meter, the same thing used by ghost hunters to detect if there are any ghosts in any of the places  she stayed at while on tour.

“Her aide said the gear had to be robust as they were taking it on the road — so they must be doing this everywhere Lady Gaga is performing,” Dan Webb, who is the head of a ghost-busting firm who sold her the equipment, told The Mirror.

7 Kim Basinger Bought A Small Town

Well if you have millions of dollars, then a small town probably seems like child’s play. In the '80s Basinger bought a 500-person town in Braselton. Her plan was to turn the 1,751 acres into a tourist spot.

She worked with some investors to acquire the town and had partners who chipped in. Hopefully, she was able to pull it off because she spent $20 million on the town.

Some people buy islands while others buy small towns. Does that mean that she can be the mayor of this small town? Unfortunately for the actress, years later, she ran into some financial trouble, possibly due to her divorce from Alex Baldwin. She had to sell her share of the property; we’re not sure what happened to the rest of it.

6 Daniel Radcliffe And His $17,000 Mattress

That must be some mattress and it is if you consider the fact that it’s made of horse hair and fleece wool. It’s actually hand sewn which were not even sure why that would matter to someone, but we hate to think of who is hand-sewing these mattresses.

Daniel Radcliffe was staying with some friends and instead of buying himself a regular mattress while he was there, he dropped $17,000 on one with horse hair.

He was only 17 at the time so that might have had something to do with this impulse buy. After making all the Harry Potter movies, he probably has more money than he knows what to do with, so why not buy a mattress that cost that much? We might be doing the same thing if we had that kind of money, but probably not.

5 Nicole Richie Had An Elephant Attend Their Wedding

Why not, right? Daddy is probably footing the bill for the wedding anyway. She wanted an elephant at her wedding and no one was going to stop her. When Nicole Richie married Joel Madden, she insisted on having an elephant at her wedding. She said that it was “a sign of good luck” to have an elephant at your wedding.

The elephant cost them $100,000 and it was brought to Lionel Richie’s estate before the wedding and was washed and brushed.

They dressed it in an Indian-style headdress before sending it off to the ceremony. She wouldn’t be the only person to have an elephant at her wedding. Apparenty Katy Perry and Russell Brand also had one attend their wedding. We don’t think it brought them much luck in the end.

4 Kate Moss Only Buys The Best For Herself

Did you know that you can buy a vibrator that is 24K gold for $425? One celebrity paid just that. It doesn’t sound like a lot of money, especially for a celebrity, but it is a lot of money to spend on a such a thing. According to the New York Post, Kate Moss went into New York’s La Petite Coquette store and purchased a Jimmyjane “Little Something Vibrator” in 24K gold. Maybe it was a joke purchase and she was giving it as a gift for a bachelorette party or maybe she just likes to please herself with gold — all the power to her.

3 Bono Bought A Plane Ticket For His Hat

In 2017, it was estimated that Bono from the band U2 was worth $700 million, so if he wants to buy a plane ticket for his hat, then it’s no matter to him. One, he even called himself "a spoiled rock star.” One time, when he went on a trip to Italy, he realized that he had forgotten to pack his favorite trilby hat and it was left back in London. Most people would think, “oh well, that sucks” and have it couriered to them at a low cost. But Bono wasn’t having any of that.

He went about making the proper arrangements to have the hat flown to him, and it got its own first-class ticket. The final bill for the flight came to $1,500.

He didn’t even get it an economy seat.

2 Lil Wayne’s Diamond Teeth

Not too many people dream of having diamond-encrusted teeth, but we suppose if you have money to burn, then why not? Lil Wayne certainly has a lot of money, more than he will probably spend in his lifetime, though it seems like he’s certainly trying to. There have been a lot of ridiculous purchase on our list, but this one might take the cake. Lil Wayne got his teeth encrusted with diamonds and we can’t even imagine what that would feel like. It’s bizarre, to say the least. If you’re thinking of getting diamonds put on your teeth, it will run you about $150,000. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he once told the talk-show host that he brushed those diamonds with Colgate. Now we've heard everything.

1 Ke$ha Has $2,000 Worth Of Glitter

You can probably get glitter or even glitter makeup for under $10 at any drugstore or craft store. But that’s not good enough for Ke$ha. She spends a few thousand dollars every month on her glitter needs. “I am shooting glitter from glitter guns and out of every orifice in my body,” she explained to Vanity Fair in 2011. We know she’s also a big fan of glitter makeup and some outrageous outfits. She told Jimmy Kimmel that she employs a glitter specialist named Santa. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we wanted to. This is obviously something she needs for tour, we hope.

“He just follows me around and makes sure I’m always covered in glitter,” she explained.

“Because I feel it would be seriously a disappointment if I was ever seen without it.”

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